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bhukhalund has celebrities hunting for his/her autographbhukhalund has celebrities hunting for his/her autographbhukhalund has celebrities hunting for his/her autographbhukhalund has celebrities hunting for his/her autographbhukhalund has celebrities hunting for his/her autograph

Manu came back and maid served him breakfast and tea. After telling that she will come at around 5 maid left the flat.
Zeenat - Teacher, You are right. Can you suggest anyone who can give Manu a exercise training.
Manu heard and understood what Zeenat said..
Manu - didi, meri chhoti bahan Mansi expert hai exercise and yoga mey , jab gaaon jaaunga to uss-se sikhunga.
Teacher laughed loudly.
Teacher – Manu, you should be ashamed of telling that ..Normaly a brother teaches sister and here you want to get trained by your younger sister.
Zeenat - Don’t listen to him, if you know any one who can come & teach Manu few body building excercises please send him from tomorrow itself .Sabina would be most happy, .
Hearing name of Sabina that she would be happy, Manu has nothing to say.
Teacher nodded. All three finished and Zeenat went out for duty and Manu bolted door behind her. He came to tutor. He stood behind her. He pressed her both shoulders.
Manu - It is good that you are my tutor otherwise,
She did not turn head neither she pushed his hand away.
Teacher - otherwise what ….
Manu did not know himself that from where he got so much boldness. He forgot Sabina, her instructions…
Manu - I would have fucked you and made you my slave for life.
She laughed again and pushed him away….
Teacher ----- beta, tere jaise kitne meri tango ke beech se nikal gaye aur aaknh utha kar upar tak nahi dekha…Sabina ko mai apni chhoti bahan samjhati hun…nahi to aaj hee tujhe apne feet par naak /nose ragarwati…saala mujhe chodega….pahle padhai puri kar…
Manu understood that unlike first tutor this tutor is found of sex….
For over one hour she taught, Manu learnt and then she went away. No more sex talk.
Manu had his third tutor and it was 4.30. Immediately after teacher left Mumtaz entered room and bolted door behind her. She came straight to Manu and hugged him tightly.
Mumtaz - tuney kaha iss liye Mukherji se chudwa liya aur baad mey harami bhai ne phir choda …
Mumtaz narrated to Manu that her brother took her to Mukherji at around 1.30 and mukherji pulled her in his lap in presence of brother. Brother remain seated , he watched that mukherji kissed , squeezed breasts and then took her to bed room. Both came back after about 40 minutes and Mukherji said to her brother that she is much better ‘maal’ than what he thought. Mukherji told brother that he can join him from tomorrow and Mumtaz will visit her everyafternoon. After reaching home brother fucked sister.
Manu asked about her experience.
Mumtaz - Manu, ab jabtak koi tumse badhiya chodnewala nahi milega tab tak sab bekar hai…Mukherji bahut rupya paisa dega issliye uss se chudwati rahungi…bhaijaan bhee chodega hee lekin raja tu mujhe jarur chodna …
And again both got engaged in chudai, this time in straight missionary pose.Manu did not go for any type of oral , he just penetrated.
It was Monday and as per her routine Sabina returned to her flat at around five of evening. But she was not alone there were two more girls with her. They saw Sabina opening lock of her flat. They entered into flat.
Sabina- Manju, dekh le maine tere yaar Manu ko nahi chhupaya hai…tujhe malum hai kee mujhe wo bilkul pasand nahi, mai uss se baat bhee nahi karti aur tu sochti hai kee maine Manu ko rakhkha hai..
Other two girls were Manju, daughter of police commissioner & Chitra, younger sister of Devyani. Virginity of Manju was taken by Manu in the flat of Sabina where as Chitra had given virginity to Manu on the kotha of chhoti bahu. Like Saumya. Manju was also mad for Manu. She searched through entire flat but could not find anything of Manu.
Manju saddened .
Manju - he came here with you, is not it ?
Sabina – yes, he travelled with me & Javed. Manu slept in this room and I spent night with Javed. In the morning while going to college, I dropped him at guruji’s place where your Manu wanted to go. There after I did not enquire about him.
Manju - then all of a sudden why you opted to stay here in this flat. Everyday you are wasting two hours time in commuting…
Sabina- because, I found that other hostel girls have started disturbing me more and more making me difficult to study. So I decided to shift here for study. Here I am able to concentrate more and study more.
Telling this Sabina went to kitchen and began preparing tea for herself and friends. She badly wanted to meet her cousin sister Zeenat and wanted to know about her experience with Manu.
Beside, she was waiting for someone else who had called her on Saturday evening at Saumya’s place.
She did not have to wait for long. She was in kitchen and Manju opened door. She just kept staring at visitors. She knew all three visitors. She stood there as a deaf & dumb.
“Who is there?”
Sabina shouted from kitchen and came out. She also saw visitors and she jumped liked a panther. Had Champa did not balanced herself both would have fallen down on floor. Sabina jumped in such a way that her both legs crossed waist of Champa and Champa supported Sabina by supporting her hips on her hands.
“ohhh Champa Kaki ….I can’t believe.”,
But her excitement was for few seconds only.
“Manu kanha hai ?”
Babli asked in a very serious and stern voice.
Champa had come with Babli & Sandhya.
( Babli is daughter of Gunda Heera and Sandhya is Heera’s sister, please refer “Champa – Sadabahar Jawani).
Babli was daughter of a dreaded gunda but she was not knowing that Sabina is grand daughter of a police commissioner and a very bold girl.
“tu kaun hai mujhse kuchh puchhne wali…kaki andar chalo kisko saath lekar aaee.”
Sabina said & pulled Champa inside. Others followed them. Manju bolted door behind all.
Sabina told them all to seat but ignored Babli who was looking very furious. .
Sandhya folded hand to Sabina.
Sandhya - Sabina, I called you and the person about whom I said is this your Champa kaki and this is my brother’s daughter Babli.
Manju knew both Sandhya & Babli but she kept quite.
Babli had tears in eyes. She also folded hand.
Babli - Sabina didi, mera Manu kanha hai ? Mai Manu ke bina nahi rah sakti..marr jaaungi…
Champa was also not knowing that Manu is staying with Sabina. She was thinking that as Manu said he has gone to guruji.
Sabina again repeated what she had told to Manju & Chitra that next day after reaching city she has dropped Manu at guruji’s place.
Except Sabina all became gloomy. After some time Manju & Chitra left. Thereafter Sandhya got up to go and told Champa & Babli also to return to home. They also got up. Sabina held hand of champa and pulled her tightly. Champa fell on her lap. And in presence of four young girls Sabina pushed hand under arm of Champa and squeezed breast tightly.
Sabina kas kar Champa kaa chuchi dabane lagi….
Sabina - rani, tere saath ek raat mey maza nahi aaya..aaj phir maza lutunga..
She looked at Sandhya.
Sabina - Sandhya didi aap iss Manu kee diwani Babli ko lekar ghar jaaeeye, Kal subah Champa ko aapke paas pahuncha dunga…
Sabina chuchi masalne ke saath chumma bhee lene lagi.
Sandhya understood that not only Sabina but Champa also wants to stay. So she took hand of Babli. But Babli jerked her hand away.
Babli - didi aap jaao, mai kal Champa kaki ke saath aa jaaungi.
So Sandhya went out alone. But instead of going back to house or to guruji she went to her husband. He became very pleased to see wife and both had a peaceful and enjoyable night.
Babli bolted door & watched hardcore lesbian action of Sabina (as male) and Champa (as female). They did all most same what Babli used to do with Kalpna.
Over 2 hours passed and there was ring of call bell. Sabina looked at time and told Babli to ask the name of caller. If it is Zeenat then open the door. Babli obeyed and on hearing that caller is Zeenat she opened door. Zeenat came in & Babli opened door.
Sabina was on top of Champa. She saw Zeenat.
“ itna late kyo huaa, kis-se chudwa rahi thee…?”
“tere Zaved se..” Zeenat replied and said that at last moment a serious emergency case came so she was held up .
“Ye Champa aunty hai naa…”
Zeenat guessed and asked.
“haa, abhi mujhe maza lene de phir hum raat bhar lutenge iss khubsurat pari ko.”
Sabina told sister to just wait and watch. After about 15 minute both got separated. Champa blushed to see a stranger in the room staring at her.
Zeenat - Sabina , tera aankh kharab ho gaya hai…tu kahti hai kee teri Champa kaki sabse jyada sundar hai….saali ye aurat ho hee nahi sakti koi indra lok kee pari hai….
Sabina introduced Zeenat to Champa and Babli.
Sabina - Ye Babli bhee meri Saumya jaisee Manu ke liye pagal hai aur Manu kee maa ko bhee nahi maalum kee Manu hai kanha..
Zeenat understood that she must not talk about Manu..Champa wanted to dress up but Sabina did not allow nor she herself wore any clothes. They chatted and about 9 Sabina told Zeenat to check whether dinner is ready and if everything is at right place call them for dinner. Sabina gave signal with eyes.
Zeenat understood and went out.
But after about 15 minutes Zeenat returned in changed dress. She called Sabina. Both went back to other flat. After serving dinner to Manu and instructing him to keep quite both returned back with eatables. They did not tell Manu about Babli & Champa.
They had dinner, again talked for about half an hour.
Sabina - ye saamne wala flat iss Zeenat didi kaa hai, yanha aaj puri raat hum naa soyenge aur naa kisee ko soney denge …so tu uss flat mey jakar aaram se soo jaa…
Sabina told Babli to sleep in Zeenat’s flat as in Sabina’s flat no one is going to sleep. Babli did not want to go but after lot of insistence Babli agreed. Zeenat took her to other flat and told her to bolt door.
Babli bolted door. She looked around and walked towards bed room. It was of exactly same construction like that of Sabina’s flat. She entered nearest bedroom and almost freezed at the door.
Manu was on bed flat reading a book. He saw Babli and jumped down the bed. He lifted Babli by holding her hips.
“mere bête kee maa, ye sapna hai yaa sach…meri Babli mere saamne mere paas..”
Aur Babli ko biswas nahi huaa..kanha to wo roneywali thee kanha ye Manu jor-jor se roney laga…
Babli was still in his arm and he was crying by pushing his mouth between her breast. Babli allowed him to cry for few minutes. Then she began kissing his head.
“eisey hee godi mey uthaye rahega, pyar nahi karega apni gharwali se”
Babli said and herself got free. She laid on flat on bed and pushed both hands forward . Manu fell between her waiting arms.
It was very straight , simple but most love filled chudai. It got over in under one hour. Then for about 4 hours both just talked and talked. Manu felt very bad after knowing that Babli did not touch any man after he fucked her, he has and is fucking with so many.
Then Manu told her about why he is staying with Sabina.
Manu - Babli, Sabina bahut kadak bindas ladki hai. Jhuth nahi bolunga , wo bhee mujhse chudwati hai aur uski bahan Zeenat bhee 2 dino se chudwane lagi hai…lekin wo mery study ko lekar bahut serious hai. Jitna badhiya se mai yanha padh raha hun..utna aur kanhi nahi padh pata, naa tere ghar mey naa guruji ke paas.
Manu said that though Sabina also fucks with him, she is very serious about his study. He said that he could not have studied like this anywhere. He told her about tutors and his progress and Sabina’s promice that if he secure more than 55% then she will get him admitted into the same college where he is studying…
Babli understood and appreciated efforts of Sabina.
Babli - raja, tu Sabina ko chod yaa uski maa ko, mujhe koi chinta nahi, tu jitna dusri aurato kaa maal khayega tera lund aur bhee majbut hota jaayega aur mujhe jyada maza milega.
Similar statement about fucking others was made by Puna.
“Puna kaisi hai ?”
He could not stop himself from asking about Puna.
Babli hugged Manu tightly .
Babli - mood mut kharab kar uska naam lekar…tere jaaney ke baad se hamare ghar mey koi bhee unn dono kutia bahno se baat nahi karta hai, aur teri randi kee khash dost, commissioner kee beti bhee aaj yanha aaee thee tujhe dhundhne kisee Chitra ke saath…
Life Is Short, Live Life Champa Style,

A Never Ending Saga Of Emotion, Relation & Erotic Hard Core Sex..[/size]

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“Puna kaisi hai ?”
He could not stop himself from asking about Puna.
Babli hugged Manu tightly .
Babli - mood mut kharab kar uska naam lekar…tere jaaney ke baad se hamare ghar mey koi bhee unn dono kutia bahno se baat nahi karta hai, aur teri randi kee khash dost, commissioner kee beti bhee aaj yanha aaee thee tujhe dhundhne kisee Chitra ke saath…
Manu got excited to know that Manju still wants him. Name of Manju reminded him of her mother Suchitra aunty and Manu got very much excited…
“chal rani, mujhe pyaar kar, mujhe chod…”
Babli smiled. She knew what Manu wants, chudai from top. She stood up, positioned her legs on both his side and began sitting and soon cunt touched tip. Manu kept cock straight by holding from root and cunt began sliding on cock. Babli kept fucking, she made Manu moan louder and louder. She smiled seeing sweats on his face, arms and chest.
Both have fucked many time before. Though Manu has never considered Babli as best fuck but he knew that Babli & Sandhya are the strongest females he ever fucked.
And that time Babli fucked Manu like no one, not even Champa or Poonam had fucked him.
Lund kee puri lambai choot ke andar bahar aa –jaa rahi thee, Manu kitna bhee tight se Babli ko apne upar dabana chah raha thaa Babli uss-se jyada jor laga kar uchhal rahi thee. Kuchh der backward recline hokar, Manu ke knee ko pakar kar dhakka marti thee aur eisee halat mey Babli kaa 34 size kaa chuchi itna tight ho jata thaa kee blood veins dikhai parte the, phir kabhi front mey bend hokar Manu ko chuchi se khelne kaa pura mauka deti thee aur phir kuchh der sidha baithkar chudai karti thee. Manu neeche se kamar uchhal-uchhal kar barabari karne kaa try karta thaa lekin nahi kar paya.
He fucked doctor continuously two nights for over 3 hours he did not get tired, he exhausted maid Mumtaz everytime. But now Manu was on receiving end. He felt like telling Babli to stop. Neither of them bothered for time but Manu felt that it is longest any one fucked him from top. He was reaching stage of climaxing, 15-20 more hard strokes by Babli, he raised hips up, held it up for few seconds and collapsed.
“buss Rani, asal sherni tu hai, Sandhya didi nahi…”
Manu said that not Sandhya but she Babli is real lioness.
But Babli was not yet satisfied. It was around one & half month Manu and Babli were separate but Babli has accumulated her fire inside where as Manu released his energy every now and then.
Before Manu could release all cum she turned over him in 69 pose. She took cock immediately inside mouth and simultaneously she turned and pulled Manu over her. Now Manu knew what Babli want. He began giving oral action on just fucked cunt of Babli. Cock got limped but Babli continue to suck it, lick it, caress balls and thigh joints. Having taste of cunt of would be mother of his son Manu did not take much time to excite again. In around 20 minats cock was fully tight inside mouth of girl. She began jerking hip singalling Manu to penetrate her but this time Manu dominated. He did all type of oral action in which he has expertise and simultaneously he kept pressing cock inside mouth. Babli tried but she could not throw cock out of mouth. Only after Manu had full pleasure of cunt, which was naturally about an hour he changed position her. Keeping her lips tightly close with his lips and he penetrated.
Neither Manu fucked her hard like he fucks other nor he fucked her fast as he usually do. Manu fucked her in a very relaxed way like he never fucked any one before.
Manu - Babli, tu sach meri rani hai, itna khush mai kabhi nahi huaa jitna aaj tere saath mil raha hai..
Bablu bahut khush huee aur chuttar uchhal-uchhal kar maza leti rahi. She did not uttered a word. They kept fucking and enjoying till Manu ejaculated once again.
She hugged Manu tightly and whispered ,
“raja, ab mai tujhe kabhi nahi chhorungi. MERE pet mey bachcha kab daalega ?”
Manu ne pyar se ussey thappar lagaya…
“dekh ab tak jitno ke pet mey maine bachcha daala hai, sab married hai, unn bachcho ko ek baap kaa naam milega lekin kutia teri to abhi shaadi nahi huee , bachcha paida karegi to sab tujhe chhinaar /randi kahenge, gaali denge….”
Babli yah sunkar udas ho gaee kee Manu ne char aurat ko gavin / pregnant kar diya hai…
Babli - raja, apna sab bachcha dusri aurato ko de doge to phir mai kaise tere bachche kee maa banungi..aaj mere pet mey bhee daal hee de…mai ne koi contraceptive bhee nahi liya hai..mujhe bhee pregnant kar de…Maa bolti hai kee aurat kee tarah bhagwan ney mardo ko bhee limit mey hee bhagya mey bachcha diya hai..
Babli ne Manu ko apne upar khinchte huye kaha,
Manu ne kaha kee jab tak wo Babli se shaadi nahi karega wo ussey maa nahi banayega…
“to mujhse shaadi kar le , kal hee , chal guruji ke saamne kaali mandir mey hum shaadi kar lenge…”
Babli ne kaha aur Manu yah sunkar thoda dukhi ho gaya..uss ne Babli ko khub pyar kiya, chuchi sahlaya…
Manu – shadi ke liye meri pahli pasand thee Rekha lekin Rekha aur Poonam ne saikdo baar chudwane ke baad shaadi se iss liye mana kar diya thaa kee mai gareeb hun aur unn dono se chhota hun…phir mujhe Puna bahut pasand aaee..lekin wo sabse badi kutia nikli,,,usne kaha kee wo mujhse ek shart par shaadi karegi kee wo jub chahe mai ussey mere baap se chudwane dun..maine mana kiya to uss ne dusre se shadi kar lee.
Manu aur dono snake ke pairs jaise lipte huye theye. Manu bolta raha..
Manu - phir saumya mili, wo pagal hai mujhse shadi karne ke liye , mai bhee ussey bahut pasand karta hun, phir tum mili aura b ye Sabina…
Manu ne imandaari se kaha,
Manu - dekh rani, tumse kabhi jhuth nahi bolunga…mai chahta hun kee mai jindgi bhar hamesha Sabina ke saath rahun…bhale hee Sabina mujhse roj chudwaye kabhi mujhse shadi nahi karegi…aur Saumya itne amir baap kee beti hai kee mai uss se shadi nahi karunga…to buss ek tum hee ho jo mere bête kee maa banogi…
Babli = to phir shaadi kar lo naa…mai tere bina nahi rah sakti…
Manu - dekh Sabina ne kaha hai kee agar mujhe board mey 55% se jyada number aayega..to sabse badhiya college mey , janha wo padhti hai, wanhi mera bhi admission kara degi…
Babli - aur agar 55 % nahi aaya to ?
Manu - phir kabhi mujhse baat nahi karegi, mujhe apne saath nahi rakhegi…..
Manu ne ulat palat kar Babli ko khub pyar kiya,
Manu - lekin Babli, mujhe Sabina ke saath rahna hai, mujhe aagey padhna hai, bada aadmi ban-na chahta hun, college pass karne ke baad hee shadi karunga…
Babli saddened ..
“ yani teen saal ke baad ?’
Manu nodded.
Babli - theek hai Manu, 3 saal to kya, jub tak tu kisee aur se shaadi nahi karega, mai wait karungi….agar tuney mujhse shaadi nahi karke dusre ke saath shaadi kee to mai gala kaat kar mar jaaungi lekin kabhi kisee aur se shaadi nahi karungi…
Manu kept staring at her and then kissed her passionately. Thereafter both slept.
There is nothing to talk about happenings in Sabina’s flat. Champa herself behaved as a cheapest slut to both young sisters Sabina & Zeenat who had seen Champa only once before during marriage of Poonam at Meera’s place. Zeenat was among one of the barati of Bipin. Since that day Zeenat was mad for loveliest body of Champa and that night she got opportunity.
Kareeb 35 din pahle Champa ke hee ghar mey Sabina ne Champa ke saath khub masti lee thee lekin uss raat wo Manu ko lekar tension mey thee. Aur phir jaldi hee mauka mil gaya. Pahle to dono bahno ne Champa ke ang-ang ko khub sahlaya, masla aur ragda, kabhi fingers se to kabhi tongue se to kabhi Champa ko sandbitch banakar dono oar se ragad ragad kar…phir dono ne baari baari se kabhi bur to kabhi chuchio ko khub chusa chata.
Phir dono ne Champa se apni apni body kee chuchi aur bur se khub maalish karbaaee, khub choot chatwaya, Champa ko dono ne milkar fingers aur tongue se choda …
Aur jaisa Sabina ne kaha thaa teeno raat bhar jaagte rahe aur kanhi morning 6 O ‘clock kaa ghanta baja.
“itna maza aaj tak kisee mard ne kabhi nahi diya ..Sabina tu itni badi randi-baaz hai mujhe nahi maalum thaa aur Zeenat beti doctary kee padhai mey bur chusna, anguli se chodna ye sab bhee sikhya jata hai kya….tu mard kyo nahi huee….kitna teji se choda tuney...”
Champa hugged both youngs one together in two arms.
Both responded , kissed and hugged.
Sabina - Champa kaki bura mut man-na…teri jawani ne bahut bahut maza diya lekin tere harami matherchod bête se thoda kum…uff saala har baar swarg kee shair karata hai..kyo Zeenat..?
Champa appreciated both girls and enquired from Zeenat whether lesbian actions are part of medical course. Sabina responded that though they enjoyed a lot with Champa and her body but it was less than the pleasure what she get from Manu..
Instead of getting sad Champa became very happy on hearing that Manu is best for Sabina.
Sabina - 2 ladkiya hai jo tujhe every time Manu ke chudai se jyada maza degi aur agar tum dono mey se kisee ko bhee unke saath kee masti Manu se kam lagi to jis-se bologi chudwaungi kutte se bhee.
Champa said that there are two females who can give more masti than chudai of Manu every time and if they remain unsatisfied then Champa said that she will fuck with anyone they desire even with dogs.
Zeenat ----- kaun dono aunty ?
Champa - ek to meri beti Mamta , uski shadi ho gaee aur dusri yanhi hai Kolkatta mey..
Sabina sat up and looked in eyes of Champa
Champa said smilingly.
Zeenat – Saumya kee bhabhi ?
Champa nodded and gave details of lesbian expertise of both Mamta and Poonam. Champa told both to try atleast once with Poonam. Sabina has already experienced Mamta twice.
Champa - beti, Poonam to turant ready ho jaayegi lekin ussey yanha mut lana agar uss ne Manu ko dekh liya to dono ek –dusre ko nahi chhorenge..tum unn dono ko alag nahi kar paaogi..
Sabina - haa kaki, mujhe dono kee mohabbat ke barey mey maalum hai..aur Poonam se jyada chinta Saumya kee hai..ussey nahi maalum hona chahiye kee Manu yanha hai…
Though Sabina suggested other two to rest but they did not agree. All three got up, freshened and Sabina took other two to other flat.
It was 6.30 . Babli opened door and blushed to see three on the door. She had wore salwar & Kurta. They entered inside and saw Manu asleep.
Sabina - Babli, apne husband ko uthao aur bolo kee chai taiyaar hai…
Sabina did not ask about night’s experience from Babli.
But Babli kept looking down.
Manu also woke up and became very pleased to see mother Champa. Though he was nude, he hugged mother in that condition itself. But no one commented. Both caressed each other. Champa was fully dressed whereas Manu was nude. Champa caressed son from cheeks to his back and hips. Both kissed each other on cheeks and Champa pushed Manu away.
Champa - dekh beta, Sabina tera bahut khayal rakh rahi hai, tere upar bahut mehnat kar rahi hai…tu kisse chodta hai kisse nahi mujhe nahi maalum lekin ek baat yaad rakh, agar tuney exam badhiya se nahi diya, first division (60% +) nahi aaya to naa tujhe Sabina apne saath rakhegi aur naa mai tujhe ghar aaney dungi…
Champa warned Manu that if he don’t perform well in exam and fail to secure minimum 60% marks then neither Sabina will keep him nor she herself will allow Manu to return home.
Sabina heard Champa and became very glad but not Babli.
Babli - Manu hamare ghar mey rahega…
And Champa retorded …
“ kee tum sab aurat ko chodte chodte Manu 6-8 mahine mey hee marr jaaye “.
Babli said that she will keep Manu at her house but Champa retorted that Manu will die in 6-8 months by doing chudai of all women .
Champa preached Manu. They had tea and maid Mumtaz also came. She remained stunned to see Champa. Sabina introduced them. After tea Champa told Babli to come with her to guruji’s house.
Babli- mai yanhi Manu ke saath rahungi…
Sabina - tu yanha nahi rah sakti , Manu ko apne ghar le jaa.
Then therewas heated argument between Sabina & Babli for possession of Manu. Finally Zeenat, the doctor gave the solution which all accepted .
Zeenat - Manu will stay here only, From Monday evening to Saturday morning Sabina, Zeenat & Mumtaz will take care of Manu whereas from Saturday Morning till Monday evening (till Sabina return) Babli will remain with Manu. During that period all household work incluing cooking will be done by Babli only.
All accepted this.
Zeenat - aur agar Babli permission degi to mai bhee Manu se chudwaungi..
Babli --- Zeenat didi, mai kya ,koi bhee akele iss Manu ko lagataar nahi le sakti , aap ko jub mann ho Manu ko lena lekin raat ko sirf mere saath soyega.
All agreed.
That time second tution teacher came with another lady, not an ordinary one but a very strong and muscular lady.
As proposed by tutor previous day this lady was to give exercise training to Manu.
It was arranged that next day onward Manu will get up half an hour early and will have one hour exercise training every morning before first tutor come for tuition.
Trainer was lady just for name sake. She had not experienced sex for over 9 years. In fact she has lost all sex desire. Her weight was about 90 kgs but she was having very proportionate figure. Very Big breast, nicely shaped hips, strong thick thighs and arms.
Manu iss aurat ko dekhkar ghabra gaya. Training details Sabina ke saath final honey ke baad tutor ne sabke saamne Manu ke gaalo ko masla aur trainer ko lekar bahar chali gaee.
Sabina - Manu, iss tutor ko kabhi phasane kee koshish mut karna, bahut bindaas aurat hai, jitni badhiya teacher hai, uss se kanhi jyada gandi aur badjaat hai..issey kabhi chodne kaa sochna bhee mut.
Sabina warned Manu against thinking sex with this tutor whom Manu has already proposed for chudai on previous day. Manu kept quite.
Champa and Babli went away. First tutor came and regular tution started. Now Manu has a very set routine life and same routine continued for next four months till 2 days before start of Board exam. During these four months Manu had regular chudai with Sabina, Zeenat , Mumtaz and Babli. No other lady of Babli’s family ever came to see Manu.
We will come to Manu later on. Let’s us see what happened in village after Champa came to city with munim for his treatment of impotency which was caused due to curse for fucking Mansi.
Life Is Short, Live Life Champa Style,

A Never Ending Saga Of Emotion, Relation & Erotic Hard Core Sex..[/size]

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hinglish me hai kya ye story bhai?
waise nice update

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nice update..

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waiting for the next update

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Good one... Next update?

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Mansi continued to have Bikas. Both were sleeping together whereas Aayush was fucking Mahua. On fourth evening after Champa left Arjun rikshawala could find Mahua alone in temple. He first scolded her that even after agreeing to marry with him she is ignoring him. Mahua said that as per instruction of Champa she is staying in temple.
She could not read Arjun’s mind. He has fucked Champa few time but was not able to touch Mansi. He came to know that Champa is not at home and Mansi is staying at Champa’s house. He was also aware that Mansi’s husband stays at temple only. Mahua has told this Arjun that Aayush does not want to fuck Mansi. So Arjun thought of taking a chance with Mansi. But Mahua had not told Arjun that Mansi is now having a new husband who is younger to him.
Arjun did not tell his would be wife Mahua that he wants to fuck Mansi. But he kept pleading and requesting Mahua that he wants to spend night with Mahua. Mahua declined initially. She was afraid of Mansi but after threatening of Arjun that if she don’t hear him, he will not marry her. Mahua agreed to stay at home. She told Arjun to come to house at 11 night.
Mahua - lekin bach kar, agar Mansi ko pata chala kee tum raat mey mere saath thheye to wo bahut naraz hogi.
Arjun assured her that no one ,even Mansi will not know.
So making an excuse and arranging one of her saheli for Aayush she stayed at home that night. She told Mansi that she is having period and arranged a new girl for aayush. After dinner Mansi & Bikas went to bed room and Mahua slept in other room. As there was no one else in house Mansi did not bolted door from inside. Like previous nights Mansi and Bikas had their chudai that night also and after exhausting each other both slept nude.
During the course of chudai Mansi did not observe that Mahua opened main door and brought Arjun in . Like Bikas and Mansi, Arjun also fucked Mahua and satisfied her. She slept and Arjun waited.
At around 1 at night Arjun came out and pushed door of other bed room. He became happy to see that doors got opened. He entered and saw both lovers sleeping very peacefully. Both were nude. Mansi was flat and Bikas has kept one thighs on her thighs. Arjun switched on main light.
Thodi der tak Arjun dekhta raha Mansi kee khubsurat nangi jawani ko aur lawda pura tight ho gaya. Wo Mansi ke bagal mey baith gaya aur ek chuchi ko jor se masalte huye Mansi ke lips ko chuma. Mansi kee aankh khuli aur uss ne Arjun ko dekha bilkul nang dharang.
Mansi understood the situation that Mahua has called this Arjun for chudai and after Mahua slept Arjun has come to fuck her. Mansi knew that Arjun wants her very badly. Arjun saw opened eyes of Mansi.
Arjun--- uff Mansi, aaj mai kitna khush hun tumhari nangi jawani dekhkar.
He looked at boy sleeping beside her.
Arjun- rani tumhe chudai chahiye thaa to mujhe ishara karti ye bachcha tumhe kya khush karega…mujhe chodne do….tumhe khush kar dunga.
Mansi neither got angry nor looked afraid. She fisted cock of Arjun..
Mansi - Arjun mai bhee tumhe bahut pasand karti hun, lekin tum Mahua ke bur ke chakkar mey mujhe bhul gaye..mai jarur chudwaungi tumse , ek baar nahi baar baar lekin aaj nahi…
She kept fisting lund.
Arjun - aaj kyo nahi….?
Mansi pulled his hand on chuchi .
Mansi - ek to aaj ghar mey ye ladka hai aur Mahua hai..agar Mahua ko pata chalega kee tum mujhe chodte ho to wo bahut naraz hogi aur dusra aaj mera period kaa 4th day hai…
She lied that she is in period and it is her 4th day. She said that though she and Vikas sleep together she has not fucked for last 5 nights.
Mansi - parso ( day after tomorrow) mai chudai ke liye taiyar ho jaaungi aur sabse pahle tere iss lund ko choot mey lungi lekin ghar mey nahi…
Arjun looked at her questionagly .
Mansi - mujhe tumhare saath khule aasmaan ke neeche chudwana hai puree raat.
She told him about time and place of chudai on day after tomorrows night. Arjun knew the place on the bank of river.
Mansi - aur chudai ke baad mai tumhare riksha par nanga ghumungi…
She increased fisting speed and he ejaculated.
Mansi - bahut mast lawda hai, meri choot ko bahut pasand aayega..
She appreciated his cock and told him to fuck Mahua tonight and get ready to fuck her /Mansi on the night of day after tomorrow. Arjun became very happy and after kissing Mansi he went out to other room.
Arjun fucked Mahua and here Mansi aroused and fucked Bikas from top.
In the morning when she came out she saw Arjun seated in living room and Mahua preparing tea in kitchen. Arjun held her by waist and threatened Mansi that if she don’t come for chudai with him he will defame her in entire village that Mansi is fucking with a boy younger than her.
He pulled Mansi on his lap and Mahua came out.
Mansi - arrey bola naa, ek baar nahi tumse roj-roj chudwaungi , tumhari iss honeywali gharwali ke saamne bhee…abhi mujhe chhodo aur tum jaao..koi dekhega to muskil hogi…
Arjun kissed Mansi and freed her. After having tea Arjun went out.
Mansi was very angry with Mahua but she did not express it to her.
At her usual time she came out of house for school. She went to office and desired to make a phone call. Who can refuse her ? She booked a trunk call and got line. She told office staff to move away.
There was no one around her. She talked over phone in low voice and person on other side heard her.
Mansi - Vinod bhaiya, ab buss aapka hee sahara hai..aap hee help kar sakte hai…naa mai Arjun ko lena chahti hun aur naa badnaam hona chahti hun, iss aapki randi kee beti Mahua ne Arjun ko ghar bulakar mujhe badnaam kar diya ....
Now Mansi heard what other person said. She jotted down something and hanged phone down. She came out of office. Her friends and teacher asked but without talking or replying to anyone she came out of school. She did not take any riksha. After walking for about one hour she enquired from few persons and finally knocked at a door. Soon some one opened door. She told him her name .
“Mai Mansi hun, Vinod bhaiya kee chhoti bahan.”
Man nodded and told her to come in. Door got closed. Mansi came out after about two hours with a man.
Man- Mansi beti, tum Vinod maalik kee bahan ho to meri beti ho, hamari maalkin ho.. aur waise bhee hum sab ne tumhare baarey mey bahut suna hai, chinta mut karo…kabhi bhee koi jarurat ho mere paas aa jana..
Mansi surprised when man said,
“ Vinod maalik ne jaate samay kaha thaa kee unke jaane ke baad Mansi hee hum sab kee maalkin hai..”
Vinod had never told her about this transfer of legacy to her.
Mansi bend and touched his feet. Again she walked back to her home. Mahua was alone at home.
Mansi - jaa Bikas ko bhej de aur tu Aayush ke paas jaa. Mujh par gussa mut hona, kal tere honey waale gharwala ke saath raat bhar nadi kinare chudwaungi…
Mahua smilingly went out. She already had cooked food.
Mansi undressed fully and waited. Soon Bikas came in and bolted door .
Mansi - bol pahle kya khayega, khana yaa mera bur…
Bikas removed his all clothes and both had a very satisfying chudai…
Mansi - tuney mujhe pagal kar diya hai ,dekh tera lund khane ke liye mai aaj school bhee nahi gaee.
Both had lunch and again after meal both had straight long chudai.
Mansi - Bikas, mera gharwala mujhse bahut naraz hai kee mai tumse chudwati hun…mujhe aaj se mandir mey rahna parega…
Bikas became gloomy and remained quite for few minutes.
Bikas - didi, ab mai tumhare bina nahi rah sakta..aaj tum Aayush bhaiya ko khush karo, mai ghar jaata hun aur kal subah apni dono bahno ko lekar aaunga aur dono ko Aayush bhaiya ko de dunga aur tab unn sabke saamne tumse pyar karunga …
Mansi ne thoda nakhra kiya aur finally Bikas ko ghar jaaney diya. That night Mansi slept alone.
Bikas told his uncle /Sardar contractor that he want to go home but did not tell reason that he is going to bring his sisters. He was apprehensive that seeing both girls out of house Sardar may himself fuck them first. Both went to Purulia together But Bikas did not turn up next morning or ever there after. After few days Mansi went to site in search of Bikas.
She was informed on next Monday morning that after Bikas went with sardar he started for here with his both sisters by train but he did not reach here. No one knows what happened to Bikas or his two sisters.
Arjun was very happy that he could fondle nudity of Mansi and she fisted his lund. One day passed off and came the day on which Mansi has promised to take him inside her in the night on the bank of river. Mansi herself had told Mahua that she will fuck with Arjun. But neither Mansi nor Arjun told Mahua about the spot where Mansi selected as chudai site.
He had talked with Mahua and convinced her to watch live chudai of his with Mansi. Any one would have agreed. Mahua agreed to come with Arjun. He picked up Mahua from temple at around 10 and both reached at predetermined spot well in advance.
Next morning when few village ladies walked towards river to take bath they raised alarm. Villagers assembled there and they saw body of Arjun and Mahua hanging down with a long thick rope tied with a thick branch of Banyan tree. Soon police and doctors came. They pulled body down. Both were stark naked. Dr Rashmi did initial inspection and declared that both are dead for about 6-7 hours and cause for death is suffocation.
Dono ko gala dabakar maara gaya thaa….
Dr Rashmi also observed that both have been gang raped & sodomised before death.
A sence of fear prevailed over village & nearby villages. Within a month this was second case of unusual death after death of driver whose body could never be found.
Police introgated many but they did not get any clue except statement by temple guard and Uday pandit that
“Arjun picked up Mahua from temple at around 10 and he took Mahua in his riksha towards river. “
His Riksha was found drowned in the river so police could not get any finger print.
Police did not get any saboot except statement by Mansi that both Mahua & Arjun have agreed to marry and both were fucking around for over a month.
Villagers appreciated Mansi when she went to Lata’s house and consoled Seema, sister of Arjun. Lata did not want to keep Seema with her now. Mansi brought Seema to her house who got very friendly with Mansi in few days time.
No one bothered when after evening Arti Mansi touched feet of a old but strong looking beared man who left after giving blessings to Mansi. She talked with him and requested for something , he nodded.
That night Mansi slept with Seema in the house. She woke up with loud knock on the door. She opened and found two girls, young girls standing on the door.
“aap Mansi hai ?”
One of them asked.
Mansi nodded and asked both to come inside.
Mansi enquired & she jumped to hear reply.
“hum dono Bikas kee bahan hai, Bikas ne kaha thaa kee koi problem ho to hum yanha aap ke paas aa jaanye.’
Mansi, the brave girl shaken with fear. She did not ask them anything more. Leaving Seema at house sleeping Mansi took both girls to sethji’s house. They were also worried to see Mansi so early with two girls.
Mansi told about girls to sethji and sethji told Neera to call chhoti bahu. Leela came down followed by Uday pandit. He saw Mansi but Mansi did not comment anything.
Chhoti bahu got ready and alongwith sethji she took Mansi & two girls to house of police inspector. He heard the story of girls.
“that morning both came to station with brother Bikas. They were waiting for train. One man came & took Bikas away. Both waited for him. Soon one lady of middle age came and told them that Bikas has called them. They were taken into a car and soon they became unconscious. When they gained consciousness they found themselves in a dark room. They were kept there for three days and night. They were given two sets of clothes and food at interval. Then last night both were blindfolded and again taken to a car. They were dropped at some place after driving for quite a long time. They untied their hands and car moved away in dark. It was a white ambassador but could not see number in darkness.
They remain on road and after sunlight came they reached Mansi’s house by asking so many persons.
Police - Mansi ke ghar hee kyo ?
Girls - kyoki ghar se nikalte samay hee Bikas ne kaha thaa kee agar koi bhee problem ho raste mey to hum sidha iss gaon mey Mansi ke ghar aa jaaye. Bhaiya ne kaha thaa kee Mansi aur uski maa Champa ko sab koi jaante hai…
Police Inspector questioned Mansi also and she replied that Champa has started liking Bikas very much. Infact Bikas has started treating Champa as mother and Mansi as sister. He only wanted to bring her sisters to meet me and for that purpose only he left that evening.
Mansi also said that for over a month Bikas was having meals with them and also sleeping at their house. But whole day he was working at construction site.
After hearing girls Mansi was now composed and as fearless as before.
She requested inspector to let girls stay with her for few days and after girls feel like going home she herself will drop them home,
Inspector though not talked with Mansi before , he has heard so many things about her. He was told that Mansi is only person in the area who can’t tolerate any illegal or anti social things.. Inspector nodded and asked girls about their opinion.
Both replied that they would be happy to stay with Mansi & Champa and said that after Bikas returns they will go back home.
Inspector has seen Champa but never talked with her. He enquired Mansi that how she is related with Champa. Chhoti bahu replied that Mansi is youngest daughter of Champa.
Inspector was in early 30s and wanted to meet Champa.
Inspector – Mansi, tumhare aur Champa ke baarey mey bahut suna hai…mai ek baar Champa se milna chahta hun…
Life Is Short, Live Life Champa Style,

A Never Ending Saga Of Emotion, Relation & Erotic Hard Core Sex..[/size]

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nice update..

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Ek he update me itna kuch ho gaya... Rushing to end the story?

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