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Old 30th December 2016
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fantastic.... keep it up man..

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Old 2nd January 2017
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MAYA(Daughter in law)

[color="Sienna"]The day arrived. It was a cold day in December. Early at 5 AM he had snuck into the storeroom and taken his position anticipating the regular ritual of Maya. At about 6 AM she entered the bathroom. The lecherous old man already had his penis in his hands. He was seeing it all very clearly.

As usual she entered the bathroom with the clothes in one hand. But this time she had a bucket of hot water in her other hand. They days were cold. The bathroom was steamy and so was the entire view. She placed the bucket under the tap and let the water run to adjust the temperature to a more bearable one. She put the clothes on the bar to her right side. All this time she was facing away from the common wall behind which her father in law was stroking his penis oblivious to her.

She began to undress.

The moment that this old man had waited for was right in front of him. Several flashbacks of the time that had passed came and went in his mind.

She first slid the loose end of the sari from her shoulder and grabbed it with her left hand. Then she circled it around her waist and tugged the knot in the front side. This loosened the garment and she collected it in one hand. She placed this lumped garment carelessly on the cloth hanging bar. She paused the undressing for a couple of seconds to check the temperature of water. It was just right. She turned the knob of the tap.

Steam rising from the bucket was similar to the steam rising from the crotch of Mr. Mohan. His hand had stopped moving. He had unconsciously leaned forward drooling with lust, as if that would take him closer to his daughter in law. He watched with undivided attention.

She began unbuttoning her blouse. It was orange in color and had a short sleeve. When she moved her hand to her back to remove the blouse her breasts protruded forward a bit making Mr. Mohan skip a heartbeat. As soon as she placed the blouse on the hanger her hand reached the back of her body. Time to remove the bra. Mr. Mohan was going crazy with lust. If he had been an idiot he would have clapped and whistled to the sight he was seeing. But he was no idiot. He controlled his voice. One big void in his fantasies was about to be filled.

Her naked breasts were anything but meek. It seemed to him that they were calling him with an inaudible voice. The shape was much different from what he had expected. Probably the bra made it look smaller. Without the bra they would be easily a C cup. They were taut and didn't droop. The nipples were a darker shade of brown and shaped like raisins surrounded by an outward fading brown. It was almost angelic. Similar to the old western paintings depicting perfect females.

The time seemed to stop there for Mr. Mohan. But his hand was now moving faster between his fingers. And he came with a massive orgasm before her hands dropped to untie the knot that held her petticoat in place. But his orgasm wasn't a single one. His hand couldn't stop moving with the slimy cum now enhancing the motion.

As her petticoat dropped to the ground Mr. Mohan moved closer to the screen. His eyes glued to the screen staring at that perfect beauty. The second void was filled.

Her tummy was a smooth one devoid of any clear cut abs. They were simply flat. The dips on either side of her pubis moved closer with every inch that his eyes went downward until they got lost into the dark colored pubic hair. The pubic hairs were not curly and dense like his wife had. They were neat and sparse giving just enough view of the pussy lips to make a 64 year old man come twice.

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Old 2nd January 2017
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Excellent update
Give long updates

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Old 2nd January 2017
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Nice Story
By Sajna's Son

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Old 7th January 2017
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waiting dear .....

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Old 8th January 2017
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Lets Enjoy
Be Happy

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Old 9th January 2017
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update more

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Old 10th January 2017
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Hot start
My Thread :


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Old 10th January 2017
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East or west

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Old 12th January 2017
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MAYA(Daughter in law)

Mr. Mohan sat there motionless still staring at his screen and hands slimy.

Thoughts were escaping him. The time she raised the mug to pour the first splash of water on her beautiful body Mr. Mohan could feel his penis twitch. But his 64 year old body had its limitation. But his mind did not. He captured every detail minutely. He sat there with his limp dick in one hand and other hanging freely.

He watched as she proceeded to wash her privates and in doing so parted her pussy lips ever so slightly. He watched as she vigorously scrubbed her ass with the hand towel which in turn made her breasts jiggle. He watched as she moved her hand across her breasts as elegantly as a cat licking its own paw. He watched as she tied her hair into a bun; the raised arms giving a sexier look to her cute face. He watched as she released the mug and let it fall into the bucket making the water splash on her hairless smooth thighs.

He watched....

Even an hour after Maya had left the bathroom after dressing herself in the usual traditional ritual fashion Mr. Mohan sat their playing the video again and again. His fantasies will be more complete the next time. Whatever he witnessed there was something that had been etched into his memory. He walked out of the storeroom when he decided that he had spent enough time marveling at his success. He had to avoid suspicion. So he moved as quickly and stealthily as possible.

Maya caught a glimpse from the kitchen window of her father in law acting weird and secretive. Something was definitely up. What could that be, she didn't know.
Finally it had come to this. His lust knew no bounds. He had prior apprehensions. He knew it would come to this but he hadn't done anything to stop it. Mr. Mohan had spied on his daughter in law using his ingenious device for over three years now. At this point of time he knew her body in more details than she herself did. Every curve, every muscle... he had a vivid picture in his mind. His fantasies no longer had the void due to lack of knowledge. Now he had surplus of knowledge.

But knowledge may be power and it may also be poison. Mohan's little achievement made him even bolder and he was now pushing his luck for more. His lust made his mind forget logic and the idea of having a chance at her wonderful body was all the more alluring now, thanks to all the angles in which he had recorded her process of bathing. It was almost a piece of art- his own porn stash.

His favorite moment in those porn to which he returned often was the video marked - 21 January. That was the day that Maya had decided to bath a bit differently. Her usual routine was to bath standing but that day she was seated on a low plastic table and faced the camera directly. She had a sprain in her ankle due to which it was hard for her to remain standing for long hours. Her ritual was affected since she woke up late that day and was unable to cook. Vikram was an understanding husband and he immediately brought food from a local hotel and made her promise to not move unless she absolutely needed it.

That day she went for a bath at 11 AM. But in spite of her injury Mohan had no mercy for her. He wanted to devour her body even in that state and he thanked his determination because it was a sight to behold.

She had entered the bathroom with Mohan's help since Vikram was in office as usual. Mohan had advised her to ask for any help that she needed and said that he was in the adjacent leisure room (the room where he watches her) and he would help her to walk back to her room once she was done. He was a clever little man. He had set the stool in just the right place so that it would be comfortable for her to get anything she might need to bath and in that process given the minor inconvenience of an ankle sprain she wouldn't turn to her normal way away from the cameras. He wanted her to face that way. And so she did.

Mohan quickly made his way to the leisure room because didn't wish to waste even a single minute. When he threw the system open and the multiple LEDs flooded the room the first view was of Maya removing her nightgown. She lifted the gown from the base while still seated and when it was well on her thigh she lifted her butts slightly to remove it. Then she slid it over her head and kept it aside. Sitting on the low table in just her bra, she looked no less than those models that come to nude photo shoots. She wasn't wearing a panty. She removed her bra and flung it to land on the pile her gown made.

She poured a mug of water on her hair and the water ran down to drench her breasts. It glistened in the faint light of the bathroom. Her nipples, her belly button were never in such clear view for so long. Her nipples had a pinkish touch surrounded by brown areola. They were not perfectly protruding, rather they had small dimples making them even cuter. But the center of attraction was not the nipple. It was her pussy. She soaped pubic hair and the foam covered the region obscuring any sign of the pussy lips. But the moment she spread her thighs to rub soap on the inner part a pinkish partition appeared from within the soap suds. This was by far the best view he had gotten of her lower region. His hand moved faster on his penis.

The moment he ejaculated was the moment he would never forget and this was the moment that brought him to that particular date every time. When she poured water to wash away the soap suds the pubic hairs settled flat close to the skin and he could see that region as clearly as he could see his hand on this side on the screen. After ejaculating his load on his hand he didn't move. He focused with intent on that particular part. Her clitoris was trying to peek out of the outer flap. And just when he thought it couldn't get any better... She peed! A fine stream of fluid jetted out from a tiny hole just below her clitoris. Mr. Mohan was lost in daze. If he didn't have any pee fetish before, he did now.

The guilt that drowns a man just after he has ejaculated, that guilt was long conquered by him. He felt he was doing the right thing. These are the things that make a man's life worth living. The adrenaline rush is worth it.

She got dressed herself in a fresh nightgown and without any undergarments which allowed Mohan to be blissfully in contact with those tender breasts while he helped her back to her room. He was scared his joy would give him up. But he managed to maintain a neutral, a rather concerned face while facing Maya.

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