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Originally Posted by Deamlife1984 View Post
thank u al.....

one pic more for u

Beautiful ....
those guys are so lucky that they got to see her naughtiness live...

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thank u all for comments....here im continuing the next day.....

Next day morning, it was 5:30 am we woke up and getting ready to go beach....she wokeup and went to balcony with bikini, took a look around, then we got ready within 15 mins, started walking to beach ....as i told it was 1st floor we were stayed..she wore transparent top, nothing with bikini inside...it was tong... as she was not felt like she wore nothing...then we walked to beach entrance gate...no one was there thru the way we walk...at entrance security was talking some other guy...they not cared....we entered on beach...OMG...it was full of covered FOG...even u cant see 100 meter distance....we started walkling to the beach side, after 10mins walk...we felt like too cold as my wife denied to remove her top, after 5mins she only told me lets take a dare step...to remove her top and bikini also to walk nudely at beach at morning hours.....then she looked at all sides....no one is there at beach bear to us...only one person & one couple were walking that to they cant see us...so she darely removed her transparent top then after 2mins she removed her top bikini....she was Scared and shy also....i told her, its ok cool.....be like a no one there....we were walked almost near to another beach, it took 20 mins, no one is there in between, finally asked her to remove panty, she said NO...its getting visible to all....if somebody see us, thats not good as naked.....i said its ok, now only u have chance to DO THIS DARE, afterwards u cant get this chance to do such things bcoz we are leaving this resort today....then she realized and said ...OK DEAR, BUT ONLY FOR JUST FLASH, FINALLY SHE REMOVED HER PANTY ALSO, NOW SHE IS COMEPLTELY NAKED ON BEACH.....OOOOHHHHHH....MMMMMYYYYY.....GGGGOOOODDD....i cant say anything...i just looked around if anyone is looking to my wife?...then no one is there...OOOOh COOOOOLLL, then i asked her to JUMP & RUN for atleast 100 Meter, she denied, after lot of request, she said OK....then she started walking NAKED ON BEACH SIDE....at the monring 6:15 to 6:30 between, entire beach was we were there, as i told full FOG, it was sudden flash, we observed one lady was coming to our way as she was jogging.....i told to my wife, she is forener so no problem u can walk as it is infront of her, i will walk along with you, my wife was shy...some how managed...finally she was came near to us...our heartbeat was increased bcoz she looked at my wife completely NAKED....she has earphones and jogging at beach, she looked at my wife and me....she got slowly ....she spoke with us....OMG really she is awesome sexxxxyyyy....and she asked us - r u couple?, i said yup....just we are trying to dare at beach...as we like to be naked at beach to enjoy nature....she said its good but becareful....at that moment my wife was hide behind me....she asked me - why she feeling shy...u can show ur body to me....then i told her dont worry...come beside me...then she came beside me...she looked at her and said, WOW..she looks awesome...her pussy is shaved.....her nipples are nice....shal i suck her nipple once...i laughed and said she doesnt like....then i aked my wife what she is expecting..she was shy and said OK only for 1 time....she sucked her nipple....OOOOOOHHHHHH My dick was stad at that moment...bcozz of two girls doing this things....i cant able to control.....she cuked her nipple for almost 1min, later my wife wore bikini and tranparent top, then i requested her to can you do this for us...as we dont know about u but i given once to you....so i wanna see you as naked here right now..its 6:30 AM....no one is there...so can i see you?....

she laughed and said sure...why not....then she was in sports wear, she dint wear inside anything...within the short time she removed her dress and showed her full body to us....we were Surprised...my wife was 1st time one forener lady naked infront of us....then she offered to my wife to suck her nipple& pussy...she said OK but my hobby will do that....I got shocked, i said IF u r ok, i will she said OK, then i sucked her boobs, my wife looked at me, within 5mins it was happend. then i told her - NICE TO MEET YOU....these are memories forever in our entire life...we all walked away from that place... then we walked back to resort to get ready to go another resort....

will continue

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very nice exp...

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