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Originally Posted by TheMaskEditor View Post
I and my wife had been to a holiday recently during the new year weekend.

It was a over night travel in a Volvo sleeper bus. We had to board the bus at late night. My wife had worn a t-shirt (without any bra underneath) and jeans. I had told her to wear all her bangles and noisy payal's (anklets with lots of bells).

Once settled in our bus we closed the curtains. After about an hour when the bus had left the city, We started making out. It was very erotic with all the noise made by her jewelry and making out just behind the curtains in the moving dark bus with people all around you.

Before boarding the bus we had a couple of shots of vodka. Initially she was not ready to remove her clothes but after I had warmed her up I coaxed her to remove her clothes one by one and made her completely nude inside the compartment while our fucking session.

I had got a high by thinking about what the people around may by thinking by her light moans and noise made by her ornaments.

We indulged in a second session late at night after the bus resumed journey from the break.

Every time I think about our bus episode I get very very hard. This one was one of our most daring and memorable hot episodes.
Its indeed a huge turn on. Ronit here. I used to strip Amisha in the Volvo sleeper bus in our compartment. We used to always book upper betths. A few times the conductor came to check tickets. Amisha used to he fully nude and covered only by a thin sheet.

It was so thrilling to have have her naked with people all around and separates by only a curtain. A few times in early morning we removed the curtain facing the road and let a few morning walkers and cycle goers see amisha nude from front and back.

Was so erotic

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Originally Posted by lustysanorita View Post
I provide cum tributes to cuckolds and Sharing family members for their naughty wives and girlfriends.. See my dick shoved down their throat, discreetly.

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Originally Posted by happymanv9 View Post
One Saturday evening me and my wife getting ready for pub. As usual she wore her right leg anklet. At that time her college friend visited our home with her hubby. They both working in US. She was met my wife 4 years back. So obviously she noticed so many changes in my wife. Her hubby too constantly looking at my wife boobs. And she told me that “You changed her a lot. Now she became very modern. In our college days she was very conservative and shy girl. Now completely changed.” After some coffee and snacks they left. Before leaving She had a secret discussion with my wife in kitchen. When leaving her friend face was astonished. She looked at me very awkward.

< image >

Then I asked my wife what you discussed secretly. She said her friend noticed her right leg anklet and advised that why you wearing this?? don’t you know the meaning of it??

I asked what you said???

She said I know the meaning of it. My hubby gifted me this so im wearing it with indent.
Now I understood why she looked at me like that...

< image >< image >< image >

any glossary what different anklets mean?
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