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Old 7th July 2015
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I just watched, part of me still wanting to break it up and an even bigger part of me holding back. It seemed inevitable where this would lead if not interrupted. Would Meena really go all the way? Perhaps I really wanted that to happen.
I was completely shocked. What do I hear I thought. I know Meena was virgin and actually a child when we fell in love and then married so I felt pretty lucky that she hadn't had sex, not even a simple boyfriend.
She lacked experience, but also I Knowing little about women. Me lacked the confidence to instruct her. That didn't stop me thinking about what it would feel like to have her perform oral sex on me. It seemed we both had problems communicating about our sexual desires. She preferred sex in the conventional manner. Her orgasms were few and far between. One time some years ago, I tried to talk about oral sex with her, she explained laughingly she thinks that women who don’t know how to keep their men happy in normal way, try to do it with oral sex. I always felt that this was her way of telling me that she wasn't taking my cock into her mouth.
With hesitation and as though she was waiting somebody’s permission, Meena bent down very carefully and slowly and placed monster's spongy large head into her mouth. I saw she trembled shortly. I imagined that the taste of his pre cum electrified her tongue, then she began to slurp on the tip of his cock. Licking it lovingly with her outstretched tongue.
Then she gave a muffled moan as Mansour pushed forward and more of his giant prick entered in her delicate mouth, past her lips.
He stared in disbelief at my gorgeous wife who was for him his long standing dream woman, sucking his cock. Then quietly whispered:
- Don't stop, my lovely princess.
She moaned in approval. Every now and then she was lifting her head from Mansour’s big cock and moaned loudly, then returning to sucking cock like a real whore. Soon the sound of his loud breathings and her moans filled the silent room.

- Mmmmmmmmmm..
Meena moaned and Mansour roared back. Meena's eyes tightly closed and her head moving up and down the her uncle’s thick and strong meat.

it seemed to me, at that moment all which existed for my lovely wife in the world, was this marvelous and tasty hard rod and all the pleasure she was getting from sucking on it.

- Do you like to have your uncle’s big dick in your mouth, my lovely princess?
Teased Mansour breathlessly.

- Hmmmmmm…
Then she looked up with her beautiful eyes and murmured:
- Cum for me, Mansi, cum for your princess uncle.

After hearing her demanding words, Mansour couldn’t resist against his approaching explosion any longer. The warmth and smoothness of her lips on his cock and sight how she was loving and sucking him, made him want to cum.

I could swear, in his wildest dreams in jail, Mansour saw always a blowjob from Meena and an ejaculation in the mouth of my pretty wife.

- I am Cumming my baby!
Mansour groaned and clenched his teeth as he grabbed hold of the Meena’s head and pulled her down more onto his long and fat rod, Then occurred his eruption. It came out like a volcano. He had closed his eyes together at the feeling of his cum shooting into her mouth and down her throat.

Meena’s mouth welcomed his hot cum and I see in the movement of her Adam's apple that she is swallowing all as Mansour held her head firm at the place. She was staring up at him all time.

After that first eruption she sucked and sucked his load endless for a Long time. I thought she wanted every drop of his fluid as she swallowed every shot that came out while holding the tip of his cock at her lips, at the same time stroking his mammoth cock intensely to get up to his last drops of load in her waiting mouth and throat.

Mansour was squirting without ending until Meena couldn't take anymore and opened her mouth allowing his cum to flow down his giant rod, then covering her Hand. I saw the white cream of his semen covered completely her wedding ring.

Still he had his eyes shut and was grunting.

Meena was watching in fascination as his thick syrupy semen covered her hand and fingers, and her ring.

Neither of them spoke some time.

My lovely Meena held his proud dick long without movement in her hands. I saw from her expression that she is admiring his load. Then she started hungrily licking up The mixture of her own saliva and his cum which had flowed down his shaft. Then after the pole was clean, she licked her own fingers and finally her Wedding ring.

Watching her such voluntarily action, so submissively licking and lapping up over his semen, brought finally me to explosion. I came and came for a long time, eruption after eruption. I released my own load into my hand. I could not remember when did I ejaculated so intensive and so much last time.

Finally Meena looked up at his red and puffed face, then she smiled that happy, satisfied smile I has seen so many times before and while still not releasing his giant rod said softly:
- Did you enjoy it Mansi?

He replied huskily:
- I loved it, every moment of it and I love you, and you?

- It was nice and...delicious!
She admitted in a slutty voice.
- Okay, it is too late. We have to sleep.

He looked deep in her eyes and his voice became a bit earnestly:
- I need some confirmation from you to hear.
First: I want you to shave all your cunt hair. I'll watch it next week when I come back. This has to be performed. I want your pussy in a week as ready as I wish.

He was demonstrating his power over the situation and testing his dominance over her one time more.

Meena knew what he wanted to hear, she murmured submissively.
- Okay

- And second: before I fuck your pussy, he is not allowed to have you.

- But he is my husband and I..

- No negotiation princess. I don't want to hear any more about this from your pretty lips.

- I'll do anything you say, but to refuse his wish to..

- I know he is your husband and I..

- I'll do anything you like, is this not enough?

- And you? Do you want it as well?

- I like it too.
And after a short pause she looked at his face and said softly:
- You make me feel good and happy.

He smiled, leaned forward and enveloped her in a big hug, kissing her on her lips again.

Meena moved her body to stand up.
- It is late uncle, see you tomorrow for breakfast.

But he put his hand on her shoulder:
- Do you want to leave us? me and him so easy. Don't you want to say good bye to him?
He pointed with head in the direction of his giant cock which was again in semi hard form.
She began lightly caressing the enormous head of his dick. After a short time, they were again in a warm embrace, exchanging short gentle kisses. Meena's tongue was darting in and out of his mouth, teasing Mansour's lips.

Then they separated and she took her blouse and the glasses and went into the kitchen. I thought it is all over.
I stood quickly, and waited for him to leave. But he was standing still there.
Meena came out from kitchen and at next moment, she was standing by him and he had her buttocks in is hands and kissing her again passionately. Then she got a slap on the butts.
I heard Mansour murmuring:
- See you tomorrow my sexy princess.
My cock stirred again, but I was totally spent.
Some minutes later I was lying on the bed as Meena opened the door, peeked in, and came in creeping, and lay down next to me. I tried not to move and she didn’t tried to embrace me, simply turned over with her back to me not to awake me. After some minutes I was sure she slept.
Now after releasing my load, I couldn’t sleep, I was thinking. I was angry over development of the matter, but then the other feeling came up, the deep enjoyment what I experienced some minutes ago. I tried to put my anger feeling back and tried not to think about it. I didn’t know when I slept.

I hope readers enjoy my story.
As always I welcome your input.

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Old 9th July 2015
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Dear friends,
A reader asked me about the dialogues of my story. I must say that part of conversations which are from my video recordings are completely identical and real without changing. Others are mostly from my written notes and a small part from my memory.
The order and sequences of the happenings are compiled with the help of my written recordings.

8- The Role Play

Next morning, after waking up Meena called her department and told them she has headache and she goes to sick leave.

As she was talking on phone, I noticed that she is wearing a brown skirt with a tight fitting blouse. Later I commented that she looks beautiful and sexy in her outfit, she replied with a thank you. But I had the feeling that she is mentally absent and even a bit dreamy, for sure she was thinking about last night and her time with him.

while having breakfast, Meena avoided looking at my direction all time. I thought today it is reversed compared to some prior days. This time she didn't want to look in my eyes. Some days ago she preferred not to look in his eyes while breakfast. Obviously she was today embarrassed, perhaps even she was ashamed.

Later I could feel Meena is disappointed because of his departure, I could see this clearly. Their goodbyes after breakfast were exchanged abnormally intimate. I went in, as he took his baggage to taxi. I watched them from behind a tree in distance. They talked some minutes as they stood by open door from taxi. Then I noticed they were kissing, a little longer for a goodbye kiss I imagined.

I got into house. Some minutes later the front door shut and it was still. I was sitting in living room. She came and sat beside me. A classic piece was playing on the stereo and Meena was completely quiet. I waited for a while then said:
- Had you two a good time last night?
She looked first at me then after some seconds took the newspaper from the table and looking at it while responded:
- Yes sure, we drank and chatted a little and then went sleeping.
- did you not sleep well?
She looked shortly at my face and then again down to newspaper:
- I have terrible headache. Perhaps too much alcohol. I am not used to it.
- Then you want to stay home all day?
- Yes, sure.

There was for some minutes silence between us.
I had so much confidence in her love and Faith that I thought she would have told me the truth about the last nights, if I had asked directly. I was sure she would tell me anything I wanted to know, she never lied to me.

Still, I wanted the game go on. Indeed it made me jealous when I imagined how this old man flirted with her and how she let him to do and say what he wants, and how he tried to approach to her and how she let him to go so far. He made her to orgasm so so intense that I never managed. And finally how Meena let him even ejaculate his cum in her mouth and she swallowed his semen eagerly, it was something that since years she had denied it to do for me and I thought it is like a taboo for her. Yes I was hurt and jealous.

But nonetheless there was for sure a great pervert pleasure for me to watch their illegal and forbidden game.

I looked again at her outfit, her tight fitting blouse and tan skirt. I thought he wants her to clothe herself sexy for him and she obeys his demands.

At this moment it seemed to me that she is not reading but only doing so if her all attention is the newspaper. I was more the opinion that she is dreaming. Probably thinking about him and her last night pleasure and dreaming of his giant prick.

I said quietly:
- I think uncle Mansour admires you and likes you and in return you give him more attention than to any one other.

She was surprised. Looked at me and tried to find out what I am thinking.
- I don’t know if admires me. But for sure he likes me as anxy normal uncle does.

She said softly and I thought about the word "normal".

She continued.
- He is a poor old man. I try to be kind. And yes I like him very much since my childhood… Do you stay home?
Now she was trying to change the subject of our chatting.

- I am going to visit a friend an hour later, but I come back to lunch.

- Okay I prepare the lunch
She stood up and came to me, leaned forward, looked at my eyes and kissed me on my lips and murmured:
- I love you very, very much, and I'm looking forward to our evening together.
Then without waiting for my reaction went into the kitchen. I heard after a moment, she is talking on phone with her mother.

After watching her and Mansour’s romantic goodbye I was in mood for sex. I needed her attention now. But obviously she wanted to go after her plan. I thought this is her action to settle down her guilty conscience.

I stood up and went upstairs in my study room. Upstairs there were three separate rooms. Her working room was the biggest one with our books cabinets and her work- and personal items. This one has a door to bedroom. At the far end of aisle was my two part study place with a smaller book cabinet and there was a smaller next room for my sport items from past and my music recording collections. I went in and made the table at the corner clear for my plan. I thought this is the best place for my spying instruments because she goes never in this part of house. There was also my safe for some small valuable items. The room door was almost always closed and locked and I had the key together with my house and car keys with me.
Then I phoned my specialist friend and made an appointment with him for next hour to talk about my camera modification plan.
I went downstairs, Meena was in the kitchen cooking. As I was there, she turned to me and said:
- Are you leaving?
And then she continued to wash her hands.

- Yes
I kissed her cheek and left.

My elctrician friend had a young fellow with. He introduced him as the best specialist in hidden camera matter in the country. We sat and chatted about my plans. They were not curious about my goal. I thought they are professionals and it is a normal job for them. As I spoke about my aim, the young man smiled and said I understand what you want you can be sure it’ll be the best quality, then asked my address to come next day and examine the rooms and premises.

To be continued...

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Old 9th July 2015
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Excellent written with sparkling moment's of erotic...

Greetings from Berlin-Germany

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Old 9th July 2015
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Thanks my dear friend.

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Old 9th July 2015
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Friends, Please excuse my write or typos.
I'll try that it is not as often happens.

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Old 9th July 2015
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wonderful sexy story, with almost realistic feel.

waiting to hear more from u.
All my Elements and Beauty threads will be updated soon in a sizzling way.

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Old 9th July 2015
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Thanks a lot friend.
Iris Murdoch says: "We live in a fantasy world, a world of illusion. The great task in life is to find reality."
I have found mine!
Soon Comes the update.

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Old 9th July 2015
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Old 9th July 2015
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On the way driving back home, I was very satisfied with the outcome my appointment. The young man seemed to know what to do. I was very excited with the results our meeting.
I thought it is obvious that I am a voyeur, a serious voyeur. Then I kept thinking that if I am a voyeur, I had to be good as a Voyeur! Never get caught but just enjoy it! I knew since some days that peeping gave me most possible pleasure, especially watching “her”.
I wanted to watch my sexy wife, Meena, the woman who I love, with this old, ugly man who can give her most wild sexual pleasure ever.
While I was watching last night, I discovered her other personality. Obviously she was submissive when the right man, an aggressive one tries to dominate her.
I could not be this man, and I can't give her what she deep in her psyche needs, I was too brave and shy for such activities.
I knew a lot of men felt that way and they didn’t go anywhere. On the other side I was a voyeur.
I believed now, as a result of my little perversion which I’d enjoyed, my feelings in this way were very strong. I had a virtually irresistible compulsion to watch this old, fat but huge dicked man violating my sweet wife.
I wanted to see her orgasm, uncontrollably, on his huge dick after she’d become so turned on, obviously she wanted it too.

I knew this desire was terribly wrong but I was helpless and couldn’t stop myself in the face of this overpowering feeling.
I wanted to get these perverted thoughts out of my mind, but I couldn’t.
I remembered every time he was looking with desire at her, I realized I can't control my dick to become erect.
I was a medical doctor but I couldn’t open up and share these feelings with a therapist.
How could I confess that I wish my innocent young wife being fucked senseless by this old man who can be her father and she sees him as her uncle? On the other side I enjoyed this and wanted it to continue.

Ultimately, I concluded it was pointless to think much about this theme and I should stop hurting me.
I rationalized this and concluded I might as well forget that this can be a type of perversion. I was helpless against my feelings and weak when I thought about their coming together and most important I enjoyed it.

Then I thought; let it happen and let three people enjoy their life!

I made a stop at florist and bought some gladioli for her, her favorite flowers. I couldn't remember when the last time I did that! Was I rewarding her cheating?!

To be continued...

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Old 9th July 2015
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When I got home she was surprised and very delighted with flowers, kissed me on lips and asked:
- How I gained that?
I answered:
- they have distributed it to the streets!

- you are rude and charmless.
Meena said laughingly and poking at me.

After lunch we planned to go swimming. While in water I took her a few times in my arms and deep kissed her. And she repeated that she loves me.

As we sat on beach chairs I said:
- I would like to make a short vacation in next time. We haven't had such a trip for a long time, only two of us and nobody else.

She responded gladly:
- I agree, some romantic days, only two of us.

- Perhaps to drive to the next seacoast. The one which Mansour lives by.

She looked at me and smiled:
- But then we are not more alone.

- We are not going to tell him about it.

There was a short silence. Surely she was thinking about him. Finally she said:
- I agree.

- Otherwise you have no free time for me.
I said laughingly.

She leaned forward, embraced me and said:
- You are a small jealous boy and I love you.

- It is right, I am jealous when you give somebody else more attention than normal. But I trust you. I would like you to do what you think is right.

Hearing this she leaned back and said:
- You know I like him very much and I want him to be happy for the rest of his life. You don't need to be jealous. He is not a young good looking man like you, my hero.

I was enjoying our little conversation about Mansour. I wanted to hear more from her about her feelings.

- But he tries to flirt with you, not like an uncle behaves with his niece; and you, you my lady, you let him to do it. I know every woman likes others admiring her, and for sure you enjoy that also, am I right?

Meena blushed shyly first a little without saying anything. She stayed like that for a short time as I looked at her. After noticing that I am waiting, she giggled and said:
- Yes, I enjoy the attention like any other woman. You also must not forget this! For Mansour this is Probably his game and this makes him happy. He has no wife and no intact family, there is only his son and he is also not with him. I think not even a girlfriend since his arrest has he had. He needs some human contact. You are a medical doctor. You understand this sure. But with me he knows this has limits, nobody can change my love for you.

- Then he needs a girlfriend. Somebody who he can exceed the limits with!
Then I laughed.

She didn't reacted to my remarks, but I thought she noticed it. She was a bit more serious now.
- I don't know, perhaps maybe he wants no fixed relationship. He is an old man and probably he likes his freedom to enjoy his life now after so many years in jail.

- Would you like not to be married, I mean been single and enjoy your life? to flirt with other men and savor more than now as you are married?

- I am enjoying my life with you.

- The question is if he can at all.

She looked at me:
- What do you mean?

- I mean if he is able to have an erection, you refer always how old he is. And old men have often their sexual limits and Problems!

- I know he can.

I looked at her face as I was shocked, she was a bit nervous and clearly embarrassed, I imagined from her face expression that she thinks, she had better keep her mouth.
The last sentence came probably unintentionally out. But she corrected her mistake and continued immediately a bit blushed:
- As we were dancing last night, I felt him.

- Wow, had he an erection?

- Every man who dances with me, will be erected!
She added provocatively and laughing, then stood up.
- It is enough nonsense, I take a shower.

To be continued...

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