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Old 20th November 2016
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The Path you Choose

Hello everone, I'm going to post a story and this is my first story.

Alaram sound from phone was on, this made me wake up and with sleepy eyes dismissed the alaram and try to get up from the bed, Rajesh hand was around my shoulder and i was completed nude inside the blanket.
As i have get ready to my office i have slowly moved his hand away and got from the bed.

Tried to gather my clothes could able to find my Jeans, T-shirst and Bra, panty could have been under bedsheet, so dint want to search in bed beacuse if Rajesh wakes-up then he will not leave me without fucking one more round.

Slowly went to washroom and looked in mirror, Hairs was disleavished and my pussy was full of dried cum, boobs had few nail marks they turned red and turned back to look my ass which had few marks & turned red with mauling and spanking on my fair skin. I was fucked to the core and this was my best and lenghty fucking which i had till today, it started night 11pm till 3am night.

Got out from the shower with towel on my body and came to the bedroom where Rajesh was sleeping. It was 6:45am and left with 15min to catch my office cab, so i have to search my panty and get dressed. I went on to the bed and started searching the panty slowly, i could not able to find the side i have slept and tied to search Rajesh side by slowly lifting the blanket, but it was struck to left side of Rajesh and pulling made him wake-up.

Straight away he looked at me and said hey Neha you smelling good and tried to hold me in his arms. I have warned him to not do anything and running late to catch office cab and collected my panty by pulling the blanket, this made me to get even close to Rajesh.

With panty in hand tried to get up from bed but Rajesh hold me around navel and started kissing me. I tried to loosen but he was heavy and strong..with no sucess started pleading him please Rajesh iam getting late to office only 10min left. He said but on one condition he can leave me and i have asked WHAT with bit serious note.

He said i need to suck his dick. I said please Rajesh you know i dont like sucking and tried to please him to agree with Lip lock kiss but he was so adamant with no option left and 10min left for office cab..I have completly taken the blanket off and like mw he was also sleeping nude..
slowly turned towards his dick and started to grip the dick in my hand and was about to kneel on my knees and get that into my mouth..he said to hold on and asked NOW WHAT..

He said to get down the bed and so that he will be sitting on the edge of the bed and want me to suck the dick by kneeling infront of him..without arguing much i got down the bed and while getting down he pulled the towel and there i became nude with holding just panty in my hand..
without a anger look i kneeldown and started sucking the limp cock..with in 10seconds it started getting hard
in my mouth and while i was sucking he placed legs on either side of my ass chheks and started rubbing them...with 2min of sucking he was breathig heavily and hold my head then discharged the cum in my mouth and partly on my face..

With full of anger i shouted at him and yelled like i will never suck again..he got up from the bed and lifted me in his arms and Said HAPPY FIRST MARRIAGE ANNIVERSARY TO YOU...and this my gift to the most Geroeous lady i have seen ever...And convey my Anniversary Wishes to you HUSBAND!!!!

There iam in his arms without a cloth piece completly nude with my office colleague(who is complete contrast to me Black, shorter, bald and tummy) and Who is Not my Husband ...

I just got down from hia arms and said control you words with anger...He said sorry and helped me to get ready ..and he said we can both go in car to office and why you have to take office cab... I replied like i will not take any chances and what if any one gets to know and said bye to Rajesh by opening the door..He came to the door and caught my boobs from back and kissed me on neck and tried to insert hand inside jeans from front..i tried to take away his hand but he was very strong...he whispered just i will touch..i dint said anyting and he slowly inserted and touched my pussy with one finger and i started getting wet down ..started rubbing hard and inserted one finger in pussy..Just then heard a call on my mobile it should be office cab and got his hand out saying bye to Rajesh..He Said BIG THANKS FOR THE NIGHT....

All this happened beacuse me and my huband had a fight and not talking to each other from past 1 month and i have moved out from house to my friends Apartment which is just opposite to Rajesh flat....

My self Neha 26 years fair with 5.6 height and great structure..working for a Big MNC as HR in Banglore.

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Old 20th November 2016
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for new story

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Old 22nd November 2016
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do you guys want me to continue story

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Old 22nd November 2016
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Got into the cab and closed my eyes..after 45min heard someone calling my name and it was driver...gotdown from cab and staright away went to washroom and washed my face and applied touch-up....then went to my desk checked my mails for 15min and laid down on my desk as i was feeling very sleepy and tierd from last night encounter aslo body pains....

After 15min someone patted my shoulder...i was very angry thought Rajesh might have done that...with irritating face i turned back...it was Swetha my best friend and from HR deparment....currently iam staying with Swetha after i came out from my husband..Her flat is just opposite to Rajesh flat in same floor....

Soon after seeing her changed my face from anger to happy face...asked her for accompanying breakfast...we went to cafeteria and ordered breakfast...as i know Swetha would be very eager and will ask many questions about yesterday night..so carefully occupied one corner seat in cafeteria....she started pullying my legs stating i think someone here lookslike not slept complete night and had full fun....she staight away looked at her and said please Swetha dont say that iam feeling very odd and guilty dont say that....

Swetha said dear Neha sorry for that...i know the situation you are in now...whatever you have done is nothing wrong and dont be guilt of it..you are darling with good heart and great looks any one would die to be with you...no wonder your husband is fool ..how can he miss you for more than a month...

Anyway Happy Anniversary ...sorry i should not have said that in the current situation you are in....how can he be soo stupid and miss you on the big occasion...Swetha please dont take that topic and you know as per your suggestion i just kept my ego aside and messaged him yesterday to meet today ...but he dint responded to the message...Please leave it....

Ok darling now just forget everything and dont feel guilty about yesterday night...i know this was important for you to get promotion and new position to move another city with the current situation you are in...you have done nothing wrong..stating that we started to get back to work....

Yes whatever Swetha said is correct i got fucked by Rajesh for my carrer growth and to move of city with good position...Though never in my dreams i want to do this that with a very ugly looking guy like Rajesh...but he was very powerful guy in seniour Management....this decision was not taken overnight i had to to think a lot to move with that decision based on my personal situation...and i was thinking on how i have landed in this situation a very fair, good looking, great structure, Highly educated and good family girl fell into this...just then i heard some one calling my name...

It was karthik from my team...Neha seniour Manager is calling you to his cabin...i got up and went to his cabin...He said very good news Neha your promotion and new position in Chennai is confirmed though officially it would take time..but wanted to share this with you...as a managemnt i can assure you this is the list confirmed...i said thanks without looking at his face as i know how i have achieved this by sleeping with a guy...

Then he Said with an evil grin thank you for the Yesterday Night i had a my day in my life..can never forget this day....Yes iam in RAJESH CABIN...He is seniour HR manager ....without looking at him asked can i leave....he said as promised i have done the things which i have discussed with you...and you have to be on your words....come to my flat at same time as yesterday night 11pm...i just noded my head and came out....

Rest of the day was not that eventful....by 3pm i said swetha that i will be leaving to Flat as iam not feeling well ...she said dont worry everything will be fine....i booked a cab and reached flat (swethas's flat)...

Closed the door and tears started rolling my eyes remembering the same day last year...went to bed and just slept on the bed..after 45min something disturbed me and got up from the sleep...Got up from the bed and removed top and jeans to take shower....went to bathroom taken off panty and bra....had shower and came with towel wrapped...moved near dressing table and removed my towel..there i started watching my nude body ...which had full nail marks and turned reddish with yesterday 4hours fucking ........my pussy was full sore from the fucking....

Not sure after 1 min slowly my pussy started getting wet from the though like i was fully used by someone who is not my husband..

Yes it was the deal which Rajesh was trying on me to get into his Bed ...never would have agreed to it..but had to agree as per the situations.....AND THE DEAL WAS.(In next post).....

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Old 22nd November 2016
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plssssssssssssss continue!!
I am a MALE btw..So, only FEMALES are encouraged to send me Personal Messages!!!

If my ID was not DonVeeto, it would surely be boobs_sucker or boobs_lover!!!

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Old 22nd November 2016
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Hoot Start

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Old 23rd November 2016
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Rajesh knows like my personal life and the problems that iam havingfrom past 4-5months and specially last 1month which iam out of house...i know he had an eye on me for that matter many in office.... specially past 1 month there was so much stress on on me...and i want to move out of the city for peaceful life....

He sensed this and one fine day 2 weeks back i was working late as i had to complete some presentation work for a meeting...Swetha said she will wait for me..but i have asked to carry on as it is 8 and it may take 1 more hour...asked her to start so that she can atleast cook something...she said fine and left.....i was working for 30more minutes and still it looked like it may take 1 more hour..i just wanted to go home and work but i just decided against it i would be lazy doing it at home....i just got up from my seat and strecthed my body from continous sitting ..everyone from my block left and the seats are empty... slowly walked to washroom ...complete bay and way to washroom was empty...used washroom and clean my face and applied some touchup....went to pantry and got coffee...started to my seat and worked for another 45min and was almost about to complete the work.....Just then remembered to book the company cab as the time was 9:15pm...Headed to transport/security desk and informed like i need an office cab ..and they alloted me in 10pm slot....came back to seat and finished the rest of the work by 9:30pm...

Went to pantry and got one more coffee as i have time to kill....started walking around the bay by sipping coffee...it was a busy day in office and thanks to the work which made me to foget the problems i was goining through my personal life atleast for the day...on professional front i was hoping to get promotion this time and also want to apply for transfer but if i dont get promotion this time then transfer would be tough as there was no position for my role in Chennai currently...i want to move chennai beacuse i dont want any disturbances or memories from anyone and completly want to move to a city where no one knows me....with these thought i have almost reached the other side extreme of the bay from my seat....everyday while i walk on the same floor many eyes would watch and imagine many things and now iam walking on the same floor with no one watching....sometimes you think strange boring things like this one...

Started back to my seat and passed few cubicles and just then i heard some one calling my name....turned back to check...it was Rajesh my pervert boss....with same lusty looks he came near me and said how come my darling working so late 9:40pm.....he is like that always tries to flirt...just said nothing had some pending work to finish it off...

I have asked him how come he is late...he said they were discussing about promotions list and few other things and he dont want to take that call from home looking directly at my boobs....i was wearing tshirt and jeans.....Seeing the chance all alone he said he want to discuss something with me...i said go on...for that he said lets go to some conference room...

I replied as no one is here and what is the problem in discussing here and in next 15min i have a cab.....he insisted to use conference room...i said fine and then followed him andoccupied a conference room...He directly looked into my face and said Neha i dont want to waste time and here is the thing...i know your personal situation and where you currently staying as well....i just want to be staright farward as per our previous discussion you wanted promotion and transfer to Chennai...i was looking at the list and you are good to qualify for it...i was very happy to hear this from Rajesh knowing he is pervert.....He paused while saying that and said BUT.....i just stood in silence in anticipation of what he would be telling.....

He continued saying eveything is in my under and to put it staright farward i like you very much..i was thinking in my mind like he liked my work....but i was WRONG...he started saying i want to spend some personal time from the day i have seen you 2years back before your marriage...but you were very tough to get...now the point is clear...i want you and in return you will get what you want saying this he came close to me and directly staring my body top to bottom...i was shocked and thought of slapping him..infact i would have done that if i dint had family problems...oh ok he could have never asked this if everything was right..all these thoughts were running inside me....And how dare he ugly, short, bald and old guy can directly ask a women who is very beautiful, fair, taller and well educated..oh no these are the qualifications every man desires to get the women.....

He asked Neha are you getting my point looking into my eyes...without looking at him i just nodded ..but inside i want to slap and scold him...

Here is the DEAL.... i need you to spend 5nights with me and in return you will get promotion and good position in Chennai...i know it should not be a problem as you came out from your husband and it should be easy for you as no one knows about it...nothing to loose as your pervert husband doesnt desrve beauty like you..how can he been soo fool...i was just looking down....

if i were your husband i would never leave sexy hot wife like you....not sure thought he was talking openly about sex but this sentence made me happy......

He came close to me and kept hand on my right shoulder and said is this ok for you......i dint said anything and stood silent....takent silence as non reluctancs he went back side of me stood there and leaned towards me by placing both hands on shoulder and started talking near my ear in low voice....i want you on my bed and waiting to have you soo long....its your decision tomorrow is the finalization of nominations i said....please tell me yes or no..

I was never in a situation like this i wanted to move out of the City and problems...Closed my eyes took deep breath and Said YES IAM FINE.....

There was no end for Rajesh happiness...He hugged tightlh from back and said thank you NEHAAAA....just closed my eyes tears started flowing my eye's...he said one more condition...now i felt damn what else he want...i said go on....i want the first day of the 5 days on your Marriage anniversary .....i know anyway you both are not living together I dont think you should have problem he said.....i just want to get this over as soon as possible.....with heavy breathing i said OK...

He overjoyed and hugged again tightly from back....now his dick was hard a d rubbing on my ass....he let his both hand slipped from shoulder and cupped my both boobs....i wanted to turn and slap but couldnt able to do it as anyway he going to play and enjoy my body more that this ..so what is the point in stoping him now i thought ....

he started pressing boobs very hard and rubbing his dick on my ass and i i can hear his excitement and and heavy breatthing....he then turned me facing me..i just closed my eyes....He hugged md direcly from front and crushed my body into his ...he was shorter that me.....he started to get his lips near my lips and started sucking my lips and asked to open my mouth.....i just left with no option and to ease him as its important for me tomorrow he is going to finalize nominations....opened my mouth by slightly bending...he started to suck my lips and inserted his tounge in my mouth and started playing with it..he pushed lot of saliva into my mouth and aslo started pressing my ass over jeans....

Not sure beacuse of no physical touch from my husband i started to get wet down there thought not liking the situation iam i .....he started getting very horny and sucking deep inside my mouth and took one hand slowly inserted inside my jeans and panty..it was very tight but he managed....and started to cup my bare Ass in one hand ...kissing passionatly.......Just then my Phone started ringing...i thought thank you to the caller...got sperated from Rajesh and attendex the call...

It was from cab driver and the time waz 10:05pm....i just said i wil be there in 2min...RJesh i need to go please cab is waiting ..saying this arranged my Tshirt which was pulled bit up and my hairs and the cleaned the sweat....He caught my hand and asked to stay for 10min.and said he will drop you...

I said please Rajesh try to understand my situation and dont want to give any chance to my life anymore..he understood and dint said anything...i said bye and started getting out from conference room...He stop me just 1min and said he will book 5nights in ahotel....i said big no as i dont want to take chances...then he said he cannot take me to his home as he is with family....i just stood with no interest in the topic and askex to figure out some safe place.....and turnd towards door saying Bye...he came rushing and hold me from back and cupped my Boobs and inserted one hand inside my jeans and tried to touched my pussy...all this happenex in few seconds...with angry face i said RAJESH PLEASE LEAVE ME CAB IS WAITING....

He said please allow me to touch one time your pussy ...said only 10seconds..loosened my jeans button...he then i serted hand and directly touch my pusyy...i was getting turned on...it was wel all down there...Rajesh with winning face said Neha darling you are wet down means you liking my actions....saying this he started directly rubbing my pussy and he tried to insert one finger...with full strength i moved him and adjusted myself and ran out of conference room by saying Bye and buttoned my jeans....He came out wiith dissapointed face... but said Thank you dear....

Got into the cab and closed my eyes and thought myself what i have done and how did i allowed him........

Next update ..how Rajesh landed into a Flat opposite to Swetha's for spending with me and how thing moved on.....

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Old 23rd November 2016
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Old 24th November 2016
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Guys do you want me to continue ???

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Old 24th November 2016
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I got down the cab around 10:45pm...got into the lift and pressed 5th floor...i reached the flat and took my key as Swetha and myself carry seperate keys...opened the door, Swetha was in her room...by door sound she came out to living room and sat on sofa...she said i have prepared your favourate dish go and get fresh ....i went to my room closed the door and took off my tshirt and jeans....opened wardrobe and pulled my shorts n tshirt....took of bra and also panty ...panty is full wet from the act in office....went to washroom and got fresh..wore tshirt n short...usually i dont wear inners in night..

Came out to living room ...Swetha was watching TV...i got the dinner in my plate and finished it off by watching tv....but my mind was not steady...manythings were running in my mind....about my married life, my parents and relatives pressure, moving out of the city and currently spending 5 nights with Rajesh.... Swetha observed my silence and deep thinking and asked everything right Neha?

I just stood silent...there is no point hiding anything with Swetha as iam staying with her and she is one who stood during my bad times and offered to be with her....she is my best friend and supportive in every situation....

I said Swetha i need to talk to you one important thing...listining to this she switched off the tv.....I started saying Rajesh came to me in office and asked for a discussion related to promotion and Chennai....He put a Deal and if i sleep with him he will do the favours to me...Swetha just shocked and said PERVERT BASTERD... How can he do this after knowing you situation....

Then she asked on what i replied ....i said you know the situation iam currently in and want to move out of the city...changing mobile number also wont help much by staying in same city.. as you know before one week how i used to get pressured from relatives, parents , friends about my marriage life ..over the phone and the PG i satyed before moving here.. after changing my phone and not letting about my where abouts from last one week iam able to feel better...

So i said YES to him...

Swetha was shocked but understandably said i know there is not much option but when and where you are goining to meet ....i replied he want to book a hotel for 5 nights...Swetha with schocking expression 5 Nights??? ....fucking bastered taking advantage of the situation....

Swetha he also put one more condition he want the first day of the 5 nights on my Marriage Anniversary...she looked at me and came near to me.. holded my hand said darling you are doing nothing wrong..the fool who married you is not bothered currently about you so there is no reason for you to be guilt....just get those 5nights done without thinking much so that you can have atleast some peaceful life....

I just got some relief from Swetha's words....

I said its not safe to go to the Hotel and asked him to find other safe place...

.She said why will that idiot will think of your safety... he would be more interested in getting you bed and enjoy....ok i have an idea the opposite flat is my friends only they moved to US for 2years and they asked my help to rent the house as they packed there stuff into one bedroom in their 3 bedroom flat..so far many came but all are bachelors....i will talk to her and ask for renting 1month stating my far relative would be in and would be needing the flat....saying this she took her mobile and went to balcony to talk to her friend ....

I was feeling happy inside though the situation should not make me happy..but this is the best in worst...as i would getting fucked by him in a known and safe place atleast ...

Swetha came back and said with happy face...i could able to convince my friend but though she dint accepted first as it is just for a month and single guy...had to made her accept that he will pay double rent and rest i will take care..

I just went to her and Hugged ..tears started flowing from eyes...she patted my back and asked to call and inform Rajesh...i took my mobile and dailed him...

Phone got connected and heard Rajesh voice...i said Hello....he replied who is this...just then remembered i have not shared my new number with anyone...

Rajesh this is Neha...hey Neha is this your new number..i just said yes...he said great darling so you are missing me already huuh!...

Rajesh i want to talk about the place for the 5 nights...he said go on..Actually there is a flat opposite to Swetha's flat which should be available for 1month rent and i should be fine with this but you need to pay double rent....

He said playfully..so you have found the place where you want to get fucked by me for 5 nights ..thats great and i should be fine with it...

I could not take that word but controlled my self and given faint smile....he said he want to see the flat once irrespective he should be ok renting that and he will be travelling to chennai early morning and would back tomorrow night and come to have a look at it...i just said fine and kept the phone...

Turned towards swetha and said thank you ...Rajesh is fine and want to have a look at the flat...Swetha said why he have to check the flat and he should be lucky to have you... in his dreams also he can never get a divine beauty like you...

She came near me and in playfull mode said he would be fucking you anyway you liking it or not ..so just enjoy and have some fun ..but i know its hard and that too with the black old guy and winked her eye...this eased the pressure on me and said playfully yes i will enjoy and hit her with pillow....

We dispersed to our rooms...and laid down on the bed ...20min gone but was not getting sleep.....the last word from swetha and the encounter with Rajesh made me wet down near my pussy...i just removed my short and started fingering my pussy..yes iam doing this almost after 2 months ....i started imagining Rajesh and started fingering...the thoght of Black ugly guy and a man other than my husband touched most private part of the body excited me and started getting juices flowing from my pussy...started fingering faster with the thought that he would using my fair body with back dick made me get my orgams and started really cumming heavily....

Without cleaning the mess down..i just drifted into sleep without thinking much as i was feeling very relaxed.....

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