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Old 10th January 2017
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amazing build up and fantastic narration!!! pls go ahead

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Old 10th January 2017
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nice story good line...... emotions are well potrayed.

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Old 10th January 2017
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very nice don't delay on update

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Old 10th January 2017
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Update 7

Neha looked really sexy in my shorts as my shorts were not designed to accomdate big hips. The short had risen a bit to accomodate her sexy curvy hips and were tight on her behind. Kanika was also looking hot and the idea that the girls were wearing my short was even more exciting for me. I saw Kanika's legs for the first time and she looked sexy as I had never seen her in any short dress. She looked taller than Neha and Neha looked more curvy. I had arranged mattresses on the floor and made space for all of us, but no one was sure how will we lie down. Abhishek held Kanika's hand and took her to the right side and asked her to lie down. He took position at the extreme right and asked us to lie down as well. Neha took position next to Kanika and I was on the extreme left. Kanika said, maybe Neha and I should lie down on one side and Abhishek and Karan can be on the other side. Abhishek said, Kanika at least let them be together, if you dont want me to be with you. Neha said, comeon yaar, cant a person lie down next to you. Kanika was speechless, and I decided to keep my mouth shut. She looked at me, but i got up and went to the kitchen to get some water so i could avoid her. She finally agreed and we all laid down. The TV was in between us and at a height. Neha turned to her right and was watching TV with her ass towards me. Kanika and Abhishek were lying on their back and I was also on my back. As Neha turned, I got excited looking at her raised hips over the sheet covering us. I moved my hand and placed it over her hips. She felt my hand and turned around to gave me a look to remove my hand. She knew I wont, and then i started to slowly caress her beautiful soft ass. She was trying to adjust her body, as I caressed her. I then lifted her t shirt up and moved my hands on her waist and started circling my fingers on her back. As it was bound to happen, my penis got hard and started to grow. I then moved my hands inside her short, pass her panty line and pinched her soft ass over her panties. She shouted, ooh and i moved my hand out. Kanika and Abhishek asked what happened, she said, nothing, it seems something bit me. I said, must be a mosquito, they like girls anyway. Abhishek laughed, and Kanika asked me if i can switch on some mosquito repellant. I got up slowly and did so. I came back and now Neha was lying on her back to prevent me from touching her. I placed my hand under her back and pinched her, she understood, i would not let her stay like this. She turned again to her right letting me access her ass. I turned to my right as well and now i had better access. I lifted her t shirt up and caressed her gently. I moved my hands slowly under her shorts and caressed her soft skin. I felt her soft panties and inserted my hands inside her panties. I felt the most amazing soft ass for the first time in my life. I gently massaged her ass cheek and moved my hands through her ass crack to her other ass. Neha was feeling uneasy and restless. I squeezed her asscheeks really hard and it felt really fleshy and juicy. I was amazed at softness and shape of her ass. I kept caressing her. I wanted to touch her pussy, but it was too risky. I then did the unthinkable and i removed my shorts and my underwear, exposing my hard penis. I then gently placed my hard penis on her back. The instant it touched her, she knew what it was. She squirmed and now it was clear that she was too excited at my bold move. My completely exposed hard penis, touching her back and as it touched her, my penis released some precum to really excite her. She moved her hand back on the pretext of scratching herself and touched my penis for the first time. She then held her between her hands for few seconds as she closed her eyes. She could not keep her hand like this longer and she soon left it, moved her hands forward and just bit her lips to suppress her expression. I then slid her shorts down and placed my penis inside, between her ass crack and pulled her short up. My penis was now between her ass cheeks and covered by her panties and shorts to make me feel as if it was inside her pussy. My precum was all over her ass and i started to move my penis really slowly so no one can detect any motion. Neha was getting really really wet as i felt her wetness leak from her pussy and spreading through her pussy lips to her ass crack and to my penis. This made me even more excited and i was barely in control. I had a long dry run and this was closest to sex I had been in months. One can just imagine the difficulty I had and with the events through the day, I was not able to control myself anymore. I gently moved my penis few more times in the slimy surface of her ass crack. Her ass cheeks got really hard as i moved my penis and held it as if it was inside her pussy. Her ass cheeks were massaging my penis as she made them hard and released them with each move. Soon, my penis, grew in size, and exploded all the cum inside her panties. Her panties were ruined now and I got even hornier with the release of my cum. I gently moved my penis out, smearing my cum all over her back and finally put my shorts on again. I was still having a hard on. I laid down on my back, releaxed and relieved as if I had done some hard work. As my erection came to manageable size, i got up to clean myself and to look at Neha. Neha was closing her eyes and as i moved out, she turned on her stomach and laid down closing her eyes in ecstasy. I was not sure if she came or not. I went to the toilet and I felt as if i have to pee. More cum came out as i peed and finally i cleaned my penis and dried it with tissue. I went back to my place to lie down. Neha was still on her stomach. She was getting restless and she took few turns and moved away from Kanika to my spot. I thought to give her some time and instead of going back, checked my phone. There was a message from Monika - If you free call me, it is urgent. I went to my room again and texted her.
Me - Hi Monika, Sorry cannot talk now, but tell me, what is the problem
Monika - Karan, i thought you are a gentleman, how can you do this to my sister ?
I was now confused and did not know what happened or what was the issue.
Me - What happened ? please tell me as i am confused
Monika - You dont know or you are ignoring it. Rahul is your friend, so I did not tell him, but this is unacceptable
Me - But please tell me the issue, I am not sure if we are on same page
Monika - OMG, dont act. Dont you know what you did
I was not sure what it meant
Me - Please tell me what she told you, as I am really unsure
Monika - I called her yesterday asking about the date and she sounded upset. She just said you tried to kiss her and disconnected the call. I was not planning to talk to you on this, but i could not resist.

I was like, what the hell. I was not sure what to do now or what to answer. I thought for few minutes and said
Me - To be honest, i did not try to really kiss her. I just hugged her good bye and kissed her on her forehead for a nice date which is normal.
Monika - Hmm..Why you need to kiss her anywhere
Me - Monika, normally these days kissing on lips is normal and that too after date everyone does. I kissed her on her forehead and she was not unhappy about it. It was only after I kissed Neha on her cheeks that she got angry.
Monika - What ? How come Neha is in the picture ? What kind of date it was
Me - It was her idea to take Neha as well. Neha said, kiss me on cheeks and not forehead like a behenji. What could i do
Monika - Neha is such an awful girl. Why Kanika took her along ? You could have just smiled and say no thank you.
Me - Monika, to be honest you too know I am not that rude. Secondly I deserved a proper kiss and if you have doubt, you can ask your sister. We went out today as well, but maybe she did not tell you
Monika - What ?? I will kill her. I am sorry I doubted you.
Me - No issue, but my proper date kiss is due
Monika - Shut up, she is not any random girl
Me - Exactly, she should have kissed me even more
Monika - OMG. You and your kisses
Me - No isse, you being her sister, you can give that kiss to me
Monika - Are you mad ? I am your friend's wife Mr
Me - You are my date's sister who refused to kiss me and even complained on me to you. So now you owe me a kiss
Monika - Haha, Keep adding in your basket, payment wil be done in 100 years
Me - Ohh so now you both sisters are blaming me and cheating me as well
Monika - No one is blaminng you. She is a bit naive and childish
Me - Yes, she is childish. But you are adult na. So you have to kiss me
Monika - Ok baba, i told you na. Add in the basket :P
Me - We will see
Monika - I will tell Rahul :P
Me - I dont care
Monika - Oh my god. Dont get naughty now. You are dating my sister two days in a row. You must have kissed her today.
Me - No way, after yesterday. I did not even hug her. So now you owe me a hug and two kisses
Monika - haha. Why you want from me. I am married and not that good looking. You have better chance with Neha
Me - haha, no excuses. You have weapons of mass destruction.
Monika - Hahaha. You could not even manage my younger weapon of destruction, how will you manage weapons of mass destruction.
Me - Haha, I did not even load bullets and your weapon of destruction was crying for mercy.
Monika - Hahaha. Ok baba. Let me talk to her. Take care and sorry to bother you
Me - It is ok. Now i have someone to take my due from.
Monika - Haha.

Before she called or messaged Kanika, I said, coffee anyone ? I am making coffee. Abhishek said no yaar, I am to sleepy. Neha did not say anything and it seemed she was sleeping with my cum inside her panties. Kanika said, wait let me help you and she came to help me. I knew she would. As she came to the Kitchen, I said, you idiot stupid girl. What did you tell Monika that I tried to kiss you. Her face changed from smiling to shame. She said, I am really sorry but i blurted it in anger yesterday and i was really sad. I told Monika not to tell you or ask you. I said, should i slap you now, You did not even tell me. Kanika said, I am sorry, please. I said and I tried to kiss you ? Vera good sweety. You kiss your bf and blame me. You two climb on each other and blame me. Kanika was shocked and said nothing, except I am sorry. I know I put you in a bad position. Her phone started to ring, she brought the phone to me and said, it is Monika di. I said, I told her that I just kissed you on forehead and you got angry because i kissed Neha on the cheeks. Also i said, we went out today as well. Kanika was like, Omg. She called to Abhishek and said dont say anything. She picked up the call and started talking to Monika. All i heard was sorry, Yes he is nice and I got angry, I know you trust him and i trust him too, He is also a good friend of me. I made coffee and after she was done talking to Monika, we drank our coffee in the kitchen. She kept looking at me with apologetic eyes and I got up and hugged her and kissed her on her head. I said, It is ok sweety. She then said, but you did kiss Neha and made me angrier. I said so what ? She said nothing, I too will kiss Abhishek. I said when did i stop you ? She was really too cute and childish. She finished her coffee and we were about to go to the living room to continue the movie. I then held her from behind and pulled her close. I whispered, I will kiss you tonight and then let her go. She turned red with shyness and hurried out to the living room. Abhishek and Neha were fast asleep and since Neha had shifted her place, I was going to be next to Kanika now. Kanika looked at the situation and said, maybe we should sleep and she went to wake Neha up so she can go inside. I stopped her and held her hands. I took her to the bed and made her lie down. I kept looking into her eyes and she kept looking into mine. She was nervous as she was not sure what would i do. I laid down next to her. She was looking at the movie and every few seconds she would turn and look at me to check what was i doing. I smiled at her actions and then held her arms and made her turn towards me. She was not looking at me. I moved my hands from her arms to her back and then slowly caressed my hands from her back over her hips to her legs. She looked really nervous. I placed her legs on my legs and looked her in the eye. She was murmuring please please please. I then removed her hair from her face tucking each hair behind her ears and caressed her face. I touched her lips with my finger and looked at her. As i touched her lips, she closed her eyes and was still murmuring please please please. I patted her cheeks and waited till she opened her eyes. She looked at me and I could see her immense nervousness. It was definitely her first proper kiss. I pulled her closer till her pelvis touched my semi hard penis. It was anamazing feeling and even i was nervous as if I was kissing for the first time. I leaned in to kiss her lips and then rubbed my nose with hers playfully. She was really nervous as she looked at me with nervousness and in anticipation of a kiss. I rubbed our noses and then let her go without kissing her. I started watching movie and laid on my back. She was still turned on her side and was not sure what to do. She was still shaking, and she slowly turned around to look at Abhishek. Abhishek was still fast asleep. She raised herself up and looked at Neha, she then looked at me puzzled. She thought I was angry, so she patted on my cheeks till i looked at her. She then put her head on my chest and put her ears to my chest. She could feel my heart still beating fast as I was nervous too for no obvious reason. She then kissed me on my cheeks and then gently placed her lips on my lips. It was clear, she did not know what was meant by kissing. She then went back to her position. I turned around again and put my hands on her hips. I felt her hips this time and gently squeezed her hips and then caressed her leg to her knee and placed it again on my legs. This time i rubbed her legs with mine and then held her face and looked at her. She was still nervous and so was I. I leaned in and took her lower lips between my lips and sucked her gently. She came in close touching her body to mine and crushing herself in me as she enjoyed my sucking. I then moved to her upper lips and sucked her again till she started to suck my lips back. I put my arms around her engulfing her. I was really hugging her tightly and I could feel her boobs on my body now. I was caressing her back and then she took her arms around me and caressed my back too. She held my hairs and pulled me closer to suck me deeper. I sucked her lips together and my lips covered her lips completely sucking them together. I inserted my tongue inside her mouth and for the first time tasted her tongue with mine. She seemed to have gotten really high with this and she shaked her body humping my pelvis making my penis really hard now. I moved my hands to her ass and continued smooching her. I was now deep kissing her with my hands on her ass. I turned her on her back and climbed on top her kissing her, spread her legs and placed my penis on her pussy over our shorts. My hands on her ass started to gently squeeze her perfect ass which was neither too big nor to small and her perfect body shape made it feel so much good. It seemed we made a lot of motion than we expected, and I felt Abhishek was disturbed. He made some sound in sleep and Kanika immediately pushed me from herself. I quickly got in my bedsheet with Neha and in a hurry I too got on my stomach, with my legs on Neha and my hard penis on her hips. Kanika too got in her sheet and tried to watch the TV as if nothing was happening. Abhishek turned towards Kanika and put his arms on her stomach. Kanika, was really scared, but she shaked Abhishek waking him up. She said, go in the room and sleep. Abhishek got up sleepily, walked to the room and disappeared. She then tapped my back and signalled me as well. Neha was up due to my body on her as well and murmured, what are you doing Karan. Kanika was a bit scared now and said, Ok, good night and she moved to my bedroom. She called Neha few times, but Neha was really sleepy. I was lying on my back and my erection was visible through the sheet. Kanika looked at me shyly and said, good night. She then looked at my erection, smiled and hurried to the room.

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Old 10th January 2017
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Someone needs to be fucked...and soon!!!
Thanks for your lengthy updates.

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Old 10th January 2017
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Old 11th January 2017
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My Thread :


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Old 11th January 2017
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Semma story bro..... my first comment in xossip.... please update regularly

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Old 11th January 2017
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Good...... Awesome narration....
Keep going

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Old 11th January 2017
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what an hot update dude!!!

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