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Old 4th February 2017
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Old 4th February 2017
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Old 5th February 2017
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He pouted his lips and suggestively stared at my mom.Wrinkles appeared between her eyes on her forehead and with stern face she told him to shut up.She quickly glanced over my direction and then started looking at the table. Raju looked at me and asked me,

Raju: “ Don't you think your mommy should kiss me and say thank you? Do you have any problem in it?”

It was very blunt and straight question.I was stunned and felt sweat over my forehead.I was not sure about what to answer him so I just shrugged my shoulders.He turned his face towards my mom and said,

“Look Priya, your son doesn’t mind it. Now don't pretend to be shy and say thank you.”

She didn’t look at me and hesitatingly stood up from her chair.She went towards his chair and stood on his left side towards the corner of the table.She then bent from her waist and put her lips on his lips for a moment and then went back to her chair.

He complained,

“It is not fair. It is not a kiss. It’s flying kiss.”

Mom: “ What do you mean by flying kiss.A kiss is a kiss, Ok?”

Raju spoke with mock anger,

“I did you a great favour and you thanked with me with a flying kiss? I deserve a proper thank you.”

My mom sat there for some moments thinking what to do.Then she looked at me as if she was asking my opinion.I was really annoyed at her drama. I mean, on previous night she did not have any problem in putting his penis in her mouth and that day she was being shy in kissing her. I shouted in my mind , “ Do it bitch.You have done this thousands of times ” but remained silent without any expressions. Realizing that I was not disgusted and I was cool, she hesitatingly spoke,

Mom: “Ok, Shut up.This is the last time.” and she came towards us and stood in the space between my and Raju’s chairs. She put her right arm around my head and put the hand on my eyes.My right eye was covered by her palm but there was slight gap between her fingers that was on my left eye.I could see them from that.

After putting her hand on my eyes she turned her face towards Raju.Raju stood up and put his right hand around her waist and started kissing on her lips.I could hear slurping sound from their kiss.He put the fork, which was in his left hand ,down on the table and put his left hand on her right breast but she caught his wrist and quickly jerked it so he had to remove the hand.After one or two minutes she parted her lips from his but he looked into her eyes and said,”Please”. He then started kissing her mouth again.Fingers of his right hand that was on her waist went inside her T shirt and he rubbed them on her waist.

She felt coldness and realized my presence so she broke the kiss and went towards her chair and sat there.She was very shy and was not looking at me.She sat there silently.Neither me nor Raju spoke any word and we finished our breakfast silently.

After a while Raju was done and he went to the washroom.It was just me and my mom on the table.After an awkward silence she spoke,

“I am sorry.I am a bad mom, beta.”

Me: “ It’s OK mommy. He has helped dad a lot and it was just a kiss.”

Mom: “ Are you not angry with me?”

Me : “No mommy.”

Mom: “ I am proud of you beta but promise me one thing.”

Me: “ What’s it mom?”

Mom : “ You will not tell this to anyone or your dad. It’s our little secret. Promise?”

Me : “ Yes mommy.Promise.I will not tell anyone.”

Mom: “ I have one more thing to discuss with you beta. I will do that later”

Raju uncle called out her name from his bedroom and she went there.I remained seated with a great confusion. I did not know what to do. I wanted my mom to stop seeing and talking with Raju.I loved her and I loved my dad.I was angry and annoyed , not because she had an affair with Raju.I didn’t care about it.I was sad because of my dad.Although I had promised her not to say anything to dad,I decided to inform my dad about her affair when he arrives in India.

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Old 5th February 2017
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She and Raju uncle came out after few minutes.Raju sat on the chair and started reading newspaper.Mom took the plates from the table and went into the kitchen.I could hear the sound of water and plates.

Raju put the newspaper down and told my mom to contact jack and invite him for dinner.Mom came outside of the kitchen cleaning her hands with a napkin and asked whether he would agree for that.Raju told her that at least she should try as he had heard ‘the baldy’ saying that Jack loved Indian food and women.

She dialed a number and went into the study room.She came out after few minutes.Her face was looking serious.Raju was excited and had stood up when he saw her coming out but he sat down after looking at her face.Then she smiled and said that he had agreed to come for dinner.Raju was happy and said she was good actor.

We went to our home and she started preparations for the night.She called Savita aunty and told her to clean our house. Savita aunty left after cleaning our home and arranging things to their proper places.My mom went into the kitchen and busied herself in preparing the food.I had nothing to do so I passed my time in watching tv and surfing net.

She was busy in kitchen.I went to my room and took a nap.When I was awake I came to drawing room and she was still inside the kitchen.I could hear sound of gas and my nostrils were filled with delicious smell of food.I went into the kitchen and asked her if I could help her.She thanked me and told me to stand near the burner and turn it off after five minutes as she was going to take bath.

I stood there looking at the clock.After five minutes I turned it off and came to the drawing room.I sat on the sofa,took my phone and started chatting with my friend.I started feeling unwell suddenly.I was feeling nauseated.I felt I would vomit at any moment.My mouth was full with saliva.It was happening since last week.Everything would be alright and suddenly I would feel nauseated.I had not told that to my mom.

She came outside after approximately an hour.She was wearing knee length red colored traditional kameez with vertical brown stripe pattern.It was sleeveless and deep neck. A little portion of cleavage was visible.She wore dark blue colored churidar beneath her kameez.It was skin tight and her legs were looking very shapely.She had wore one bangle in each of her hands and matching earrings were complimenting her attire.She kept her hair open.

She started decorating dining table and told me to go to my room and change my clothes as the guests would be arriving at any time.I went to my room and changed clothes.I heard sound of doorbell as soon as I came to the drawing room.She went to the door and opened it.Here was her CEO and her boss.She was surprised as she was not expecting him to be with Jack.

They came inside and her boss greeted her.She greeted him and turned her face to greet the american guy. She offered her hand to him and said,

Mom: “ Good evening,Sir”

Jack grasped her hand and they shook hands.He replied with a smile,

Jack : “ Call me jack.Sir is little bit awkward.”

She said she would do so and gestured them to sit on the sofa with her hands.They settled on it and she sat on the sofa chair opposite to them.I was standing in a corner.Jack looked at me and said hello.My mom looked at me and told me to sit on the chair beside her.I went there and sat on the chair. My mom put her hand around my shoulder and and said I was very shy.They started talking and I was listening to them silently.

Jack: “You look beautiful,Priya”

Mom: “Thanks for the compliments.”

I looked at her boss.He was staring on her breast and turned his face to the side when he realized I was looking at him.

Jack: “I have brought an extra guest with me. I hope you don’t mind.”

Mom : “ Not really ,Jack. It’s my pleasure actually.In fact I was skeptical about you. I mean I was not sure whether you would accept my invitation.”

Jack: “ Never mind and thanks for inviting me.I am very much fond of Indian food and I have heard from Raju that you are very good cook.”

Mom: “ Now I’m really very nervous.”

Her boss: “Why?”

Mom : “Because expectations are very high.”

Her boss: “ And I am sure you will never disappoint us.”

I did not like that guy as I had caught him staring on my mom’s breast about dozen of times.My mom was irritated at his remarks and said,

Mom: “I am sure my FOOD will not disappoint you.”

Jack : “I accepted your invitation and I hope you accept my invitation.”

Mom: “ Invitation? Sorry,I did not understand.”

Jack: “You know, I am leaving after two days and I have arranged my farewell party on the day after tomorrow. Will you accept my invitation to be my co host?”

My mom was happy but she controlled her emotions and said,

Mom: “ Sure, Jack.”

Jack: “Thank you.”

My mom then stood up and told them it was time for dinner.She went into the kitchen.Jack sat on the head chair.Prakash sat on his right side.I went inside the kitchen and helped my mom in arranging the dishes and food.My mom then sat on the left side of Jack and I sat on the chair beside my mom.

She had prepared arabian style Chicken,boneless fish and other vegetable curries.She also had prepared Kheer.I did not want to eat as I was having nausea so I started taking very small morsels.Jack liked the Chicken and Kheer very much and he appreciated it.They chatted while having food.It was boring for me so I did not pay much attention to it.

After having dinner Jack ordered Prakash to bring the gift from the car.Prakash went outside to do so.My mom told him that it was not required but Jack told her that it was rude to reject gifts.

He then spoke,

Jack: “ You know, I plan to distribute gifts and reward the performers in the party.I want you to suggest appropriate persons’ names.”

My mom thought for a second and then suggested few names with valid reason.She also appreciated Raju before Jack and tried to project him as most suitable person for the post of country head in the case of vacancy and told him how she was working hard to achieve the business goals.She also spoke bad about the persons she did not like in office.She asked Jack about whom he had decided to appoint next but he did not answer.She was about to speak something but Prakash appeared with a wrapped box in his hand.

Jack stood up and took the box from Prakash’s hands and gave it to my mom.She thanked him and opened the box.It was a diamond necklace.She gasped and told him it was very nice and beautiful.Jack asked her if he might put it around her neck.She nodded her face and stood up.

Jack took the necklace in his hand and went behind her.He put the necklace around her neck and tied it.In the process little finger of his right hand moved around her cleavage.Prakash got a valid reason to stare on her breast and he did so.They left our home after that.

I closed the door and looked towards my mom.She had removed the necklace from her neck and it was in her hand.She was looking at the necklace.I told my mom that it was really pretty.She said it was expensive as well.Then she called Raju and explained everything about the event.She also informed Raju about upcoming party and how Jack offered her to be his co host.They talked for almost ten minutes.

She then started to take dishes to the kitchen from the table.I also helped her in putting the dishes to the sink and washing it.My mom prepared my medicines and told me to drink the solution.I did not like it but gulped it anyway.

Next day, after my mom left for the office, I took out the letter which I had written concerning Raju’s wife and I inserted it into a cover and wrote her address on it. I then went to a well known courier agency and gave the cover to them for delivery. I asked them when it would reach to the destination and they replied that it should reach within two days.

I was very happy.Finally I did what I needed to do to teach Raju a lesson.I returned to my home.A pain started building in my stomach and soon it became severe.I took prescribed medicines and lay on bed.I got relief in the evening.Raju came to drop my mom from office.They were very excited and talked for sometime about the party that was going to be held on the next evening.Raju was suggesting my mom about what she should wear, how he would come to our home to pick us up and how we would go together there etc. My mom made him a tea and he left for his home after having it.

My mom then prepared dinner and we ate it.She gave me the medicines.I wanted to tell her about stomach ache that occurred in the afternoon but an unknown fear stopped me telling her about it.Let me be honest,I feared that chemotherapy was not helping in reducing the size of tumor and doctors would suggest immediate surgery and that was the thing I hated the most.

I did not like taste of medicines.That was bitter and smell was bad.My mom would usually prepare the solution by mixing water and pills and I would gulp it by closing my nose.While I was gulping it I listened ringing of her phone.I went to the drawing room and found her talking over the phone.I suggestively looked at her so she kept her hand over the phone and told me that it was my dad.

She was talking cheerfully with him.She told him about visit of their CEO and how he had invited her to be his co host.She was very excited. After few minutes she gave the phone to me saying that dad wanted to talk to me.My dad asked me about my health and informed me that he had purchased the tickets and was coming to India after a week.I was really very happy and looking forward to meet him eagerly.We talked for a few minutes and then he disconnected the phone.

Next day, during breakfast my mom told me that she would return from the office as early as possible.We needed to be prepared when Raju would come to pick us up to go to the party.I said ok.She left for the office after completing routine household work and preparing lunch for me.

I chatted with my friends,read a book and watched a movie to pass my time as usual.I received a courier in the afternoon.It was beautifully wrapped box.Name of my mom was written on it so I did not open it and placed it on the table.

She came home early that day.She was looking different. Her hair was open and it was looking little curly and cascading.Her face was glowing.She must have been visited a beautician I thought.I told her about the parcel and showed her it.She opened it and found black dress and black high heels in the box. There was some jewellery too.A letter was placed inside it.She opened the letter and read it.She gently smiled so I asked what was written in it.However she didn’t say anything except that it was sent by Jack and moved towards her room. She went inside her room and before closing the door she paused and told me to change the clothes and be ready.

Her phone started ringing while she was inside her room.I picked up the call.It was Jack.He asked me about my mom. I told him that she was inside preparing for the evening.He informed me that he had sent a car for us and the chauffeur was waiting in the parking area of our apartment. He then disconnected the call.I went to the closed door of her room and I told her about Jack’s call while standing on the other side of the door.I heard her voice coming from inside the room.She instructed me to call Raju and inform him to go to the party by himself as Jack had sent a car for us.I was more than happy and wasted no time in doing so.Raju’s voice seemed little disappointed when he said ‘ok’.

I went to my room and changed into black half sleeved casual shirt and blue denim.I came outside and sat on the chair waiting for her.She came out after some minutes.She was wearing the black dress that was sent by Jack.It was looking really good on her.Hem of her dress reached just above her knees.It was made of stretchable material and it fitted on her body perfectly.It was sleeveless and it was held by a two inch stripe of material on each of her shoulders.Its neck was ‘U’ shaped and uppermost part of her breasts and a little cleavage could be seen. There was a zipper on the back side. It started from her waist and ended on the central part of her back.Upper half of her back was open.It meant she did not wear bra.Her hair was open and cascading.She had applied red lipstick.She wore matching earrings and a silver bracelet on her right wrist.She wore high heels and it had two stripes-one where her toes joined her feet and other on her ankles.She had designer black purse in her hand.

She came outside and went directly to the kitchen.I went there and saw her putting my pills into small plastic bottle.I asked her what she was doing.She replied to me that she was taking my medicines with her as I was not supposed to miss it.

After that we locked our home and came to the parking.A beautiful BMW was waiting for us.Chauffeur was in the white uniform and looking very professional.He opened the door for us and we settled on the back seat.He drove us to the venue.It was held in the ballroom of a famous five star hotel.

Jack greeted us as soon as he saw us.There was no one except he and Prakash.Few attendants and servants were roaming. We were very early.They started their conversation while I stood beside my mom.Jack kissed on the right hand of my mom and said she was looking gorgeous and beautiful.Prakash also complimented her.While my mom and Jack were talking ,I saw Prakash ogling her breasts and my mom showed signs of discomfort.Jack sensed this and as the guests had started arriving he ordered Prakash to go and welcome less important guests that were employees of the company.

People started arriving.Apart from the staff, Jack had invited businessmen and elite people that were extremely important for the company.He also had invited embassador of his country. Jack and my mom welcomed them and I was with them whenever they went.I just followed them.After welcoming two or three guests Jack whispered something into my mom’s ear.She looked at me and told me to go from there and meet other people in a very low voice.I did not like that idea.I did not know anybody other than my mom there and I could not see Raju either so I tried to protest but my mom’s face was stern so I had to leave them alone and started roaming around alone.

I was bored after some time so I stood in a corner and watched silently. Lot of people had arrived.Some came alone while some came with their significant others.Men looked handsome and women very gorgeous.There was guys laughing and enjoying party,some were busy in their mobiles,couples and families meeting and chatting with each other.Attendants were serving drinks-both soft and hard.I looked at Jack and my mom.They had moved to a distant place.I could see his right hand around her waist and he had a drink in his left hand.They were busy in talking with a well known businessman.I took a soft drink and looked right and left.People were engulfed in party. I saw guys ogling my mom and I saw some women look at her and make faces.Guys were amazed and their women were jealous.

Then I spotted Raju.He also had drink in his hand.He was constantly staring at the direction of my mom and Jack. They were talking with one guest after the other.My mom was looking very happy.She would talk and accept gift on Jack’s behalf.She was so much into him that it seemed she did not know anybody other than Jack.I wondered whether she would recognise even me if I went there.Finally when they were alone , Raju walked towards Jack and my mom but when he was about to greet Jack,an american man came to them and started talking with them.Jack didn’t give a damn to him and my mom also ignored him.He then went to his friends and they started talking.I found at least a person who was familiar so I went to Raju but he acted as if he doesn’t know me and kept talking with his friends.I went back to my earlier place.

I had drunk three or four glasses of soft drink and that ominous feeling of nausea had started building up again.I was feeling unwell.I called my mom to talk to her.She took out her phone from her purse and looked into the screen.Then she cut the call.I called her once again.She distanced herself from Jack and looked around her.Then she cut the call.I saw her typing something on her screen and put the phone back into her purse.Soon I received a message.It was her message.She texted me not to disturb her and enjoy the party.I typed a message stating that I was feeling unwell and I was bored.She did not look at the phone and she continued to be with Jack.

I was feeling like I would vomit anytime so I came outside of the hall and went towards the restroom.There was a person with blue uniform standing at the door of the restroom.He stopped me and told me arrogantly that he needed to clean the restroom so I could not go there.I requested him that I was sick and needed to vomit.He showed his finger to the direction of another restroom and told me to go there.I stood there thinking what to do.It was on the other end of the lobby and I felt I could not walk a single step.Then I got a chance.I sneaked into the restroom when he was talking with another person.There was five or six stalls of toilets on one side.Wash basins and mirrors were attached on the wall opposite to the doors of the stalls.I quickly went into the second stall and closed the door.I did what I needed to do.When I was about to open the door,I heard opening sound of the main door.I thought it was the cleaning guy and decided to remain inside as he would be angry with me.I was surprised to listen the voice of male and female.I was curious so I opened the door slightly and looked into the mirror attached on the opposite wall.I was shocked to see the scene before my eyes.It was my mom and Raju uncle hugging each other and kissing.I realized that actually it was Raju uncle hugging and kissing my mom.His hands were around my mom’s waist and he was tightly hugging her.My mom’s both the hands were on his chest and she was trying to push him with them.He was trying to kiss on her lips but she was moving her face right and left.Finally she was able to push Raju back.He broke his embrace and mom said angrily,

Mom: “ Raju,What are you doing?”

Raju was looking angry too.His voice was loud and shaking when he spoke,

Raju: “What am I doing? I am doing the same Jack was doing and you didn’t push his hand.”

Mom: “ Bastard,You are so narrow minded.He just kept his hand on my back.”

Raju: “ And bitch,you were flirting with him and behaving like I was nothing to you. Huh,”

Saying this he tried to hug her but she protested and pushed him back with her hands.She angrily said,

Mom: “Stay away from me.You are ruining my dress and my make up. And let me go.Jack would be looking for me.”

Raju swiftly caught both the wrists of her hands in the first of his right hand behind her back and put his left hand around her waist.He then said,

Raju: “ Look at you bitch.What do you think you are, ehh?Do you own company? Are you his wife?No.You are a BITCH.You rose to this position because of my help.You understood ,Bitch?”

Saying this Raju tried to kiss on her lips but my mom turned her face to the side and his mouth landed on her chick.She was struggling and trying to get free but his grip was too strong for her.Realizing she could not force him to back off she calmed down little bit and said,

Mom:”Let me go.Anyone would come inside”

Raju’s voice also became somewhat soft when he said,

Raju: “Nobody will come inside.I have bribed the cleaner not to let anyone come in for sometime.”

Raju then put his mouth on her lips and kissed her.Her protests became weak and she reluctantly let him kiss for sometime.Then she broke the kiss and said,

Mom: “Now you got what you wanted,Happy? Now ,let’s go”

Raju: “No , I did not come to kiss your stinking mouth.I brought you here to show you your place.”

Mom: “ What do you mean?”

Raju put his left hand on her left thigh and caressed it.He slowly slided his hand on her thigh to upwards and it went inside her dress.He said in a cool voice,

Raju : “I want to fuck you bitch.You are looking so beautiful and I must show you I have more right on you than that american dog.”

His hand completely disappeared inside her dress and he was moving his hand there.I could not guess what he was doing but my mom’s protests became very weak and her eyes were half closed.She said in a husky voice,

Mom: “ You are crazy and jealous man.He is just a guest and will leave tomorrow.Let me go now.I am yours, forever and you can fuck me whenever you wish.”

Raju: “Really darling? I’m gonna fuck you right now.”

With this,he released her hands from his fist and placed both of his hands on her bums and kissed her on mouth.She just stood still and was looking unsure of what to do.He sensed this and told her to relax as it would be over very quickly.He then made her sit on the platform between two wash basins and opened the fly of his pants.He inserted his hand inside it and took out his cock and stroked it.It was fully erect.He inserted his right hand into pocket of his pants and took out something like chocolate pack from it.He tore it and threw the wrapper into dustbin and then put the thing on his penis and rolled on it.Later I came to know from my friend that it was called condom.

He put his hands on her knees and kissed on her mouth.My mom kept her hands on his shoulders.Raju caught the hem of her dress in his hands and pushed it upwards till her mid thighs became visible.Her thighs were milky white and very soft.Raju then pushed her knees apart in opposite of each other and spread her legs as wide as he could.He wrapped his left hand around her back and slightly pulled her towards him.He inserted his right hand under her dress and hooked his finger in the waistband of her panties and pulled it downwards.He stopped when her panties came on her knees and then let it drop on the floor.

He put both of his hands on her bums and pulled her towards him until she was hugging him.He kissed her on the mouth for sometime. He then holded his penis with his right hand and guided it inside her dress. She adjusted herself where she was sitting and he thrust his cock inside her.I could see her eyes closed and an ‘umph’ came from her mouth.He remained still for few seconds and then showed his cock further inside.His ass cheeks became clenched.He then moved his cock outside and then back inside.He did this for sometime-move in and move out.He kissed on her mouth and put his right hand on her left breast and felt it for sometime.Then he caught her breast in his fist and began to squeeze it.He squeezed it very gently initially but started doing it very hard.She broke the kiss and told him to be gentle.He then let it go and put his hand inside her dress on her back and felt her ass cheeks.I could not see what was he doing there as they blocked my view but I could see my mom biting her lower lip.

He kept fucking her for sometime and then increased his speed.My mom put her elbows on the platform and lay on it.He put his hands on both of her breasts and caressed them.He continued this-thrusting his penis in and out and pressing her boobs for sometime.He then made a loud voice and his waist started jerking.After that he became silent.He stood still for few moments and then he pulled out.His condom covered penis was glistening and its end was filled with white fluid.My mom was panting.He removed the condom, threw it in the dustbin and quickly stuffed his penis back into his pants.

He quickly kissed on the lips of my mom.He took her panties from the floor,folded it and put it in his pocket and said to her,

Raju: “I’m waiting for you outside.Hurry up darling.” and then went outside.

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Thumbs up Nice but a bit Sad

Great Story, very well written...but makes one sad sometimes...Her escapades are interesting..can be more descriptive...

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good one

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Originally Posted by barrons16 View Post
Great Story, very well written...but makes one sad sometimes...Her escapades are interesting..can be more descriptive...

It is because hero is sad. He is not happy with her affair and wants to stop her but he is not able to do that.

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