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ARIGNAR ANNA ZOOLOGICAL PARK, Popularly known as vandaloor zoo, is a zoological garden located in Vandalur, a suburb in the southwestern part of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, about 31 kilometres (19 miles) from the city centre and 15 kilometres (9.3 miles) from Chennai Airport. It previous location was set up in 1855 and was the first public zoo in India. It is affiliated with the Central Zoo Authority of India.[8] Spread over an area of 602 hectares (1,490 acres), including a 92.45-hectare (228.4-acre) rescue and rehabilitation centre, the park is the largest zoological garden in India. The zoo houses 2,553 species of flora and fauna across 1,265 acres (512 ha). As of 2012 the park houses around 1,500 wild species, including 46 endangered species, in its 160 enclosures.[9] As of 2010, there were about 47 species of mammals, 63 species of birds, 31 species of reptiles, 5 species of amphibians, 25 species of fishes, and 10 species of insects in the park. The park, with an objective to be a repository of the state's fauna, is credited with being the second wildlife sanctuary in Tamil Nadu after Mudumalai National Park.

Many varieties of mammals, birds and reptiles.

As part of the park's development plan, safari parks for lion, gaur and deer have been created on a hilly terrain covering an area of 70 hectares (170 acres), enabling the visitors to see the animals in their natural habitats.
The lion park has been developed in an area of 30 hectares (74 acres) at a cost of about 2.358 million rupees and is operational since October 1990 providing the visitors a 15-min drive into the safari. The safari contains 15 animals and these are involved in captive breeding. As the lions started forming groups according to their instincts and compatibility, the zoo authorities apportioned two small areas within the existing safari area in 2012, work on which started in January 2012 at a cost of 600,000 rs, enabling the visitors to see one pride in the open forest area and the other two in the newly created fenced yards. These enclosures had been created on a 160-sq m area, with facilities such as rest shed and water trough. Each pride consists of three to four animals.

The deer park was opened in 2008. It covers 35 hectares (86 acres) and is home to more than 100 animals including sambar and spotted deer.

Elephant safari was introduced in the zoo in the summer of 2008, providing a ride on elephants for a tour around the zoo. The park is the only place after Mudumalai in the Nilgiris that organises elephant safari rides in the state. There are 3 elephants in the park and 2 more have been brought from Mudumalai to start the safari.

The park authorities created a new Indian Gaur safari in 2011 in part of the lion safari area. The lion safari has two geographical regions—hilly and plains. At present, the lions move around in the plains region (about 12 hectares (30 acres) of the 30-hectare (74-acre) total area) and are not allowed into the hilly region. The proposed gaur safari would be created on the 18 hectares (44 acres) of the hilly terrain. In 2007, a night safari project in the park was promoted with two components, namely, an animal exhibit area and an entertainment area. The night safari was being established for providing opportunity to observe the natural wildlife behaviour and activities in the night hours. Initially, it was expected to be implemented during 2010–11 at a cost of 40.2 million rs. With the initially allocated sum, the zoo authorities completed construction of enclosures for tiger, elephant, Indian bison, sloth bear, spotted deer and sambar and a large number of saplings was raised to be planted around the night safari area. Nearly 78.7 million rs was spent on construction of the enclosures, surveying the lands, perimeter wall and laying circular roads for the night safari. With delay in getting funds from the Union Ministry, the project was put on hold and the zoo prepared another proposal for 820 million for night safari in July 2011. However, this too was deferred by the state government.

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if u want to spend a full day or a couple of days pleasantly in a secured forest area, just plan a trip to vandaloor zoo and enjoy guys.

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If u r visiting vandaloir zoo, u can also plan for two more places which are built for reptiles.
One is MADRAD CROCODILE BANK TRUST, popularly known as the crocodile park situated in East Coast Road, Vadanemmelli Village, 10km after Muttukadu Boat House, Chennai.

And the second one s THE GUINDY SNAKE PARK.

The Guindy Snake Park is a separate section within the Guindy National Park dedicated to Snakes and few other reptiles. Snakes are one of the best creations of evolution on the earth. They are unique reptiles and also quite distinct from other animals. You get to spot several species of snakes here like Python, King Cobra, Krait, Vipers, Boa, Rat Snakes etc. You get to know a lot about snakes here - their food habits, the way they reproduce, their habitats, their venom etc. Apart from snakes, you can see crocodiles, lizards, crabs, alligators etc. here.

These two places are suitable places to spend a whole day with ur family... the cist also very low. The enrrance fee s around 50rs only. U can see various types of reptiles here.

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