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Old 21st February 2013
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Arrow Pooja Continued...

...... Continued from last post

However, when I pressed my foot inside her nightie and moved it
to her pussy, I felt her bare pussy with my toe, I tried inserting my toe in her pussy but was not successful. Don't know what came in my mind, I got up went close to her and downed my payajama and asked her to take my dick in her mouth. She was hesitant, but I pulled her head on it, she opened her mouth a bit and suddenly turned her head the other side. I persisted with her for another minute or so and she opened her mouth and took the tip in her mouth by bloating her cheeks. I held her head and forced my dick in her mouth. She gagged almost as a reflex and jumped out of the chair.

My mother called from other room, "Kya ho raha hai?" (Whats happening there?) She just replied, "Auntie, Shobhit Mujhe maar raha hai." (Shobhit is hitting me). I got spooked and pulled up my payajama immediately. I yelled back immediately, "Itna simple equation samajh mein nahi aata, kahan dimaag rahta hai pata nahi. Phir kuch kaho to shikayat, bhaag ja yahan se" (You can not understand the simple equation and then resort to complaining, if I tell you anything).

She also yelled back at me and my mother had to come and intervene and what she said left both of us in laughter. My mother said, "Dheere dheere karwa, sab kar legi." (Do it slowly, she would do everything.)

Another internal test in the school and she scored full marks in maths and good marks in English and Sanskrit. Her mother was convinced that she is in good company and during the December exams, it was decided between her mother, my mother, her and me that we should study till 12AM - 1AM. Thereafter she should sleep with my mother as my father was having a night shift and in the morning we should go and take the test. Seema when came to know of this idea, almost revolted. Making me promise on her head that I won't do anything and so on.

To show my commitment to Seema I had to take her to the roof top and fuck her in standing position in the December cold. Though it was no fun, but I had to keep my girl happy and contented.

That very night just before the English exam, I diligently taught her all the concepts and poetry, how to explain and we waited till alomost 11.30. When I was sure that my mother has slept soundly. I went and closed her door. Came back closed my door and bolted it from inside.

I pulled Pooja on the single bed. She meekly protested but then I removed her woolen sweater and kameej, I took out her boobs from her bra and started kissing them, licking them and kneading them. She pleaded to be slow and gentle. She in turn showered her small small kisses all over my face. I put my hand and removed the string of her Salwar. Kissed her pussy over her Grey Panties. Then I removed her panties, she smelled bad, but I kissed her pussy, licked the inner thighs and she started throwing her legs in the air. I asked her to suck me, but she said, she almost puked when I tried last time and declined. I persisted but she

Then I spread her legs as I had practised with Seema and started penetrating. I placed my lips on her lips, when she said, "towel towel", I immediately put a towel under her bums spread the legs again and tried penetrating. By God she was tight. I had to press again and again before my complete dick was inside, then I started humping her with full force. She wraped her legs around me on prodding from my side. And within 3-4 minutes I felt an ejaculation building in me. I had read in one of the pondy that one should stop and thus increase the timing, but I guess I was lil late in slowing down. Despite me just lying on her, I burst. And the seed was left in her cunt.

Suddenly she said, "khoon nikal raha hai." I got up to see the sight of my cum oozing out of her pussy. I picked the same in my finger tip and showed it to her. She was bewildered and said, "par khoon to nikalna chahiye tha na, main kunwari jo hoon." (But I should have bled, I am a virgin you see)

Even I was thinking that both the girls I fucked claim to be virgins but neither bled. Anyways, that was the thought of a moment, I was ready for the second round but she said, its 1AM and we need to take exam next day. While she was trying to wear her clothes, I hid the panty and then forced her to write her name with sketch pen on it. I hid those grey panties behind my cassette collection.

And thus next day we four went for our exams. She was confident that she had done well and the sex scene continued for 4 more nights, till my father's night shift ended. The scores were 2 fucks for 2 days, 3 fuck on 3rd day and 2 fuck on 4th day.

She was confident that she had done well in exams, however on the last exam day Seema gave me the scare of my life that she seems to have missed her periods.

Further things I would write.... keep waiting

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Old 22nd February 2013
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nice one bro, waiting to read more

Pm me for chat

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hot update
My Thread :


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Old 1st March 2013
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what happened no updates since last 4 days. Plz update soon

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Old 6th March 2013
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Arrow Nervous Moments and Forced Sex

Nervous Moments and Forced Sex

The day Seema told me that she had missed her periods, my dick shrinked to the size of a pea, I guess.

I belonged to a lower middle class family, parents were betting on me to build a career, become an engineer or a doctor, and here, I have impregnated a girl. Not knowing where to find any solution, I decided to go and visit my cousin who was around 4-5 years elder to me and studying in the college in the nearby town to seek advise.

After coming back home, I made up some excuse of taking some time off and visiting my cousin in the nearby town. The buses used to ply every 5-7 minutes, out town and the city being on the National Highway and it was just 40 minutes journey.

My cousin who were 4-5 years older, was stunned when I told him my problem. To my greatest surprise, my cousin brother was a virgin and he was amazed that I am already fucking two girls, he wanted to fuck the babes as well. However, on the issue of how to deal with missing periods of Seema, even he was at sea. However, he did me a favor, he bought a pack of 20 condoms and gifted the same to me, to ward off the future problems. He also promised to find a way out and visit me over the weekend to check the girls and tell the solution.

However, when I returned at night, Seema told me that she got her periods by late evening. I was much relieved and told her about the condoms that I had brought.

Cousin brother came with another pack of 20 and was sorry to see that I had not used even a single condom in that week. However, on meeting the girls he told me that I am lucky and Pooja is a really sexy bitch, if she dresses better, she can attract many dicks.

I fucked Seema and Pooja whenever I got the chance. Pooja's score in exams improved to upwards of 50%, while I maintained my supremacy in the class. Pooja's mother gave me Rs.101/- being happy in the manner, I had taken care of her daughter. :-) How ignorant was she of the manners in which I had taken care of Pooja.

In the mean while Seema started getting suspicious about my involvement with Pooja. Pooja on the other hand turned bolder and we fucked a few times behind the cement tank. And one fine day, Seema just entered my house, completely furious, she wanted a count on the condoms. (Awwwwwwwwwwww, you may find it boring and inconsequentual, but think of it from three kids of 15-16 years.) The condom count was full 17 condoms less than what I had used with Seema. I tried to explain her, but she took all the condoms and dumped it somewhere. She even threatened to expose me and Pooja, if we dared do anything thence onwards and to kill our pleasure spot, she started showing up at that place every now and then.

She also started acting very pricy. However, as the finals were near, the whole concentration was on the exams. Pre-boards were not as encouraging for Pooja and Seema slipped below 65%. I don't know how it happened, but we three started studying together at my home and I believe it was Seema's way of keeping a tab on me and Pooja.

My trips in the meantime to Mrs. Khare's window was also yielding no results, the whole scenerio was making me angry. So one fine Feb evening, when we were having preparatory holidays, while the sun was still not set, I took Seema for a walk in the fields behind the railway line and near the canal.

She was emotionally charged and started abusing me and Pooja, she called Pooja a randi and things like that. She even said, things like, "Agar main chahu to bees ladko ki line laga sakti hoon." And finally I also got angry and we got into physical fight, she hit me and I hit her back.

Dunno what came to my mind, but I pushed her on the ground and started biting on her tits. She started hitting me back, but I was successful in lifting her sweater, T shirt and Bra. I kept on mauling her tits and she started howling. I gave her a tight slap and said something to the effect, "teri marji hogi tabhi karu kya saali." (would sex happen only when you wish it to happen).

But no matter how much I struggled for next 7-10 minutes, I was not able to open her jeans. Then I put her arms under my knees and opened my pants, trying to invade my cock in her mouth. The prospect of my dick entering her mouth was gruesome for her. Hence she pleaded that if I want, I can fuck her, but I should not put my lund (dick) in her mouth.

Thus she opened her jeans and I started fucking her like mad, she said condom condom, I said nahi hai. My cousin had told me to ejaculate outside, if no condoms were available, as that can be a reasonable protection against the pregnancy.

I had not seen, even a single xxx movie till then, but when I was about to explode, I pulled my dick out and the jet streams of my cum fell on her belly and boobs. Thick semen on her body, this became another sight which I started to like on the body of the female.

We cleaned ourselves and came back. I told Seema, that I would continue to fuck Pooja as well and she should not have any problems. And if she has any problems, I would let her go and would be happy with Pooja alone. She was disheartened but I guess she was resigned to the fact that I would continue to fuck Pooja as well, if not in her knowledge behind her back.

Things normalized and the exams approached fast. My parents and everyone in the colony was mighty pleased with me for standing Joint Third in the whole district in board exams. Pooja cleared her boards with around 50% marks, which was enough for her parents. Seema got somewhere around 70%.

Thereafter I got admission in the Jr. college in nearby town in PCM, thus raising the hopes of my parents that I would become an engineer.

My academic success also meant that I got 100% fee waiver in the college, there was a function organized in the government colony to felicitate me, where my Father's boss promised my father that he would bear all expenses of my education if I got into Engineering. I was also approached by many parents to tutor their children.

How the life progressed hereafter in future posts.


PS: I was travelling for past two weeks, I hope to be regular now onwards.

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Arrow Poverty, Ambition, Love and Politics

Poverty, Ambition, Love and Politics

College started in August, I had taken PCM as I was considered to be a brilliant student. My parents were having high hopes from me. However, I was finding the transition hard.

One, the medium of instruction changed from Hindi to English, which was like an alien language. Two, I was a daily commuter to the city. Traveling took away some 2 and 1/2 hours to and fro.

I pleaded my case to my father. My classmates used to go to tutions and I also wanted to pay hefty sums to my teachers. Also, I wanted to shift to hostel so as to save time on traveling. My father shot down both my requests. I had never realized that how difficult it was for him to make the ends meet.

PCM also meant very few girls in class. However one particular Muslim girl caught my fancy. Sabeena had round face, blunt cut hair, was fair, 5-2 hieght, fullsome lips and long nose. Her boobs looked tight though small and her ass was mmmmmmmmm a sight to see when she walked swaying her tight lil ass. She was the most beautiful girl of the total of six girls in my section.

There is a saying the birds of same feather flock together. It was no diffirent for her. She was always in the company of Tabassum. Another Muslim girl, though not as pretty as Sabeena, she had bigger boobs and was more vivacious. She was a PCB student. They both used to stay in the same colony, later I came to know that father of both these girls were actually co-brothers.

Back in the colony, Pooja's father was transferred to a newer place and Seema decided to do her 11th from another city sixty KM in the other direction. Her aunt used to stay in that city. I started making some money by taking tutions, which by far was not enough.

The shocker came within two months. I was almost at the bottom of the class in Chemistry and somewhere in the middle in Physics and Mathematics. The reasoning was my lack of command on English and further lack of interest in studies. My time was spent more on fantasizing about Sabeena, Mrs. Khare and writing long love-letters to Seema at her college address, which she responded at my college address.

We made numerous plans to meet and fuck during her fortnightly visits to the colony, but all came to naught.

And then I revolted against my father. I wanted to pick up a part time job in the city. In a company making Stablizers and Invertors (a new thing). Another bird of the same feather was working there and earning a royal sum of Rs. 950/- per month, working 4 hours a day soldering the PCBs. I eventually planned to take a room on rent in the city and concentrate on studies (Hahaha, really I wanted to concentrate on studies...).

However, a truce was reached. I could pick up that job and stay in the hostel and if my performance dipped, I would be called back. So I joined hostel and within few days Babri Masjid was demolished.

Though the complete town remained peaceful albeit a little tense, the macho men in us few guys wanted to protect the muslim girl in our class. The sense of protection created more out of the wish to get closer to the beautiful girl. I guess I was the only boy in the class with facial hair, which I refused to trim, hence needlessly 3-4 guys started escorting Sabeena and Tabassum back to their home. This also provided me the opportunity to get closer to them. And I wrote my first piece of poetry for Sabeena. I also gifted her a perfume. Tea Rose. I still recall the name.

However, time ran faster. First year Jr. College gave way to 2nd year Jr. College and I was scoring only 60% or so. Much below the standards set by my father. Two years also had been sexless for me. Though Sabeena and I had gotten closer and professed our love to each other. There was no physical relationship. None was possible I guess.

In Jan of 1994, I was called back at my home. The idea was to study, study, study and study and get into a good engineering college. The classes were abandoned and I used to study for 5-6-7 hours a day.

And then the tragedy struck, which also resulted in me netting my third pussy. The most interesting girl of my life. About which I shall I write later.


I later managed to fuck Tabassum as well and had a roaring seven year long affair (though sexless) with Sabeena, but that is at a lot later stage.

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Thumbs up

Thanks for the update

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In January 1994, I was called back by my father and my time was spent studying whole day. I had started filling the forms for various engineering colleges. My father's dream was that I should make to IIT or Roorkee (that time it was not IIT). However, I was confident of making it to one of the RECs.

However, God has different plans. In the third week of Feb 1994, my parents met with an accident. They were hit by a Roadways bus on the National Highway while returning from market. My father was driving the scooter. They were badly hit. My father fractured his both legs, one arm and had serious injuries in his head. My mother on the other hand had her 4 ribs fractured and lung punctured besides having one leg fractured.

By the time I came to know about the accident, they were already on the way to Medical College Rohtak in an ambulance. The initial report from the by standers were that the male is almost dead and the chances of female surviving is bleak.

I called few of my relatives and rushed to Rohtak taking all the available cash at home, which was nearly Rs. 1200/-. My Mausaji also started from Delhi (90KM away), while my two Buas and their families started from Chandigarh (200KM away). 3-4 people from the same colony were also with me.

On reaching hospital we found that both were in ICU and some operations were being planned. Next 36 hours are blurred in my memory. Who did what, how money was arranged and what the doctors said.

Mausa Ji was in total control of the situation. He was doing relatively better in my family, having a home in Patel Nagar in Delhi, having a shop in the same market and maintaining two cars etc. We rarely met him and his family. He was blessed with a daughter of marriagable age, who was doing her CA, considered to be the perfect girl as per my mother. She was 7 years elder to me and the memories about her was not very many except that she was beautiful. We had barely spent any large amount of time in company of each other.

By next afternoon, the picture was clear, that both need to be operated and rods need to be placed in the limbs. Mothers situation was precarious because of punctured lung, though she was in senses. Father was in coma.

Mausa Ji decided that I need to go back and concentrate on my studies. He also summoned his daughter from Delhi, who arrived with one suitcase and one bag, as she would have been instructed, Mausi was anyways there.

Then it was explained to me that his daughter Sakshi was also to accompany me and to make sure that my impending exams are not to be taken lightly. Mausa Ji and one of my uncles would remain there in Rohtak, for they did not know how long the two patients remain in hospital. Buas would go back as their children were also scheduled to take respective exams.

And reluctantly and somewhat lost, I boarded the bus back to the government colony with Sakshi. Saskshi was very much in control from the word go. I don't remember what she was wearing or anything else, she paid the fare in the bus and we reached back to my place by 3PM in the afternoon. Whole journey of almost two hours, she was immersed in a book, while I was drifting in and out of sleep.

She prodded me to take a bath, and whilst I was taking bath, people started pouring in. Neighbors concerned about the health of my parents. Sakshi was at home from the word go. She explained to everyone and also arranged some milk from the neighbor to serve tea to others and me. And then she bade everyone good bye saying that I need rest and my exams are approaching, so I should be minimally disturbed. All news would be known in due course to everyone.

I was sleep deprived and after tea, I slumped in my parents bed and was fast asleep in no time. I was raised by soft moans and the flicker of TV. Sakshi was lying next to me. And to my amazement her hands were in her Payajamas. Star Movies was showing some picture, I was transfixed by her moving hand in her Payajama and she was oblivious to the fact that I have gotten up. I assessed time to be somewhere 11-12 in the absence of any sound in the background.

And then I noticed my cousin sister. She was reasonably pretty and the way she carried herself, she deserved many a people to look her twice. She was 5-4, healthy with round boobs and healthy ass. She had black, thick, long and straight hair, which went back till her ass. The complexion was towards the fair of wheatish and small mouth on the oval face. Also, by whatever I had seen her, she looked quite dominating personalty.

In contrast, I was just a shade short of my 18th Birthday, had grown to the hieght of 5-8. I had never shaved my facial hair and was just content of getting a zero-cut trim. I had strong legs and generally lean body.

I kept looking at her hand moving rhythmically inside her payajama. She was rubbing herself rather than fingering herself. She was around 2 Ft away from me. I assessed the situation and stirred in bed. I looked from the corner of my semi closed eyes, she looked at me and withdrew her hands from her payajama. I turned the other side and spread my legs just to turn back her side, thereby reducing the distance to merely a feet.

After around 5-7 minutes, she thought that I am asleep only and she inserted her hand again in her payajama. I stretched my hand as if still in sleep and landed the same just below her boobs. If she was startled, she didnot show it. She just removed my hand. She also removed her hand and got up and went to the washroom.

Sleep was gone and my mind was focused on the sexy girl who was lying next to me. TV was still flickering with images and no volume. If there were any thoughts about my parents, it was replaced by the thought that what if Sakshi decides to sleep in the single bed in my room.

As if the luck was on my side, she returned in few minutes and I remained still. She corrected the blanket on me and pushed me to a side, to which I opened my eyes. She asked me for food. I refused. She comforted me about my parents and lied down next to me, pulling a blanket on herself.

Then I realized, that this girl is taking good care. She had put a blanket on me, must have prepared food and was sexy. After some small talk she was asleep. But I was nowhere close to falling asleep.

It must have been after half an hour that I crept my hand in her blanket.

I would continue this episode in my next post

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Arrow Saaksh-AATKAR


That night is etched in my memory indelibly.

When I crept my hand in her blanket, my dick was completely erect in my pants and I was a wee bit uncomfortable. My hand was on her arm and she was deep asleep. I brushed her arms and even moved my hand on open hair. Silk was the feeling.

However, I was also having a full bladder, so I got up and went to the loo. I came back and kept looking at her. In the shade of the light coming from the gallery, she was looking like a princess. I kept on contemplating my next move and decided to lie down in my previous position and crept my hand again in her blanket, this time moving my hand to her shoulders. She still didnot stir, then I moved my hand on her neck and she got up with a start. She removed my hand once again. Looked at me and then shifted a lil away, tucked the blanket around her.

I was getting tired lying still. The arm on my eyes prevented me to see, whether she was awake or not. I decided to take the plunge. I landed my hand directly on her shoulder and traced it down on her left boob.

She held my hand and said, "kya kar rahe ho?" (what are you doing?)

I retorted, "jo aap kar rahi thi." (Whatever you were doing?)

She: "Matlab" (Meaning)

I: "Aap bhi to Payajame mein haath daal kar kuch kar rahi thi" (Even you were doing something by putting your hand in your payajama)

She got up and switched on the light. Looked at me and said, "wo to self-satisfaction ke liye tha. Tu jo kar raha hai wo galat hai." (That was for self-satisfaction, what you are doing is wrong)

I had not expected such direct reply without any guilt from her and was stunned by sudden light and her forthrightness. However, I continued, "main bhi to poori satisfaction ke liye hi kar raha tha, isme galat kya hai." (Even I was doing it for somplete satisfaction, whats wrong in it)

She: Tum abhi bachche ho. (You are still a kid)

I: Mujhe to nahi lagta (I don't feel so)

She: Lagne se kya hota hai. Waise bhi tum mere bhai ho, main tumhari behan hoon. (whats there in the feeling, even otherwise you are my brother, I am your sister)

I: Saalo mein ek baar milte hai, koi feeling hi nahi hai bhai behan waali. (we meet once in ages, there is no feeling of brother and sister)

She: But ye galat hai (But this is wrong)

I: tumhara bhi mann karta hai, mera bhi karta hai to galat kya hai. Ungli ki jagah asali cheej le lo. (Even you want to have it, I want to have it, whats wrong in it, use the real thing instead of the finger)

She: Tum abhi bachche ho. (You arte still a kid)

She was hardping upon the point that I was a kid. To which finally I said something to the effect, "daadi aa gayee hai, do do ko chodh chuka hoon, abhi bhi bachcha hoon." (I have grown beard, I have screwed two girls and you still say I am a kid)

She: Do ke saath (With Two)

I: Haan, waise tum to kaafi karwa chuki ho (I aimed in the dark, yes, and I know that you have screwed with many)

She: Naaaaahi... tumhe kaise pata (Nooooo. how do you know)

I: Pata hai mujhe, experience hai mujhe bhi. and saying so I storked my dick. I got up from the bed and encircled her so that now she was inside and I was towards the door. I kind of threatened her, waise, main jabardasti bhi kar sakta hoon and I pressed her boob. (I presisted, I know, I am experienced and I threatened her that I can force her)

Her protest had turned feeble, whether it was resignation or the fact that I have screwed the girl or whether it was me scratching my dick. I pushed her on the bed, she jus sat back and I opened my pants and lowered my underwear. Her eyes bulged out. My erect dick was very close to her face and she looked at it. She just said two words, "inna mota" (This FAT)

(And the realization dawned on me, as if I have a special tool. We measured my dick later and it was 7.5 inches long and 2.3 inches thick.)

However, I asked, "pahle nahi dekha itna mota?" (Have you not seen such fat one before)

She just looked at my dick and touched it, stroked it a bit. Pre-cum oozed out, she brought out her tongue and licked the pre-cum drop from the tip of my dick. The tongue on the tip of my dick transferred me to heaven immediately.

She said something to the effect: "Ye to special hai, maine nahi dekha itna mota movies ke illawa kahin." (This is special, I have never seen such a fat one except in movies)

(later she told me that she has been a slut and had devoured more than 10 cocks, including that of her various BFs and bosses)

However, she took the dick in her mouth and started sucking on it. After a minute or two she made me lie down on the bed and started sucking on my dick. She brought forward her long silky hair and started massaging my dick by holding the same between her hair. She took one testicle in her mouth and started nibbling on it. It pained a trifle but it gave more pleasure. She sucked on if like a lioness, stroking with her tongue and taking in the mouth alternatively, she gave long deep strokes on the dick and started speaking obscenities, lund mast hai tera and so on and so forth.

Within no time, I felt the pressure building in me, I wanted to take the dick out of her mouth and she also feeling the same, kept on it. Here I had two girls who even refused to take it in mouth, this girl was like a hungry slut, she wanted my cum in her mouth and lo, I could not hold it further, she kept the mouth on my dick till the last stream died down and then licked on the tip of my dick by pressing on the dick.

And then she started laughing hysterically, when I asked why was she laughing, she said, lund bada hone se kuch nahi hota, do minute mein paani chor diya. Bachche hi ho tum. Ab ye dubara khada bhi hoga? (Having a big dick means nothing, you have cummed within 2 minutes, you are still a kid, will this get erect again)

It was an attack on my manhood, I said a bit angrily, "saali dekh le ye khada hi hai. " (Saali, see its still erect)

She once again took my semi erect cock in her mouth and started sucking on it, and once again within no time it was fully erect again.

It was my turn, I started by biting her boobs, she tried to kiss me, but I refused and then I came down to her cunt. As was my habbit, I started by sukcing and kissing the cunt, then she guided me, said, jeebh nikaal kar yaha par chaat, she asked me to lick her clit by indicating where to lick. On which she started moving and raising her hips, I inserted the tongue in her pussy hole and fingered her. After a few minutes I tried to get up, she wrapped her legs over my neck and said, abhi nahi, jab tak main na kahu, chatata rah and it seemed like a long time, my lips, nose and tongue were all wet with her juices. Then she asked me to lie down.

She took out her tongue and licked all her juices from my lips, nose and chin. Then she licked my neck, kissed me there, her hands played with my balls and dick and then she inserted one finger in my ass. Sab sikhana padega sab sikhana padega she repeated a few times. She once again started licking my balls and the tube and took my dick completely in her mouth.

Thereafter she sat on my dick and angled the dick on her cunt, she breathed as if she was having pain, bahut mota hai. She slowly moved her hips first and then started jumping on my dick, then she got up and changed position by facing my legs, she once again guided my dick in her cunt. and bending forward she started licking the back of my knees. I jumped because of tingling but she managed to ride me.

Then she laid down and said, ab poore jor se kar and I realized condom. I said condom lau? she said nahi, mere ek do din mein periods aane waale hai, main pregnant nahi houngi. (I am about to have my periods within 2-3 days, I won't get pregnant)

I angled my dick on her pussy and started making heavy strokes, she suddenly said, ruk ja. Then after a while she said, ab kar, then again after a while, ruk ja. Thus after 3-4 such stoppings I dumped the load in her cunt. After about 2 minutes I pulled my dick and was looking at thick creamy cum oozing out of her cunt. She put her hand down and dipped her fingers in my cum and licked the same.

We got up and washed ourselves.The time was 2AM in the watch and we snuggled in the blanket presumably to sleep. Within few minutes, I started rubbing my nose in the back of her neck. She kept on saying, lets sleep lets sleep but I continued while my hands were grappling her FIRM boobs. I rubbed my face in her long hair and inserted my finger in her pussy, my erect dick was touching her bare ass, I started stroking on it.

I asked her, how she got ready so soon. She replied, which is so true in life - IF RAPE IS INEVITABLE, WHY NOT LIE BACK AND ENJOY IT. She also told me that she never expected me to fuck her so hard.

However, soon we were back exploring each other, kissing, nibbling each other, I was on her and we sucked licked each other and then we had roaring sex for the third time. This time she made me lie down on the edge of the bed and fucked me by standing on one leg.

She was at her vulgar best, said many a things out of which one I remember... Aurat ko chahiye taaj na takht, usse chahiye lund mota aur sakht. (The woman does not need the seats of power, she just needs a fat and hard cock)

What happened next, I would write on Monday, as I am travelling out of station on the weekend....

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