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Old 11th December 2016
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A few days later, I found myself milling about on the sprawling lawns of a farmhouse owned by Shakoor Haji. The gathering had an odd mix of invitees. On the one hand there were the local bigshots and government officials and on the other hand, you had the core group of Shakoor Haji's men who were essentially local goons and enforcers. Both sides largely kept to each other as I made boring conversation with a group of government officer wives. As was fitting for the occassion I had worn a dignified peacock blue saree. Vinay had drifted away as I chatted with the ladies and was animatedly talking to a group of state cadre officers.

Asif spotted me from a distance and flashed a sign to suggest that I looked impressive. The whole event was awkward for me as I kept spotting men who had their way with me in the past. There was Jamal, my tormentor from the past and some of his stooges who had assaulted me in the SUV. Jamal flashed a dirty grin when he saw me. There was also Shakoor's secretary who made a brief appearance along with the big man. But luckily none of them dared approaching me when I was with the other women. There was a clear class divide at play here and I deliberately chose to stay within the safety that being in my group offered.
But this was easier said than done because the conversations were mind numbingly boring. It was either about being at home, or children, or in laws or clothes or jewellery. I also noticed that there was no interaction between the men and women at this party apart from an occasional "Hi" or "Hello". It was that conservative! All in all it was terrible.

Only half an hour into the party, Vinay came to me and told me that he had leave. Something urgent had come up. It was 7 PM. Why would he get work at this time? I wondered. Was he going to see Barkha?

"I think you should also meet Shakoorji before you leave" he said. And was off in a jiffy, promising that he would send the car back and I could leave whenever I wanted.

I really didn't want to stay either but the place Vinay was going to was in the opposite direction to our house from the farm house and I had to wait and endure some more boring conversation.

"That's a nice saree Sheetal. Where did you buy it from?"

"Oh this. This is a Lucknow Chikan saree that Vinay got for me when he had gone there"

"Very nice!" the others chimed.

The food wasn't bad but owing to the cold weather and the ample supply of drinks (which none of the women were drinking), I had to use the wash room. One of the ladies directed me to the attached bathroom of a room inside the farm house. Unlike the lawn, the house itself wasn't well lit. At least someone had switched off the lights everywhere except for a few rooms. One of the rooms had Shakoor Haji.

He was meeting with the guests who had come. I ran into Asif on the way who insisted that I should meet Shakoor and that he would personally introduce me to the big man.

So I stood in the queue with the other people to meet him. People took turns to enter the room and from what I figured either greeted Shakoor or sought favours from him. Shakoor was a huge man, at least 6 feet tall with broad shoulders and a gaunt face.

I stepped into the room which was bathed in a yellow light from chandeliers. Shakoor's secretary, Ali, immediately recognised me and gave me a dirty grin. He also whispered something in Shakoor's ears after which Shakoor gave me a knowing glance.

"Many congratulations, Shakoor ji, nice to meet you finally" I said, smiling.
He shook my hand firmly and said smilingly "Thank you, Sheetal". "The victory tastes sweeter when a beautiful lady like you wishes". " I hope you're enjoying the party"

"I am indeed. Your farm house is beautiful"

"It is, isn't it? If I somehow manage to get through all the people waiting to meet
me, I can give you a tour of the place"

"Sure" I smiled and nodded.

"Well I hope you don't have any favours to ask me!" he smiled.

"Hahaha absolutely not"

"Please do convey my regards to your husband. My people tell me that he's doing a good job"

"I will, thank you"

I stepped out into the fresh air thinking "Well that wasn't so bad". The men surrounding him may be thugs but Shakoor himself seemed to be a dignified man.
I went and joined the wives gang again and waited for Vinay to send the car back. The farm house was on the outskirts of the town and it looked like it would be a while before the car would be back. The crowd slowly dwindled as the night went along. Soon by around 10 PM there were only a bunch of people left. I was sitting in the lawn with a shawl wrapped around myself talking to the wife of the local district judge when the security guard came up to us and said that the car was here. I said my good byes and walked towards the driveway which was at the other end of the lawn. To my surprise, my car wasn't there. " Sorry ma'am galti ho gayi. This is Mishra sir's car" the guard apologised.

Left with no option, I turned back to go towards the lawn when I bumped into Shakoor.

"Hi Sheetal, you are leaving already?"

"Actually I'm waiting for Vinay to send the car back. Looks like it hasn't come yet"

"That's great, because I promised to give you a tour. Come let's go"

I hesitated. "Please don't bother. Its really late anyway."

"Oh its no big deal..come"

I followed him as he walked back to the house while talking on his phone. The lawn was to the side of the house, so we entered through the main door. The house was quiet as we entered through the hall. It was bathed in a dim lighting and the only sound was that of our footsteps and Shakoor's voice as he spoke on his mobile"

He got done with his call and said "So many people. They all call and come only if you win" and laughed. I smiled. "Looks like all these bloody fellows have drank themselves to sleep" he said referring to his party workers. There were some people left on the lawn who I could spot through the windows.

"Come Sheetal, this way" he said, motioning towards the marbled staircase which went upstairs. I was quite apprehensive of this "tour". After all, his men had been anything but pleasant to me in the past and I was also taking a tour of a seemingly empty house from a man I had just met an hour back. He was also not any man but a man with considerable power and influence. I recognised the precarious position I was in.

"The entire house was designed by my wife and daughters. I had nothing to do with it!" he guffawed.

I smiled "Where are your wife and daughters?"

"They're in the US. My second daughter just had a baby"

So basically I was alone in this house with him and his goons. Luckily they were all passed out.

As he guided me from room to room, Shakoor kept resting his arm on my back. I didn't make much of it although it did add to my anxiety. I had taken off the shawl as it was not cold inside and his palm touched the bare skin on my back just below my neck which was not covered by the blouse.

It was a two storied house and we were moving slowly from room to room because he kept getting calls in between. During this time, I ambled around the room awkwardly not knowing what to do and examined the paintings or art pieces that dotted the rooms. It was a tastefully done house. Everything that I had imagine about this man had been turned on its head so far, I mused to myself. I had expected an uncouth, country fellow and a garish and ugly house. But instead I met a seemingly educated man with a decent house. Then why were his supporters such utter scoundrels? I wondered.

"Come Sheetal" he said interrupting my thoughts.

"This is my study"

This time as he guided me into the room, his hand touched my back right below where the blouse ended and a hint of bare skin was exposed in a saree. I shivered from his touch. It seemed deliberate enough.

"These are all the books I have" he said, pointing to the shelves.

It was a large room with windows facing the door and book shelves on either sides. There were nice wooden chairs all around to lounge and read. I loved it.
He had a lot of Hindi books.

As I stood in front of the shelves and examined the titles, he came and stood next to me on my left.

"Do you read, Sheetal?"
I nodded. "But books written in English"

"In that case you will like this one" he said as he pulled out a old looking copy of an English classic.

"I don't read it but my daughter raves about it" he said. He handed it to me but as he did so, he again placed his hand on my back. There was no mistaking the touch this time. It was firmly placed on my exposed waist.

I pretended as if nothing had happened and flipped through the book.

As I did so, his palm caressed my waist, gently. His intimate touch was ringing alarm bells inside me! Do I recognise it and make things awkward or do I simply ignore and quickly get through the tour. I chose to remain quiet and moved towards the next shelf. I hoped he would take the hint and drop the seduction.

But he didn't! He picked another book from the shelf, a book of RK Laxman cartoons "I find RK Laxman very amusing although a bulk of his satire is directed towards politicians like me". He guffawed loudly and I smiled courteously. His hand was back again and this time was stroking my waist more deliberately.

I flipped through the pages with urgency and moved away.

"Your library is well stocked, Shakoorji. But I'm afraid I don't have the time to go
through all the wonderful books you have"

"Oh please take your time"

I smiled graciously and said "My car should be here by now. You have a great house"

"That car can wait, Sheetal. Let me just show you the last couple of rooms and accompany you to your car. The rooms are this way"

This time he placed his hand right of my exposed hip.

Oh fuck! His rough palm lightly squeezed my hip as I walked out of the study room. Things were reaching a point of no return. I wondered if his Ali, Jamal or even Asif had told him about me. If they had, I was in a very precarious position.

To compound my trouble, the next room was a bedroom. I quickly looked around and was about to exit when he followed me in and insisted that I sit on the bed.Tensely I sat on the bed thinking of ways to leave the place.

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Old 12th December 2016
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more .. jaldi

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Old 12th December 2016
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very good story line... waiting for more updates

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Old 12th December 2016
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That is a very interesting narration....

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Old 12th December 2016
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Hot seductive

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Old 13th December 2016
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"My wife specifically got this mattress made. Sheetal, you must sit on it and see how good it is." he said in a confident, overbearing manner that seems quite common to politicians.

I sat on it. It was indeed very plush and cushiony. He immediately sat next to me and before I could notice, placed his hand nonchalantly on my thigh.

His touch was sending goosebumps through my body. I was torn between ignoring his hand and pushing it off. I still had not figured out whether this man took similar liberties with other women but in any case it was highly inappropriate. I prepared to get up and leave.

"Shakoorji I should really go now. It’s getting quite late" I said, as I got up.

He held my hand and pulled me back down! "Sheetal ji don't worry about the car. The security guard will call on the intercom if your car is here"


His intentions were dangerously clear now. And my last excuse had also failed miserably. My thoughts were interrupted when he placed his arm around me and grabbed me by my waist. A frisson of fear mixed with excitement coursed through my body. Our thighs were now touching.

I had do something before things got out of hand.

"Shakoor ji, please..." was all I could muster as he silently snaked his left hand beneath my pallu and palmed my midriff.

“Shakoorji what are you doing!” I gasped and tried to wriggle away.

His hand was now openly stroking my midriff even as his other hand held me in place. His touch was igniting all my latent sexual feelings but it was now or never.

I firmly pushed hand away and said “Shakoorji please leave me alone…I am married woman…please don’t do this”.

"My boys have told me all about you Sheetal"


"I didn't believe them when they described your beauty to me or raved about your body"

His hand moved to the pallu on my shoulder. He deliberately picked it up from my shoulder and let it drop onto my lap. “They said your boobs are out of the world.
Tell me how can I resist when people feed you things like that?”

My upper body was now covered only by a modest blouse. Although no cleavage was showing, my large breasts were obscenely jutting out as I was breathing heavily. He gazed at them hungrily “The boys were right. These look incredible”
I thought he would grab them immediately but, he was content to play with my exposed belly button. "You know, I got busy with the elections otherwise I would have given you my attention much earlier. I couldn't also bother with what my boys say. They say all sorts of non-sense and sing songs of praise about all the prostitutes they sleep with. They are idiots so I thought they were exaggerating."

His dirty talk and slow tease were having an effect on me. I knew he was going to fuck me hard and I couldn’t wait any longer.

"But one day Ali came and told me about you. He described how slutty you were in the car with the boys. How you wantonly sucked all the men in the car while getting butt fucked."

At this, he moved his hand from my belly and grabbed my right breast. His other hand was drawing circles on my back. I was getting seduced badly.

He cupped my breast and continued "He said you were the wife of the local bank manager and had gained a reputation as a bit of a.....slut. I was shocked. Why would a bank manager's wife, that too an educated woman from Mumbai, wantonly sleep around with my boys who are like ruffians. So I was curious..."

His hand was openly squeezing and stroking my breast now. His other hand started unhooking my blouse from behind.

"Mmmmm" an involuntary moan escaped from my mouth. "Shakoorji please..."

“I asked my boys if they were forcing themselves on you. They are dirty thugs so I didn’t think you would sleep with them willingly. But imagine my surprise when they said you were blowing their cocks willingly!”

He unhooked my blouse completely. It hung loosely on my shoulders.

"And then this boy Asif came to me and said you were "maal". He said you were a wanton slut in bed and the best cocksucker he's ever seen. He said you were at the party. So I said bring her. Let me meet her. Who is this lady that everyone is going gaga about"

His removed his hand from my breast. I was momentarily relieved. But in a flash he climbed onto the bed and sat behind me. I was practically sitting between his legs now!

He swept my blouse off from my shoulders, exposing my bare arms, and continued
"But when I saw you walk into the room in this saree I knew they were right. I knew I had to fuck you". His obscene descriptions of me were so arousing.

"Mmmm.....look at these fair and smooth shoulders" he said fondling my shoulders and bare arms. "So soft and sexy"

"Mmm" I softly cooed as my body enjoyed what he was doing.
Without stopping for a second, he flicked open my bra strap and pushed it off my shoulders. "I fuck all the women I want Sheetal. I own this town" he whispered in my ears as he licked my neck and bare back. A shiver ran down my spine. There was something primal about the way he was treating me, as if I were his property. I was battling my inhibitions.

I desperately tried to hold the bra in place. This was my last chance to leave the place with my dignity intact. "Shakoor ji please don't do this. I'm a married woman…please..."

"Ah Sheetal….you may be a married woman but have you behaved like one, Sheetal? You've been a bad girl" he said, uncrossing my arms.

"And I know how to treat bad girls like you" he said and roughly pulled the bra off. I was topless now!

He quickly took off his kurta and vest. His hairy chest rubbed against my bare back when he pulled me closer and hugged me from behind. I could feel his dick poke against my butt. "Sheetal, I'm going to fuck you regardless of whether you want it or not. Now its up to you to make it easy or difficult for me."

He roughly cupped my breasts from behind. "Mmmm" a soft moan escaped from my mouth. My last resistance was broken.

"The boys were right. Your tits are just incredible" he said, as he fondled them aggressively. “So big yet firm”. He brazenly licked my bare back.

"Ow....mmmmm" I was mightily turned on by the way Shakoor ravaged my topless body.

His hard manhood poked me as a reminder of things to come.

After a while he bellowed, "Get up Sheetal"

I stood up obediently. He grabbed the pallu which was on the floor and unwound my saree while marvelling at my body throughout.

Only clad in my panties, I was again made to sit on the bed as he divested his pyjamas and boxers. He was hairy all over and had a small paunch. An erect 8 inch cock burst out his boxers and stared me in the face.

"Let’s see if all the hype is real" he said coaxing my head closer to his manhood.
"Show me how good a cock sucker you are"

Feeling strangely competitive, I grabbed his cock and slid it into my mouth.

"Hmmmmm…that’s it" he moaned as I took it in. I slowly licked and sucked his cock assessing its size inside my mouth. It was thick but not as long as Asif's so I slid it in completely and started bobbing my head on it.

"Aaaaah……nice" he moaned. "The boys were right. The bank manager's wife is a total slut!". He bellowed and laughed loudly.

Instead of feeling humiliated, this only made me suck harder. My instinct to please had taken over.

"Aaaah Sheetal...I love your sexy mouth so much"

He started groaning loudly as the blowjob progressed and just when I thought he was about to cum he pushed my head away and asked me to get into the doggy style position.

"Look at this sexy rump. No wonder the boys went crazy when they saw this." he said running his hands over my curvy butt as I climbed into position. He roughly pulled my panties down and teased my asshole. I shivered in anticipation and arched my back as he stroked my fully naked body.

"Mmmm Shakoorji" I moaned as this 50 year old politician started fingering my asshole.

"Damn you're soaking wet" he said as he ran his hands gleefully along my ass crack and grabbed my pussy.

"Aaaaaah….fuck!” I groaned in arousal "Please put it in"

I turned around to see him line up his erect cock against my cunt. “Put it in" I moaned, louder. I was so aroused that I needed him immediately.

He held my hips and pushed it in. "Oh my...aaah" I moaned as his thick cock penetrated me.

"Your cunt…is….so tight Sheetal” he gasped in delight.

Soon we gathered pace. He thrust in vigorously from behind as I pushed my butt
towards him. “I want to open it up and fuck you raw" he said, as his thrusts became more vigorous.

I could only moan continuously lost in the throes of pleasure. "Ah ah ah ah ah" I hollered as his thick cock pistoned me coarsely.

He slapped my butt occasionally and laughed at how my curvy ass jiggled. I was incredibly turned on by the situation.

"Enough butt fucking” he said pushing me off his cock. “Now ride me me like a slut" he said patting my ass. He plonked himself on the soft bed. I climbed on top of him and slid his cock back in. I thought this would just be a quickie but clearly the man could last for a while.

"Your boobs are so obscene Sheetal" he murmured as I bounced on his cock carried away by my arousal. I saw my boobs jiggling lewdly as I pleasured myself.

He grabbed them and said "You don't look like a bank manager's wife. You look like a high class slut"

He kept uttering dirty stuff which made me hornier and hornier!

My ass was mauled and my clit was fingered as I rode him like a possessed woman.

"Come forward you slut. I want to suck your juicy tits!" He pulled me down onto my elbows and sucked my nipples aggressively.

"Mmmmm......aaaaaah….fuck" His aggressive sucking of my boobs was overwhelmingly pleasurable as I ground on his hard cock.

I was close to an orgasm.

Suddenly he flipped me onto my back and started pounding my cunt with fast strokes.

"Oh fuck oh fuck..aaaaah" I screamed completely lost in the pleasure his thick cock was giving me.

He completely enveloped my body as he fucked me in the missionary position. His paunch thumped against my soft belly. He roughly grabbed my boobs for support and fucked me with rapid strokes.

"Aaaaah aaaah aaah aaah" I screamed in pleasure. He pinched my nipples as he continued fucking.

"I love fucking a young wife's pussy so much" he grunted. "So tight and smooth"
I couldn't resist any longer and hollered through an incredible orgasm

"Oh fuck mmmmmaaaaaaah"

He kept pounding me relentlessly for another minute before spurting a gigantic load inside me.

He rolled over as soon as he was done and beckoned me to come closer.

"I just cannot get enough of your titties" he said, as he held them in his hands and squeezed them roughly. I blushed at his brazen comment.

After squeezing and playing with them to his heart's content, he asked me to lick his dick clean. "Go on, lick me off like a good girl" he said patting my cheeks.
I reluctantly took his cock which was smeared with his cum and my juices into my mouth to clean it off.

"That's enough" he said and got up to put on his clothes. I too got up to put on my clothes. There was an awkward silence as I collected all my clothes which were strewn on the floor.

"You have such an amazing ass Sheetal" he said as I bent down to pick up blouse.

My ass was directly thrust towards his face. Eagerly he fondled it and landed a slap.


"Ouch!" I moaned in pain as he roughly grabbed my butt and slapped it.

"Your husband is a fool, Sheetal. Who leaves such a sexy lady and runs away on work."

"But his loss is my gain" he patted my naked ass, winked at me and walked away.

I put my clothes on, still processing what had just happened, and showed myself out.

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Old 13th December 2016
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Hot Hot Hot excellent writing

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Old 13th December 2016
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super update bro.

Waiting for more hot action...

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yes .. more

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Old 14th December 2016
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Thank you aligheiri for not mistaking my comment, and starting a 'new' thread, but why continuing the same story? Your writing was so lucid and plausible that I thought you might start a new thread with new characters- unmarried girls- which would be more erotic and interesting. You are a skilled writer, so I should assume that you will incorporate some new female characters, preferably unmarried .

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