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Old 11th March 2017
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On relating to this.. male pour honey on private parts of their partner during IC... Is it really improves sex act on the female partner ? How about Red bull drink will this help to improve the drive of the female?

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Old 11th March 2017
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Watching porn while doing sex makes ur relation strong.... Try it, u will feel it... even ur shy partner wl free to chat sexy with u during ur fuck session

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Old 16th March 2017
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Better teach ur wife the act of dirty talking. Your wife saying dirty things during the foreplay and the final act is more arousing than any mindless porn ..

Too much porn will leave your wife imagining cock size of every guy she meets .. ur friends, her boss .. milkman, watchman, driver .. etc etc qnd the pallu starts dropping ever more for longer durations ..
Imagine. Invent. Inspire.

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Old 4th May 2017
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One man can not ride two horses. Period.

Watching? or doing? what da freak and fakk you are in to ? theory exam? or Practicals ??

For the foreplay and getting wet for her, with her pussy getting wet and nips erected and clitoris getting hardened it's ok, ( women remain always slow ) while watching the porn,
But once its achieved... make sure she is not doing orgy,.. orgy,. in fokat. Stop da freaking Porn movie,.., no more lessons,... prepare your Bat and drive it, right betwen the long legs,.. in to the guli for a magnificent six. This is i now yr own practical exam starts,..,...

So ?

advise her to press and keep one rose-flower between her pussy lips the whole day, and rose-patis in her thong/lingeri in her pubic hairs,.. to get it freshened and good aroma,..

Buy a bottle of Gulaab-jal and have her a habit of thoroughly wash of her privates, first with warm water and then teh application of gulaab-jal,.. in fact all three holes,... The upper-one with Paan, mukh-vaas, elchi, and mints,....

Arouse the room with nice colorful lights, scent sticks, odour remover cards,.. habging everywhere,.. Rose-pattis,.. and moon like whitish very dim lights,... choose some erotic sound gentle songs and music,...

Have few gentle beers bought, like budweiser / bud lights and make drinks,.. u drink little ( mixed with more sodas,.. but feed her at least 3-4 Bud cans,... if possible also feed her a gentle sleep tablet..... Avoid drugs,.. but made her little nasheele and sleepy with 3+ beer cans fed to her,...

Once she gets sleepy,.. starts foreplay and Porn clips,...once she gets more sleepy and starving for bed,...start pressing yr lips on top of hers all 3 holes,... and arouse her more,... Sleepy girls always do as dirty as it goes,...

Give and take the blow jobs,... Get some dirty foods like peanut butter, Whip, Curd, rub to her mouth, privates and nips and dirty lick her,.... If you suffer of early discharge / Shighra-patan,... and she have habits of 2-3 orgy,... finger her or do cucumber insertion, to satisfy her fully,.... Have some icecream-bars ( Choco cadbury bars ) and
lick zhoothi ice-cream from one-other's mouth,...pamper the ice cream to her privates and wipe out with tongue dry,... drive the shaft in all of her 3 holes,... and do anything and everything,.. as dirty as it goes,... !! Girl should be drunk and full-toss sleep, and she will do more dirty than you expect,...!

Lick her pussy all inside-out, leaving no mercy,.. till she fills yr mouth with good tasty Sigma99.

Sex is to enjoy and if done properly, more dirty it gets more it likes to the both..

Have few cameras set up ( rent from electronic stores and return after 30 days ) in 2-3 corners on Tripod, do some full light on scenes..... and later watch yr act from all angles, and fins out which stroke, action and motion was good and both enjoyed,.

Buy such Gulaab-jal and spray accessories, good mouth-washes, Paan-gulkand and elcahi, scent-sticks, Gulaab-sprays ( not the sanitation spray used in Toilets ) to have a good pleasant start,...


Also have Whip bowls in the freeze ready to make her all 3 holes and Nip-boobs, chicks, pubic, dirty enuff to lick,...

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Old 4th May 2017
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Good thread....we use to watch porn when starting foreplay....some times we are watching porn when we are doing intercourse aswell......

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Old 4th May 2017
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so many times with my wife

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Old 4th May 2017
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Well,there are some advantages and disadvantages regarding to ur question...first of all i am agree with fellow pplz who wrote here that too much of anything will give u something not good...everything shouldn't be excess

Advantages : watching porn makes u horny while even u r doing as solo ,if u watching porn with ur partner it makes u horny makes ur partners mood in most cases even u learn postures and ofcourse sex...oral,anal everything comes from practical and it all comes out from porn ....if u do it without watching porn u will stay long and ur duration will be long as u will not be so horny as a man having sex after porn... so this is all the advantages

Disadvantages : Not necessary to watch porn for sex....as i said it's natural u can also make ur partners mood....only need to discuss about something which makes u both horny,U will get addicted to porn if u watch too much u can't control ejaculation and maybe u will give up after getting too much horny just because of watching excess porn led ur wife unsatisfied or ruining ur sex life..sometimes as i have heard most guys who are illiterate no knowledge about the reality of porn trying to practice the same stuff as they watched in porn like fisting,penetration,using objects,eating cum,considering about how to get a huge dick like pornstars ,sex without condom,oral sex just after fuck not cares about bacteria and std diseases

So this is all and even much more to say...but if u watch porn only to have sex or making mood or u guys love to do it before watching then there is no problem but something should be known and have fun with safety....

If u love to read all kind of genres like
romantic,thriller,love n non-erotic love,incest,fantasy,horror,hot stories then u are on the right platform see below this link :-


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Old 4th May 2017
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Was with a hot chick , cock did not move.

Tried a threesome with a couple cock did not move. Got many blood and endocrine reports, things were fine.

Had to stop for a few month, i mean no sex, no masturbation, and then after that i at least got morning erections.

Porn is horrendous. Its proven. Dont believe me, but look at the scientific facts yourself.

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Old 4th May 2017
Himalaya10 Himalaya10 is offline
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At sex,.. do not ever undermine the other factors like,.......

Sound ( arousing, so soft music ) , smell ( good and bad - Like Devi's temple with semll-sticks and also yr devi's temple in terms of her Lingeire ) , Dressings - lingerie and such sexy night dressings / perfect suhaag's laal joda, slowly to uncover,.. and good lighting as per need,....

Also picture it with Cell, some good moments at good angle,.. in yr spare time ' old hood time as precious treasure to murmur,... when you are alone ( wife is Maayike ).... Act, as if you are a Porn actors and are performing i short, delicious clips, set camera, light and make few life-long memory of short-clippings.... Preserve them at some password coded folder, where only you two know the passwords.

The best bet be,...
Do not get used to yrself or especially make yr wife, never never never watching more pornos,..,...

Too much of anything is poisonous,..
Yr Brain neurons now give away the excitement,..
It's like,... if you eat daily a Pizza, Dosa or Icecraem,........ you will lose that affinity or mere attraction for pizza or Dosa,.. !

Let yr wife watch porn very hardly and rarely ,... and keep her in that stage that,...the minute you touch her,,... she feels a thrill of 24000 V current
Hardens her nipples,..
Hard-rock her clitoris and
wettens her honey-pot,..... in wel-come of a shaft-guest.

Lick her mouth and each drop pf saliva thoroughly
and lick the inserted pussy-finger in front of her, showing her,... how much you like the taste of her pussy,..

Always maintain this thrilling,.... ( by watching less Porns ) . Porns are just to create the mood,... when it's seems eliminating in daily hard life and stress of other life routines,..

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Old 4th May 2017
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Lucky we,.. our Bollywood have tons of erotic sound tunes, at almost every sex scenes,... Doesn't matter whether aishwarya is stripped off or Priyanka is tested.... and teared in to the nude.... or our Sunny, Sherlyn or Mallika S. , .. bare naked...

So copy them ( audio tunes ),... in yr cell or boom-box in audio and make a continuous tape,.. or play in yr computer - audio only ( routing in sequence in youtube video, for yr PC too ) with monitor screen lit-of,.. and have
a light and gentle audio play sound when you arouse her erotically,.. and use her whole night in foreplay with qhowers of hugs, kisses and BJs..
.... every ounce and inch of her skin with chumma-chaati and foreplay,...

For example, when Nandita sen is used in movie earth,..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2SDIgDMquM

Mandakini is used in movie Ram teri Ganga maili,.. and so many,..

Any porno sites say.. Xvideos dot com or any,.. in search box, you use word kaamsutra, red saree, suhag raat, Indian bride,..Asians in red dress, Indian's first night,.... and all videos will come up,.. they all have wonderful background audio arousing tunes,... make an audio tape out of it,.. and play from yr flash drive in PC or on yr cell/boombox ,.. when undressing her and arousing her in foreplay,.. ( Make for her, a glass of milk with a gentle sleep tablet added ( out of her knowing ) or make her drunk with 3+ beer cans ( you also share, but you don't drink ( don't tell her, yrs is water ), make her to drink with sleepy eyes in your Baajus ) to get the maximum dirty use out of her,,...that she even would starve and strive for, in full-toss arousing ).
Honey nip-tips hers,.. and lick it,..... Whip her boobs and honey-pot fully with above gentle Whip cream,.. and lick like a dog/cat. Get a bottle of almond oil,...and massage and caress her's Boobs, nip-tips and pubs slowly and erotically with frequent kisses in licking wipe dry-clean, in between.

Always remember,...
Happiness is found along the road and not at the end of the road.
When you go to any mountaineering,.... be it Aabu-ambaji, Gurushikhar, Gaumukh,.. at the end, there is just a temple with few idols,.... ( Or Ghantta only,.. let say, you go to Gurushikhar, aabu )
but what you enjoyed along the way,... on da journey,... the rocks, flowers, diff animals, roads, hawa ka zhonkha, khooshboo, scenery, greenery and valley,..walk-talk-joke,..remains of da substance, real essence n' prime importance, not the final destination you reach.

The point is, never, ever ever ever under estimate the foreplay,.. ( don't be hurry of insertions - starve her to beg ) and enjoy every bit of it,.. spending more and more time,.. before reaching the final destination, ( climax ( penetration) and release of pressures of hormones ) ( fakk - discharge and Orgy.. it's all over !! ).. 'Coz after insertion, the fun will end within certain minutes,.. and it's all over,....!!

So ? get those other department - Sound, smell, lighting, phool-pattis, dressings, dirty talks about her sex feelings what happens when,. you do this or that,... when she cums,.. Can she hold it for you,... How many max times she can Orgy,.. 2-3 ? Had she ever spout? What it needs to do ? Can she orgy in yr mouth, if you give yrs mouth-hole to her vaginal lips? and what makes her very excitement to climax,.... G-spot and Clitoris lick feelings - how she feels,.. does she fingers, herself,. how when and since when,.. ready and enjoy dirty talking with your own,........ and Don't undermine foreplay,...... spend hours and hours on it,...

Play the games of Chain and Bolts ( BSDM ),.....
Play the game of undressing,... Play tass/Rami ( Like Akshay and Twinkle does very night ) or Truth or Dare,.. and whoever loses,... will have to remove one linen from hi/her body.. let she who nudes whom first.
Play the game of, putting a 1 centimeter dia. spot of Scent/perfume drop on her body by her anywhere( you don't see it ),.. and you have to find it,.. by kissing, licking and exploring her's every iinch,.. smelling every inch of her's body,.. and find that spot,.... and in next turn you do,..

Kisi bhale maanoos ne theek hi kaha hai,.... " Jo sukh aasha mein hai,.. woh Trupti mein nahin! " - Spend whole night for foreplay,... BJs, dirty-talks,... and do insertion only after certain hours to End the screen,... and relieve the pressure, finally.. ..

[ For those who are beginners here, " Any action of, - touching, pampering, caressing, including licking, kissing and BJs,.. and amusement you do before inserting/penetration or actually PIV ( Penis in Vagina ) is known as " FOREPLAY " ]

Happiness is found along the road and not at the end of the road. No undermine to Forplay, do it night-long and enjoy it...


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