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Old 15th November 2015
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update 46
early next morning sonam called doodhwala and asked him not to come as she had guests at home .. last thing she wanted was the doodhwala to appear and force himself on her .. she went in the kitchen and started making tea .. sonam was wearing a white satin trouser and a white tee shirt .. suddenly she felt someone squeeze her bums

.. she turned around to see it was ajay .. he said good morning .. sonam kept looking at him .. he had walked in the kitchen stark naked .. her dick was hanging loose .. sonam replied good morning and turned back to her stove .. moments later she felt ajay holding her waist and somethng rubbing her ass crack from abv her trousers .. ajay was rubbing his lund on sonams soft gaand .. sonam retorted : ajay plz .. kal raat jo kia woh meri majboori thi .. ajay remained oblivious to sonams comments and kept rubbing his lund on her gaand .. sonam tried to move away but ajay held her waist tightly and dint let her move .. sonams soft gaand and her deep as crack were giving ajay immense pleasure .. sonam said sternly ajay mujhe chhoro and tried to shrug him off .. at that instant in a flash ajay pulled down sonams trousers to reveal her milky white soft gaand .. and before sonam cud say somethng ajay sat on his knees and buried his head between sonams legs .. he started licking her gaand crack

.. he kept licking her from behind right form her anus to her choot .. his tongue was licking her ass crack her gaand and was tarcing the path right till sonams sexy pinky choot .

. sonam cudnt help it now and started moaning .. her resistense was gone .. recently sonam had noticed that her choot was extra sensitive to licking .. the meoment somebody kissed her choot her all resistence dropped ...now sonam held the kitchen counter firmly bent her back and thrusted her gaand outwards towards ajays face to make it more accessible to ajay

.. ajay now parted sonams ass cheeks and went deeper and deeper with his tongue .. he was licking her gaand and ass hole and also licking her choot ..after sometime sonam said .. plz fuck me .. fuck me hard .. ajay teased her .. mujhe english nahi aati hindi me bolo
sonam : plz ajay jaldi .. make love to me
ajay still teasing : hindi me
sonam who was still standing with her back bent and gaand thrusted outwards turned around and said : ajay mujhe chodo .. jaldi se chodo
ajay : kaha chodu
sonam rubbed her choot and said : yaha is choot me .. aaj phaar do is dahakti choot ko

hearing these kinky words from sonam got ajay to tipping point .. he lifted sonam and placed her on kitchen counter ... her shorts were still hanging around her ankles ajay pulled it away and threw it aside .. he then spread sonams legs wide apart and had a great view of sonams pinky sexy choot ..

and then he put his lund on her choot and pushed it in her .. with a puch sound the lund was inside her and sonam moaned out loud .. a moan of pleasure and ajay began his work of fucking sonam .. in smooth rhythm ajay pushed his lund in and out and of sonams choot and sonam kept shouting .. aur tez aur tez .. aaj is choot ko sazaa nahi mazaa chhahiye

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Old 15th November 2015
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update 47
when rahul woke up in morning he saw ajay was not there .. alia was sleeping near him .. naked full naked .. her left leg was on rahuls leg .. rahul just admired her beauty .. how beautiful and innocent she looked and yet yesternight she got herself fucked again and again by two guys .. rahul admired alias body

.. her cute face .. pouty lips .. curvy neck .. those young firm breasts .. her perky pink nipples .. her slim midriff .. her cute navel and then her sexy thighs .. oh my god here thighs were embodiment of sexiness .. they were curvy with just right amount of flesh
.. and then he saw her choot .. that young pinky tight choot .. covered by small pubic hair .. it was like a small bush

.. seeing alias naked choot gave rahul and instant hard on .. he went near her and started kissing her thighs .. he licked her thighs her underthighs .. alia slowly opened her eyes and saw rahul between her legs .. she gave him a sexy smile and opened her legs a little apart and said with a mischievous grin : i saw how good is ur dick last night .. now just show me how good is ur mouth .. she said that and buried rahuls head in her choot .. rahul started eating alias pussy .. he kissed her inner thighs sucked her pubes licked her pussy lips sucked her clitoris .. inserted his tongue in her choot and ate her pussy for abt 10 mins then he got up placed his lund on her choot and pushed in .. the moment his lund got inside alias choot someone opened the door and shouted .. surprise ... rahul turned his head and alia looked up and she was shocked to see her aunt shusmita standing at the door .. sushmita was double shocked to see the scene inside .. a guys lund was inside her young nieces choot .

.she didnt know what to say .. she just muttered oh my god and slammed the door .. she was rattled she didnt know what to do .. she ran to kitchen to get some water and as soon as she entered kitchen she saw sonam sitting naked on kitchen counter her legs wide apart .. and a guy pummeling his lund in and out of sonams choot

.. sonam was moaning loudly .. she saw sushmita and tried to move bit the guy had reached the point of no return he held sonam tightly there and kept banging his lund in sonams choot till he finally came and released his load inside sonams choot .. sushmita was dumbstruck there .. she stood there like a statue not knowing what to do till the fuck was finished and in the meantime alia had also come running behind her aunt and saw the finals moments of ajay and sonams act .. as soon as ajay finished sonam got down from counter .. there was complete silence ..

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Old 15th November 2015
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update 49
sushmita (who other than our own miss universe sushmita sen .. that sexy bitch with long sexy legs and a great figure ) was the smaller sister of sonam and alias moms.. she lived in pune and had a key of this flat as when she came to mumbai for any work she also used this flat .. when she knew that alia is also in town she decided to drop by and surprise her two nieces .. little did she knew that rather then surprising them she ll recv a shock of her life
they were all sitting in the hall .. sushmita asked sonam : ye sab kya he .. mujhe abhi tum dono ki moms ko phone karna hoga .. u two cant stay here .. just pack ur bags
sonam and alia were almost in tears .. they knew if the aunt reported this incident their fathers are going to beat them black and blue and it would be an end to their free life .. they will be confined to their rooms till they get married'
rahul brought some glasses of juice for all .. he gave one to sushmita and said .. aunty hamar baat to suniye
sushmitas throat was dry .. she took the glass and shouted .. u just keep out of it .. tum dono bilkul chup raho
sushmita kept shouting at the girls for next 20 minutes or so but the girls saw that slowly she was loosing focus .. while shouting at them she sometimes wud start saying completely nonsense things .. then suddenly she wud come back to sense then after some time wud start talkin nonsense again.. she felt dizzy .. she looked at ajay and said mujhe zara haath do .. khada hone me help karo
ajay gave her a hand she tried to get up but lost her balance and slumped in ajays arms .. ajay slowly pushed her on the couch and then to the girls astonishment pulled aside the pallu of her saree to reveal her 34b size boobs trapped in the blouse .. sushmita had come to the house wearing a light black saree which was made of little sheer material and gave a glimpse of her blouse and her sexy navel area ... her boobs and thighs and much of her figure was visible from sheer material

.. she had a perfect figure and both guys whn they saw her were attracted to her .. ajay when he saw sushmita he had made his mind that now he will have a 3rd girl in the same house ..he had brought some tablets to spike sonams drinks if yesternight she hadnt allowed him to fuck her .. he dint need that tablets yesterday .. but he can use it now on sushmita. and his plan was just going right
when ajay pulled the pallu of sushmita aside to reveal her blouse sonam shouted : ye tum kya kar rahe ho
ajay pulled sonam and alia aside .. then he said : agar tumhari aunt ne tum dono ke ghar phone kar diya to tum jaanti ho tumhaari kya haalat hogi
sonam said: yes hamari life almost khatam
ajay said : me and rahul have an idea .. agar hum kisi tarah tumhari aunt ko blackmail kar sake ke woh tumhaari family ko kucch na bataye to kaisa rahega
alia : but woh kaise hoga
rahul : maine tumhaari aunt ki drink me nashe ki dawaa mila di he .. now she is on a high .. we can just make a mms of her and blackmail her
sonam was shocked hearing that : tum aisa kaise soch sakte ho .. woh meri mausi he'
ajay .. ok have u got some other idea .. or do u want ur life to be ruined .. jaldi decide karo goli ka asar zyada nahi rahega
meanwhile sushmita was sitting on couch .. muttering to herself.. loosing her senses
rahul: there is no other option
sonam looked reluctant but alia gave in : she said : plz plz dnt do anythng nasty
rahul : u dnt wrry we ll take care of her .. and u both dont need to see any of this
rahul then went near sushmita and lifted her in his arms .. they took her inside alias bedroom and shut the door .. both girls sat in the hall nervous as hell
rahul put sushmita on bed and pulled aside her pallu .. her great boobs and perky nipples were popping up from the blouse .. rahul put his lips on her right boob and started sucking it .. sushmita was now on a high and she just started moaning

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Old 15th November 2015
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update 50 sushmita
then rahul started opening the buttons of her blouse .. and soon her fair boobs started to pop out of the blouse .. she was wearing a cream color bra but her cleavage was popping out from the bra .. soon all buttons were open and there was only bra between rahul and sushmitas great firm boobs .. rahul guided his hands at sushmitas bra straps and opened her bra .. her great firm boobs 34 size popped out in front of rahuls eyes .. they werent huge but firm .. they were fair colored and had a huge brown patch around the nipples.. her nipples were perky and erect

rahul started sucking them and soon they were fully erect .. sushmitas moans grew louder..
ajay said: rahul idea mera pehle baari meri
rahul : ok boss .. chodna pehle tu .. magar kapre utaarne ka mazaa to mujhe lene de .. tu abhi mms bana
ajay said ok
.. then rahul slided down from her boobs to her slim midriff.. her navel was a work of art .. beautiful .. he kissed her navel and then slided down..
he then slowly unravelled sushmitas saree .. removing a saree of a lady when shes lying on bed is not easy .. rahul slowly got rid of her black saree .. sushmita wore a black petticot beneath .. her sexy legs and thighs hugging the petticot were a great sight. rahul opened the naara (string) of her petticot and pulled it down .. as soon as the petticot slid down sushmitas black panty came in view .. he slid the panty down and hairy choot came into view .. .. her choot was a typical indian housewife choot .. hairy but with pouty lips .. it was a decent bush there and her choot lips were little apart

.. rahul pulled the petticot further down and sushmitas sexy thighs were on display .. they were great legs .. firm and fleshy enough to make anyone crazy abt it.. rahul pulled down the petticot further and removed it from sushmita ..and also removed the panty with it ..

now sushmita was stark naked .. her boobs great legs and hairy choot was there to be devoured..

rahul now took the phone in which ajay was making the video and said: chal jaldi aaja aur jaldi chodna .. dono ladkiyo ko baahar aisa na lage ke hum maze le rahe he
ajay got himself between sushmitas legs .. he spread her legs wide apart .. he brought his face near sushmitas choot and then said .. pehle iske saare jisam ka ek theek se video banaa lete he
he took the mobile and frst took the angle of the whole naked body of sushmita .. he then brought mobile close up on her boobs .. pinched her nipples and fondled her boobs and recorded it .. he then zoomed on sushmitas choot .. got its close up... she had a great hairy choot .. among the bush with her legs spread wide her pussy lips were little apart giving a nice view of the pinky flesh of her inner choot .. her pussy lips were thick and brown in color .. her choot had a good opening meaning her husband had used her choot a lot ..

he then spread her pussy lips with his fingers and recorded the pinky interiors of her choot in the phone ..

then he joined sushmitas legs together and lifted it up in the air to have a glimpse of her gaand ...and they for the first time saw her sexy smooth gaand .. it wasnt a huge gaand may be 35 size .. but it was firm and shapely .. with nice light brown gaand cheeks and deep crack.. her ass crack looked so sexy and fuckable

.. he opened her ass cheeks apart and recorded her gaands closeup in his mobile .. he parted his ass hole and took close recoring of that sexy parking area of lunds .. after doing recording and closeups of every inch of her body ajay then spread her legs apart got between her legs and started sucking her choot .. her pubic hairs .. her clitoris .. ajay had fucked many girls but it was his first chance with a mature lady and he was enjoying it .. rahul said bhai jaldi kar nahi to me reh jaaunga
ajay qucikly got up put his lund on sushmitas choot and pushed .. in one push his whole lund was in her choot

..sushmitas choot was a much used bhosra and it had no trouble taking a lund in it .. sushmita was high on drugs and was enjoying evry moment like a slut .. at that time the grls knocked on door : guys kya kar rahe ho
ajay: grls keep patience 5 mins ruko
ajay said to rahul .. dono alag alag chode itna time nahi he .. ek kaam kar saathme chodte he .. tu peechhe se daal me aage se .. ajay removed his lund from sush choot..
rahul qucikly came on bed and sat with his legs spread and lund erect .. he took sushmita and made her sit on his lund .. her gaand was very tight .. when rahuls lund touched sushmitas gaand she let out a scream .. ajay put his hand on sushmitas mouth and muffed it .. sushmita hadnt been fucked in her gaand ever .. it was a virgin gaand .. rahul slowly slowly pushed his lund in sushmitas gaand he was enjoying every moment of it .. he kept pushing and his lund kept going inside her gaand further and further till rahuls whole lund was inside sushmitas gaand .. now sushmita had stopped screaming.. infact she was so high on drugs that she was enjoying the fucking of her gaand now and was laughing .. rahul now waited with his lund parked deep inside sushmitas gaand

.. now ajay came from front and placed his lund on sushmitas sexy choot and in one push he was inside her .. now the two friends fucked this beautiful sexy aunt in tandem .. sushmita was now moaning very loudly .. she had nvr experienced such pleasure .. though she was high on drugs but she was enjoying it ... she was smiling laughing and moaning loudly

... every stroke inside her gaand and choot was giving her pleasure.. in her real life her sex life was finished as her husband hardly had time for her .. after her choot had become the loose bhosra her husband cared little to fuck her ... even without drugs she might have enjoyed being fucked by 2 young men ... 2 dicks together in her 2 holes .. that wud have been a wild fantsay for her .. both guys were for frst time fucking a mature lady and boy what a sexy lady she was .. both fucked her wildly in her 2 holes till they finally came inside her and released their cum in her choot and gaand .. sushmita by then had reached multiple orgasms .. as soon as they were finished they got down and sushmita collapsed on bed and fell asleep ..
after that video clip sushmita wud end up becoming their sex slave .. in future many a times her choot and gaand wud be fucked by these 2 even when she is not on drugs ..
what happened next .. wait for next update

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Update 51
After a few hours sushmita woke up .. She was all naked .. Her clothes strewn around in the room ..she remembered some of what had happened to her when she was on drugs but she cudnt still believe that she was drugged and raped .. She gathered her clothes wore her bra and her blouse which were on bed .. Her petticoat was on the floor .. She got up and wore it .. Her saaree was near the bedroom door she wore her saaree and came into the hall .. She saw rahul and pounced on him .. Kamine tune kya kiya mere saath .. Me abhi police me phone karti hu ..
Rahul : auntiji shaanti shaanti .. Pehle Zara yaha aaiye .. He took sushmita near sonams laptop and played a video clip ..sushmita saw herself lying naked on the bed and one guy ( they had blurred the guys face so that they themselves dont get in any trouble ) was exploring sushmitas whole body .. Pressing her boobs fondling her nipples .. Opening her choot lips caressing her gaand .. Each and every inch of her body was thoroughly exposed ..
Rahul : auntiji aap police me jayengi usse pehle me ek click karunga aur ye video upload .. Aap ke is sexy jism ka ek ek hissa saari duniya ke saamne nanga ho jayega .. Jo Jo is video KO dekhne ke baad aapko kapro me bhi dekhega to bhi use aap nangi hi dikhengi ..
Sushmita was dumbstruck seeing the video .. She didn't know what to do ..she pleased .. Plz plz me ek achhi fmly ki izzatdaar aurat hu .. Meri izzat se aisa khilwad mat Karo .. Ye video delete kar do ..
Ajay : aunitiji delete karne ke liye video thore hi banaya he
Sushmita : to kya chhaiye tumhe
Ajay : pehle to ye guarantee ke aap ne yaha Alia aur sonam ko Jo bhi karte dekha woh aap kisi ko nahi batayengi
Sushmita looked at sonam and alia with disgust and said : I can't believe tum dono ne milkar apni galti chhupaane ke liye mere saath aisa karwaaya .. I just can't believe it .. I just hate u both .. aage se mujhe kabhi apni shakal mat dikhaana .. Both girls were almost in tears but they felt they had no other option
Sushmita : mujhe ye dono kya karti he usme koi interest nahi he .. I promise me kisi se kuchh nahi kahungi.. But plz just delete that clip
Ajay: nahi auntiji ye clip to hamare liye guarantee he ke aap kuchh nahi karengi .. Aap befikar rahiye .. Jab tak aap khamosh rahengi ye clip koi nahi dekh payega .. Chaliye ab aap yaha se back to pavilion ho jaaiye
Sushmita tried pleading them to delete the video .. But it was of no use .. Sushmita finally decided to leave .. She gave the girls a poisonous glare and left ..
The boys also decided to leave ..
Sushmita and boys were together in lift .. Only 3 of them .. As soon as lifts door closed Ajay pressed sushmitas ass hard ..
Sushmita : ye kya kar rahe ho
Rahul pressed the stop button in lift .. Then he pressed sushmitas boobs from abv her saaree and said : arey aunitiji .. Abhi to thori der pehle aap poori nangi thi hamare saamne .. Maine aapki isi komal komal gaand me apna Lund daala hua tha aur Ajay ne aapki choot me .. Dono ne saath milkar choda tha aapko
Sushmita : kya bakwaas hein
Rahul : Ajay woh doosri clip dikha .. While fucking sush in the bedroom Ajay had kept his camera on side table and whole the fucking of sushmita was recorded in it .. They haven't told the girls that they had fucked their aunt together and recorded it .. They showed the clip to sushmita .. Sushmita at the time of fucking was so high on drugs that she didn't remember any of it .. Seeing this clip she was horrified .. While showing her the clip rahul was rubbing his dick on sushmitas gaand and Ajay was caressing sushmitas choot from abv her Saree .. Sushmita was petrified .. She didn't know what to do .. Suddenly someone called the lift and it started moving ..

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Old 18th November 2015
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Update 52
When the lift reached ground floor they went to the parking and said to sushmita .. Hum aapko drop kar dete hein
Sushmita : mere pass gaari he in
Ajay : mera driver aapki gaari le aayega .. Abhi hamare saath chalo .. The tone of Ajay made it clear to sushmita that she had no option but to follow them .. Rahul sat in drivers seat .. Ajay in back seat with sush.. Once the car moved rahul pulled away sushmitas black saaris pallu and revealed her black blouse from which her bulging boobs were trying to break free .. even in her blouse her boobs looked huge.. Ajay started sucking her boobs from abv her blouse and made her blouse wet and semi transparent so as her niiples were now visible from her blouse

then his hand started feeling for sushmitas choot from abv her saaree .. Sushmita kept pleading : mujhe chhor do plz .. Mujhe chhor do ..
Ajay : rahul aise mazaa nahi aayega .. Kahi par ROK
Soon rahul stopped the car near a hotel ..
Sushmita : ye yaha kyo roki gaari
Ajay now giving up the pretence of respect and started using his normal language: dekh raand .. Waha ghar me tujhe choda tab teri bhaanjiya bahar darwaaza thok thok kar dimaag khraab kar rahi thi.. Mazaa nahi aaya .. Ab is hotel me chal aur tasalli se hame tujhe chodne de aur aaraam se ghar jaa .. Ek baar chud chuki he dusri baar chudne me koi faraq nahi parta .. Aur agar zyada naatak kiya to kal saare desh ko pata chal jaayega ke tu 2 ladko se chudi thi .. Sab Teri video dekhenge aur sapno me tujhe chodenge aur tere muh pe tujhe raand bol kar bulaayenge .. Samjhi .. Chal ab chal chup chaap
Sush knew she had no option .. she was badly stuck .. She was taken to a hotel room

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Update 53
When they reached the room the guys sat on the bed and pulled sushmita towards them and started gorging on her .. Ajay attacked her boobs and squeezed it and rahul started kissing her lips wildly ..
Then Ajay said : arey yaar waha bhi hamne iske kapre utaare .. Yaha bhi hum hi mehnat kyu kare .. Ise kapre khud utaarne do .. Both of them now sat on the bed and Ajay said to sush : chal raand saamne khari ho jaa deewar ke paas.. Sushmita went and stood near the wall .. Ajay : ab apni saaree khol .. Sushmita reluctantly started to remove her saaree .. Ajay: aye chhinaal jaldi kar warna Teri saaree phaar dunga aur tujhe yaha se nangi jaana parega
Sushmita removed her saaree quickly .. Now she was standing in her blouse and petticoat .. Her 35 size boobs looked like they ll pop out of the blouse anytime .. Her fleshy thighs were hugging her petticoat and were giving a great view

Rahul.. Chal ab jaldi blouse khol
Sushmita slowly unbottoned her blouse ... Her bra which barely held her boobs came into view
ajay: ab petticoat ka naara khol .. teri mast mast jhaanghe chikni jhaanghe dekhne ko taras gaya he mann
sushmita was reluctant .. she pleaded : plz mujhe jaane do
rahul showed her the phone which had her mms .. jaldi kar warna abhi upload karta hoo
sushmita quitely opened her naara.. as her petticoat slid down form her waist her sexy fleshy thighs, thighs which u could spend ur lietime caressing them came in view .. now sushmita was just in bra and panty

now ajay further wanted to trouble sushmita.. humiliate her he said : ab saamne kursi par apni taange chodi kar ke beth
sushmita sat on the chair .. slowly spread her legs
ajay: ab apni penty side par kheech aur apna bhosda dikha
sushmita was feeling ashamed .. she cudnt muster courage to do such strip tease.. rahul said: jaldi kar warna .....
sushmita slowly brought her hands near her choot and slowly slided her panty sideways ..
her sexy hairy choot now was popped in view from behind her panty
both guys ogled at her choot
sushmita was feeling like a slut putting her choot on display for sale

ajay :L waah kya chooot hein
Rahul : ab khadi ho jaa aur jaldi bra khol
Sushmita stood up and slowly unclipped her bra and her sexy brown big boobs popped out .. They were firm and wheatish in color .. They had huge brown patch near nipples .. Sushmitas nipples were dark brown and erect
Ajay : chal ab in boobs ko dabaa .. Zor zor se squeeze kar
Sushmita started squeezing her boobs .. For next 5 mins they made her squeeze her breasts

rahul : ab dono haath upar kar ke khadi ho jaa .. theek se apne mumme dekhne de
sushmita slowly raised her hands abover her head .. both guys had a good look at her boobs

Ajay : chal ab panty bhi utaar .. Jaldi kar .. Tujhe poori nangi dekhna he in
Sushmita knew there was no way out .. she now wanted this all to finish quickly .. she started to remove her panty .. As slowly her panty slid down her choot .. Hairy dark brown choot .. Her bhosra came in view .. It was hairy but sexy .. As sushmita removed her panty rahul said : chal peechhe ghoom ja .. Teri gaand dekhne de .. Sushmita turned around .. Her gaand was also wheatish in color .. Not huge but firm and in great shape ..
Rahul : ab aage ki taraf jhuk .. Aur apne dono haatho se apne chuttad in ass cheeks ko khol ke chauda kar aur ke andar se gaand ka chhed dikha
Sushmita bent a little and took support of a table with one hand .. she then took her other hand behind her and opened her gaand cheeks with it and gave them a great view of interiors of her deep ass crack, her gaand hole and view of her puffy choot from behind

Ajay : ab is taraf ghoom .... saamne beth taange chodi kar Aur apni choot ke lips khol ke dikha
Sushmita was feeling utterly humiliated .. She was being made to strip like a whore ... But what can she do .. She turned around sat down spread her legs and with her hands opened her choot lips and showed them the inside pink of her choot ..

Rahul : an apni choot me apni ungli daal .. is choot Ko zor zor se ragad aur bol : plz mujhe chodo .. Is choot me chodo.. is choot me lund dalo
sushmita couldnt believe what she was made to do .. she hesitated .. ajay said: ab zara bhi tu ne baat maanne me der ki to me click karunga aur teri clip upload
Sushmita started inserted her finger in her choot and started rubbing her sexy hairy choot

... Rahul : zor se ragad aur bol : mujhe us choot me chodo
Sushmita started rubbing her choot fast ..and muttered : mujhe is ch .. Ch .. Choot mein .. Ch .. Ch .. Chodo

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Update 54
Hearing words choot and chodo from sush was too much for Ajay he pulled his pants down and pulled sushmita towars the bed .. He made sushmita lie on bed opened her legs apart and in one swift motion his Lund was inside sushmitas choot .. He started fucking sushmitas bhosra

.. Meanwhile rahul also threw his pants away and came near sushmitas face and squatted on it and put his Lund in her mouth .. Sush was now being fucked in her choot and in her mouth .. After ABT 10 mins Ajay came inside her choot .. Rahul then came down and made sush kneel in doggy position and put his Lund on sushmitas gaand .. Rahul knew she has a tight gaand ..slowly he put his Lund in her gaand .. Sushmita screamed ...First time in her full senses she was being fucked in her gaand . she pleaded ..mujhe chhod do .. plz peechhe nahi.
Rahul ignored her pleads and kept applying pressure and kept moving his Lund in and out of sushmitas tight sexy gaand till his whole Lund was inside sushmitas gaand .. sushmita kept screaming and he kept fucking her tight gaand .. her tight gaand gave him immense pleasure... it was a great sexy gaand ..

He gave sushmita a good ass fuck till he came inside her gaand ...
. Then they ordered some food from room service .. When the waiter came to deliver the food and rang the door bell Ajay said to sushmita .. Jaao darwaza khol ke khana le lo.. Sushmita who was naked went to fetch her clothes .. Ajay shouted : aise hi nangi jaakar darwaaza kholo aur khana lo
Sushmita was shocked : ye kya keh rahe ho
Ajay who was loving humiliating a high class lady and treating her as slut said : ya to waiter to apna nanga jisam dikha do ya me kal tumhaara jisam internet pe safari duniya KO dikha dunga
Sush swore and went to the door and opened it .. The waiter cudnt believe his eyes .. A sexy lady with great boobs and sexy thighs and a hairy choot was standing in front of him all naked .. he just cudnt take his eyes off sushmitas sexy body .. he kept ogling at her boobs her thighs her hairy choot

Sushmita took the food tray from him and put it on the table ..the waiter was standing there ogling at sushmita .. First time he had seen a high class lady all naked .. Then Ajay appeared on door and said .. Arey bhai Saab aap apni tip to le lo
Waiter : nahi Saab theek he
Ajay : nahi tip to banti he .. Ajay held sush and pulled it towards him .. Then put his hand on sushmitas choot and said .. Ye khoobsurat choot tumhaari tip .. Iski ek kissi le lo
Sushmita cudnt believe her ears ..
Waiter said : sahab kya mazaak kar rahe he in
Ajay : me sach bol raha hu.. Come on
Waiter needed no second invitation .. He fell on his knees and planted his lips between sushmitas thighs and started sucking her choot .. for a full 5 minute he sucked her choot and then left her

.. Sushmita cudnt believe she was being sucked at her pussy by a waiter .. She cudnt believe she was being humiliated like this

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Boltnut has celebrities hunting for his/her autographBoltnut has celebrities hunting for his/her autographBoltnut has celebrities hunting for his/her autographBoltnut has celebrities hunting for his/her autographBoltnut has celebrities hunting for his/her autographBoltnut has celebrities hunting for his/her autographBoltnut has celebrities hunting for his/her autographBoltnut has celebrities hunting for his/her autographBoltnut has celebrities hunting for his/her autographBoltnut has celebrities hunting for his/her autographBoltnut has celebrities hunting for his/her autographBoltnut has celebrities hunting for his/her autograph
Hot update. Waiting

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hi guys... i hardly find any reps or comments in this story .. all efforts seem wasted .. if u people want me to continue this story plz send some comments

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