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Old 2nd October 2015
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Update 12
Madhuri was now on her fours in doggy position in front of baba .. She was without her shalwar or panties and only the flaps of her kameez were covering her huge gaand from the baba .. And as she was kneeling in doggy position her gaand was protruding outwards making it look more huge

even from the opposite side one could see the huge size of her gaand when she was on her fours

.. Madhuri had one of the largest gaands and she herself was aware of it .. She loved to flaunt her gaand at ogling men .. Though she was in her late thirties but she knew whenever she walked men got crazy watching her matakti gaand ..and she wore tight shalwars and leggings to make sure that the figure of her big but firm gaand was on display always and to everyone .. She loved men sighing behind her back and that made her feel more beautiful .. Many of her neighbors would shag often fantasizing her swaying gaand and imagining it without any clothes ..

they would imagine how sexy that gaand would look naked on their beds .. they would imagine madhuri in various positions showing of her naked gaand to them .. opening her gaand hole for them and this imagination was enough for them to shag

That great gaand was now in front of baba .. Madhuri tried to get up from the doggy position but she was unable to move ..
Baba now said : aatmaao ko to tune buhut mazaa diya .. Ab mujhe bhi thora Anand de de .. And on saying this he pulled away his dhoti .. All girls were watching as his 10 inch long huge lund was on display ..and without saying another word he lifted the flap of maduris kameez to reveal her milky huge gaand .. He got hold of madhuris midriff parted her ass cheeks and her ass hole was revealed .. He put the mouth of his lund on her ass hole and without any warning in one huge push inserted the whole lund in her gaand

.. Madhuri let out a loud scream.. Her hubby rarely fucked her ass .. And his hubby had a small 5 inch dick so her ass hole was very tight .. Not used to anything such size .. She felt her gaand would be torn apart ..she screamed .. Baba mujhe chhor do me mar jaaungi .. Baba was not just fucking her he was punishing her as well ... He wanted to make her feel pain and more pain .. So he withdrew his Lund and when it was abt to come out of her gaand he pushed it again into her gaand with full force ..

Madhuri let out another loud scream .. The 3 girls were quietly standing and watching madhuri being ass fucked .. They were helpless ..madhuri felt her gaand was torn open.. Without any lubrication babas 10 inch Lund was finding it very hard to enter her gaand .. And baba was giving madhuri more and more pain .. He would push the whole Lund in her gaand .. And before she could recover he would pull it out completely and push it again inside her gaand completely .. Every time the Lund was pushed in her gaand it felt like its tearing her gaand and madhuri kept feeling the pain and kept screaming .. Baba kept doing this for more than 20 minutes and after that he increased his tempo and fucked her gaand for another 20 minutes till he came and released his load in madhuri gaand .. Madhuri was exhausted .. Her whole gaand was filled with blood .. She fell on ground unconciuos .. Baba looked at the terrified girls and said : tum log jaao .. Ye agle 7 din yahi rahegi or mujhe or in aatmaao ko khush karke apni sazaa poori karegi .. Tum log jaao or 7 din tak tumhe jaise bataya waise apni apni sazaa bhugto or 7 din baad yahi me tumhe milunga .. Or agar baba ya sadhu ke paas apni mushkil leke jaaogi to me tumhe yaqeen dilaata hu ke tumhaari mushkile sirf badengi kam nahi hongi .. Aur yaad rakhna tum teeno ki gudiya (voodoo doll) mere paas he usse me tumhaare saath kucch bhi kar saktaa hu.. Ab jaao aur 7 din baad aana .. Then he pointed at madhuri and said ..7 din baad ise bhi saath le jaana .. Ab jaao.. The girls rushed from the place glancing at madhuri who was lying on the ground her ass bleeding .. They drove away quickly from there to sonams house
What happened to madhuri .. How did sonam find 7 unknown men to fuck her .. Keep reading the updates

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Old 2nd October 2015
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Update 13
When they reached sonams house they were in shock .. They had nvr thought the night would go like this .. Jacqueline after being fucked by tree her choot had multiple bruises and was swolen .. Sonam was feeling sad that because of her her friends and madhuriji were in such situation .. They had drove to sonams house in silence but as soon as they entered her house Jacqueline sat on a sofa and without any warning shouted on sonam : ye sab Teri vajah se hua he .. And then she lifted her frock type skirt above her waist and spread her legs wide to reveal her naked choot and shouted : haalat dekh kya ho gai he iski .. Jagah jagah se khoon nikal raha he .. Me theek se chal bhi nahi paa rahi

Sonam: me samajhti hu jacq .. Mujhe afsos he Jo bhi hua uska
Jacqueline : afsos he .. Bas afsos .. Tujhe nahi pata jab koi tumhe ulta latka kar ek 3 inch mota lakdi ka rod tumhaari choot me ghusaaye .. Jhaad par ulta latka kar tumhe chode to kya haalat hoti he
Sonam was shocked .. Jacqueline never used such foul words .. But sonam understood she was in shock .. Sonam said : agar mujhe pataa hota waha ye sab hoga to me tumhe kabhi waha nahi le jaati
Jacqueline : tujhe kya faraq parha waha jaake.. Tu to Bach gai ..waha jhaad se chudaai to meri Hui
Sonam : me Bach gai .. Me jaanti hu tere saath bura hua lekin picchle 3 din me mere saath hua uska kya ..ek bus me kitne Mardo ke beech me nangi hoke meri choot chuswani parhi .. Bhare bazaar me 3 sabziwalo ne mujhe choda aur kitno ne meri choot ka mazaa liya ..kal raat ko ek 55 saal ke budhe se mujhe chudwaana paraa ..aur tu kehti he me Bach gai
Jacqueline on hearing this realized that sonam had faced much more than what she had faced .. She felt sorry and apologized to sonam for her outburst .. The three frineds decided to sleep the night in sonams house and in morning they will decide their further actions
What happened next .. In next update

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Old 2nd October 2015
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Update 14
When madhuri woke up from unconsciousness she was shocked to find herself hanging upside down from the tree just like baba had hanged Jacqueline .. Her kameez was still on her but as she was hanging upside down the flaps of kameez had slided abv her waist and her thighs her choot her gaand they were fully naked .. Wind was blowing directly at her choot and she was feeling cold ..and now she felt that her bladders were full and she needed to piss .. She looked for baba .. He was sitting under the tree in her dhyaan.. She called for him .. Baba baba
Baba : bol kya chhahiye
Madhuri : baba mere per latke latke buhut dard karne lage he mujhe plz neeche utaariye
Baba : Teri sazaa he ye ..dard to uthaana parega
Madhuri .. Baba agar aur latki rahi to mere per toot jayenge .. Mujhe plz neeche utaaro .. Aap Jo bolenge wo me karungi
Baba gave his head a jerk and soon she was on ground .. Then madhuri cudnt control it any longer and told baba :
Baba mujhe susu Aa raha he ..
Baba told her to get away from the tree .. He took her a little away from the tree and said
: yaha beth kar kar
Madhuri hesitated a little ... she didnt want to pee in front of a man
. Baba let's out a loud laugh.. :Tu adhnangi he .. Kucch der pehle teri choot meri aankho ke saamne jhaad se ulti latki thi .. Kuchh der pehle mene Teri gaand me apna ling daala tha aur tujhe mere saamne mootne me lajja aati he .. Chal beth yahi aur moot ..
Madhuri squatted there.. tried to hide her pussy lips with her hands and started to pee

Baba was looking at the scene .. Madhuri was a chubby sexy lady with muscular but tight thighs and a huge gaand .. And now she was squatting in front of baba which further enhanced her thighs chubbiness.. Baba saw that a stream of water came out from amongst her bushes .. It was like a stream flowing through a jungle .. Baba was staring at her bushy choot and the stream coming out from her choot lips .. He had an instant hard on.. The moment the stream stopped baba caught madhuris head opened his dhoti and put madhuris lips on his Lund .. And said to her : choos ise or choosti rehna jab tak ye shaant na ho jaae .. Madhuri had no choice .. It was a black ugly looking Lund but huge .. Madhuri sucked in reluctantly but baba pushed it inside her mouth with full force she almost choked on it .. Baba slapped madhuri on her face and said theek se choos .. Madhuri started taking it full in her mouth and kept sucking it licking it .. It went on for what felt like an eternity to madhuri till baba held madhuris head very tightly and released him cum in her mouth .. He held madhuris head tightly so that she can't pull it away and all his cum went in her mouth and he didn't release her head till she had swallowed it all ..

After that he told madhuri : kucchh der so jaa .. Abhi to bohot logo ko tujhe Anand Dena he ..
Madhuri felt disgusted and she didn't knew what was still left for her .. Wht happened next .. See next update

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Update 14
Next morning when the girls got up at sonams house they were thinking what to do next .. After seeing what happened to madhuri they ruled out going to any other person for help .. Sonam said she will have to find 7 strangers to suck her choot .. And she will have to do it early in the day becoz she cudnt take risk of going in public and having of one of those choot burning attacks and put her choot on another public display.. Tamanna was more worried .. She said that any guy would eagerly suck sonams choot but from where will she find some girls to suck her choot .. Finding lesbians amongst Indian was not a easy job .. They cud get it done by prostitutes .. But stepping in red light area was a big danger for them .. They were thinking what to do when doorbell rang .. Sonam opened her door and it was her bai divya ( imagine divya dutta .. The middle aged sexy slut who has done many movies .. Milkha's sister in bhaag milkha bhaag for reference)

Divya went to kitchen for cleaning .. Suddenly Jacqueline had an idea .. Baba had not mentioned that tamannas choot needs to be sucked by strangers .. It can be done by any lady .. Even if tamanna knows them.. So why not get it done by ladies they know like the bai divya .. And if they don't wanna do it they can always pay them money .. Tamanna liked the idea .. Sonam said directly offering her money may not work with divya as she is kind of a lady with self respect and she may not give in .. She says to tamanna that u try and turn her on if divya responds its good if she doesn't they will tell her directly what they want .. Tamanna says OK .. Jacqueline and sonam go out of the flat to give them free space .. Tamanna last night had wore sonams tee shirt and shorts while sleeping .. She removed the shorts and now she was only in a tee-shirt which reached just her choot .. Half her choot and almost whole of her gaand was visible from beneath the tee shirt .. After removing her shorts she went in kitchen where divya was washing dishes .. Divyas sight fell on tamannas choot and thighs and she noticed that she was naked below waist .. She ignored it and kept doing her work .. Tamanna went near the fridge and bent down purposefully so that now whole her gaand was out of tee-shirt and her soft milky gaand was on full display

.. Now she called divya : divya tumhe pata he orange juice ka dabba kaha he
Divya turned her face towards tamanna and saw the scene .. Her white milky gaand was facing divya .. It looked so soft so smooth so chikni

.. Divya started breaking a sweat she said .. Pata nahi memsaab ..
Then divya could take it no longer she said .. Memsaab aap neeche chaddi pehenna bhool Gaye ho aaj
Tamanna : nahi bhooli nahi .. Mere waha yaani us jagah par ek daani ho gai he .. Isliye waha dawaa lagai he or us jagah ko khulla chhora he
Divya says .. Arey memsaab dawaa wawaa chhoriye.. Waha naariyal ka tel lagaiye abhi theek ho jayegi
Tamanna .. Theek he tum lagaa do .. She said this and came behind divya .. Divya turned to face tamanna .. Tamanna sat down parted her legs and spread them wide open for divya.. her choot was on full display..she smiled seductively and pointed at her wide open choot choot which had little pubic bush there : dekho yaha he daani ..

Divya felt awkward .. But cudnt deny this small favor .. She took coconut oil bottle sat on her knees .. Got close to tamanna s choot and asked .. Kaha he daani ..
Tamanna says : theek se dekho wahi he
Divya brought her face closer to tamannas sexy choot .. First time divya was seeing any choot from so close .. She was strangely getting turned on .. Her face slightly brushed tamannas choot .. Tamanna was waiting for just that .. She got hold of divyas head and buried it in her choot .. Divya pulled herself back : ye aap kya kar rahi he memsaab
Tamanna : plz divya plz .. Meri madad Karo .. Meri choot KO Thanda kar do
Divya was in a shock she says : kabhi nahi.. Ye galat he
Tamanna : kucchh galat nahi .. Ye meri madad hogi.. Tumhaara mujh par ehsaan hoga .. Aur iske liye me tumhe paise bhi doongi
Divya thought she herself was getting a little turned on a little now .. She thoughts what's the harm in it .. She would also get extra money from it .. she was thinking her options when tamanna pounced on her took divyas head and buried it in her choot .. Slowly divya started sucking the choot.. She parted her bushes aside and took her pussy lips in her mouth

.. Now divya was getting really turned on .. Her choot was leaking under her Saree .. She started chewing at tamannas choot

.. Tamanna was moaning .. She didn't know whether this was really a punishment for her .. Yesterday she was sucked by her best friend and today by another lady .. And strangely she felt much more pleasure in getting her choot sucked by ladies then by boys .. Ladies sucked and licked the choot tenderly whereas boys are wild .. They are harsh .. Divya seemed an expert at sucking .. She was sucking licking inserting her tongue in her choot giving tamanna pleasure of her lifetime .. And while sucking her choot divya herself had hot so turned on that now she was holding tamannas gaand around her waist with her hands and squeezing her gaand and every now and then spanking it .after some minutes of sucking tamanna came and released her load on divyas face .. Tamanna had a great time and she was relieved .. She thanked divya
Divya : aise thank you se kaam nahi chalega madam .. Aap ne to apni choot thandi karwa li .. Magar meri choot me to aag lagi ise kon thandi karega .. Saying that she removed her Saree and threw it away then she lifted her petticoat above her waist to reveal her thighs and her choot .. Tamanna saw that divya wasn't wearing any panty .. The moment she lifted her petticoat her thighs and choot were on display

.. She had good looking fleshy light brown thighs .. It looked sexy .. And her choot was full of bushes .. She had a thick growth around her choot and her choot lips were completely hidden in the bush .. Divya lifted herself and landed her ass on kitchen counter .. Her petticoat was raised around her waist her gaand was on kitchen counter and her feets were hanging from the counter ..she parted her legs apart and opened her choot lips with her fingers to reveal the interiors of her choot

.. Her choot looked like it had lost all its tightness .. It wasn't a choot but more like what some people name as bhosra .. Aa choot which has become loose from years of fucking .. Divya though a bai and of poor background had good looks and sexy figure .. She had huge tight boobs firm fleshy thighs and a gaand to die for .. Many of her employers had fucked her regularly and she had earned good money with those fucks .. .. But lately her choot had become a bhosra very loose and her sahebs now dont enjoy it that much and her income has decreased .. And as a result she hardly gets enjoyment of being fucked. .. Her husband a bevra has not fucked her for years .. many a times she had to satisfy herself by using artificial things .. she had to use dildos in her bho0sra and her gaand..

So today when tamanna approached her she got charged up and it also opened a new way of earning money for her .. If her sahebs don't want her she can give pleasure to her memsaabs with her mouth

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Update 14 ( continued ... )
She was thinking of all this with her choot opened for tamanna .. She pointed at her choot with her hands, spread it a little and said to tamanna :
Chalo memsaab ho jaao shuru

Tamanna cudnt deny her .. She didn't like the look of her choot with all that bush but she had no choice .. She must return the favor .. She stepped between her spreaded legs set on her knees and buried her head in divyas choot .. Divya wrapped her legs around tamannas head and pushed it further in her choot.. She wanted tamanna to apply more pressure on her choot .. Squeeze it hard .. Tamanna dint like the smell of divya s choot .. And already it was so wet that all divyas juices were on tamannas face .tamanna slowly started licking divyas choot .. Divya with her fingers spread her choot lips and tamanna inserted her tongue in divyas choot .. Tamanna had never seen any other girls choot from so close let alone touch it .. And now she was licking and sucking the bhosra of a housemaid .. She cudnt believe her luck .. Divya was enjoying tamannas soft lips on her choot and was moaning loudly .. She kept applying pressure on tamannas head so that it squeezed her choot further .. Tamanna wanted divya to cum quickly so she sucked hard chewed did everything but years of fucking had increased divyas stamina .. She didn't cum quickly .. Tamanna was buried in divyas choot and her bushes for almost half an hour when she finally came and reached her orgasm .. When she came she firmly pressed tamannas face on her choot so that all juices were released on her face .. After she came she said ..mem Saab mazaa aaya .. Aur mera bill 2000
Tamanna said: lekin tumne bhi to mazaa liya
Divya .. Memsaab zaroorat aapki thi meri nahi .. Ab jaldi paise nikalo
Tamanna went in the room and gave her 2000 rs
Divya .. Aapki doosri dosto ko bhi meri service chhahiye to seedhe seedhe bata Dena .. Is tarah ghar me nangi ghoom ghoom ke uksaane ki zaroorat nahi .. 2000 me sab service mil jaigi .. She said that and rubbed her choot invitingly as She was still sitting on the counter with her legs apart and choot on display .. She now got down from the counter wore her saari and said .. Ab aapki aagya ho to ghar ka kaam kar lu
Tamanna left the kitchen .. 1 done 6 to go
How will sonam find a stranger to suck her choot .. Find in next update

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Update 15
Sonam and Jacqueline left tamanna with bai and went to the terrace as sonam dint want to be anywhere close to people fearing another choot burning attack ..she was desperate to find a stranger and get her today's quota of being fucked by a stranger over ...when they reached terrace they saw a young man of abt 20-22 .. Sonam had not seen him before .. She asked him what he was doing there .. He said he was a plumber and had come to sort out some pipelines .. Sonam thought here was the opportunity .. Sonam and Jacqueline went aside .. Jacqueline says: terrace par koi nahi he .. Me darwaaze par nazar rakhti hoo tu kucch bhi kar ke ise apna Pehla target banaa le
Sonam said OK .. She was wearing a pink silky night shorts and a white tee-shirt .. She went near to the plumber and asked .. Bhaiya mere ghar par shower theek karwana he kar doge ..
Plumber .. Memsaab shaam ko yaha abhi buhut kaam he
Sonam cudnt wait till evening .. She decided she ll have to get fucked here only ..
She went close to the place where plumber was working and knowingly tripped on a pipe and fell on plumber .. When she fell her soft boobs crushed against plumbers chest .. Plumber got hold of her .. When plumber was trying to help her stand on her feet she let out a loud cry .. Plumber : kya hua
Sonam : lagta he per me moch Aa gai .. Zara mujhe Sahara de kar ghar tak chhor doge ..
Plumber .. OK memsaab
Plumber helped her up .. He put her left hand over his shoulder and wrapped his right hand around sonams waist and gave her support in walking .. Sonams left boob was continuously brushing plumbers body .. As she was in her nighty she wasn't wearing any bra .. Touch of her boobs from under a thin teeshirt was turning plumber crazy .. She faked to slip while walking and plumbers right hand which was around sonams waist got hold of sonams gaand .. Again as she was in her nighty there were no panties and the feel of her soft ass over silky shorts gave plumber a huge hard on .. And now sonam as if accidently while walking brushed her left hand against his groin area .. Sonam cud feel his huge hard on .. She left her hand there and dint move it .. Plumber was sweating hard .. Sonam took the opportunity and took his right hand that was holding her waist and inserted it under her shorts over her gaand .. The feel of her naked soft gaand on his hands was the tipping point.. He turned sonam towards him and started kissing her feverishly .. His one hand was still in her shorts and he was pressing her gaand while his other hand was now pressing her boobs .. Sonam was now also kissing him feverishly .. Now plumber removed his hand from sonams shorts and pulled her tee-shirt above her head and threw it aside .. Now sonams white milky boobs were in front of his eyes .. Her boobs weren't huge but they were firm and soft like butter .. Her nipples were pink and they were erect ..

Plumber attacked her boobs and started sucking them one after other .. He licked them then bit her nipples ... he fondled them squeezed them pressed those boobs hard..

. Sonam let out soft moans .. She was enjoying it but she also knew they were on terrace and anytime someone cud come up and catch her naked with a plumber ...so she decided to quicken the process .. she said : kya boobs par hi saara zor lagaoge yaa choot tak bhi phochoge
Hearing such slutty words from a high class girl plumber got over the moon .. He sat on his knees and pulled down sonams pink silky shorts .. As the shorts slided down plumber cud see the scene of his life .. As the shorts was sliding down he cud see aa milky white heavenly choot emerging from beneath .. Clean shaven chikni choot ...its pink color texture made him crazy .. In his locality he had only seen bushy choots .. This cleanly shaven choot was a scene to remember ..

He dug his head in the choot and started sucking it licking it .. Sonam wanted him to fuck her and get it done .. So to further excite him she started her slutty talks
: kya re apne muh se hi mujhe chodega ya tere paas lund bhi he .. Meri choot to paani paani ho gai he ab tera lund dikha ise ..
Hearing this the plumber got super excited .... Then he made sonam lie on her back and spread her legs wide open..

He removed his trousers and undies to reveal a 7 inch fully erect lund .. Sonam was waiting for that Lund with her choot wide open .. But seeing a high class girl spread open in front of her he wanted more fun .. He again sunk his head between sonams legs and started taking soft bites at her choot .. Sonam was in seventh sky .. His bites at her choot were making her crazy .. She forgot that she was on an open terrace and was lying naked with a plumber .. She was immersed in pleasure .

. She cud not handle it any more she pleaded ... Plz plz ab daal do tumhaara Lund is choot me .. Ab sabar nahi hora .. The plumber now obliged .. He sat between her legs put the head of his Lund on her choot and gave a hard push .. Her choot was so wet the Lund slided in quite easily

.. Now the plumber started banging her .. The plumber being a young hard working man he had a great stamina .. He kept increasing the speed of his thrust and fucked her hard till sonam reached her orgasm .. But he wasn't done yet .. He now lied down and made sonam sit on top of him .. Sonam sat on top of him and took his Lund in her choot .. Now he was pushing from beneath and sonam was jumping on him being fucked from beneath.. Her soft boobs were jumping up and down with her and plumber was getting crazy seeing them

.. Sonam knew that he needs to cum while fucking her choot then only he will be counted as the first of 7 .. Sonam was surprised at his stamina and after almost 15 mins of fucking sonam from beneath he finally came and released his load in her pussy .. Sonam quickly got up and took her pants and was wearing it when plumber caught her pants and spanked her gaand and said ..
Abhi tu sirf choot maari he .. 10 min ruk is Lund ko khara hone de or dekh kaise me Teri gaand maarta hu..
Sonam said .. Bas mujhe abhi jaane do .. Or yaha Jo hua uska zikr kisi se mat Karna
Plumber : aise kaise jaane du .. Teri is gaand me to me apna Lund daal ke rahunga
Sonam snatched away her pants from him and said .. Zyada maghazmaari ki to abhi yaha shor machaungi or tum par rape ka ilzaam laga doongi .. Samjhe
Hearing that .. Plumber left her .. She wore her pants and tee-shirt and ran down the stairs .. She counted one finished out of 7 .. But she didn't knew that they weren't alone on terrace
Who else was on the terrace .. Keep reading the updates

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REPPS added. SOOO HOTTTTTT> Super super super

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Update 16
Sonam met Jacqueline on stairs who was keeping a watch for her .. As soon as sonam reached her she said : kya sazaa bhugat rahi thi ya mazaa le rahi thi ?? Itni der kyo lagi.. Sonam : arey yaar buhut der lagi use orgasm lag phochne me .. Saale ka stamina bohot that ..
Jacqueline : aur us stamina ki aar me tune achhi tarah se chudai ke maze le liye.. Oh my god chudai ?? Ye hamari language aisi down market kyu ho gai he .. When coming downstairs they met two guys who kept looking straight at Jacqueline's thighs or rather at her choot area .. Jacqueline gave them a glare when they paased she said to sonam : in ladko ko sharam bhi nahi aati .. Seedhe hamari jhaango ke beech me nazar maarte he jaise unki aankho me xray laga ho .. On sonams floor they met one lady who also quite awkwardly stared straight at Jacqueline's thighs and gave an awkward smile .. Jacqueline knew something was wrong .. She looked down and saw there were some blood stains on white skin tight spandex pants she had borrowed from sonam .. Stains were right abv her choot .. And that's why all were staring there .. She felt embarrassed .. She thought she got her periods but her periods were done last week only .. So what was this blood .. She rushed into sonams flat .. Went in bathroom and stood in front of mirror and pulled down her spandex pants .. Her chikni choot was revealed .. She had a close look at her choot .. Her choot was very sour due to the fucking she had recieved from the wooden stick .. She had bruises around her choot and one of those bruises was now bleeding .. Sonam came and knocked on bathroom door .. Jacqueline asked her to enter .. Sonam entered and saw her friend standing pants and panties down and examining her choot ..

Sonam : kya hua
Jacqueline : dekh us haramzaade jhaad ne meri choot ki kya haalat ki gai.. She turned and pointed at her choot .. Sonam knelt down and had a close look at her choot .. It had many bruises .. Sonam said ruk me dawai lagaa deti hu .. Sonam went in room brought her first aid box and took out an antiseptic cream .. She put some cream on her finger and started applying that cream on Jacqueline's choot .. There was a bruise on her choot lip .. She put some cream there and started rubbing her choot lip with her finger to spread the cream .. Sonam used to rub the cream on jacquelines choot lips and on other areas around her choot .. She first put cream there then spread it with her fingers and massage it and then she used to blow air there softly just to dry the cream .. The combination of rubbing massaging and blowing was becoming too much for Jacqueline and she had started to moan softly and bite her lips .. Then when sonam just touched her clitoris while massaging Jacqueline cudnot resist anymore .. She held sonams head and pushed it between her thighs

.. Sonam was shocked .. And exactly at that time divya opened the washroom door .. She had come to clean the toilets .. She looked at them bewildered and said:
Mujhe laga aap dono baahar gai he .. Then she smiled a crooked smile .. Entered the bathroom came near sonam and squeezed her gaand softly and said
: mujhe pataa nahi thaa ke aap teeno dosto se kucch zyada he .. She again smiled..
Sonam: ye kya bakwaas kar rahi ho
Divya : bakwaas ?? Abhi abhi aapki ek dost ko thanda kar ke aai hu .. Aur yaha doosra program chal raha he
Sonam: tum galat samajh rahi ho
Divya : aapka munh unki taango ke beech me tha aur me galat samajh rahi hu
Jacqueline was standing there naked .. Sonams massage had turned her on and she desperately needed a release .. She interrupted the 2 and said
: divya .. Jaise tumne tamanna ko thandaa kiya mujhe bhi kar do ... Plz jaldi
Divya smiled .. Came close to Jacqueline and sitting on her knees started kissing Jacqueline's choot .. The feel of divyas lips on her choot made Jacqueline's hornier .. She lifted her tee-shirt and threw it aside and revealed her boobs .. What a pair of boobs she had .. Her 34 c size boobs were like butter lobes .. Smooth milky white and firm .. She had brown nipples which were now standing fully erect .. She started squeezing her boobs with her both hands while divya was busy with her choot ..
As sonam had just applied antiseptic cream there while kissing her choot she was having a taste of cream in her mouth .. So she took the hand shower brought it near her choot and opened it .. And started washing her choot with the water from the shower .. Divya held the shower in one hand and kept pouring water while she washed her choot with other .. She rubbed Jacqueline's choot and washed it thoroughly with her hands .. she many times inserted her hands inside jacquelines choot while washing it from inside

.. Jacqueline loved the feel of water on her hot steaming choot .. After washing it divya again sunk her head between Jacqueline's legs .. She licked the water from her choot and all the sorrounding area .. Jacqueline was loving divyas tongue all over her choot .. Her bruised choot was loving divyas tenderness.. Jacqueline now .. Sat down on washroom floor with her back against the wall and opened her legs wide open ...

She held divyas head and guided it to her choot .. Divya obeyed and sucked and chewed and licked her choot then opened her pussylips and inserted her tongue inside .. She continued till Jacqueline had a massive orgasm .. She doubted she had such an orgasm before .. Divya who had just had an orgasm with tamanna was turned on again ..she removed her Saree and then lifted her petticoat .. Jacqueline was still sitting on floor exhausted by her orgasm .. Divya came close to her .. Jacqueline cud see that divya had lifted her petticoat and Jacqueline cud see her bushy choot .. She knew what divya wanted .. Divya came near Jacqueline and put her petticoat over Jacqueline's head .. Now Jacqueline's head was under divyas petticoat .. Divya guided jacquelines head to her bhosra and Jacqueline though dint like its smell but she started licking it and sucking it .. Divya s bushes were wet with her juices .. Jacqueline kept sucking till divya reached her orgasm ..
After reaching her orgasm divya removed Jacqueline's head from under her petticoat and said .. Madam meri fees aapki dost tamanna se poochh Lena.. Saying this divya left the bathroom .. Jacqueline looked around for sonam but she had left ages ago .. She cudnt digest the scene of her friend doing lesbian act with her baai .. When divya came out of bathroom she went near sonam and without warning put her hand at sonams crotch and said .. Jab yaha aag lage to mujhe bula Lena .. She winked and left

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Update 17
Madhuri was woken up by something wet feeling around his thighs .. She opened her eyes and she was horrified to see a fox licking her thighs .. She let out a scream .. Baba was standing nearby .. He said
Ghabra mat ye jaanwar nahi he isme ek taantrik ki aatma ka waas he .. Ye tujhe koi nuqsaan nahi phochaega .. Bas tera bhog chhahiye ise
Madhuri was shocked : nahi baba nahi .. Mujhe chhor do
Baba : phir wahi raag shuru .. 7 din lag tere is jism se mujhe kaink aatmaao KO tript Karna he
Madhuri screams : plz ..mujhe jaane do.. In the next moment baba jerks his head and madhuri is pushed back towards the tree .. Her back is against the tree and with next jerk some invisible hands start pulling madhuris legs apart .. till now madhuris torn kameez like 2 flaps of a robe and bra were still hanging on her body ..
Baba: ab is kapre ko hata hi dete he ..he comes near madhuri and with full force tears the kameez away .. Next moment he holds her lacy black bra and tears it away as well .. Now madhuri s globes are on display .. Baba has a good look at it .. Her boobs were huge 36 d in size .. They were like big headlights with a big brown patch on them and brown nipples.. Mahudri tried to cover them with her hands but one jerk of babas head and the hands flew open
madhuris was now stark naked .. her boobs her thighs her choot her gaand all were on display.. she was sitting down her legs were pulled apart by some invisible force .. her choot wide open and she desperately trying to cover it with her hands

.. And now without warning the fox was on her .. It started licking her boobs with his tongue .. Her face .. Her neck .. Her tummy .. Every inch of her body was being licked by it .. Madhuri was so shocked she cudnt utter a word and now the fox started licking her choot

.. Fox's wet tongue was now between her choot .. Fox was licking it as if sipping water from a river .. Its tongue was stroking her choot and strangely madhuri was liking it.. now the fox started biting the choot .. Madhuri let out a scream .. But it just slowly dig its teeth and removed it .. It was playing with her .. After the fox licked her choot for sometime baba came near madhuri and held her tight and made her bend in doggy position .. Madhuri tried to resist baba gave her a tight slap and said
: iski aadat daal le ..abhi to bohot baaki hai
Madhuri tried to say something and another slap was received on her face ..madhuri gave in
Madhuri was on her fours and the fox got behind her .. Climbed her from behind and from behind entered her choot

.. Though the body was of fox but the lust was of a human.. The fox entered her choot from behind and kept fucking her mercilessly .. Madhuri was numb now .. She never wud have thought she would be fucked by an animal .. The fox kept banging her choot and after a few minutes entered her gaand from behind .. now the fox was fucking her gaand

after sometimes she was numb she never knew when fox was satisfied and it released her .. She was just numb .. the fox had mercilessly fucked her gaand and choot for half hour
The moment fox let her go baba came to her pushed her on ground opened his dhoti and started fucking her
This time baba was more wild .. While fucking her choot he sunk his teeths in her boobs and with every stroke of his Lund in her pussy there was a bite on her boobs ... he squeezed her boobs and slapped it.. Madhuri kept screaming with every slap

when baba finally finished and released his load in her by that time her boobs had turned violet from babas bites and slaps .. Baba got up and madhuri kept lying therenumb... her legs spread .. Choot spread waiting for some other thing to fuck her .. By the time sun set that day she was fucked by a another fox and a dog and twice by the tree roots .. Her choot was now like a shop where anyone cud enter and which never shut ..
Now whats happening with the girls lets see in next update

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Update 18
Sonam decided that rather then looking for a stranger to fuck in the morning why not get someone in the night after midnight to finish the days quota .. So she went to a pub.. She looked around but either there were couples or either group of guys .. She dint find a good target .. She decided to return and look somewhere else .. She hailed a taxi .. The driver was around 35- 40 year old decent looking guy .. She decided why not make him her target .. Sonam was wearing a bright yellow very short dress .. Her sexy milky smooth buttery thighs were on full display

.. She asked taxi driver to keep the lights inside the taxi on .. She behaved like she was drunk .. When she sat on rear seat she sat in a way that her legs were parted and if the driver viewed in the rear view mirror he could see right between her legs till her panty .. She knew a pantys view turns men on so she had worn a contrasting white panty so that whenever she shows her panty anybody cud notice it ... She left her legs parted so that driver can see her panty and get turned on ..

She then appeared dozing .. She saw from the side of her eyes driver sneaking looks from the mirror and he was having a great view .. She decided to turn the heat on and as if accidently while dozing she spread her legs further apart ...she also raised her legs above the seat and spread them apart so that the driver had a clear view of her white panty and her underthighs

she kept spreading her legs wider and wider .. she spread it so wide that the dress around choot area had completely slided up and now her panty was on full view ..

She cud feel the driver perspiring .. She expected the driver to do something but he was too decent .. He just kept on driving .. She knew she was provoking a man and she might end up getting brutally raped but she had no choice .. The driver now seemed had stopped looking back .. She had to do something .. She said in a drunken voice .. Bhaiya mujhe susu Karna hai .. Driver : memsaab yaha kaha karengi .. Thori der me ghar Aa jayega
Sonam in drunken voice : gaari roko jaldi nahi to mujhe gaari me hi Aa jayegi ..
Driver stopped the taxi on the roadside .. It was an empty road .. Driver said : udhar jhaariyo me kar lo
Sonam remembered that the whole story had started when she had decided to pee in bushes .. She won't do that mistake again in her life .. She says
: mujhe jhariyo me Dar lagta he .. And then without any warning she lifted her dress to reveal her panty .. And then while standing upright and in full view of the taxi driver slowly .. Deliberately slowly .. Pulled down her panty .. Driver cud see the panty sliding down and a clean shaven pinkish white chikni choot emerging ..

Sonam pulled the panty till her knees .. Squatted down on the side of road and facing the driver whose gaze was fixed on sonams choot started peeing .. White streams came gushing from the caves of her pink choot ..

The driver had a full hard on .. He kept gazing at sonams choot till the stream stopped ..his eyes were fixed at that sexy chikni choot of sonam which was gushing out water like a stream..

Sonam still sitting in squating position asked .. Gaari me tissue hai ?? Driver went to the cab and brought tissue packet .. Sonam took the tissues and right in front of the driver started cleaning her choot with the tissue .. She rubbed her choot many times with the tissue and the driver watching every movement of her hand on her choot .. She then got up her choot in full view for driver and started pulling up her panties ... this time she stood a little side on while pulling up the panties .. so that driver can have a look at her sexy milky gaand as well.. she knew if her choot was not enough to hook the driver her sexy smooth gaand will surely do the job

. When panty reached the thighs she stopped and said .. Zara ek tissue aur do .. when the driver put his hand forward to give her the tissue she held his hand and guided it straight to her choot .. The drivers hand was right on her choot when she said : tum apne haath se is choot ko saaf kar do ..this was cue enough for the driver that the girl badly wanted a fuck .. With his hand on her choot he started rubbing it wildly .. Sonam said : yaha nahi .. Gaari me .. Sonam jumped inside the car on back seat and removed her panties completely and lifted her dress above her waist and spread her legs open

.. The driver jumped inside and buried his head in sonams choot .. The choot was smelling of pee but he even loved that smell .. He in his life had only seen the dark colored choot of his wife covered with thick hair .. A clean shaven pinkish choot was something he had never seen .. He kisses and sucked every inch of it till he cud control no more .. He lowered his pants removed his 5 inch Lund and inserted it in sonams choot .. Sonam was also enjoying the act now .. In recent days she had taken much bigger lunds inside her .. So this was a little disappointment .. But she wanted second out of seven done and dusted .. The driver kept pushing his Lund in and out of her and gave her some thrusts till he came and released his loads .. Sonam hadnt reached her orgasm yet so she held his head and asked him to suck her choot till she finally came .. Then he let him go .. When he got up from her sonam screamed and said : ye tumne kya kiya .. Mere nashe ka faida uthakar mera rape kiya .. Driver was stunned : ye aap kya keh rahi hai ??
Sonam : agar tum chhahate ho ki me shot na machaau to yaha Jo hua wo kisi ko batana mat varna khaali khaali tume court ke chakkar kaatne parenge ..
Driver: me kisi se nahi kahunga
Sonam : chalo mujhe ghar chhor do
When taxi reached her apartment sonam adjusted her dress and started to get out when she realized she had forgot her panty inside .. When she was abt to take it driver said : memsaab rehne dijiye ise mere pass .. Aapki nishani ki taraha
Sonam smiled and threw the panty at him and walked inside her building .. Fucked by a driver and giving him her panty as a momento .. She had become a perfect slut ..
Next update .. There will be the big gaand queen .. Rank mukherjee .. Keep reading and keep shagging .. And post some comments to boost my morale

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