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Old 3rd January 2017
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Hem is turning into a slut. Fucks a tv remote & a veggie this time(Anal,toys)

Hem was 20, and in college. She had black hair and fantastically bouncy round melon tits. Her lips and eyes and gave her the most adorable fuck me face. She had a little fat on her tummy, and it gave her a perfect full figure. Her little shaved pussy was always wet and aching for more.

Hem just arrived from college. Her panties were soaked as she had thought about Riddhi licking her pussy as a porn star she adored fucked it. She opened the door. Riddhi hadn’t returned yet. She put down her books. Locked the door, and pulled her pants down. She scanned the room quickly looking for the first object that would satisfy her lust. She sat down on the couch and found just the thing. The tv remote control.

"Perfect, I haven't tried that yet. " Hem thought to herself. She peeled her panties down her legs as her own sticky wet cum clung to her pussy. She was soaked. The little black remote grazed up and down her glistening labia to pick up a fresh coat of lube before she lifted her leg and pressed it against the sphincter of her ass. Hem imagined it was instead the hard cock of a student. That tall fellow in the front row, he always took a look at her cleavage when they passed by each other. She noticed even though she was staring right back at the bulge between his legs. No, the professor. He had been married for 20 or more years, but was boring as hell, he must have some serious skills to have 6 children with one woman. And he always looked at the all the girls in class, all but staring at the busty ones. She pretended just then it was his hard cock pushing up her ass as she popped the remote in. Finally she felt the stretch of something penetrating her behind. Her little round asshole comfortably stretched to take in the square top of the remote, and with her other hand she started twisting her big pale nipple under her shirt. Then she pushed a little more in. Hem smiled ear to ear as she started to pull it out just a little then shove it in even deeper. The device worked itself down into her butt until it reached the first row of convex bumpy buttons.

"Ah. " She exclaimed, moving her hand down to her open waiting and dripping clit. The remote sank past the first set of button, then she pulled it back out. This wasn't her first time, she was just warming up, she pushed the whole remote all the way in. Just enough was left out for two fingers to pull the black box back out, before she plunged in back inside.

"Mmmmmmmf. " Every bump felt amazing on her insides. She pulled the remote in and out over and over. Her clit throbbed as she rubbed it furiously in time with her savage anal pulsations,and she felt herself edging closer to a volcanic climax. She rubbed and rubbed while working her asshole with the remote, but had the feeling that it simply wasn't enough. Again she scanned the room with her lust filled eyes for something that could give her a good anal stretch. The fridge, she thought,always something good in there. She got up, leaving the remote in place and waddled over to the kitchen, her butt wiggling and shaking as if she had a little tail. She opened the refrigerator and found just the perfect item in the vegetable cooler. A delicious squash that was golden yellow, nice and firm, and bulged out on one end to be absolutely massive. She was not at all sure if the whole vegetable would fit inside her, but she knew she simply must find out. This time she grabbed a bit of slick lube from beside the bed as she lay down and properly coated everything. She pushed out the remote and then started with the narrow end of her new veggie friend. Hem pushed hard to get the squash past the puckered hole, but then relaxed as she felt the real stretch begin.

Hem pushed the plant in deeper, her legs thrashed in the air as she felt herself opening wider and wider. As the squash came close to the halfway mark she moved her hand from her clit down to the vegetable to force it deeper with two hands. And it slid in another inch. She writhed in her bed, sweet divine ecstasy coursed through her body and she felt split into two. She wondered as she worked the squash down to the end if it was now as thick as two or three regular cocks filling up her ass. She remembered her first porn magazine, the one with two guys banging a slut. She dreamed of their cum lubing up her crack for the next stallion to take her on. She was nearly there, her breasts bounced and shook as her legs bucked, and she kept moving her fingers back to her needy clit. The big end, that would do it, she felt the power of a colossal orgasm coming on.

She pushed the squash deeper, panting hard and sweating all over, she moaned and fought to take the huge object ever deeper. Almost there she thought, almost to the maximum stretch. Just before she had the squash into its widest point she took her hand away, made a tight fist and slipped the whole thing inside her pussy.

"Ahhh GOD THAT'S GOOD. FUCK! " Hem shouted. Her body spasming as she passed over into thrashing climax. Her hand kept pressing down on her vegetable and she squeezed her pussy lightly around her fist. She shook like that, cumming over and over in waves of pleasure. She locked up her jaw, her arms and her legs, her neck twisted around, her toes curled up. She couldn't breath and she kept her eyes closed.

"Fuck." She cried again, shaking on. She tried to pull her hand out but it was firmly locked in place by her iron trap pussy clamped tight around her own arm. She felt wet suddenly and realized she was squirting profusely. She rocked back and forth and finally, gradually she came down from her ograsm. She drew in a deep breath and panted for a while.

That was when she realized, the squash was missing. It had completely disappeared up her tush. She suddenly felt proud and slightly worried as to how she would get it out, but also amazed that she had finally taken something so large into her rectum. She hadn't been stretched out like that since those foreign exchange students had had her ass as a pincushion orgy.

Those were flexible lads.

Hem was still glowing from her orgasm when she started to play with her ass a little. She had removed her pussy fist and was circling her gaping anus with her wet pussy juice fingers. Just inside she could feel the vegetable, only and inch it seemed. But her butthole was closing and it seemed like the squash was getting further away. She plunged her hand in after it trying to grab onto the stem of the veggie to pull it back out.

'This is arousing' She thought to herself. There she was, wrist deep in her own ass, with a vegetable just out of her reach inside of her, and her own sweet cum all over her legs and bedsheets.

With one deep gasp Hem grabbed the squash’s stem and a wild orgasm ripped through her body. She barely managed to hold on the stem. She pulled the squash out and instinctively licked it.
And Hem loved it! She wondered how would Riddhi’s ass taste.

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Old 8th January 2017
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as per ts request

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Old 9th January 2017
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Hem goes on a date with a guy. And then returns home to masturbate with Riddhi

Hem was trying to decide on whether to select the right bananas for the following day, and was leaning toward a bunch that was slightly green.

"You don't want to do that," a voice over her shoulder said knowingly.

Hem spun around to confront the voice. Standing there was the handsomest male specimen she had ever laid eyes on. He stood a tad under six foot, with dark, wavy, manageable hair. As her eyes widened in shock, she felt her knees melt. A split second later, she knew her voice-box was malfunctioning.

Fortunately for Hem, Mohan didn't notice she was speechless; he was caught up in her huge breasts.

"What... what I meant by that," Mohan said, "was that it's better to select some green bananas, along with a couple ripe, but not too ripe bananas. That way," he continued, forcing his eyes away from her full chest, "some are ready to be eaten right away, and some a day or two later. The total effect is that none spoil."

"Y... yeah," Hem managed to get out, after remembering to take a breath. "I knew that," she added for effect.

"Of course you did," Mohan said immediately.

And they stood there unable to pronounce another word, until one of the store's produce workers, with a dolly full of five-pound bags of potatoes, found them blocking his path, and cleared his throat, saying, "Excuse me, please."

they both moved aside -- winding up on opposite sides of the dolly.

Mohan gave the clerk a look that failed to faze the worker at all. But he had work to do and moved on. A moment later, Hem and Mohan were eye to eye - well, that's a reach, but they were staring into each other's eyes.

"What else are you buying?" Mohan asked after a brief interlude.

"I... I'm not sure," Hem told him.

Thinking quickly, Mohan said, "Well, what I usually do is walk up and down the aisles. That way I'll pass just about everything in the store, and going with the old saying, 'I'll know it when I see it, I get just about everything I need."

"That's a super idea!" Hem blurted out, and immediately regretted it.

"Mind if I walk the aisles with you?" Mohan asked politely.

"Yes! I mean, no, not at all," Hem said, and cursed her ineptitude in handling what had to be a routine conversation.

A moment later, she realized that he was looking at her breasts. This both embarrassed and flattered her. She had become used to the boys at school ogling her boobs on a daily basis. But this time-

"My name's Mohan. I live in St. Sebastian Hostel."

"I'm pleased to meet you, Mohan. I'm Hem. I live on Our Lady Hostel."

"Why, isn't that a coincidence" We're practically neighbors," he said, and smiled down at Hem.

"College?" he asked innocently enough.
“St Anne" Hem said. The lie came quickly to her tongue.

"Oh, me too!”

And so it was that Mohan called on Hem Friday night, ostensibly to take her to the movies.
That night Hem told Riddhi everything that had happened in the theatre.
All they had done was kiss. Hem was terrified and so was Mohan. She had been leaking wet and he had been rock hard but none of them had made a move.
Riddhi had just come back to the hostel and was now sitting naked on the opposite bed.
"You wanna?"

"Wanna what?" Hem asked, already knowing what lay in store for them.


"What?” Hem was already touching her pussy through her panties. She didn't close her eyes then, but locked her eyes on Riddhi's.

Riddhi sat alongside Hem, eyes riveted on her friend's crotch. After a few minutes, during which she hardly seemed to blink, the moisture levels in Hem's panties increased, and they began to drag more. When the panties began hanging up between her vaginal lips as she stroked herself, her hands changed their positions.
Riddhi licked her lips which had gone very dry. She could no longer keep her hands still, and found herself pinching her right nipple. Moments later, her panties began to trouble her, and she pushed at her waistband with her other hand.

She too, had a dark spot at the center of her crotch. She glanced at Hem's crotch and saw the material there was soaked, and plastered to her skin. It revealed a perfect outline of what lay beneath since it had molded itself to her shape and was now partly translucent in the bargain.

Riddhi squeezed her nipple even harder on seeing the hint of hair at the top of Hem's slit, and a crease in the center of the material that disappeared between her pussy lips.

Hem sighed as her left hand finally made it inside her panties, pulling the fold free of her crease and her fingers pushed inward to achieve more direct contact. Her eyes opened again, and she too, reached for her breast, giving it a slight squeeze.

They examined each other, looking for some aberration in the other, and finding none; each girl rested her hands on their upper thighs and waited for the other to renew the masturbating.

Hem went first, sliding her hand inward, to the apex of her crotch, and the glistening wetness of her pubic hair. A thought seemed to strike her, and she looked down at herself. Her lower lip came out in a pout, and a moan escaped her throat as she used her forefingers to gently spread the lips of her sex. It opened only slightly, revealing the long peak of her clitoral hood and the bright pink of the gash between.

In a voice that revealed its tension from the dry inflection of each word spoken, Riddhi said, "Can you open it a little wider?"

Hem's eyes sparkled with excitement as she pressed her fingers firmer, and pulled her labia further apart, opening flowerlike, permitting Riddhi a glimpse of her urethra, and her vaginal tunnel.

"You'd like something in there, wouldn't you?"

"Mmmm, I'd like to try. I'd like to find out how it feels with the real thing instead of just the tip of a finger."

Riddhi excitedly chirped, "Well, we'll have to settle for our fingers for the moment. Watch me."

And Hem paused to look as Riddhi began to tease her clit while inserting another finger into her hole.

Riddhi grunted as she obviously felt a very pleasant sensation ripple through her body.

Hem copied her friend's movements and was soon grunting happily herself.

Riddhi moved on. Now she had two fingers from her right hand twirling in a tight circle at the top of her pussy, titillating her clitoris, while the index finger of her left hand was jabbing relentlessly at her cunt. Her breathing was beginning to get a little deeper, and a slight flush had crept into the skin of her upper chest.

Hem, hearing a squishy sound coming from her friend, glanced at Riddhi's pussy and saw the juices seeping out of her as they were seemingly stirred by her plunging, jabbing finger.

Once again, she emulated her best friend, teasing her clit and punching her index finger into her own very moist hole. Hem's eyes widened and her mouth hung open as if not believing the pleasure she felt.

Hem began to massage her right nipple. She realized that she was panting with excitement, and moaned happily, pressing the stiffened nubbin against her finger with her thumb, then rubbing the tip of her red lacquered nail over the trapped point. This action sent a series of superb thrills directly to her loins, and caused her to cup her other hand so that as her finger surged into her vagina, she was also slapping her palm sharply against her clit.

Hem was lost in a wave of pleasure and made no attempt to respond, and so Riddhi copied her and was soon moaning with joy as she too, shared in the titillating sensations the slapping brought.

A minute may have passed, before it occurred to Riddhi to add another finger. Doing so increased the sensations and she called this to Hem's attention.

Hem went one better, adding not one, but two more fingers into her sopping cunt. Twenty seconds later her eyes were bulging, and her head lolling from side to side as her vagina was spread wider than Hem had believed possible.

Soon both girls had their heads thrown back as the breath whooshed in and out of their lungs in ragged surges. Both girls' chests were flushed a bright red, as if badly sunburned.

Hem was squeezing her left breast, fingers sliding across the sensitive, darkened areola without coming into contact with the rigid nubbin. The very tip of the nipple itself had gone white in its rigidity and excitement.

Between her legs, her thick, protruding outer lips had flushed with color in the past few minutes and the vaginal opening itself now gaped open, ready to accept larger things.

Both girls' hands were moving furiously now, quick hard strokes, each one a slap against the now distended hood shrouding her clitoris. Each was using three fingers, and each inward plunge seemed to not only stretch the hole from side to side, but with the addition of the slaps to their clits, the invading fingers were pulling upwards as well.

Suddenly, a groan sounded in Riddhi's throat and her head snapped to the left, her body twitched, and her right foot fell off the bed onto the floor. The fingers of her right hand slammed savagely into her pussy again and again, until suddenly, the hand froze there. Her back arched, her breathing stopped. Everything about her seemed to be on hold, and she remained so for what to Hem seemed the longest time. Then her right foot twitched, once, twice and a third time and she slumped in place, her back slouching against the pillows behind her.

Then Hem intensified her own fingering and within seconds was replicating the almost violent orgasmic tremors just undergone by Riddhi. She could not believe the buzz of ecstasy rampaging through her entire being and was soon lost in the chaotic bliss of it all, collapsing alongside Riddhi and laying there sizzling until the orgasm started to fade away.

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Old 10th January 2017
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nice and elaborate bro... superb... waiting for a sensual and erotic first encounter from her...
fanatizer of beautiful actress....

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Old 10th January 2017
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nice hot

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Hem's first cock-Part 1

A week passed, and Hem dreamed nightly of Mohan and his sweet kisses, only to end up having Riddhi satisfy her needs.
Midway through the second week AD, as she turned the corner on the way to the pharmacy, and walked right into his arms.


"Well, hi there, beautiful," Mohan said happily.

"You didn't call and..." Hem began.

"Want to go for a ride?"

"Yes! But let me pick up a prescription from the pharmacy first, all right?"

"Sure. I'll be right outside waiting," he told her.

Hem ran inside, her heart beating like crazy, and as she made her purchases, her mind went wild thinking of what they might do when he parked the car.

Mohan saw her come out and he opened the passenger door for her, and she hopped in, tossing her packages in the backseat.

"We gonna go park someplace?" she asked nervously.

"We could."

"Its daylight, you know? I mean anybody could happen by and see us."

"Well, I do know where are the keys to a friend’s apartment. He wouldn’t mind us going there.”

"Um, yeah, sure, let's go," Hem said. Mohan noted that her hands were shaking. He ran two red lights in his haste to get her up into the apartment. He knew that she was ready to put out for him, and he was horny as hell.

Surprisingly, once they were in the apartment, neither seemed to be in that much of a hurry, and so they started things off with a long, languid kiss. Mohan had watched a porno flick the night before, and brought some aspects of the kissing from a lesbian sequence into play, by licking Hem's tongue once they began to French kiss.

"Mmm, you taste good," he murmured into her ear as they came up for air.

"You must be a mind reader," Hem whispered back, "I was gonna say the same thing."

Of course, Hem was at least as horny as Mohan, perhaps more, and the kiss really turned her on. Any thought of not giving herself to him evaporated as she melted into his torrid kisses.

Sensing her surrender, Mohan began to explore her with his hands, sliding them under her top to play with her young, resilient breasts and then with Hem moaning with passion, down to the hem of her skirt to slide his hand under and daring to stroke her young pussy through her panties.

There was no rush. He removed her top, and then his T-shirt, while they kissed and fondled each other. But when he reached for the clasp of her bra, Hem stiffened, and shook her head.

"Not yet..."

Mohan sighed, pulled her close, and cupped her ass. She let it go, almost purring in his ear before renewing their kiss. He attempted to remove the bra again, this time there was no resistance. And with their next embrace, her nipples grazed over his chest and Mohan felt as if sparks were flying off of his body from the sizzling heat they generated.

After a few more minutes of sharing mouths and tongues, they broke for air.

"Are you all right?" he asked.

"Oh, sure," she gasped.

He renewed his kisses and found himself listening to the tenor of her receptive moans. Finally, he abandoned her sweet mouth to kiss and suckle on her dark chocolate tipped nipples, stopping only when her pelvis began to jerk upward against his leg.

Mohan marveled aloud at the beauty of her breasts, and Hem's loins grew wetter and wetter. She busied herself caressing his face, neck and shoulders as he gently explored her breasts and then her nipples.

Hem's hands moved around his waist until she found his belt buckle. She opened it with no trouble, and then tugged the zipper down, joyously exulting in the feel of his hardness as she did.

He wore no underwear and his erection sprang out.

Hem moved back with some alacrity then paused to study his manhood. It was the first adult erection she had ever seen aside from the pictures in magazines and porn videos.

"You're leaking," she said in wonder.

"You did that to me," he croaked.

The moment her fingers glanced along his rock-hard shaft, her moved to undo her jeans. To Mohan's delight, Hem offered no resistance, allowing him to pull both her jeans and thong off of her and drop them on the floor next to the bed.

For the next minute or so, they were both preoccupied with examining the other's sex.

Hem marveled at the silken feel of his cock, and instinctively began to jerk him off. Mohan's face was inches from her heavily haired mound, and the aroma of her sex made him dizzy.

He was the first to utter a word.

"You're dripping too," he said.


She reached between her legs with her free hand and felt the wetness. "Oh, wow!" she gasped, "You did that to me," she said, repeating his words to her moments earlier.

His hands caressed the length of her right leg and Hem shivered from the delightful sensations.

Mohan worked his mouth down and across her stomach, her navel, and finally onto her shaved mound

Hem groaned and heaved her pussy upward, in hopes of finding his mouth. He didn't fight her off, and slowly paid homage to her wet virginity by going down on her. Hem thought she was going to lose her mind. She couldn't breathe, she couldn't move, and she was unable to think coherently. 'This is fantastic, ' she thought, 'I can't wait to tell Riddhi!'

Seconds later she realized that she wasn't getting laid. 'Not yet, anyhow, ' she told herself, and then giggled.

Mohan's tongue surged around her clit and Hem yelped in gleeful surprise.

And then he was devouring her. His warm, liquid lips made Hem's legs rubbery. He sucked hard on her cunt, felt her inner walls pulse once, twice, three times; and Hem exploded with her first orgasm by someone other than herself.

Of all the sensations rippling though her, Hem fixed on his mouth and hands, and came again.

Mohan paused long enough to allow Hem to regain her breath, and then he parted her legs and mounted her, teasing her pussy by rubbing the head of his cock over her swollen labia.

“Just do it!” Hem said and Mohan kissed her softly on the mouth.

Hem tasted her juices on him, and almost came again. 'God! I'm so hot and horny, ' she thought and spread her legs even more in anticipation.

His cock spread her labia as he pressed the cockhead against her opening. Hem moaned with pleasure.

"Let me know if it hurts, now. Don't be a hero."

"Heroine," she said, correcting him.

"Whatever," he said and sank the head into her crease.

Hem grunted.

"Hurt?" he asked with genuine concern.

"No... keep going," she answered.

He pushed a little harder. She grunted twice, but pulled him against her.

Slowly he sank his cock into her. He paused, listening for any sign of pain on her part. There was none.

Mohan raised himself up on his elbows and looked down between them. He was three-quarters inside her. He bent his head and took her left nipple between his teeth and nipped at it.

"Oh, God!" she shrieked. A second later she was humping up at him, with her legs clasped tightly around his waist.

He had no need to look down again. He was in all the way and knew it. He reacted to her humping motions by grinding his hips in to meet hers, pumping his cock in and out of her to the great enjoyment of both.

He went fast, then slowed to deep, long strokes.

She groaned happily, and told him feveredly, "This is great! I can't wait to tell Riddhi"

Mohan nearly panicked. "Who's Riddhi?"

"My roommate. "

"You're gonna tell her about us?"

"I had my first sex with her so actually I've lost my virginity to her."

"What?" he said and made as if to pull himself from her sex.

“Oh, don't be so judgmental. Just fuck me!” Her legs, clamped around his waist prevented that, and to make sure he didn't leave her, Hem pumped her hips into him as fast as she could.

His cock answered for him, responding in kind, and soon both were clutching at each other, her nails scraping his back, his hands leaving tell-tale bruises that she would have to hide from everybody for the next several days.

"I'm coming!" Mohan groaned.

Hem felt great, but was not about to cum.

Mohan unleashed a torrent of sperm into her as he came.

They lay plastered against one another for a minute or two, before he rolled off her, his slimy cock dropping out of its warm hole.

"Can we do it again?" she asked eagerly.

"I guess," he said, and she gave him a smile that he would never forget. "But not just yet," he told her and ignored the disappointment that crossed her face.

She glanced down at his flaccid member. "How soon?"

He shrugged.

"We should take a shower first," he said and hopped out of bed.

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Originally Posted by AsinTammuVeriyan View Post
nice and elaborate bro... superb... waiting for a sensual and erotic first encounter from her...
Originally Posted by teema81 View Post
nice hot
Keep visiting to enjoy more!

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Amazing writing and the updates are also long enough. Keep going man, good grammar is also a big plus. Enjoyed a lot while reading.

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Originally Posted by TheWriter27 View Post
Amazing writing and the updates are also long enough. Keep going man, good grammar is also a big plus. Enjoyed a lot while reading.
Thanks man!!
Glad that you are enjoying. comment amd vote what ever typeof story you want to read next and I'll try to include it..also rate the thread if you see it worth..

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Hem's First Cock-Part 2

Mohan turned the shower on and gently soaped Hem, until she was covered with the bubbly residue. Then she did the same to him. Both were careful to avoid the more sensual parts of each other's bodies, allowing the other to cleanse themselves in those 'secret' areas.

Hem 'accidentally' backed into him, and Mohan grew erect. He pressed his tumescence against her cheeks, and cupped her breasts.

He heard her sigh over the sound of the water spewing from the showerhead. Hem reached back and found him, cupping his testicles in the process.

"They're so soft... I thought that they'd be hard... like little pebbles."

"You know not to squeeze them, right?"

"Oh, yeah."

He tweaked both of her nipples in response, and she yelped and inadvertently squeezed his left nut, but not too hard.


"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, Mohan! I didn't..."

"Forget it," he said, "On second thought, don't forget it. Just don't do it again."

She had already released his testicles and was now gripping his cock.

"Can I suck it now?"

"Wait a minute, I'm not finished with you yet," he said.

Mohan picked up the soap and lathered her breasts as she purred contentedly. When his hand moved downward to her abdomen, he felt her tremble. She came the moment his soapy fingers moved over her pubic hair and delved tentatively just inside her labia. Hem couldn't believe how easily he was making her cum. When she jilled herself off, it took forever.

When his soapy fingers slipped into the cleft of her gluteus maximus, and just entered her anus, she came again, her knees buckled and she would have fallen had he not held her up.

Mohan let the water wash the soap from her body as he supported her. They left the shower and made for the bed.

He stood at the foot of the bed and gazed at her luscious pussy. Hem's face was radiant with lust.

Mohan moved quickly between her thighs, sought out her clitoris and suckled it. Hem screamed, and started to thrash about, already in the throes of another, or perhaps the same orgasm. Mohan could have cared less. Again and again he allowed his tongue to torment her clit, alternating with the occasional swipe of his tongue along the outer walls of her vagina.

Hem was lost; nothing she had heard about sex had prepared her for this. And when he moved to suck on her puckered anus, she lost all control and ejaculated several times, covering his mouth, nose and eyes with her juices.

He licked away at her for another minute or two, until she was pleading with him to stop.

Hem's body was still heaving several minutes later.

"I can't begin to tell you how great that was," she said softly, running a finger over his lips.

"Take hold of it, Hem," he said quietly, and she did.
“This is going to my first blowjob! I can’t believe it!”

"The main thing is to watch your teeth."

"My teeth?"

"Oh, sorry. I meant for you to watch your teeth with regard to my dick. If you scrape them over it, or get too excited, or something, you might bite it."

Hem burst into laughter at the thought.

"Hey, I'm serious. It's happened, and the girl was always saying she was sorry, but the guy had to go to the hospital and all."

She was still laughing, but held her hand up as if to say, 'All right, I do understand. I won't bite it.'

"So, ready?"

"Yes, but really, what do I do?"

"Take it your mouth... um, maybe you should kiss it a few times. You know, familiarize yourself with it. Then start to suck on it. Use your tongue some as well. You needn't do all of that at once, kinda go from one thing to the next."

Hem sort of wriggled between Mohan's legs, and slowly lowered her head toward the already glistening target. She placed a tender kiss on the purple crown, and felt firm, young tits pressing against the inside of his thighs. She looked up and met his eyes. Mohan thought it was the sexiest thing he'd ever seen.

Parting her pearly white teeth, and mindful of the warning about them, Hem allowed perhaps the first two inches of Mohan's pride and joy into her mouth.

The head of his cock lolled uneasily on the top of her tongue. From Hem's perspective, it seemed an awfully large appendage to have in her mouth, and she had fleeting thoughts of choking to death on it. As the third inch made its way into her mouth, Hem's lips were being stretched, and although she had started to suck him, the fear of choking was foremost in her mind. Seconds later, she removed him from between her lips and asked, "Are you certain I won't choke to death on it?"

"Yes, I am certain. I know it feels dangerous... well, sort of. But I'm not going to ram it down your throat.”

This time Hem sucked the tip of his cock into her mouth and kept his penetration at about two inches. After a minute or two, she discovered her mouth was producing a great deal of saliva, and this made it much easier to handle the prick between her lips. Little by little, she attempted to service the rest of his six inch cock.

Mohan leaned back and relaxed as she improved her technique minute by minute. She was experimenting with her tongue at this point, wrapping it around his cockhead. Each stroke of her tongue was now driving him crazy. Mohan started moving on his own, rocking gently back and forth, gradually feeding more of his cock into her mouth. At that point, Hem was having no difficulty in accepting his meat.

"Oh, you're doing it perfectly, baby," he cooed into her ear. Hem responded by sucking hard and her tiny hand circled that portion of Mohan's cock not in her mouth and began to jerk him off. It was instinctual on her part, and more importantly, Hem was enjoying it. She felt a strong satisfaction in returning the favor to Mohan; after all, he had eaten her to a couple of magnificent cums, and now that she was a real woman, she wanted to return the favor.

Hem was so engrossed in her mastering the art of sucking cock that she didn't hear him the first time he spoke to her.

Taking him from her mouth again, she said, "What?"

Mohan patiently replied, "Keep it out of your mouth for a moment. I want to see you licking it."

Hem licked the head as if it were an ice cream cone.

"That's great," he said. "Now, just run your tongue up and down it, all the way. Then take it into your mouth and suck hard. Maybe do that a couple times, okay?"

Eager to please, and anxious to learn, Hem said, "Oh, yeah, for sure."

Donna gripped his shaft by its base, and sent her wet, pink tongue out to flicker over the sides of his cock from the base to the crown, reveling in the sound of his groans of pleasure.

'If this is all it takes to make a guy happy, I've got it made, ' she thought, and then attacked the head of his member as his body began to tremble.

Her tongue was moving like a snake, coating every inch of his velvety soft, yet hard as steel cock with a fine patina of sweet, warm saliva. So attuned was she at this juncture that she could feel the blood throbbing through Mohan's cock.

"Do my balls," Mohan gasped, no longer trying to control his voice. "Lick them, just like my cock."

Without the slightest hesitation she moved to his testicles, holding the soft globes in the palm of her hand and examining them carefully before applying her tongue to them, licking softly, knowing they were delicate beings, and feeling the joy of having him trust her to handle his 'crown jewels.'

She took his groans to mean that she was doing it right and soon became a little more adventurous with his love sacs, opening her mouth wide, and taking both balls into her mouth.

"Suck my cock again, hurry!"

Reluctantly, she relinquished his balls and took him into her mouth.

Mohan reached down and fondled her breasts as she sucked him off, surrounding his aching-to-cum cock with her clinging, pink lips and drawing him inward, tickling his balls as her cheeks from the effort. Her jaw was getting tired, and while she thought it would be nice to suck him for hours, she knew intuitively that the moment was near at hand.

Hem brushed her long hair out of her eyes, sensing somehow that Mohan would love watching his cock slide in and out of her oval shaped mouth. The first four inches of his prick slid into her hungry mouth easily enough. She realized that if she inclined her neck a certain way, she wasn't gagging when he went in a little deeper.

'Deep Throat, eh, ' she thought and shivered when the head of his cock nudged the back of her throat. Her hand reached for him and found his balls. 'I've got all of it down there!' she told herself and gloated. 'Wait till I tell Riddhi about this; she'll have a pissy fit.'

She also realized how nice it felt to have Mohan playing with her tits while she blew him.

"Hem!" he called out.

"Hem! I'm almost there!'

Her tongue was dancing over the taut skin again and she could feel the blood rushing its way to the tip. Mohan held off as long as possible, though Hem was driving him crazy with her lips, teeth and tongue, using varied, almost expert combinations of pressure, smoothness and friction.

Hem was wondering what it would taste like when Mohan squeezed her shoulder and groaned. She felt a fresh drop of something warm and salty in the back of her mouth, but ignored it for the moment. Mohan's face was red as a beet, and his body was so taut that she thought he was going to snap in two.

His prick began to move with even greater speed; a few short strokes put him over the edge, and then he was releasing his long pent up fluids. He felt two strong spasms of delight, each launching an incredibly thick stream of hot cum into Hem's up-to-then virginal mouth.

Hem gagged. It was hot and salty, and much too much for her. The sperm rocketed to the back of her throat then flowed forward, spilling out of her mouth and onto her chin and trickling down her slender neck to form a sticky puddle between her heaving breasts. Yet Mohan continued spewing his cum into her until Hem was sure she was going to drown in his cum.

When he had stopped cumming she asked him, “How do I look?”
“Great!” she said, “I’ll get cleaned quickly and then we can catch a movie maybe?” she winked at him.

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