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30th January 2006 until 6th February 2037
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XB Banner and Logo Contest! Participate and win prizes!

Friends... its long time we had a good contest... so here we come again... this time with the Banner and Logo contest

We need active participation from all users and want them to come out with good banner and logo suitable for XB and its sister concerns, BG and FC

Few things to be kept in mind while making these banners and logos...
1. Banners should have xboard, filescheap, bollygallery written clearly on them.
2. Though there is no specific theme, it would be good if the banner can resemble XB in some way
3. Size of the banner should be 720x90.
4. Logo should be of size 200x120 to 250x120 pixels.

Winners ofcourse have nice prizes
10GB of filescheap bandwidth each for the winner of Banner and Logo, and 5GB each for the runner ups And ya... also 300 reps for the winners and 200 for the runnerups... and 100 reps for the participants...

The competetion will commence from 00:00 IST, 31st Jan 2006... and will end on 6th Feb 2006, 23:59 IST. There is no limit as such on number of entries, but it would be good if each of you could limit their entries for both banners and logos to 5.

The admin team will decide the winners and will have the final say on it. They will be used on XB, BG and FC and also as siggies on other boards. Once submitted XB will have full rights on it... and blah blah blah...

So lets BEGIN!!! Let your creative juices overflow
For participation, pls visit http://www.xboard.us/bbb/showthread.php?t=37927
IK on behalf of admin team
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