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important - new developments at chitchatters.net

hello ccers,

A lot has been happening at our board and I thought I should tell you people about the developments.

We are now using the new version of vBulletin - 3.0.6, and the day after I upgraded the board 3.0.7 was released. Well, (sigh), I will upgrade again in a day or two so that we are with the latest version again.

The server (main chitchatters.net server) was becoming slow and people were complaining. I have implemented a number of things, and I think all of you will agree that the server is now quite responsive, even with 400+ people online. I hope the server will scale to 1000 simultaneous users without further tweaking.

I had initially allocated 1GB space for attachments with no user level limits. A few days ago we reached that limit and no new attachments could be uploaded. I have now implemented the following limits - 20 MB for regular members, 50 MB for contributing members (orange ids). I have also allocated 700 MB of additional space for attachments.

We have been accepting contributions towards server fees since 12th January. Some members have contributed, but we need more members to take the initiative to make things painless. Some users have problems paying through PayPal/Credit Card. So we have now devised ways of sending Demand Draft or depositing cash into a bank account. I hope to see more generosity from members in this regard so that we can have a better online experience at chitchatters.net

To intoduce transparency into the contribution process, we are now showing the data on the board. On the main page (http://chitchatters.net/bbb/index.php), there is a contributions option available which shows the summary. To view the details, click on the "Contributions" heading of that table to reach this page. We are trying to alter the format in which contributions data is presented so that it becomes easier to understand.

All historical data (12th Jan to date) has been entered here. The amounts shown may be slightly lower than what you sent, because paypal deducts its commission. If you have contributed and your name does not appear here, or the amount shown is wrong, please raise a ruckus.

The video server was not being able to take the load and there were various problems. People were complaining of slow response from the server and sometimes they could not connect and download at all. The server was also behaving erratically and various services were failing. Also, we were not sure if we could afford it in the long run.

For the above reasons I have taken the video server offline for a few days. In the meanwhile I am discussing with various senior members how we can effectively utilise the server without facing problems and also how we can pay for it without feeling the pinch. Expect to hear from us shortly about this.

One thing I can assure you is that torrents is a way to share files without relying too much on servers and other resurces. I take all possible pains to ensure that more torrents are seeded. But it not something that one person can do. I cannot over emphasisze the need for higher sharing ratio to make torrents a reality.

Some members have complained to me that some files had been recently uploaded to the ccvids server when it was taken offline. Hardly anyone has been able to download those files. If you people tell me which files you want, I can make some effort to get them released through torrents.

Last but not the least, primary trials of online radio have been successful. We shall be implementing a radio where various members can take turns to act as jockey, and others can listen. The bandwidth requirement will be 32kbps, which is so low that even users with slow connection can participate. We shall test the system thoroughly and start the service soon. Keep your song collections ready for becoming a radio jockey.

Keep enjoying, and please contribute to the chitchatters fund: every paisa counts.


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