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Chapter - 37

They had two days to take rest, before the classes start again after the trip. They returned to their hostel, still not fully recovered from the details given in the chaami's letter.
Saturday morning, they woke up after a good nice sleep; they were so tired yesterday and slept the moment they hit the bed. Morning after the breakfast, the kids joined in Rahim's room as usual. Nowadays, after devika joined in their school , the three of them have only one topic to discuss. In Rahim's room they casually started talking about her. They had a small retrospection of the events so far and assessed, were each one of them standing in getting close to Devika.

They all agreed, that they are very special to Devika unlike other students. They also unanimously agreed , Vishnu is far ahead and Devika is more comfortable with him. They also understood that, Devika is the most beautiful

personality they have ever seen and she will never ever going to cooperate with any of their wildest fantasies. The only way to do something and get some pleasure out of it , is through making her believe that their intentions are innocent and pure.

They are also sure, that if she feels, they had other intentions and is trying to take advantage of her; then she could easily jeopardize their future and would not hesitate to do it. She is very strong and bold woman. Each step they take should be with utmost care and planned.

Anand - she is the best lady would we move forward
Rahim - if you compare from the time she came here , we are fairly successful
Anand - yeah... We are very close with her now....she treats us special
Rahim - we have even tasted her milk
Anand - wow, the taste is still there on my tongue
Rahim - and it was because of my plan, that we were able

to see her in the tribal dress.

Vishnu till then who was quiet intrupted their friends with sarcasm

Vishnu - yeah , amazing plan and Chaami had enough to shag for rest of his life.

Rahim - stop it...yeah he exploited, but at least I made an opportunity for whole class to feast upon her scantily clad beautiful can't deny that...

Vishnu - I'm not denying anything bro...just told the truth..

Anand - and this fucker is way ahead of us...he even has seen naked breast

Vishnu - yep..haha..not only that I have even bought her a bra....

Rahim - fucker....

Vishnu - oh.oh..forget to tell one thing...yesterday.. I even touched her breast...haha...

Rahim - what..? When?

Vishnu - I forgot to tell you guys..he he...its not that big...I just gently poked my finger on her breast... But believe I could sense the softness....

Rahim - how did that did she allow you?

Vishnu - she didn't allow me... I just casually touched it with know we are that close now.. She won't think that I have other intention..she trusts me..

Anand - and she didn't say anything?

Vishnu - she asked me to not to do it again and pinched me hard on my ear...but she took it casually.... She is a
great lady....

Rahim - so she would allow you to do it again?

Vishnu - no...that's why I said..she is a great lady...if I try to do next..may be I will get slapped....I just pushed my luck once....

Rahim - what is your future plans for her....

Vishnu - yeah.. I have several plans for her....but whatever it is said ..she should not lose trust in our innocence...I think in that way only we could be lucky with her

Anand - yeah...deceive her by trust...

Vishnu - we should make an illusion with within that illusion , she should consider whatever we do , doesn't have any wrong intentions.

Rahim - yeah true...even I have some plans ..let's see

Vishnu - what about you...Anand?

Anand - I always consider myself as a winner...even I have solid plans for her....

Chapter - 38

Monday morning the three conspirators when to school with an anticipation to meet their favorite teacher. They just reached the school , when the classes are poised to start. As usual they had 2 boring lectures, and the students are yet to recover from the hangover of their trip. Even when the classes are going , they all were discussing about their trip.

There was this guy vivek, who couldn't come for the trip asking his friend sameer about the trip. And Rahim, Vishnu , Anand who were sitting in front of could clearly here what these two are chatting about.

Vivek - hey buddy, so how did the trip go? Was it fun?
Sameer - oh man...this was most fun filled trip I had ever gone.

Vivek - great, was the place that good?
Sameer - not because of the place dude....just because of Devika ma'am..

Vivek got curious

Vivek - what happened with her?
Sameer - don't tell anyone else..
Vivek - no man I won't tell anyone.....
Sameer - bro...we visited a tribal village...and they made us all wear their traditional tribal dress....
Vivek - ohh
Sameer - imagine what, they also made Devika ma'am to wear those....
Vivek - so what's in it?
Sameer - hey stupid..haven't you seen in movies, what a tribal dress looks like.....

Vivek - so what was she wearing?
Sameer - fuck man....she was just wearing a waist cloth and towel to cover her breasts...
Vivek - seriously?
Sameer - yeah bro...she wasn't wearing anything underneath

Vivek - how do you know..she wasn't wearing underneath..
Sameer - we were able to see her side boobs...and her nipples were rock hard and sticking out through the towel she was wearing

Vivek - she might have at least worn a panty...

Sameer - no bro..she wasn't ...because the shape of ass was so visible from the waist whenever she walks ..the ass was swaying and jiggling...even the shape of her ass crack was visible.....

Vivek - fuck man...

Sameer - and she was giving free naval show....she got a perfect deep naval...

Vivek - oh man ...I missed the trip...

Sameer - and when she was sitting.. Her waist cloth rose up and I was able to see her milky thighs...I felt like biting those....

Rahim lost his patience hearing all those, he turned back and looked at vivek angirily

Rahim - hey asshole...can you please keep quiet... Didn't I told you not to mention about those incident to anyone.... If anyone knows about it ..we will be in trouble...moreover she will lose her that what you want...she is only beautiful teacher keep quiet...

Everyone was scared of Rahim, so sameer kept his mouth shut.

At last the 2 lectures before the break got over, and the students went out.

Vishnu - come let's go and say hi, to Devika ma'am...
Rahim - yeah ..what color sari our angel would be wearing today
Anand - more than that..I'm wondering.. What color bra and panty she is wearing....haha...
Vishnu - haha..she was wearing blue panty and white bra...during our waterfalls adventure....
Rahim - we didn't ask you fucker......
Vishnu - hahaha.....

They were going to devika's room, when they saw Ganapati coming outside devika's room.

Rahim - hey Ganapati are you?

Ganapati - hello was your trip..
Anand - it was good....

Vishnu - is Devika ma'am inside?

Ganapati - yeah she is guys are after her huh?
Rahim - why do you bother about it?
Ganapati - beware kids..she is my best friend ..don't play anything stupid with her...

Rahim - you get out of way stupid dumbo.....
Vishnu - Ganapati bhai..we are also her friends...
Anand - what were you doing inside?

Ganapati - oh..I just went to say hello to my friend....and guys tomorrow is " world breastfeeding day"

Rahim - so?

Ganapati - so I just went inside to get some milk from her....hahaha

Rahim - what the fuck ?

Anand - what are you saying dumbo?

Ganapati - what ? it bad to get milk from her...
Rahim - you are crazy....
Vishnu - OK ..and did you get milk?
Ganapati - no..she said she will give me tomorrow..

Rahim - are you guys crazy to listen to this idiot...come let's go and see Devika ma'am.

Saying that, three of them walked past Ganapati. Ganapati turned back and told them

Ganapati - yeah...go and ask your teacher, I'm telling the truth.... Ganapati won't lie..

Rahim knocked the door and the three entered. Devika greeted them with a lovely smile.

Devika - good morning, three are you my little brothers

Rahim - good morning ma'am.. We are good...
Anand - just wanted to ask something

Devika - yes Anand ..what is it?
Anand - we met Ganapati outside....

Devika - yeah...
Rahim - and he told us a bizarre thing...
Devika - I'm sure ..he might have told you some crazy know he is like that
Vishnu - uh .he will be giving milk to him..tomorrow....

They were all nervous, how to tell this. There was a moment of silence from devika and next she burst into laughter

Devika- hahahahahaha.....

They looked at each other, and after a moment they also joined with Devika laughing

Rahim - I knew, that Ganapati crazy guy was making stories
Devika stopped laughing and told

Devika - no...actually.. What he said is true....

Chapter - 39

Devika was also very tired after the trip. This was a trip she wanted to forget. She never felt so embarrassed before. But she is a strong woman and easily could come out of it.

Tribal village trip was the shocking one for her, she still cannot believe, how did she endure with it. It was so embarrassing. She can take the waterfall incident lightly, because she consider Vishnu as a kid and as her little brother. She is confident that Vishnu doesn't have any wrong intention and is an innocent kid.

But what happened inside the temple with Chaami, cannot be easily forgotten. Anyone other than venki has never seen her naked.

Devika tried to console herself by saying , that Chaami is old enough to be her grandfather was just doing the ritual.

She forgot everything, the moment she saw adi after she reached home from the trip. She took adi in her hands and hugged him. Adi was also smiling with joy, after seeing his mom after few days.

Devika - I missed you so much ...adi lovely baby...

Tears started flowing from her eyes. Venki also joined them and hugged Devika and adi. They were the most loveliest and happiest couple. They stood like that for some moment

Devika - I'm so tired venki..let me get freshen up....

Venki - how was the trip...
Devika - it was good....all the students enjoyed it
Venki - OK....
Devika - hw was adi...was he good
Venki- yeah ./he is dad's boy....OK you fresh up..I will make a coffee for you....

Devika went bathroom to take shower, after putting adi in the cradle. Meantime venki prepared coffee for both them. He poured the coffee into two cups and brought it into the bedroom while sipping his.

Devika had finished her shower and changed to pink traditional nighty with sleeves and which reaches till her foot. As she was inside and will go to sleep soon , she didn't bother wear any bra and panty inside.

Venki came in and gave Devika a sweet kiss on the cheek and gave the coffee cup

Venki - you don't have cook anything , I have already got

food from outside.

Devika - thank you my dear hubby....

She got cup from venki and kept it on the table beside, as she was towelling her hair.

Then they spoke about some general things and about their parents before adi started crying.

Devika -...oh is my baby poor little kid...
Venki - yeah he was missing his favorite food...
Devika - oh..mommy is now here to give your food baby...
Venki - even I was missing mommy's food...
Devika - Adi..see..daddy is now trying to be naughty with mommy....adi should we give any of your food to daddy
Venki - my boy has already learned the art of sharing..hahah

Devika opened the buttons in the front to feed adi.

Venki - daddy wants to see mommy naked.....

Saying that he grinned at Devika. Devika playfully pinched on venki's cheek. And smiled at him. She then took the hem of her nighty and peeled it off her body to stand naked in front of her loving husband.

Venki - see Adi.. How shameless is your mommy.. Haha
Devika - my boy knows...who is shameless here

She then lifted the crying adi from cradle and sat on the bed to feed him. Adi immediately latched onto Devika's already leaking nipple and started sucking.

Venki came near sat beside Devika and looked at his son feeding from Devika

Devika - what are you looking at?
Venki - I'm waiting for my chance

Devika - you don't have any chance
Venki - daddy is even ready to snatch it from mommy haha...
Devika - then daddy will get a slap from mommy haha..

Venki got up and stripped off his clothes and sat near Devika and put an arm around her shoulder.

Devika - what are you up to Mr.
Venki - haha..

He pulled her near and gave kiss on her cheeks and came down to her neck. Devika closed her eyes, enjoying the moment while feeding her son.

He brought down his hands to her waist and gave small squeeze. He felt something on his hand looked down to see a thread tied on her waist

Venki - what is this devi..?

Devika doesn't know to lie, she is an angel in all the senses. She told her embarrassing story inside the temple. And assured him , that for the safety of the family only she agreed. And her world is only limited to venki and adi.

Venki also trust her wife to the core, he is the perfect gentleman. But still he was curious to know.

Venki - so you are saying a tribal man tied this to your waist, when you were fully naked

Devika was very shy to speak

Devika yes...I'm sorry venki... But when they told, if you wear this , your family will prosper...I had to do...I don't want anything bad happen to you both....

A tear drop formed on her eye, and she was about to cry. Venki sensing that her wife is hurt, took the matter lightly

Venki - no dear, I know you..I was just curious you know?
Devika - hm
Venki - hey don't spoil the mood..chear my girl..come on smile

Devika gave a forced smile, venki examined the thread on her waist for some time and told her

Venki - anyway the thread looks really sexy on you...I liked it.

Saying that he gave small pinch on her waist

Devika - ouch...what are you doing venki..
Venki again started kissing on her neck, and took out his and gently squeezed her left breast. He rubbed her already erect nipple and played with it for sometime. That was enough for the milk to leak out. Venki slowly dropped his mouth to her chest and brought down to her breast kissing along the way.

He first stuck is tongue out and licked the milk drops on her nipple and then opened his mouth and presses himself to her breast and slowly started sucking.

Devika with one hand was holding her kid and with other hand supported venki's head. Milk started flowing to his mouth and he eagerly sucked.

Devika - its enough venki...adi might need it

Venki took out his mouth and gave one final lick to her breast. Then he bent down and kissed on her smooth thighs and gave it a small lovely bite. He couldn't resist himself from touching her well trimmed pussy. With his index finger, he touched her pussy lips and found her clit. Venki gently brushed her clit couple of times, making Devika close her eyes and clench her teeth.

Adi had finished his feeding by that that and had fallen into sleep. Venki got up and took adi from Devika and carefully kept him inside the cradle without waking him


They both then cuddled each other for sometime , and later enjoyed the ecstasy of the most beautiful gift given by god.

Two days passed very quickly, they spent time loving each other and caring adi. And now it was Monday morning and again usual routine of going to work is starting.

As usual , devika's parents came to take care of adi and by 9 he dropped Devika at the school. She was wearing a yellow sari and matching blouse. She went to her room and got settled. She has only one lecture in the morning before the break.

After that lecture , Devika came back to her room and started preparing for her next class.

And when it was 10 minutes towards the break, Ganapati came inside with his usual nonsense.

Ganapati - hello my dear friend.... How are you?
Devika - hi Ganapati how are you?
Ganapati - how was your trip ma'am, was it good?
Devika - yeah it went very well......
Ganapati - friend ..I have a doubt
Devika - don't ask any nonsense.. Ganapati
Ganapati - no no
Devika - what is it?
Ganapati - ma'am were alone for the trip, without your what did you do for breastfeeding..... I have heard that breast will be paining, if kid is not feeding properly...what did you do ma'am?

Devika started getting irritated with Ganapati

Devika - Ganapati... I'm in no mood to here your nonsense...please leave...

Ganapati - sorry... I'm just worried about you....and just wanted to know, what women does in that situation

Devika - Ganapati please../

Ganapati - I have heard that a lot of women asks help from their husband by asking them to drink the get pain relief.... But your husband also wasn't there at the trip....that's why I got worried......did anyone else drink milk from your breast

Devika had enough, and she raised her voice at Ganapati

Devika - can you please stop this and leave from here.....

Ganapati got scared, seeing Devika getting angry

Ganapati - I'm sorry ma'am..I don't know about these things...that's why asked...I'm sorry if you didn't like it.

Devika - now leave me alone....
Ganapati - I actually came to tell another thing
Devika - no I don't want to hear any of your things
Ganapati - no ma'am its serious...I wanted you to help me
Devika - OK what is it ...please tell it quickly...I have lots of work

Ganapati - ma'am actually during weekends I'm working in a orphanage in the town....I'm not getting paid...but as a charity I'm working there

When Devika heard about orphanage, her anger subsided and got her attention. She likes to help people who really needed help. It is another part of her divine personality

Devika - that's good Ganapati..that's so kind of you....

Ganapati - yes ma'am... So the orphanage people need help from you...

Devika - how?./how can I help ? Do you need some donation.

Ganapati - no ma'am not donation.
Devika - then?
Ganapati - actually.. You might be aware that tomorrow is world breastfeeding day. So in our orphanage there are small babies who were left behind by their parents after the birth. So orphanage took responsibility of raising up these babies and kids. They don't have their parents.

Devika - OK

Ganapati - as tomorrow is world breastfeeding day, the orphanage is looking for some willing mothers to feed this poor kids. Just to let them know, how does a mother's milk taste like. And also you know, its from the mothers milk a kid will get all the nutrients for being healthy.... So orphanage is also worried about them growing unhealthy.... So ma'am can you please come tomorrow and feed those poor little kids.....

Devika was really moved by the situation, she just moment thought about adi and realised how lucky he is to get parents... Then she thought about those numerous kids out there, who doesn't have parents and mothers. It will be really a wonderful thing she could do to those poor little babies.

Ganapati - and so for no one was willing to volunteer.... So we might have to drop the plan..can you help us ma'am

Devika smiled at Ganapati and she also had tears in her eyes. She nodded and said yes

Devika - yes Ganapati.. I will help..that would be a wonderful thing I could do to those children

Ganapati - thank you ma'am..thank you very much...I will inform the orphanage people.... And its the shanti bhavan in the town...can you come there after class tomorrow...

Devika - OK I will do that....I have only class till I could come there and spent couple of hours

Ganapati - thank you ma'am...OK ma'am then I'm leaving ...
Devika - alright...

Ganapati turned back walked towards the door and before opening he turned and said with a smile

Ganapati - ma'am... Please make sure that your two breasts are full of milk no kids will be disappointed.... Haha

Devika - Ganapati you won't change...please leave...I can't shout at you anymore.....

Ganapati smiled at her and left the room. After 5 minutes she heard a knock on her door. She asked to "come in". Devika found her favorite 3 students coming in

Devika - good morning, three are you my little brothers

Rahim - good morning ma'am.. We are good...
Anand - just wanted to ask something

Devika - yes Anand ..what is it?
Anand - we met Ganapati outside....

Devika - yeah...
Rahim - and he told us a bizarre thing...
Devika - I'm sure ..he might have told you some crazy know he is like that
Vishnu - uh .he will be giving milk to him..tomorrow....

Devika- hahahahahaha.....

They looked at each other, and after a moment they also joined with Devika laughing

Rahim - I knew, that Ganapati crazy guy was making stories
Devika stopped laughing and told

Devika - no...actually.. What he said is true....

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