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I was sweating when i woke up after that dream, it was really a disturbing plus erotic dream for me, I had a night fall too. I got up from the bed and went to the washroom, i washed my face and changed my underwear and came back and laid down on the bed. I try to sleep again but that dream was disturbing me, how can i think about my sister like this, she is so loving and caring, i felt kinda guilty at that time. I was not able to sleep then i got up and stood in front of the mirror and looking in the mirror. While looking in the mirror the words from that girl "Ritika Arora" came into my mind which she said to me. I looked myself closely and thought that whatever she said to me was right. Those words from her mouth pricked my heart. Then i decided that i will change myself and i will show that bitch who am i ?

Now its 9 AM in the morning and i was getting ready for the office i had my breakfast and went for the office. After 15-20 minutes i reached the office, and i went to my cubical and sat down. Then the dream about the last night came into my mind again, i tried not to think about it much it was just a dream nothing else. I gathered my focus on the words that Ritika said to me last night. Then i said in my mind she has to pay for this.

In the lunch break i went to the office canteen for a lunch, i saw Ritika standing a few meters away from me. I looked at her and she looked at me and said something in her friends ear, and then she made a face while looking at me and went off. After the lunch break i started doing my work, and simultaneously i was thinking i have to change myself.

Its 6 PM and i was about to leave the office, i wrap up the work and took my bag and went to the elevators, i pressed the button of the elevator and the elevator was coming down from the above floor. When the door of the elevator opened i saw "Ritika" with her friend in the elevator, she looked at me but i did not get inside the elevator. I took the stairs and went down. I took my bike and droved off towards my flat. When i reached my flat i threw my bag away and laid down on the bed, then i opened my laptop and searched the near by gyms. There i got to know about the gym its name was "Talwalkars Gym". It was in the bandra itself. I changed my clothes and went to the gym. I reached the gym and met with the manager over their he showed me the gym and told me about the memberships and all. The gym was really nice having world-class equipments, certified team of master trainers, dieticians and Physiotherapist. It also have the facility of cardio training, weight training, steam/sauna,aerobics,yoga,spic cycle studio,spa and many more. I took the membership of one year and paid the amount and get back to my flat.

Next day in the morning i went to the gym and meet the trainer which was assigned to me. First of all he checked my weight, height and all the body measurments. My height - 6 feet, Weight - 85kg, chest - 44, arms - 14, waist - 34. After all the checkups he asked for my goals, like "wht kinda physique i want". I told him i wanna be lean and muscular. He said "ok". Then we went for the stretching session and then he told me to do cardio for 40 minutes and afer tht a bit of weight training. After my gym session i was really tired. Then he said "john, u have to work really hard, and i will make a plan for you, which includes your nutrition your workout etc etc". I said "ok". He said "ok john see you tomarrow". I came back to my flat and got ready quickly for the office and left for the office. That day there was not much work in the office so i came home early. Now all of my focus was on changing myself.

After 9 months:-

I woke up in the morning and stood in front of the mirror, i was shirtless. I was really very happy coz i hae transformed myself completely. While looking in the mirror i was feeling happy. I got lean and muscular with my hard work. Now my current measurments is
weight - 74kg, chest - 42, arms - 16, waist - 30, the perfect physique. I also have 6 packs, and it all happend coz of my hard work, descipline, dedication and consistency. In these 9 months i not only change myself completely but also worked hard in the office as well and my manager was also very happy coz of my performance. Now i took out my phone and clicked a pic of myself shirtless and posted it on my fb account. I dint show my results to anyone in these 9 months. Then i went to the bathroom and got ready for the office. I checked my phone there was a lot of fb notifications there. I checked the notifications there were so many likes and comments on the pic. I noticed that "Ritika also liked the pic". Then i reached office most of the guys are staring at me, they are surprise by my looks. I also changed my dressing style i started wearing slim fitted clothes. I got couple of compliments from my team mates. In the lunch time i met "Ritika in the cafetaria". She looked at me and smiled i also smiled. Then she came up and sit on my table and said "HI". I said "Hello, Hw r u?".
She said "she is fine". Then she said "you are completely changed and smiled". I said "yea sort off and smiled back". So while having a lunch we talked. In the evening when i rached home i got a message of "Ritika on fb". She said "she forgot to take my number". I replied her back with my number. Then we started chatting on whtsapp.

Now we started chatting till late night. Sometimes she used to call me as well. After 2 weeks, when i reached home
from office she called me, i picked up the phone then she said "Hey john, im thinking of going to the disc wud u like to join me". I said "yea sure, at wht time?". She said "around 9PM". I said "ok". After half n hour i went to the washroom for a bath and came out. Then i wore a white t-shirt with blue denims and a nice pair of shoes. Then i reached "Ritika's flat", she was wating outside her flat for me. She was looking damn hot. She was wearing a "Red one piece above her knees with a deep neck". I said "u looking gorgeous", she said "thx."
And then she said "ur looking hot", i said "thx, can we go now". She smiled and sit down in the car. After few minutes later we reached the "AER" club. It was on 34th floor. The club was really very nice with open-air rooftop bar at the Four Seasons hotel with cocktails, champagne and tapas, plus DJs. We spent a good time together there and have a couple of drinks together. Now its around 12 in the night and we are about to leave. I put my arm around her waist this time, Coz she seems a bit drunk. We reached the elevator and got inside the elevator. The door got closed and "Ritika" was continuously staring at me. I also looked at her in her eyes. Then we reached the parking area and get inside our car. I looked here and there there was no one and it was a bit dark in the parking area. I thought its the right time to approach. So i looked at her, she was already looking at me. I said well "Ritika" i had a good time with u, she said "me too". Then i looked again here and there and hold her hand. I said "Ritika" i wanna say something, she said "bolo, im listening". Then i looked here and there for the final time to check is there anyone else. Then i pull my seat a bit back and looked at her. Then i said "Ritika", she said "yes bolo", then i pulled her towards me and said "i cant wait more" and started kissing her. I was amazed by her reaction, she was responding preety well and wild. while kissing i make her sit in my lap. I tild my head to the other side and kissed her lips more. She was kinda moaning while kissing and kinda riding me while kissing. Then i put my hands on her ass and squeezed a bit she got wild by tht. She bit my lower lip when i did tht. Then i slowly took her lower lip and sucked it, i was going smooth but she was wild, she started pulling my hair while kissing and pushed her tongue in my mouth. I sucked her tongue and we both were breathing heavily at tht time. Then i moved down to her neck and started kissing her neck. She maoned slowly ahhhhh....... johnnnnn... ahhhhhh ummmmm.... then i slolwy bit her neck she moaned ahhhhhhhh... fuck...... then i move down to her cleavage and kissed her cleavage, she was moaning continuously. She was caressing my hair at the same time. Then i stopped and asked her "wanna come to my flat". She said "offcourse and started kissing me".
After few minutes i stopped her and said "ok let me drive otherwise we will not reach at my flat". We both laughed and then she move away from me and sat down on the passenger seat. When i was driving she was caressin my chest feeling every bit of it. While doing that she move down her hand to my dick. I said "control Ritika, we are about to reach in few minutes". Then she said "Ok in a meantime let me do something" she went down and opened the zip of my jeans and took out my dick and started sucking it. I moaned fuckkk.... ritika plz let me drive ahhhhh........ but she wont listen and continue sucking my dick. After a minute i hold her hair with one hand and was driving at the same time. I was moaning ahhhaaaahhhhhh...... ritkiaaaaaa... fuck yessss..... ahhhhhh goshh......... She was gud in giving BJ.
After 5 minutes we reached my flat. we went to my room and closed the door. I pushed her against the wall and started kissing her like a hungry guy. She was equally hungry like me responding wildly. While kissing i lift her up and she crossed her legs around my waist. Then we moved to the bed, i threw her on the bed and got on top of her and started kissing and biting her neck like a mad dog. I pressed her boobs harder while kissing her neck. The i got up a bit and hold her shoulder strap of her dress and tore it and started kissing her neck and shoulder. Then she removed my tshirt and started biting my shoulder and neck. In a few minutes we got nude. Then i took the condom out from the side drawer of the bed. And insrted my dick in one shot inside her she moaned loud ahhhhhh......... and i started thrusting her.
We were in a missionary pose, while thrusting her i was also kissing her. In between when i gave her harder stroke she bit my lips in passion. Now i was about to cum so i stopped kissing her and i went down to her neck and started giving her harder strokes. SHe was moaning ahhhhh.. yeaaahhhh...... john...yesss.... like this yess....... Now im finally about to cum, i started biting her neck while giving her harder strokes, when i cummed i bit her neck like hell and remained on top of her for a while. After tht i lay down beside her and we both were breathing heavily.

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