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Next morning i woke up around 10 AM it was saturday so we have an off from office. I looked at "Ritika" she was still asleep. She was laying naked beneath the sheet, her dress was on the floor and her bra and panty was also on the floor. I took my jeans from the floor and opened my wardrobe and put the jeans in the wardrobe and took the shorts and wore it. Then i went to the washroom and got freshed and went to the kitchen to prepare the breakfast for myself. I came with the bowl of oats in my bedroom. "Ritika" was still asleep, i slowly woke her up she opened her eyes and said "Good Morning honey", i gave a peck in her lips and said "Good Morning". She got up a bit and rolled the sheet around her body to cover herself and went to the washroom to get fresh. In the mean time i finished my breakfast. She came out and opened my wardrobe and took out a shirt and wore it. The shirt was quite big for her, it was till above her kness. Then she took her panty from the floor and wore it and then came on the bed and sit beside me. I asked her "what wud u like to eat?". She said "you", i smiled. Then she said you are quite gud in bed and i replied "You too". Then we both laughed, then i asked her "So, can i drop you at ur flat?". She said "Yea but one thing before it". I asked "what?". Then she got up and sit on my lap with legs on either side. I said "I think ur not in a mood to go to ur flat". Then she kissed me on the lips, the kiss was smooth we both were not in hurry. Then she took my lower lip in between her lips and pulled it and stopped. She looked into my eyes, I asked "wht hpnd?". She said "I wann be ur GF". I looked back in her eyes. I said "dont you think you are going too fast?". She said "i dont believe in wasting time". Then i said "me too", after saying this i pull her up a bit and make her lay on the bed and came on top of her and i kissed her lips. Then i stopped and said "Ritika lets go now, i have some work". She said "lets do it na", I smiled and said "not now, wait for it". (I dont want to be in love with her, i just want to make her my slut, to take my revenge). She said "For how long should i wait?", I said "not much, but you can do one thing for me". She asked "wht?". I got up and sit on her upper body with legs on either side. Then i said "You can suck me off now". I pulled down my shorts while saying this and put my dick in her mouth. She started sucking it ummmmmm...... she was maoning while sucking it. I hold her hair and started moving my hips. I was maoning ahhhhhhh.... ritikaaaaaaa..... ummmmmmm ............ yessss... u bitch.....suck it harder. She was sucking it slolwy and deeper. Then i hold the bed with both of my hands and started thrusting her mouth harder and faster. She was holding my hips in between to slow me down but i moved her hands away everytime. I said ahhhhhhh.... bitch.....yesssss....... this is how u like it ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.............she was choking in between, After a few minutes later i was about to cum so i started thrusting her harder when i cummed i hold the bed with one hand and with other hand i hold her hair and choked her and shoot out my load deep in her mouth. Then i lay beside her breathing heavy, she said "You are so wild". I looked at her and smiled. Then she went to the washroom and took her clothes with her to get ready. I got up and take out the t-shirt from my wardrobe and wore it. After few minutes later she came out from the washroom and then we ahead towards her flat.

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