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Semen, cum, Orgy and all material remains very sensitive it’s like,….. a can of kerosene and just one little spark,.. and Boom ! It catches the fire and one drop of semen has millions of sukra-jantu,… Don’t inter-course without cover/cap/rubber , even if she is in her MC or close to MC….. take no chance,.. So do not take any loose chance,….. wear condom, no matter how in hurry you or she is,.. also advise her to stop when the risk of pregnancy is knocking when one partner is drunk and over-excited,… …. [ India’s 80 percent population is due to “ ek hi bhool “ and once is not enough kinds silly slogans,. ] Do oral, foreplay , if ok then anal,… but plain NO to vaginal unless proper care is given to the safe i-course,.. Don’t trust the skill of early withdrawal,…. No1 is always that smart,… it will catch fire before even you think,..

Tell wifey, that if she is cooking less or ordinary food will be good but always must remains,.. in good mood, sexy looking, well dressing, make-upping, physically-fit and attractive, naughty, as dirty as it goes in bed,.. and pleases you best in bed and that matters you more than any1 else,…. And also remind her that if she blows like a balloon in weight, fitness and like other dadi-maa / aunties type of wifeys around she will get instant divorce,.. so be fit, attractive and like shilpa shetty and mallika sherawat figure,.. and that matters you the most,….. Buy for her butiful night dresses of makh-mal and also expensive bra and lingerie perfumes,.. to please you in bed,…

Make few habits and wows,. Such as,… never wake up or go to bath without 3 French kisses,… do 69 after every bath even for 5 minutes when you are clean, to remain closer and also take atleast 2-3 foam bathes and beer share with drunk while seated in bath-tub at least 2-3 times every week,….. at least get her used to take and receive BJs,. As Indian wifey gets older and stays in denial after that,… if you did not force—fit in first week of marriage,.

Make used to her with erotic and harsh rape kind of wild sex, with almost ruthless rape,…. ( no matter the partners apologize each other after the act ) and get and make her used to with all diff kind of sex positions and tempo, motto and mania of sex-mood.

Just remember every wife after 1-2 ysr become s” Baap” so,…. Take the best advantage of those early weeks, as far you can crush her and sex-stroke her per your will,.. rest of the years,… she is not gonna listen to you,…. To accommodate for sex desires,. Do more practices of safe 69 and foreplays and NO to vaginal unless extreme care is taken while inserting and withdrawing even with condom……. You are inserting a matches ki tili in a kerosene tank, no matter you cover it with paper/rubber whatever,… ! risk remains of enormous amount,..

Make her drunk and rape hard ruthlessly, and apologize later,…. But, sukk and full her of every drop kissing every inch of her body,…. Brush the teeth with a single tooth-brush and do certain session of peeing together in bath-tubs and on toilet seats to come even more closer,…..

Tel her specifically that, remain clean, perfumed, well-dressed, well-smelled and fit-body and that matters you most than freaking good Bhojan or any meals,..

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