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Originally Posted by bangali_babu View Post
Nerve conductivity test can give you the exact answer.

I can only give you a vague idea. Your posture, activities etc put pressure on different locations of your body. If a nerve is severely blocked then the corresponding/downward area gets numb and you might not feel the pain.

Or it could be two different nerves, which control different areas. You may not be hurting both of them at the same time.

Or it could be the pain medicines. Maybe it relaxes the muscles in your back, which provides some relief to the pinched median in the cervical spinal area. And then the pinched median in the hand gets the chance to transmit pain signal. Maybe, that pain medicine doesn't work on the tendons of your hand. Tensed/inflamed tendons keep putting pressure on the median.

There are lots of such scenarios. As long as your muscles and tendons are in good shape, you can put the entire blame on nerves. But the problem in your cervical spine denotes weak muscles. It's a combination of more than 2 problems (weak muscles, inflamed nerve, bad posture, sedentary lifestyle etc.). Treating nerve problem is not easy; and the secondary issues make it even more complex.

Thank you so much sir
God bless you very long life
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