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Old 25th September 2017
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- Put on your cervical collar. Don't use your right hand/arm for a day. Use a splint. Don't do repetitive tasks with this hand (mobile/PC use, writing on desk etc.). If the pain goes away then it's a sign of localized damage in the hand/forearm.

- If you feel stiffness/uneasiness in your upper right trap, it's a sign of over-stretching/overusing your right arm.

- Relax your right arm and try to feel for any muscle/tendon soreness. You won't be able to find any, if it's due to a nerve. A doctor/physician/gym-physiotherapist are better equipped to check that in personal. Poke around cubital and carpal tunnel area to feel for soreness, pain etc. These are the common points for pinched nerve in hand/forearm.

- There are lots of youtube videos on how to diagnose the pinched nerve in hands. See if you can utilize them or you'll have to go to a doctor for physical checkup. Better find a gym-physiotherapist.

- A pinched nerve in the neck can make it really uncomfortable for your hand/arm, regardless of whether you are working or resting. That's a good enough sign.

- If the issue is localized to hands/arms then frequent stretching/resting can release a lot of tension in the hands.

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