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Saying that Priya asked the old man to stand up and come into the next room to examine him. She asked her professor to stay there until she examined him,

"No Priya I canít send you alone, since you have not completed your course I have to supervise you"

"yes sir"

All three of them entered the next room and the professor closed the door.
Then Priya asked the old man to remove his lungie and he immediately ripped it off from his body. Priya was seeing a live cock for the first time and she felt very uncomfortable.

"common Mis.Priya examine his dick and evaluate his problem"

Priya searched for the hand glove in the room but she did not find it anywhere.

"Sir there is no glove in this hospital"

"Itís ok just do it with your hands. On emergency situation you should make certain decisions"

"but sir"

"no but missy, just do it"

While they were talking the old man started shouting in pain

"Common somebody help me or just kill me. I canít take this anymore"

Priya felt sorry for the old man and she bend forward and looked at the old man's dick. It was like a hanging wet sock, but it was almost 6 or 7 inch long. Then she looked at his ball, it was like a water filled balloon. She felt that the old man has not let his sperm for a long time.

"ai gramps when is the last time you masturbate" Priya asked the old man.

"bati, I couldnít understand what you are saying"

Priya turned to her professor and said "sir could you explain it to him sir"

"No Priya, itís your job to explain the patient about his doubts. I canít help you with these simple things"

Priya hesitated for a while and said "gramps when is the last time you ejected your sperm"

The old man stood silently blinking. Priya understood that he didnít understand anything. Then Priya thought for a while and put her hand near her pussey and moved her hand to and fro like masturbating. Watching this the old man understood it.

"bati, it has been almost 5 to 6 months"

"then that is the reason for your pain in your penis. Now go to the restroom and reliece your sperm out then your pain would run away"

" but bati, I am in my 70's now, I could barely pick my food and eat. With this condition itís impossible give pleasure to myself"

Priya understand his point and looked at her professor for help.

"I would like to help you but a male jerking a male itís useless. It wonít even get him hard, it would be even better if a female did it"

Priya thought that she has no other choice and went close to him and sat on her knees. Then she raised her hand and brought it near his cock and immediately withdrew it and looked at her professor uncomfortably.

" common Priya just do it"

Priya again raised her hand and stopped near his cock, but this time the professor rushed towards her and holds her hand and placed it over the old man's dick and moved it to and fro over his dick. After a minute or two he took his hand from Priya and she started to get the rhythm and jerked him herself.

She jerked him for almost 5 minutes and after that she didnít get the grip clearly. So the professor asked her to spit on her hand and make it moist and continue the handjob. But Priya felt more disgusting and paused for a while.

Once again he took her hand and opens her palm and spit on it and placed it on the old man's dick and asked her to continue the hand job. Priya once again continued to jerk him.

It was almost 15 minutes since she started jerking him and the old man has not even got semi hard. Then she stopped stroking him and turned to the professor and said

" sir I don't thing this is having any effect on him, there is no point in continuing"

" I also got the same feeling, there is no point in giving this old guy a handjob. Itís time to take it to the next level"

"what do you mean next level sir"

"I thing no one could withstand if your rose bud lips are around his cock"


"now just use your mouth to make his pole strong"

"no sir I canít and I wonít"

"ok then you may go"

"thank you sir"

"But I will just fail you in this field trip"

"but sir"

"you may be the topper in theoretical papers, if you fail in a field trip there is no chance you can complete your degree"


"you may continue or you are free to leave"

Priya thought for a while and again sat in front of the old man's dick.

"first bring your tongue out and lick the tip of his cock head"

Priya sat there without making any move, the professor waited for a while and went near her and took her hand and placed it on the old man's dick and inserted his finger into Priya's mouth and opened her mouth wide and inserted the old man's dick into her mouth. Then he placed his hand in the back of her head and pushed it back and front. In this time the old man's dick started to grow inside the mouth of Priya. The seven inch dick turned into a 11 inch dick in no time.

Then the professor took of his hand from the back of Priya's head and the old man took that place and mouth fucked her furiously. Priya started to let sound like "auuu...auuuu...auuu" while the enormous dick hit the back of her head. Saliva started covering the dick and it even flow out through each side of her mouth.

After about 20 minutes of furious mouth fucking the old man let out a loud "ahhhhhhhhaaaaa" and unloaded his sack into the mouth of Priya. Priya started choking and spit it all on the floor, some even drift over her white over coat. It took few minute for both of them to get to their sense.

"bati, now I feel refreshing, thanks for treating me"

"sir treatment is not over yet, you have to come tomorrow for the check-up" professor said.

"yes sir, again thanks"

Then the old man left the hospital. Professor went near Priya and said "this is what I was talking about, did you see the happiness in that old mans face"

Priya was so choked she couldnít talk. Then the professors gave her a hand and send her into the bathroom to clean her up. Then that day she got to treat some minor disease patients and in the evening both left together to their respective places...



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