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Priya immediately took the dick and inserted into her mouth and started to move her head to and fro. Seeing this he pulled his dick out of her mouth and asked her to stop. Priya didnít understand why he made her to stop and looked at his face.

"you are doing it all wrong"

"but sir this is what you asked me to do to the old man"

"yes, but that is only for beginners. Now follow my instruction and do what I say"

"yes sir"

"first hold my dick with your hand and then use your tongue and lick the tip of my dick head and then move your mouth towards my ball and suck it gently and again use your tongue and lick my entire dick"

"yes sir"

"now continue"

Then Priya came back to her position and with her left hand hold his dick and using her soft pink tongue licked the tip of his cock. When her tongue touched his shaft he closed his eyes and dropped back on the couch and enjoyed it.

After sucking his cock head for few minutes she felt that his dick was starting in between her hand. Then she moved her mouth towards his balls and sucked it gently. There was some hair on the ball that made her choke a little.

Priya after sucking his ball moved to the next task and almost covered the whole dick with her saliva. While she was sucking and licking the cock she was using her thumb to rub the tip of his dick which made him more excited. When she was done doing this his dick was almost hard.

Then he instructed her to take his cock in and suck it. As instructed Priya took his dick in her mouth and started to move her head back and front slowly, while she was sucking his dick he asked her to use her hand and massage his balls. Priya did as she was told.

After almost 10 minutes of soft blowjob, the professor's mood touched his peak. He immediately placed his hand on the back of Priyas head and stood up with his dick in her mouth and started to move his hips back and front vigorously like a sex hungry maniac. He pumped her hard that saliva started splashing out of her mouth over his dick and even over his stomach. Priya tried to get out of this but his hold over her head was to strong.

He continued to mouth fuck her for another 20 minutes and shouted

"oh ya...oh ya... I am gona cum... aahhhaaaahhh..."

And unloaded a huge amount of his hot cum into her mouth. He held her head tight until he was completely empty and freed his grip. Immediately after he freed her Priya started to choke and spit all the sperm in her mouth. She recovered from it after few minutes only.

"why did you do that for"

"sorry Priya I got too excited, anyway look you have successfully completed your class today"

"what do you mean today"

"ya, this is only day one of your class. I would make you perfect doctor in this field trip. I promise"

"now go to the bathroom and clean yourself and go to bed. We are having a big day ahead"

Priya went into the bathroom and cleaned her face and when she came back the professor is fully dressed and was watching cricket match in the TV. After one hour others also returned and they all went to bed in their respective places.


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