Thread: After 18 years, Yahoo Messenger will be signing off! (News, Reviews & Gossip)
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Originally Posted by desi.mutant View Post
True that. I remember around 2002 when my gf of 8 years broke up with me, after about a year of wallowing in self pity I turned into a loose cannon,wooing and bedding girls/women left right and center. The weapon of choice - YM ! Not only did it let you be obscure, you could use diff screen names and those hug / kiss icons helped in scoring brownie points. And more than young girls, it was the platform to find bored urban housewives with time to kill and desires to fulfill. Got to learn a lot from these cougars. RIP Yahoo Messenger, you will always be a special part of my fondest memories.
women too loved this platform. My wife and i used to have lots of chat over YM. No limits between us. She used to visit those yahoo chat rooms and had quite a few online Boyfriends.

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