Thread: Stars dont arouse me but starlets, item girls, side actresses do why? (Life, Lifestyle, Personal Advice & Tips)
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Originally Posted by Just a Salesman View Post
I get aroused when i see starlets like
Sindhu, Babilona, Reshma, Maria, Kumtaz, Prameela in her 80s and 90s movies BUT NOT SHAKEELA
Bhojpuri actresses, Sambhavna seth arouse me and some other item girls and of course side actresses in dance numbers

When i see Deepika Padukone in fact my erection becomes completely flaccid. When i see Priyanka Chopra she arouses anger in me but not any desire because i think she is a fraud and a cunning bitch and there is nothing inside.
Kareena never aroused me not even Kajol or Karishma
Alia Bhatt i think is a carromboard
Anushka Sharma face is a put off
Raakhi Sawant does not arouse me at all coz i think it is all fake and makeup Bipasha male voice puts me off.
Mallika Sherawat's funny mouth puts me off

i get aroused by Katrina, Aishwarya Rai, Bhumi Pednekar, Sunny Leone, Malaika Arora's ass, Sameera Reddy even 80s and 90s vamps like Bindu Sheetal Faryal, HUma Khan, Poonam Dasgupta.

Skinny Hollywood heroines do not do anything to me even if they are naked.
But well endowed latinas like Jennifer lopez or Beyonce or Kim kardashian arouse me like hell.

Why like that? Anything to do with psychology because someody may say deepika and priyanka are top heroines and you are not attracted. Then something must be wrong with you only. Any answers.

Katrina,Kajol,Kareena,Karishma,Priyanka,Deepika they all are fake they look more manly than the gay khans.

Most Brothelwood actress lost their feminine side except a few Aishwarya and Sunny etc.

Watch some south actress to feel ......they have little chubby, little shy and cute smile and feel like Indian women rather then Cross breed Brothelwood actress.

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