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Your work is unparalleled. I love your stories and description as well as the emotions you display in love making. Though there is so much erotic aspect in your story it lacks proper story to be frank. Now instead of beginning new angle back in Bombay , a guy whom Sheetal meets in an hour easily gets her and this happens just by referring to her old ways , sorry to say this but what's the fun in fucking a slut when he already knows what she did or who she was back in the day. Rather it would have been fun if a guy who doesn't know her past seduce her to make her go back to old ways would have been more fun and would have opened a lot of options to continue this story. I am sorry it always easy to say 100 things the story could be but hard to write myself which I have never done but this is honest feeling I just mentioned so please forgive me if I have made any aggressive comments out of sheer interest in your story. Thanks

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