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Next day when i came back from office .. i went to my room .. didn't notice didi anywhere ... I just rushed into bathroom and took a head bath and came out swearing shorts and a t-shirt wiping my hairs .. Jus then pug entered the room .. wow .. it was some sight .. she was simply awesome .. my eyes were completely on her ...
I was smiling looking at her .. and she moved slowly and sat on the sofa .. smiling at me .. that smile had lot to convey ..

I sat to her left.... She closed eyes .. I kissed her left eye .. all through her left cheek and half her lips .....while doing so i was trying to hold her by waist .. i tried to touch .. she hit my hand .. again i tried .. same thing .. .this time i didn't do any thing ... she held my hand and took it to slightly above where i was targeting .. kept it there .. till then she didn't open eyes .. then she looked at me and again said: "stupid" ...
I said in whispering tone: my eyes here .. (looking into her eyes) ...
She: you better know my geography well dear ..saying that she bit my lower lip slightly ... we kissed so passionately while i pulled her towards me holding her waist ...

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