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little later we felt the pain of musquito bites and had to leave the place .. .we drove back home ..

We went upstairs .. Didi was first to move towards her room .. she stopped at the door...i was about to turn towards my room ..but looking at her stopping at the door .. i moved towards her .. we both stood still there ..with out any words...i touched her wrist gently .. she turned her head briskly ... we both looked into each others eyes ..our breath went fast... .I opened the door ...almost dragged her in ...and held her waist taightly .. and kissed her lips so tightly that it was difficult for both of us to breath .. i pushed her on to the wall beside door ..and was kissing her wildly ... she also put both her hands around my neck and into my hairs and was pulling me more towards her ... we smooched like that for quite a while .. then we gave ourselves some time to breathe ..... we were looking into each other in the dim lighting ...

I lifted her in my arms and took her to bed .. dropped her gently and climbed on to her ... we were hugging so tightly ...we turned upside down ... she was on top of me ... my hand moved from her waist to her back , into the t-shirt .. i ran my hand on her back slowly up ... while she was busy kissing my lips more and more ...

I reached her bra on her back .. slid my hand into the bra..pulled her more towards me ... wow .. its so hot to be there ... there was a hook behind ..i removed it ... her bra slipped slightly i moved my hand more on her back and as she was making some movements being on top of me kissing all over my face... I could feel her softness touching my chest ... the feel was amazing ... though two shirts are still separating us, i could feel the amazing sensation as her bra was sliding more and more .. my hand that was moving behind her chest area moved more to the sides .. i was inches away from feeling her softness for the first time ....I dunno why .. but I hesitated to move further ... i was pulling her closer with the hand thats engulfing her but it wasn't going further some how ... may be i was waiting for her signal ... i dunno.. it just happened ...

Didi parted her lips from mine ..looked into my eyes...with a question mark face she said: Whaat?
Me: i ..meaa... n ... i m ...not sure ...
Didi: whhaatt the ....huh .. whyyyy
Me: i mean ....we can't marry ..
Didi was visibly irritated with the stupid way i was behaving ... we were in that position for long ... she didn't do anything .. i slowly removed my hand from her top ..she moved to side ..laid down beside me .. we didn't speak a word for a while .. finally she broke the silence .. she just said "go"...
Me: Pug ... its like
Didi: Go ...
Me: No .. please .. listen ..
Didi: I said Go ..
I tried to touch her shoulders just pushing her to turn her face towards me ....but she just pushed my hands away ....and again said "Go"....she was clearly very upset with my behavior ...
I calmly got down from bed .. moved towards the door .. came back ..knelt down near her bed close to her feet .. touched her one feet .. kissed it ...and said: "Pug I love you" ... she didn't utter a word ... i reluctantly closed the door and went to my room ..that moment i felt bad not for missing to touch her boobs but abt the fact that i made her so unhappy .... I didn't know whats future .. i couldn't sleep for quite some time .. I thought many times of going to her room ... but didn't want to disturb things further .. I don't know when i slept off ..

Next morning i woke up ..the first thing i wanted to do was to go to didi's room .. but i got reminded of an important meeting with some clients in the company .. i quickly rushed to bathroom to fresh up .. never i hated work so much ..

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