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Old 6th July 2017
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Happy Marriage Anniversary

As you mentioned your budget is just 3K then you can't do big.
I feel a Rose bouquet with choklate is the best. But don't forget to go out for dinner just you two. If you stay with other family members then outside dinner is must. you can add a movie also in the list .

One more thing once you get better in finance don't forget to compulsate this with additional interest.

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Old 6th July 2017
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I had not wasted money on 5 hours disposable things such as Flower bouquet,... cards,........ Rose-kali,..etc. rather buy smthg like,..( which remains forever and gets no tarsh-bin )

Say,..silver/gold tuned photo frame where your marriage and kids group photos is decorated and stays on your dresser table forever,...
If she is a religious person, buy her's favorite god's/goddesse's small silver idol ( for pooja area ) or at least
a small silver coin, written love slogans or devi ki pratima,.. and it will be a life-worth memory to murmur,..... Bouquet goes to trash after 6 hours and all forgotten,..

Keep loving her more and more, nothing else matter. Unplug yourself from everything and give her your full undivided attention for the whole day. Gift her nice set of clothes and perfume and a chocolate. Give her big breakfast, then nice massage, then some nice love time together, then lunch, then sleep and then romantic ride/movie and dinner and then again love.... That's what we did when our marriage was of three years.
Tht's a a truly beautifully day passed and 'Days of our Life ' worth to remember life-long,... Anjali make jealous and envy today, a many about how an ideal happy married life could be,... should be,.. ! God bless u couple..

Women loves saree too, so rather add more bucks and have of her's favorite color, i read where that her hubby ( below pic ) had for her this of her's favorite color and matching blouse,...


she wore at particular friend's marriage party,. and when coming back home, they had a splendid of wonderful striptease love-romance, in a pleasantful strata atmosphere of home' privacy room,..no lesser than Shashi sings for Rakhee, in d movie " Kabhi-iKabhi " da title song,..

Saree is for ever collection,... it never gets short like other dresses or age-wise,.. it makes and adds one nugget to women's valuable treasury collection,..

Women's Saree love remains just enormous,... plus the money spent is well-worth,...................... as Saree goes a life-long collection as she wares also shares for 20+ years occasionally,..

I just love endlessly, non-stoply and continuously,.. watching women wearing, glancing, glazing, staring and zhaankiing,.. well-dressed in Saree,.. and when been sophisticated dressed in Saree, and especially none of the body skin is portrayed or exposed for any skin-show,.. or Vulgarity,...

A Thing of Beauty,... is a Joy forever..


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Old 22nd July 2017
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Kudos for good decision & good time you had.

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