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Old 2nd February 2018
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Test Lift incident

Neha saw his message she wanted to go to his invitation but somewhere in her mind she knew that Aadi must be taking this as another opportunity. But she wanted to go to this party because she took this an opportunity to witness such a high Class party. She knew this may increase her customer base.

Because I was out of town so she asked her sister to come along with her. Her sister said let me ask my husband if he allows then she can accompany her and luckily her husband allowed her to go with Neha.

Neha replied to aadi she wanted to him to know what happened was merely a mistake..

Neha: Hi aadi it's enough whatever have we done but no more. I do not want to come but for shweta I have to come to adjust her dress. But i cannot come alone so can I come with my sister. ( She knew if she goes alone she is going to be fucked again )

Aadi: Ohhk (aadi thought to himself what could he say) He wanted neha alone so he can have some more fun.

She called her sister Deepti on Mobile and told her about how lavish this party going to be and asked her if she can join her and she agreed.

Same day i messaged Aadi to thank him for the amazing show. Her screams gave me intense hard on I masturbated 3 to 4 times during all fucking session.

Me: Hey bro how are You thanks for whatever You did for me so far. I am awaiting for some more seductive and hardcore action in future. I am still out for 28 more days.

After a couple of hours I got his reply. But mean while i switched on the CCTV installed in my house. I saw Neha was weeping lightly a thin string of Tears was visible on her cheeks. I could see slight red marks on her cheeks which might have formed due to hard sucking on cheeks by Aadi. She was talking to herself so I increased the sound of the Mic.

(Neha: Ohh no what have I done this is not me this is just cannot be me. What's happening with me am I possessed...??? I have committed a SIN how can a women like me sleep with another man and "Rishi" i can't cheat on him. Please come back Rishi I need You. Now it's the last time I will be meeting Rishi and I will finally tell him not to message or call me again.)

Aadi: Hi don't be thankful. Infact I must thank you for sharing your Treasure with me. She is awesome first time I felt like nailing a real shy housewife otherwise with other women I just after few kisses i use to feel i am fucking a Slut. But i think she might enjoy many kinky dirtiest things with her reluctance intact.

Now bro it's good that You out for some days but unfortunately i am also going for a business trip for a week believe me i also don't want to such a opportunity.
But if You still want her to get drilled hard then we can do one thing. Actually I know two guys one is my best friend and other is my uncle we always use to share our fuck meat with each other. I have already told them the whole story which happened with us till now. They were mesmerized by seeing her pictures and I don't want to involve them without your consent.

Me: Ohh how these guys look and will she allow any elderly guy for sex and is it going to be safe.....????

Aadi: She is going to enjoy any dick once it enters in her lovely hole age and looks doesn't matter but may be it's without consent at first. About them one is Abhay he is handsome like me he is 32 y.o married but Rahul uncle is average looking and he is 53 y.o .They both are heavy built tall regular Gym visitors so I don't know about safety but they are the most suitable guys for your orgy. They are animal in bed purely merciless otherwise are good guys.They have big thick cock And I assure you sooner or later Neha is also going enjoy this pain. I have already sensed it and even you must have known by now. You must have felt she has started enjoying my thickness.

Me: Ohk Lets try our luck and see where it's going to go.

Then i told him about what i heard when was talking to herself that she is not to going to meet aadi again.
To witch he replied

Aadi: Don't worry she is going to forget this loyalty feeling. No guilty will be there and she is will have fun of her life this journey of her is going to be new enjoyable though it will be painful in the beginning.

By the way problem is she is now coming not alone. She will be with her sister I don't know if I Rahul or Abhay going to get any chance with her.

Me: Ohh Really her sister is also very beautiful. She is an inch taller than her but a lot Slimmer than her. She is also married for 3 years now with a 1 year old boy child. She might be another hunt for you so lets see what happens tomorrow but if you or any of your friend get a chance please do remember i need to watch that show.

Aadi: Ok i will plan something for your pleasure going to try my best to take her bed and i have already booked a Room in the Hotel where event is going to be organised. May I know something more about your sister in law and her husband.

Me: Her husband Suyash is very hard working well earning middle class person. He honest and descent kind of person pure vegetarian No alcohol and all. About Deepti she has a nice figure No sagging on boobs at all. She also has fleshy cheeks very fair in complexion but she is very slim and delicate. Whenever I shake hand with her I use feel her slim tender fingers on my erect dick. An information for you is that she is upset with daily household chores so she is trying to convince her husband that she wants to do a Job. Recently Neha told me that Suyash has agreed now he do not have problem if Deepti goes out for a Job. So you can do one thing that you can offer her a job with a descent salary. Like Neha is also very shy and Religious because both are grown up in a same family.

Aadi: Wow thats wonderful information and don't worry she will also be my slut and if you any interest with her i will keep that in mind too.

Me: Yeah I have some unfinished business with her Neha always fights with me when I drink. I am sure Deepti use to influence her to fight with me i want to fuck her and humiliate her but I also have a soft corner in my heart for her.

Aadi: Ok i will keep that in mind that you get a chance to fulfill your desires with her.

Next day first Neha went to her maternal house and then went for parlor. Because of wedding season there was rush in the parlor so she got late. When she came back home for dress change she saw Deepti outside our house already waiting for her. She has to hurry now because Deepti is another allowed to be out of the house for late at night. She went in with her and started changing her clothes. She didn't wear any bra because her blouse was a padded one it was actually a Lehnga choli with dupatta her choli was a short padded blouse with a zip at side while Lehnga is a very flairy Skirt. When she was about to pull her zip down she found the hook at bottom was broken. This hook is used to hold the zip so that if any pressure is applied to breast the zip does not opens itself. As the blouse was not that tight so she carried it without hook only as she was already very late. Now they headed towards the party in a cab. There Aadi's and his friends were eagerly waiting for them. Aadi welcomed them at the door he was dumbstruck to see Deepti like an angel from heaven stood in front of him. Immediately he made up his mind to face her at any cost. But he controlled his emotions and facial expressions. He greeted them to come in both ladies went in. The party was very luxurious the hall was very well decorated it was first time they saw such a high class place with so many rich people all around. They roamed all over the place looking for food items. Everything was so lavish there all food items looking so delicious.

I opened my mobile and saw Aadi's message.

Aadi: Hi click on the link below and stay tuned you may see some action anytime I have involved Rahul Abhay and a couple of my female friends in plan. There might be force involve in the beginning of her assault. It can be a soft rape so let's see how far she goes.

I clicked on the link it was a Live CCTV footage of an hotel room I imagined her there to be fucked and a twich in my dick.

Well coming back to scene Neha and Deepti gathered some food and took their seats. They were talking with each other about party arrangements and dresses jewelry etc. of other female guests just then Aadi approached them with Rahul and Abhay and two other females.

(Actually his plan was to involve them with his friends like a friendly group and secondly he wanted to separate Neha with Deepti for some time. His plan was to let Rahul and Abhay try on Neha meanwhile he wanted have some chitchat with Deepti so that he can offer her some job. He knew this is his only chance because later he may not get any chance to meet her again.)

He greeted them and started speaking..

Aadi: Hi how are you both and are you liking the food.

Neha: Yeah food is great and meet my sister Deepti.

Aadi: Extended his hand for a handshake. He was delighted to hold her tiny soft hand. Hi Deepti I hope you are enjoying the party and by the way today all men will be eyeing on you two only because you both are looking so stunning every women will be burned with jealous tonight.
By the way meet them He is my uncle Rahul, this is Abhay my friend and she is Amisha and this is Saloni.

Rahul uncle and Abhay were staring Neha they already had a hard on while Abhay's dick was ready to tear his pants Zip because of Deepti's wonderful beauty.

Aadi: Asked them would you girls like to have something to drink anything like soft drink or vodka or something like that.

Deepti: Ya I will take coke.
Neha: Ya that's fine get one for me too.

Amisha: Hey why coke ladies let's take a tequila shot.

Neha: No no coke will be fine actually Deepti do not drink and if she does there will be disaster in her house you know mother in law and all that stuff..

Saloni: Oh please Neha leave I can understand about Deepti but at least we can have some fun together.
After some effort by two girls Neha agreed to have a drink.

Aadi called a waiter and gave him a hundred rupees note and ordered a coke and 5 rounds of a cocktail called bloody Mary. He had a setting with that waiter he gave him a drug that increases the female libido. This drug increases the sexual sensitivity in women it's effect starts after 10-15 min and usually lasts for an hour.

The waiter brought the drinks and placed the infected drink in front of Neha on the table. They all took their glasses and cheered and gulped the liquid in one go. Deepti was slowly sipping her coke. They took one more round of drink then stopped drink because they wanted Neha to in her senses if they get any chance with her.

They were all involved in talking and cracking jokes and all and and it was already half an hour passed after Neha had that drug. The drug had already started it's work she was feeling wet down her pussy. Her pussy walls were pulling inside of itself she was sweating lightly in the cold air conditioned room. She was also confused that what why she was feeling like this. Why her mind wanting someone to sooth her shrinking pussy. She was unable to understand she thought may its the effect of what Aadi did to her back days how he funded her and may be she is addicted to his sexual advances. Aadi was closely watching her and he noticed that something is happening to her but to confirm he touched her leg with his toe and tickled upwards raising her lehnga. She moaned ufff.. and closed her eyes. She bit her lower lips and rested her head on sofa stretching her neck.

Deepti saw her and asked are you fine she replied ya it's just a light pain in my neck but the concerned men knew everything. They knew they have to act now before the effect of the drug fades away. Now Aadi removed his foot he didn't wanted Deepti to get any idea of what was happening. The men knew that they have only 40-45 minutes left to start their work on Neha though Aadi was now not much interested in her rather he wanted some time with Deepti but the other two guys were desperate. They already had a well discussed plan how to get her under them.

But Aadi received a call and he got up and went away from them. It's shweta's call she wanted Neha to come and adjust her dress so unfortunately he had to call Neha he asked her to come to Shweta to adjust her dress. He asked Neha to accompany Rahul uncle with her he will show her the Shweta's room. Neha asked him to take Deepti with her to which Aadi replied that there is no need it's going to take few minutes only and she enjoy my friend's company. So Neha told Deepti that she has to go if she wants to come but to Aadi's luck Deepti said she want to stay with the girls actually she was enjoying their company and she is also getting late her mother in law won't allow her to be out for long at night. So Neha said OK I will finish it soon.

Now Neha went with Rahul uncle and Abhay and Saloni too followed them. They entered the lift it was small lift and but with them few more people entered the lift.
Because of the wedding season some more functions were going in this Hotel. There was huge rush many people were using lift going up and down. They got pushed inside the lift and for both men's luck uncle got at the back corner of the lift and in front of him and behind her was Abhay. Saloni came on her left side facing her back towards Neha and towards her right there was lift wall. Luckily uncle managed to turn around before the lift door closed. Now uncle was facing her and her back was at Abhay. She was tightly sandwiched between them her hands were pinned down on each side. She was holding her Mobile in her left hand and in right there was a small wallet. She couldn't even see anything down on floor her head was almost pinned she could move her head left or right only. Now Her fragrance and touch of her exposed skin on their hands was driving them crazy but they had to control themselves. They had to go on 7th floor from ground.
They took full advantage of the situation due to their huge bodies she was almost disappeared from people and from left side Saloni stood she was also a taller and healthier than Neha. Saloni had earphones in her ears she was listening songs.

To elaborate her situation that she was trapped in i have posted an image to understand well.

Uncle was having the best time of his life his dick was throbbing out of his underwear. He was wearing a Dhoti kurta and a short V Shape thin imported bikini type underwear beneath that it was kind of a see through underwear (I have posted the images for reference) so a very thin layer of cloth was present between his dick and her body.

He had a enormous dick he always led to flaunt his dick before fucking any lady may be if she's a prostitute. Because Aadi assured him that he might get some fun with Neha so he chose this brief to wear.

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Old 2nd February 2018
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akshitkapoor is an unknown quantity at this point
Aadi always respected him as a guru just because of his lessons he was able have such a nice time with Neha..

Both of men were very tall more than six feet and because Neha is short in height just 5'1"so uncle's was just an inch below her boobs on the exposed part of her belly and Abhay's dick was touching her exposed back between her blouse and lehnga. She was feeling very hot inside because of that drug. She was a grown-up woman hence she could sense the arousal of both men also. She was feeling their hardness on her body like two iron rods trying to poke her body. Her boobs were crushing on uncle's slightly fat belly. She was thinking that why is she enjoying the touches of these two ugly men what's going on inside of her mind.

Now Abhay wanted to start a conversation so he broke the ice.

Whole conversation was in a very low voice it was rather a whispering sound.

Abhay asked Neha are you fine..??

Neha: Ya I am OK but can you please move a little bit it's so tight here.

Abhay: I wish i could but let try. He started moving left to right and vise versa and sometime up and down but infact he was trying to rub his dick on her back. This made Neha even more uncomfortable but then he back just above her ass and tried to push her to adjust himself in a position where he grind more into her. She immediately got a jolt when his cold hands grabbed her naked flesh. She thought this can make situation even worse for so she told Abhay.

Neha: It ok Abhay I fine now please do not move.

Abhay: Ok as you say I was just trying to give you some relief. By the way you are looking stunning.

Neha: Thanks for your compliment.

Abhay: Can See what effect you are having on me right now its so disturbing.

Neha: What effect aren't you comfortable can I do something for you or have done anything wrong.

Abhay: No I mean I am so close to such a beautiful lady still i can't touch her feel her I don't know how long am i going to stop myself.

Neha: No please don't do anything wrong it's a sin I am married and have child too.

Abhay: Hey don't worry I am just joking I will hard to hold my hands.

He kept on teasing her cracking some funny jokes and while this conversation going on another game was getting played at her front.

Saloni was very clever she wanted to give uncle some pleasure so she made a very smart move. She knew uncle is use to keep his mobile in his kurta's pocket which was just in front of her boobs. Where as both guys wanted to grab this angel looking lady right there and fuck her hard. Saloni took her phone and called on uncle's phone. It started vibrating right on her left boobs. She was almost shaking from inside with that vibrating feeling on her flesh. Uncle knew very well that it's an opportunity he inserted his hand in his pocket the back of his fingers were touching in fact poking in her flesh. He was also not in a hurry he took his time to hold the phone pretending to locate his phone. Due to padded blouse he couldn't feel the softness of her boobs but still he was in heaven. He caught his phone but in the process some of her flesh got in his hands it was like someone pinched her there she immediately got back and because of this the zip of her blouse raised up for a centimeter. But due to immense pressure on her from behind she couldn't sense it and the mobile again slipped from his hand or he did it purposefully.

Uncle said to Neha: Sorry Beta I have to pick up the phone may be its Aadi's call. ("Beta"or "beti" means he was addressing her as daughter so for non hindi readers if I again use this word please refer to I mentioned here.

Neha lowered her eyes and said it's OK uncle you are just like my father . I know its a mistake well what else she could say.

Now uncle seeing no resistance earlier got little more bolder he freely inserted his hand in his pocket and caught her boob with his mobile and pinched harder and then took his phone out. But now the zip her blouse raised even more for an inch but she was totally unaware.

Suddenly a whispering sound came out of her mouth "Ouchhhh..." Uncle immediately said sorry to her.

She stood speechless didn't know how react to this situation.

Abhay: What happened Neha are you am i hurting you..

Neha: No I am fine just my arm is paining.

Abhay lowered his hand and held her arm and massaged it lightly. She was cursing herself why she said Abhay that her arm is hit. She was liking his touch but because of her loyalty towards me she wanted this to end.

Neha: Abhay please stop you shouldn't touch me I am not liking it all.

He lowered his head it's then he saw her slightly open zip of her blouse. He was able to see the bottom of her left boob only an inch of her boob was visible. He immediately withdrew his hand from her arm because didn't wanted her know about her blouse. He knew by common sense that if even a slight pressure is applied on her blouse then her zip will open exposing her left boob fully. He was aware if such thing happen she couldn't do anything because her hand were already pinned to sides.

By now uncle also got an idea of how erect her nipples were. He knew the drug was working on her very well. He could feel them even from a padded blouse though very lightly. Now Because of all this his dhoti slide to the side and half of his underwear clad dick popped out so now the half of his almost naked dick was resting on upper part of her naked belly she could also feel his one ball ( testicle) hitting her flesh. Strings of Long white hairs around his cock were pooping out of the underwear she could even feel that too infact it was lightly ticking her skin over there. But Neha couldn't even react or show some resistance because this might be considered rude as it wasn't intentional At least for her. Also some where in her mind she was also liking the effect she is having on these men. She was feeling powerful for her beauty that how she is making them mad. But she also knew that this wrong she shouldn't be doing this.

Now Abhay signaled uncle to look down at her blouse he also looked down and found her blouse zip opened up a little bit. He was more experienced he knew what they have to do. But from his angle he was unable see open part of her boobs Now they were waiting for the lift to stop at any floor and were praying for lift to stay stuffed.

Now Neha was totally unaware about what was happening at her back she couldn't see at her back.

The lift now stopped at second floor few people got out and Abhay shifted back a little bit this gave her some relief. She taught it's all going to end now but this lasted for 4 or 5 seconds only before she could regain her posture and see her open blouse suddenly more people came in and last of them was a fat guy who shamelessly pushed the crowd forcefully. Uncle was able to see everything he was getting ready for the action just when push came he rose his hand in way that it landed on her blouse. Abhay also placed his hands between her blouse and his back. And due to this push her Mobile slipped from her hand and fell on ground.

She immediately sensed and shouted ohh my phone it fell down on the floor.

So now you guys imagine what could have happened.

The back of her blouse was just in place because due to force applied by Abhay's hands on back of her blouse. Where as at front due slope of her boobs the front of her blouse rose up with Uncle's hand opening the zip of her blouse to the full extent.

Now the blouse went up diagonally fully opening left boob but her right boob was also partially visible now till below her nipple.

Upon realizing what has happened she got shocked she couldn't even hid her boob because she couldn't move her hands at all. She taught of calling Saloni for help but she realized this might attract other's attention too. But both men knew that they have act fast before the crowd any one gets out of the lift giving her enough space.

Uncle spoke to her: Ohh my gosh sorry beti it wasn't intentional I was just trying to scratch my head I was feeling itchy there but unfortunately this happened before i could reach my head.

Neha: But you made me Nude in front of so many people around tears were falling from on cheeks. The sensual feeling all arousal everything went in vein.

Uncle: Don't worry beta no one can see you. You are completely hidden.

Abhay: What happened Neha are you crying..?

Neha: No nothing happened i am fine I am not crying and my phone fell down please look after it if you can see it. She thought he might know and see from back about what has just happened to her.

Now both men wanted to have hands to her fair soft yet firm boobs. Uncle was already having fun her erect nipple was drilling hole in his flesh through the thin fabric of his Kurta.

Uncle now wiped her tears from face and said to her..

Uncle: Don't cry Neha otherwise other people may come to know about that but as far i know no blouse can be opened by itself.

Neha wanted to stop him from touching her but there no other way she could wipe her tears and whatever he said was absolutely right. She also got reminded of the carelessness she did about hook. If she would have stopped for few minutes and repaired the hook then this situation might not happened. Now she was feeling guilty of what has been done to her. But on the other hand she never expected to be in such a situation so it was all fate.
Neha told everything why her blouse opened and blamed her for that and said him

Neha: But at end i am still nude in front of a man I barely know and he is of my father's age.

Uncle was enjoying her innocence infact nonsense.

Uncle: Don't worry about me I am your father's age don't be afraid.

Now the more Neha was relaxing down the more of the effect of that drug taking control on her.

Now lift Stopped at third floor and a slim teenage guy got off the lift so this didn't helped.

While they were talking to each other Abhay was looking for her mobile he located her mobile it was few centimeters away from the Flare of her Lehnga he kicked her Phone with his foot and luckily it landed just under Lehnga near her ankle.

Abhay spoke to Neha: Hey i can feel your phone under my foot its near you ankle under you Lehnga if you want i can try to pick it up.

Neha: Please do it its very expensive Mobile my husband will kill me. She didn't have any idea whats going on his mind.

Abhay: Don't worry I will let you die let me help you.

Same time uncle was looking for an opportunity to grab her Juicy mangoes. So he executed another plan. Both things were going on together .

Uncle: I think beta you should arrange your blouse before the crowd disperse otherwise you will be exposed to left over people.

Neha: Then please stop talking and help me raise my hand.

Now uncle tried to shift a bit but he knew this will be of no use. She didn't knew the large amount pressure is applied by Abhay on her back to not to let her do what she is trying to do. But She still tried very hard to raise her hands but failed to do this instead because of this her exposed boob left loose due to slight gap created in between them for a fraction of second and bottom of her boob just landed on top of Uncle's dick. It was like a pin trying to deflate a balloon.

Uncle sensed this so he lifted his body slightly and it's tip was just below her nipple. It was sinking into her skin.

Neha immediately reacted to this..

Neha: Uncle please what are to trying to do stay still.

Uncle: I am trying to give you some space only so that you can raise your hands up.

Neha: Its no use I have tried everything but i cannot do it.

Uncle: But this way you may be exposed to everyone and someone might try to take an advantage of you. He may blackmail you by shouting and gathering more men around you. You see now only you and Saloni are females here all others are male and most of them must also be drunk too I have heard about women getting gang raped in this of situation. Though we are here to protect you but we two are not enough for these guys.

By hearing this she really got very terrified she stared sobbing lightly and showed her fear to uncle.

Uncle wiped her tears and reminded her of not to cry. He held her cheeks in his hands and looked straight in her eyes his heart was also pounding heart years later he had got an opportunity to hold such a beautiful fair tight cheeks in his hands. She had her eyes closed out of shame. He wanted kiss her lips right there but he knew this is not the right time so he lowered her head and kissed her forehead.

This was a surprise for her she didn't expected this from him but before she could react he spoke.

Uncle: Don't be fearful Neha I am here to help and protect you child like you father would have done if he stuck in this type of situation with you. She got relieved by hearing these words.

Neha: Uncle please tell Saloni to help me.

Uncle: I can but you can see she is herself pinned down tightly and second thing is if I will tell she may panic and shout in shock. Do one thing move your eyes towards your left a little bit lower and you can see what's happening with her.

She tried to see on Saloni's side she could partial see one guy who was in front of her was playing with her boobs and the other guy who was on her side had his hand inserted in her skirt. She was a well grown up woman now she immediately sensed what was happening. She could see them partially only but she knew well everything.

Uncle: Did you see anything ..??

Neha: Yes.

Uncle: Then tell me what did you see..

Neha: Please uncle I can't discuss such things with you. But why isn't she trying to protest.

Uncle: Because she had been such a situation before also she know such reaction could lead to even worse condition. So it's Ok if she allowing two guys just be safe with other guys.

Neha just kept quiet.

In between all this uncle was trying hard to move his pointing dick head over her boobs. Only a fraction of flesh of her boob was touching his tool.

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