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Old 29th January 2017
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John Bhai .. you have taken the excitement levels to quite high .. Make sure you post the update soon ..coz with time, not only the excitement will be lost, even you will not have enough enthusiasm to update .. slowly the story will die . .this is what happened to my stories ..

Additionally, don't drag too much unless you really can spend the time to make the journey more and more enjoyable .. the last two updates are simply amazing . .the pace, content and style everything is simply superb.. go with this momentum and give a wonderful update..

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Old 30th January 2017
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@manmadha_2121 Well thq for ur appreciation dude, Well im quite busy for few days so i will post the next update in the 2nd week of the feb. Coz if i write the update now i will not able to concentrate properly on the story coz of work. So im sorry for a bit delay but i will try to post the next update asap.

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Old 2nd February 2017
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In the middle of the night my eyes got opened and i checked my phone it was 2.30 AM in the night. I got up a bit on the bed, The incident

happened between preeti and me flashed in front of my eyes. I tried hard to ignore it and somehow i succeeded. I still have the aroma of

preeti's body in my clothes i tried not to think anymore about it. I felt thirsty and i switched ON the table lamp near my bed and looked

out for a water bottle in my room. There was no water bottle in my room, i felt lazy to go downstairs to the kitchen and take the water

bottle, But i was really thristy so i got up from the bed and came out of my room. I looked at preeti's room and then i moved towards the

stairs. I reached the kitchen and took a bottle from the fridge and started drinking water. I took the bottle with me and closed the

fridge and was proceeding towards the stairs. I stopped as i heard some noise, i thought may be im thinking too much and started going

upwards. I again heard some noise but little louder this time, I stopped and wait for a minute. The noise comes again and it was coming

from the guest washroom. I thought who was there? I approached slowly towards the guest washroom, And stopped near the door of the

washroom. Then the noise comes again and by hearing those noises i can say that someone was moaning inside. I stood there for a minute and

thought who was inside this washroom, we rarely used this washroom. Now the maoning sounds comes again, ahhhhhh.......ummmmmmm...ohhhhhhh

ahhhhhhhhhhhh. I thought may be it was preeti, coz she has a reason of doing it. Coz we had an encounter few hours back. I was going

towards the stairs to check if preeti was in her room. When i reached the stairs my eye went to my parents room as their room's door was

slightly opened. I went towards their room, my heart was beating a bit faster at that time. I stopped outside their room near the door and

wait for a while and then i slightly peeked in their room. My heart skipped a beat when i saw only dad was there, mom was not there in the

room. I moved back from the door and i was thinking if mom is not in the room then she must be in the guest's washroom. Then i slowly

moved towards the guest washroom. I can hear the moaning noises. I placed my ear on the door and now i was able to hear the clear voice. I

thought fuckkkk.... mom is inside, I heard her moaning for about 2-3 minutes. She was moaning ahhhhhhh yessssss........

ahhhhhhhhhh.......ummmmmmmmmmmm......... ohhhhhh godddd..... ahhhhhh.... i started sweating at that time and got a bit hard on after

hearing her moaning. After few minutes later the moaning got stopped and i thought she is coming outside then i ran towards the stairs and

went back to my room. My heart was beating like hell, i thought fuckkkkkk.... what was mom doing inside? Was she mastubrating? I thought

may be coz of dad's health issues she is not getting what she wants. I thought fuckkkk man what is going in my life. First the encounter

with preeti which was totally wrong and now listening to my own mom's moaning. I laid down on the bed and while thinking about all these

things i dont know when i went to sleep.

Next morning i got up around 6:00 AM I got up from the bed and went to the washroom and freshed up. I came out from the

washroom and completed my packing. I went downstairs and my eyes got widened, I saw mom was doing yoga in the balcony. She was doing some

yoga aasans. I reached at the living room and watching her doing yoga, She was wearing a black colour well fitted top and a dark pink

colour yoga pants. Like in this pic

I sit down on the chair and i saw she was standing and was stretching her upper body. She was rotating her torso and her arms were opened

while keeping the lower body stationary. When she stretched her torso to one side with her arms open i got the view of the mountain like

boobs of her. The top was hugging her quite well, she got a nice tummy a bit of flesh on it. My eyes got widened when i saw her boobs they

were big and looked firm in that top.

Then she did this stretching of a while and then she bent down to touch her hands on the ground without bending her knees. When she beant

down her big ass pooped out from the yoga pants. My jaw dropped, i havent seen her in this avatar before. Her ass was clearly visible

inside those yoga pants they were big and looked in good shape. The yoga pants were quite tight and she has one of the most nice lower

body i have ever seen. She got nice ass with a beautiful well big thighs. This scene and the last night scene coming into mind

simultaneously. I thought i havent seen mom like this before, when did she start doing yoga. May be after when i moved to mumbai. I ignore

those thoughts and went to the balcony and said "Hey mom". Mom stopped and said "Good morning john". She was sweating a bit. I asked "when

did u start doing yoga?". She said "when you moved to mumbai, i had put on some weight and thought of doing yoga sessions coz i cant go to

the gym, im not a gym type women". I said "I was here from about a week but dint saw you doing yoga". She said "Your dad's health was not

good so i was not doing it". Then she asked "What will you eat in breakfast?". I said "Anything mom, But please do it fast i dont want to

get late for my flight". She said "ok, give me a minute". Then i went to upstairs and had a bath and came down. I saw preeti was sitting

on the dining table reading newspaper. She looked at me but i dint looked her back, i tried to ignore the eye contact coz of the incident

happened last night. I sit down on the dining table, i saw mom was making breakfast in the same clothes in which she was doing yoga. Me

and preeti dint say a word. Then mom came up with Aaloo Paratha. I said "mom i dont eat Aaloo pratha". Mom said "Have it otherwise you

will not get this pratha of mom's hand in mumbai". I ate two pratha's, still preeti and me dint say a word to each other. I thought we

both were embarrased. I finished the breakfast and kept the plate in the sink. It was 8:00 AM in the morning. Then mom said "i will also

come with you to the airport". I said "I will go myself mom don't bother". She said "its ok, now your dad is quite fine so i will come". I

said "ok". Then i saw preeti went back to her room. After few minutes later i came down with my bag and asked "Mom are you ready?". She

said "wait let me change the clothes". I said "Mom we will get late, you are looking good just come as it is". Mom smiled when i said you

are looking good. Then i went to my dad and said "Im going dad take care." He said "God bless you son take care". I touched my dad's feet

and went out from the room. I thought of telling preeti that im going, but i dint got the courage so i dint tell her. I booked a cab and

cab was there in a minute. Then me and mom sit on the back seat of the car. In 40 minutes we are at the airport. We reached Airport at

9:00 AM. Then we got out of the car and stood at the entrance of gate. We talked a bit for few minutes and in that meantime i looked at my

mom in a bit different way few times. I looked at her waist line and thighs, She is in quite a good shape at this age. She is 46 and to

maintain yourself this much is quite a difficult task. Finally i said "Its time to go mom". She smiled, and i was about to touch her feet

she stopped me and said "God bless you and hugged me". She hugged me a bit tight i dont know why, may be im going far away thats why. That

was the first time we hugged like in this manner. We always hugged sideways before but this time she hugged me straight and when she

hugged her boobs touched my chest. I felt her soft boobs on my chest, I hugged her back and hugged her a bit tight and coz of this her

boobs got slightly pressed over my chest. That was nice feeling and her boobs was a bit bigger than preeti. I felt the bra strap on her

back. When i hugged her i got the smell of her sweat which was quite a turn on. I parted myself immediately after that. I said "bye mom,

take care". She said "bye son". I went inside through the gate, after security checking i sit down on the chair and was thinking about

what had happend outside. I thought man this is insanely wrong, And after a minute my phone buzzed up with a message. I checked my phone

it was preeti's message. She wrote i'll miss you take care. I replied "Miss you too, focus on your placement and get placed in a good

company soon". Then i proceed towards the security gate and boarded my flight.

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Old 3rd February 2017
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very nice update bro.....seems that preeti is going to get placement at Mumbai......keep going dude

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Old 3rd February 2017
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@enjoywith - thq very much

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Old 5th February 2017
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Next chapter will be out soon

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Old 5th February 2017
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I reached Mumbai around 1:00 PM. I took a cab to reach my flat. While coming from the airport i was thinking about what had happened at

Delhi airport. I was thinking about the incident happend at delhi airport. And was thinking that i have lived for about 1 week at home but

never thought about mom is lacking of something. Why was she mastubrating that night i thought about it seriously. Then i reached at a

conclusion may be dad was busy with his work and after that his health issues may be mom was not getting what she wants from the past few

months. And i thought how come dad not doing such things to her, i mean if i think as a guy she is a quite hot at this age and will be a

hot fuckable woman. I was a bit tensed too, i thought what if it continues like this, It will not be good for both of them. I relaxed a

bit on the back seat. And thought about mom, she got changed a lot in the absence of me. She started caring of herself even more. May be

she wants to show dad. But i thought the way she hugged me at the airport. That was quite awkward for me coz we never hugged each other

before like this. That hug was quite tight and the softness of her boobs, they were big and the aroma of her body was quite breath taking.

I stopped thinking about it much and took out my mobile and sent a message to preeti that i reached. After 2 minutes she replied miss you

with a smile emoticon. I replied "Miss you too".

I reached my flat and took the elevator. I opened the door and went to my room and put the bag at one corner and

laid down on my bed and dozzed off. I woke up around 5:00 pm my mobile was ringing, it was Ritika's call, i picked up the call she said

"Hey babes kab pahuche?". I said "Around 2:00 pm". She said ok lets go to the disc tonight. I said ok we will go. The she said "Ok babe

love you, tc". And she hung up.

Around 10:00 PM i picked her up from her PG and we went to the "Triology Night Club". It was a 2 floor nightclub with

dazzling crystal lighting and Arabian Sea views serving Asian food. We went inside and sit on our table. And gave our order for something

to drink. We finished our drinks and went on the dance floor. We started dancing, Ritika was wearing a Black colour one piece dress made

up of net and cotton.

She was looking hot in that dress. She was in front of me while dancing, she was doing sexy moves and i was holding her from waist. Our

body was touching each other while dancing sometimes she was grinding her ass over my dick while dancing. We danced for about an hour then

we ate our dinner and came out from the nightclub around 1:00 Am in the night. While driving back to her PG i drove the car to Andheri

Lokhandwala Back Road. And stopped the car there, there was no one around us. She jumped over me and started kissing me and i started

kissing her even more. Her dark red colour lipstick got vanished by the kiss. She was making sound like ummmmmmm...... ummmmmmm..........

while kissing and i was sucking her lower lips. Then we moved to the back seat and i made her lay on the back seat and started kissing her

neck she started moaning ahhhhh... johnnnn...... ummmmmmm..... yesssssss.......... ahhhhhhhhhhh........ i missed you alot............. i

reached down a bit on her neck and tore her dress till cleavage she moaned ahhhhhh....... when i did that. Then i started kissing her

cleavage almost biting her cleavage. Then i made her sit and she unzipped my jeans and unbuttoned it and took out my dick and started

sucking it. I moaned ahhhhhhhh........... ritikaaaa........... ummmmmmmmmmmmm yessssss....... I hold her hair and pressing her down on my

dick. Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss ummmmmmmmmmmmmm............. She sucked it for a while and then i made her to switch in doggy

position and pulled her dress up and pulled her panty down and put my dick in her pussy from behind. She started moaning ahhhhhh fuckkk me

babeeee. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssss........... i said fuck you bitch ahhhhhhhhhhhh yesssss............. i hold her from behind and started

fucking her harder. And fucking her about for few minutes i cummed in her pussy. We were breathing heavy, then we got settled down and i

dropped her at her PG and came back to my flat and slept.
Next morning i reached office, i was working in my cubical and suddenly my phone buzzed up with a message. It was

Ritika's message. She wrote that she want to talk something important. I replied ok see you in 15 minutes in smoking zone. I reached in

the smoking zone ritika was waiting for me. Then she said "John lets move in together". I said "What??". She said "Lets live together, i

want to spend as much as time with you". I said "Ritika you know its a really big decision". She said "I dont wanna listen to you anymore,

i wanna live with you". I said "Its dificult ritika". She asked "Do you love me?". I said "Ya i do" (But in reality i dont, she is just my

sex slave). Then i said "Let me think about it ritika". She said "You have this day only to think about it". I said "Thats not fair". She

said "yes and went back to her cubical". I thought what to do now. I went back to my cubical, i was not able to concentrate on my work coz

ritika wants to live with me. But its not an easy decision. The day passed like this. I stayed late that day in office. It was 10:00 Pm in

the night. I thought what to say to ritika. I packed my bag and was about to leave office. Then my phone buzzed up again with a message

from ritika. She wrote "Meet me at the 5th floor". I replied "You are still in the office". She said "yes, and i wanna know what is your

decision". I replied "Ok, im coming". I took the elevator and reached the 5th floor. There was really less people on that floor, coz the

night shift people has not come yet. I was looking for ritika. Again my mobile buzzed up with ritika's message. She wrote "She is waiting

near the rest room". I went there. She was standing against the wall and looking at me. I was walking towards her. I was about to speak

but she placed her finger on my lips and dragged me inside the female rest room and she pushed me inside the cubical and locked it from

inside. I said "Ritika what are you doing? someone might come". She said "ssshhhhhhhh". She made me stand against the wall and kneel down

and unzipped my trouser. I said ritika stop it please. I was protesting her by my mouth not with my hands. She took out my dick and

started sucking it. Suddenly the words from my mouth changed. I moaned ahhhhhhh ritikaaaaa...............
ummmmmmmmmmmmm............. goshhhhhh...........ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh........... She was moaning while sucking my dick like ummmmmmmmm.........
It was so risky inside the restroom, but it was turning on like hell at the same time. She was sucking it slowly and slowly. The shaft of

my dick was going up and down by her lips. I held her hair and rolled it around my hand and started thrusting her mouth. ahhhhhh fuckkk

ritika..... ummmmmmmmmmmmmm........... yesssssssssssss............... She increased her speed a bit faster. And now its difficult for me

to control any longer. So i held her hair with both hands and started thrusting her mouth even harder. I moaned ahhhhh godddddd..........

ritika im cumming. I shoot a load in her mouth and she swallowed. I was breathing faster. Then she got up and asked "What's your

decision?". I smiled and said "Tum ni manogi". I said "ok, lets move in together".

Next day we went to look out for a flat, and we got a flat in bandra itself. It was a 2BHK flat fully furnished.

And we both shifted in that flat. Shifting with her in the same flat was not that bad. I used to fuck her on daily basis. Sometimes we

call our friends for house party and all. I also had a 3 some with ritika and one of her frnd. I fucked her friend really hard. Ritika

told me that her friend was kinda praising about that fuck. The life was going fine and we both were enjoying it.

One month later :-

It was a saturday, Me and Ritika were sleeping after a nice fuck. It was 4:00 PM in the noon. My phone started ringing, my eyes got

opened. Ritika was sleeping while hugging me. I got apart from her and made her lay on the side. I picked up my phone from the side table

i was in a sleep, i looked at my phone screen, It was preeti's call. My sleep got vanished. I got up from the bed and went to a nearby

window. Then i answered her phone call. She said "Hey brother, how are you?". She seems quite happy. I said "Im fine, you say, you seems

so happy anything special". She said "yes". I asked "what?". She said "She got a placement in XYZ company". I was really very happy after

hearing that news. I said "That's amazing, you did it, Im proud of you". She said "Thank you, one more good news". I said "Now what?". She

said "she is coming to mumbai tomarrow as she got the posting in mumbai". I was surprised by that news. I asked "Why they are posting you

so soon it took a month after palcement". She said "yes, then she said she got selected the day after i came back from delhi". Then i said

"Why dint you tell me then?". She said "She knew that company will send her to mumbai and she wanted to give me a surprise". I said "Thats

cool". Then i asked "At what time you are coming her tomarrow". She said "She had a flight from delhi around 2:30 Pm and she will be here

around 5 in the evening". I said "ok, i will come to pick you up". Then she said "Ok brother see you tomarrow". Then she hung up. I was

kinda happy after hearing that news. I turned back and saw that ritika was awake. She asked "what happened?". I said "My sister got

placement and she is coming to mumbai tomarrow". Ritika was also happy after hearing that news. Then i said "Ritika she will stay here

with us for few days till she dint get the accomodation". Ritika said "No problem john, its perfectly fine". I said "Ritika one more

thing". She asked "what?". I said you have to control on yourself, you know what im trying to say and we both laughed on that. She pulled

me closer and said yea sure and we started kissing again and we had one more round of a nice fuck.

Next day i reached Airport around 4:30. Ritika was at home and was busy in preparing dinner. I parked the car in the

parking and was waitning outside the arrival gate. Around 5:20 i saw Preeti waving at me i waived back to her. When she came close i

looked at her she was looking stunning. She was wearing blue denim shorts and a white colour speghatti top and wearing shades.

She came to me and hugged me ohh brother i missed you so much. When she hugged first thing i noticed about her boobs they are really hard

to resist. Her boobs touched my chest and i hugged her back. Man her body aroma is intoxicating. Every time i hug her i got this beautiful

aroma of her body. I asked "How was your flight?". She said "it was fine". I said "Lets go". I took her bag and we proceeded towards the

parking where the car was parked. I put the bag in the trunk and opened the door for her. She smiled and said thank you. When she was

siting in the car i looked at her thighs they got even more toned. I closed the door and came to the driving seat. While going back to

home we were talking about random stuffs. I asked "Hwz dad now? and hwz mom?". She said "Both are fine". After 40 minutes we reached home.

I took the bag from the trunk and proceeded towards the elevator. Our flat was on 6th floor. I ring the door bell. Ritika opened the door,

and she greeted preeti very well. I said preeti she is ritika my girlfriend and ritika she is preeti my sister. Ritika said "Your sister

is very beautiful and smiled". Then we came inside the flat. And i put preeti's bag in the other room. I showed preeti her room. I said

"You must be tired go and get freshed i will be back". Then preeti opened her bag and took her clothes and went to the bathroom. We have a

single joint bathroom. And i went to Ritika and asked "What are you cooking?". She said "Rajma Chawal". I smiled and said cool. After half

an hour preeti joined us in the kitchen. She had a bath, she was wearing a loose off shoulder top. her black bra strap was visible on

shoulder. Her hair were wet. And she was smelling good. Then we all came to our room and preeti and ritika started talking. Preeti said

"Brother why dint you tell me that you have a gf?". I said "Well i dint get a right time to tell it to you, and laughed". Preeti threw a

pillow on me and said "Thats not fair". We both looked in each others eyes. Then i said "yea im a bad guy lolz". We talked for about 1-2

hours. Then Ritika said dinner is ready. I helped Ritika while setting the dinner on the dining table. Preeti also came for the help. I

said "you sit preeti we will do it". She said "Its ok let me help you guys". Ritika was placing the plates on the dining table. Then

ritika told me to bring the spoons from the kitchen. I went to the kitchen, Preeti was pouring the rajma in the bowl. I came inside the

kitchen and she looked back. She smiled while looking in my eyes. The awkwardness between us now coz of that incident happend between us

in preeti's room went away. Then i took the spoons and went back to the dining room and preeti came behind me with a bowl of rajma. We all

finished our dinner. While having our dinner i asked "Preeti when you have to go to the office in the morning?". She said "10:00 Am". I

said "ok i will drop you". She said "I will manage". I said "Its fine, you are new here and you will get problem to reach to your office."

She said "ok fine". Then we all went back to our rooms. Me and ritika in our room and preeti in her room. While sleeping ritika was trying

to seduce me. I said ritika no, you told me to control your emotions for few days. And i said you have a habit of maoning louder so plz

stop it. We kissed each other and she gave me a blowjob and then we went to sleep.

Next morning we all get ready for office. Preeti was wearing the same formal dress in which i saw her for the first time.

I looked at preeti and then ritika. Preeti was looking far far better than ritika. Preeti got the ass to dye for. And in the tight trouser

her ass were looking hot. Then we sit in the car and i dropped ritika to office. Our office is before preeti's office. Then we proceeded

towards the preeti's office. After few minutes of drive we reached at her office. I wished her Best of luck for the first day. She said

thank you. Then i came back to office.

It goes as like this the same routine for about a week. Me and ritika dint have sex from the last week. Coz i dont want to

take any risk coz preeti was there living with us. In that one week we talked with few brokers about the PG for preeti. We also saw some

PG and sharing flats with some girls. But preeti dint like any from them.

One day in the office i was quite tired and thought of going home. I ping my manager that im not feeling

well so im going home. He said ok fine. I messaged ritika that im quite tired and im going home. I will come in the evening to pick you

up. She replied "Ok jaan take care". Then i went down to the parking and droved off to home. I came inside the house and went back to my

room and get laid on the bed. As i laid on the bed i dozzed off. After an hour i got up now i was feeling pretty well. I was thinking that

its been 7 days i dint fuck ritika. I was quite horny at that time. I dont know what to do. I cant take the risk of having sex with ritika

coz ritika have a habit of maoning louder and i dont want preeti listen to those moanings. Then i went to the washroom for a pee. After

peeing i saw the bra and panty hanging on the door. I felt horny so i thought of mastubrating. I thought so what if i dint get the chance

of fucking ritika her bra and panty will help me to get releave. The bra and panty was of pink colour. I took the bra in one hand and took

out my dick. I placed my nose on the inside part of the bra and sniffed it. My mind got full of that aroma, gosh that was something

different i thought. It was an erotic smell of a sweat and perfume.

I thought fuck man im so horny right now. I started jacking off and sniffed the bra and licked the inside part of it. After a while i took

the panty. And sniffed it goshhhhh......... that was an amazing smell. I looked at the panty carefully there was a mark inside it.

I thougt may be it was a pussy juice mark. I put my nose on that part and sniffed it harder, i moaned ahhh godddddd fuck

ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm............. i licked that panty mark that was a bit salty. I was jacking off a bit harder at that time. I started

sniffing and licking the panty and after few minutes i shoot out a huge load, Shoot after shoot, i thought it will not going to end. When

my dick finished shooting the load i came back to senses. I was sweating a bit. I said fuck that was intense. I put the bra and panty

back. And came to the room and started playing FIFA on my lappy.

Around 6:00 Pm in the evening ritika called me and said that she is free come to pick me

up. I said ok im coming. Then i called preeti and asked "im coming to pick you up". She said "ok". I left the house and firstly i went to

preeti's office and picked her up and then picked up ritika. We reached home, Ritika was also a bit tired. So preeti said that she will

made the dinner today. Me and ritika was laying in our room. And i was going to the kitchen for water bottle. When i was going i saw

preeti coming out from the washroom and she was carrying that pink bra and panty on which i was mastubrated. My heart skipped a beat i was

shocked, i stood there and thought fuck man that was preeti's bra and panty fuckkkkkk............

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Old 7th February 2017
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awesome description.. waiting for update

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Old 7th February 2017
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its erotic

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Old 7th February 2017
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great update......Preeti could have come here to get cosy with John...let us wait for next update

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