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Old 7th February 2017
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Thq everybody for your appreciation, Im working on the next update, it will be out in 3-4 days or may be earlier

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Old 9th February 2017
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Next morning we all 3 Me, Ritika and Preeti went to look out or some PG for preeti. I have talked with a broker for a girls PG over phone.
The PG was in Andheri east, it was a 40-45 minutes of drive from our flat. We reached Andheri and met with the broker. He showed us the PG

we all kinda liked it. I asked preeti howz it? She said "Its good brother". Ritika also said "Yea its far better than mine in which i was

living before". It was a 2BHK flat in which 3 girls are already living. Preeti has to share a room with one girl. I asked broker can we

see the girl with which preeti has to share the room. Broker said yea offcourse she has gone to a nearby shop and will be back in 5

minutes. And the other 2 girls works in a call centre so they both are at job. And the remianing one with which preeti has to share the

room is in 2nd year of Btech. i said "OK". While we were talking a girl came inside, I looked at her she was around 5.6 in height,

wheatish complexion having big eyes. She was a bit chubby and curvy wearing a jeans and top. Her boobs were popping out in that top. The

amazing thing in that girl was her thighs. In that jeans her thighs were looking big. She said "Hi im Amrita". Preeti said "Hi im Preeti".

Amrita said "Oh so you are the one who is looking out for a room here". Preeti said "yes". She asked "Did u like it?". Preeti said "Yea

its better than the previous ones". Amrita said "Yea, actually in mumbai its really difficult to get accomodation". Preeti said "yes".
Then we talked with the broker and decided the rent and came back after that.

In the evening Preeti said she has decided to shift to the PG tomarrow. I said its fine you can live here for some

more days its ok. Preeti said "its ok Brother dont want to bother you guys more". Ritika said "Its ok preeti you can stay". Preeti said

"Its fine ritika". Then me and ritika said ok its fine, We will drop you there tomarrow. After having our dinner we went to our rooms. Me

and ritika was laying on the bed. Ritika was wearing a blue nighty. Ritika was hugging me and was resting his head on my chest. I was

laying on my back. I was thinking about the incident that had happend yesterday. I was not able to forget that erotic fragrance of

preeti's under garments. I thought fuckkkkkk man what is happening with me. Was it a coincidence? Why dint i paid much attention to those

under garments. Why dint i recognise that its not ritika's under garments. May be i was too horny to pay attention. Coz of those thoughts

i was not able to sleep. I closed my eyes to sleep but that jerk off scene flashes in my mind. I tried not to think about it much but i

was helpless. Those thoughts were really turning me on. I thought fuckkkkk man i sniffed preeti's bra and panty. And the smell of her

under garments turning me on. I got a little hard on. I thought about the pussy juice mark on the panty. I thought in my mind, was it

really a preeti's pussy juice? Man i likced it, it means technically i licked preeti's pussy. And her pussy jucie smell was out of this

world. I opened my eyes and my dick was fully erect. I looked at ritika, i hold her and made her lay on the bed. She got a bit shocked

about what am i doing suddenly. I went on top of her and started kissing her neck ummmmmmmm............ Ritika said "What happened john?".

But she was not able to hold it for long and started caressing my hair. I was kissing her neck like hell, licking her neck biting her

neck. Ritika moaned ahhhhhh..... johnnnnnn............ ummmmmmmmmmm....... u seems so horny right now ahhhhhhhhhhhhh..................
I thought yes im horny as hell. Then Ritika said "John you told me to control till preeti is here, but now you are out of control". I said

"i dont care". When i said that ritika moaned a bit loud. I hold her both hands with mine and pinned down on the bed and was biting her

neck. Ritika was moaning ahhhhhhhhhhhh............... fuckkkk............... johnn........ slowly dear its hurting. Then i came to her

lips and make her shut up by kissing her lips. We both kissed each other like hungry. Suckin each others tongue and biting each others

lips. I pulled down the nighty straps from the shoulder and pulled it down till her boobs came out. I started sucking her boobs

ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.............she moaned ahhhhhh yessssss.............. baby............. ummmmmmmmmmmmm.......... suck it like a small

baby yessss................. i bit on her nipple and she moaned a bit loud. Then i went down and kissed her navel. While kissing her navel

i pulled her panty down. Then i slided my face in between her legs. And started licking her pussy. When i started licking her pussy she

went out of control and was moaning like hell. I was sure that preeti had heard them. I stopped and said shhhhh dont maon so loud. She

said john baby im not able to control. I continued licking her pussy. Then she made me lay on the bed and came on top of me and started

kissing me and slowly slowly going down. She pulled down my shorts and took my dick out and started sucking it. I moaned ahhhhh

yesss...........ummmmmmmmmmmmmm.......... suck it like a lollipop ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh............ When she was sucking my dick, my eyes went

down on the little gap between the floor and the door. I saw a shadow of someone is standing outside our room. I thought fuck it must be

preeti. I wanted to stop ritika but the thought of preeti standing outside made me even more horny. I continuously looking at it she was

still standing outside and may be she was listening our moans otherwise she wud have been went till now. I turned on like hell, i pulled

ritika up and made her lay on the bed and came on top of her. I adjusted my dick over her pussy and gave a push. My dick went to her pussy

and she let out a moan. I started thrusting her and she was moaning more and more louder. I looked at the door preeti was still there. I

started puming even more harder now ritika was screaming. She screamed ahhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk johnnnnnnnnnnn................. harderrrrr.
harder john..................... I started fucking her even more harder. She started biting my shoulder this turned me on even more. I

took her one leg on my shoulder and fucking her harder. I moaned ahhhhh fuckkkkkkkk ritika you are so tight yessss................. I

wanted that preeti would listen to what im saying. I was fucking ritika more harder so that she moan even more louder. I looked at the

door again preeti was still there. Now i was about to cum and i started pumping ritika harder and faster. After 2 minutes i cummed in

ritika's pussy. And laid down on top of her. We were panting for air. Ritika said "What happened to you today?, You were really wild and

rough". I said "May be dint had sex from the last few days". She said "yea may be". But im the one who knows the real reason behind of

being wild. I looked at the door now there was no one preeti went away. After few minutes later i said "Ritik im going to take the water

bottle, i'll be back". She said "ok". I wore my shorts and went to the kitchen and took the water bottle. While coming back my eyes went

to preeti's room. I slowly walked towards her room and stood at the door. Her room light was off. I kept my ear on the door there was no

sound from inside i thougth may be she had slept. But after a minute i heard some noise, My eyes were wide opened, preeti was moaning

slowly inside. She was mastubrating. I stood there for about 5 minutes till she mastubrated. I got a hard on while listening to those

moans. After that i came back to the room. Ritika was laying naked on the bed. I put the bottle on the side table and went on top of her.

She said "what happened?". I said "nothing". I parted her legs and try to put my dick in her pussy again. But my dick was not able to get

inside. My dick was not fully erected. I jerked off a bit and tried again to put my dick inside her pussy. But in a meantime the erection

came down. I thought what to do. Then i got the idea. I slowly jerked off again to raise my dick. And thought that im going to fuck

preeti. I was not thinking that i was pushing my dick in ritika's pussy. I was thinking that im on top of preeti. My dick got the erection

instantly. I pushed my dick in her pussy again and started fucking her. In second round i fucked ritika for about 40 minutes but in that

40 minutes i dint think that she is ritika. I was imagining that im fucking preeti. When i was about to cum i maoned ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
fuckkkkk........... preeetiiiiii................. im cumming........ ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.............. That was my good luck that

ritika dint hear i said preeti otherwise i wud have been in trouble. I cummed in her pussy and laid down on the bed. After cumming i

though fuckkkkk man what i did. It was kinda awkward imagining preeti while fucking ritika. I thought man what happened to me. Im her

brother and thinking stuff like these thats really bad. While thinking about those stuff i dont know when i went to sleep.

Next morning we all got ready, i dropped ritika to the office and went to Andheri to drop preeti.

We reached her PG and i took out the bags from the trunk. The flat was on the 3rd floor, we took the elevator and went to the 3rd floor.

The broker was already there, i gave him the reamining amount and he gave us the agreement. Then we went inside the flat. The flat was

empty everyone went outside. I put the bags in the room and said "Ok preeti, i have to go office, and one more thing i will come to pick

you up for the dinner". She said "Ok" then she came close and hugged mei hugged her back, everytime she hugged me her boobs felt so good

on my chest. She kissed my cheek and said thank you for everything. I said "Its fine preeti, you are my sister and i can do anything for

you". She smiled and then i left for office.

In the office Ritika came to me in the lunch and said what had happened to you last night, you were amazing. I said

nothing we just dint have sex from to last few days so may be i got a bit more horny. (But the real reason behind it was preeti). She said

i think we should take few days brake from sex so that you become more horny. I smiled and said "Listen preeti is coming for dinner

today". She said "Ok fine".

After leaving the office me and ritika went to preeti's office and picked her up from the office. Then we went to her PG

so that she can change clothes and get fresh. Me and ritika was waiting down for preeti. After 15 minutes preeti came down. She was

wearing shorts and a tank top. Preeti was looking hot asusual but i dint paid much attention coz ritika was with me. Then we reached our

flat and had our dinner. After dinner we al chit chat for about an hour. After that i said "Preeti lets go other wise it will get too

late". Then me and preeti came down and sit in the car and i started driving. While driving we were talking about her office and all etc

etc. When we reached her PG i stopped the car outside the society. And i said so your PG is here, she said "yes". Then i said "Let me

escort you to your flat". She said "Its fine brother i will go". I said "its ok no problem im coming, while saying that i came out of the

car". She also came out and we took the elevator, it was quite late it was 11:30 Pm in the night. We reached her flat and was standing in

front of the door. She said "Thank you for the dinner, and from tomarrow onwards she will manage the food for herself". I said "Its ok

preeti, you can come anytime if you want too". She said "so sweet of you brother". And she hugged me, i hugged her back. Her arms were

around my neck and my hands were on her back. She hugged me a bit tight and i moved my hands from her mid back to her lower back. There

was only 2 flats on that floor. And the 2nd flat was locked so there was no one apart from us. We remained in that position for a while

and she kissed me on the cheek. When she kissed me i lift her up a bit by pulling her up from her lower back. Her feet was slightly up

from the ground. When i pulled her up her boobs squeezed all over my chest. I was going to put her down but she moved to the other cheek

and kissed my other cheek. So i dint put her down and instead i slided my hand a bit down from her lower back to the upper part of her

ass. I wait for a while, she gave a long kiss on my cheek. So i kinda liked it and i slided my both hands over her ass gently and lift her

up a bit more by pulling her up from her ass and she hugged me even tighter and her boobs got crushed into my chest and at the same time

she was kissing my cheeks. That kinda tunred me on so i put my both hands fully on her ass and with a gentle squeeze on her ass with both

hands i lift her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist.

Her ass was quite big and good in shape. This was the first time i had touched preeti's ass and it feels awesome. I gave a gentle squeeze

again on her ass and she hugged me tight when i did that. I was kinda turned on by that situation so i pushed her against the wall. When

her back hit by the wall she grabbed my hair and my lips were near her neck. I got a sweet aroma of her body. Then i turned myself and

stood against the wall. This time i was standing against the wall. Then she hold my hair with both hands and pulled my face on her neck

just lil bit above her cleavage. I rubbed my nose slightly on her neck just above her cleavage. I got a huge turn on by that act of

preeti. So i turned myself again and banged her against the wall and was about to kiss her neck madly but when i banged her against the

wall her flat door bell got pressed by her back and we stopped. I put her down and we both laughed at it. I knew we were both embarrassed

by this act but we both are not showing our embarrassment instead we were laughing slowly. After that her room mate opened the door. And i

wished her good night and came back to my flat.....

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Old 9th February 2017
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very nice update dude..........it is amazing....love is blooming between both

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Old 9th February 2017
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@enjoy with - Thank you very much..
and if you hve any suggestion plz do tell me.

Last edited by John446 : 9th February 2017 at 12:49 PM.

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Old 9th February 2017
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very good

John bhai .. mast h story ...ek dum mast...updates regularly dete raho .. aur ab mom ko bheech mat laana...too many characters spoil it i guess.. now preeti-john thing is going awesome and ritika is acting as perfect filler .. make the sis-bro love very hot and not too slow and not too fast.. current pace is perfect i guess ..

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Old 9th February 2017
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@manmadha - Well thank you so much
i will try to make it as hot as possible and dont worry about the characters i will not spoil the story.

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Old 10th February 2017
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Awesome story broo come on brooo give tha fucking hot updates daily plzzz yr

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Old 10th February 2017
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Old 11th February 2017
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I will update the next part tomarrow, lil bit of work remaining. Im trying my best to make it gud for you.
And thanks once again for all your appreciation.

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Old 11th February 2017
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Next morning me and ritika got ready and left for the office. After parking the car i went to my floor, i saw some of my team mates were

sitting together and was discussing something. I went to them and asked "What happened guys?". They said "Hey john do you know what is

going on here?". I said "I dont have any idea". They said there is a new recruitment of a girl in our team. I said "So what?". They said

"Man she is damn hot". I said "ohh i see". I went to my cubical and put my bag on the desk. I heard a sweet voice from behind, Excuse me,

i turned around and was stunned for a while. A girl was standing there, Her height was 5.5, she was kinda dusky but had great features.

She was wearing formals and her shirt was quite tight over her boobs. Her shirt buttons was stretching over her boobs and it seems like

they are going to break anytime. She was wearing a trouser, from the front side she looks good. She is kinda curvy. I said yes please, she

said "im new here, are you john?". I thought may be she is the new recruitment in our team. I said "yes". She said "Hi im rakhi". i said

"hello my name is john". She said "The manager told me to meet up with the team mates". I said "ok". So she sat inside the cubical. I

asked "Are you going to sit in this cubical". She said "yes, the person of this cubical is going to sit in the next cubical". I said "ok".
I smiled and thought well its going to be fun.

In the lunch time me and rakhi were sitting in the cafetaria and talking about casual stuffs. After few minutes

later ritika came to the cafetaria and saw me sitting with rakhi. Ritika dint knew about this new recruitment. So she came to our table

and looked at me, i looked at her and said "Oh hi ritika". She looked at me than to rakhi. I said "Ritka she is rakhi a new recrutiment in

our team and rakhi she is ritika my friend". Ritka looked at me strangely and said "Not only friend his GF". Ritika seems a bit angry when

i said she is my friend. Then rakhi said "Oh nice, come join us". Ritika "said its fine, i just came here to meet john but it i think he

is busy". After saying this she was going and i said "Rakhi please excuse me i'll be back in a minute". I went to ritika and said "what

happened?". Ritika said "why dint u tell her that im your GF?". I said "I just casualy said its not like that". She said "Ohh are you

tryin to hit on her". I said "What the hell is wrong with you ritika?". Then she said "I think you got bored from me, and now you need a

new girl Mr john". I said "Ritika its not like that the way you are thinking, She is a new recruitment and i was just explaining about our

project to her". Ritika said "Then why dont you tell her that im your gf?". I said "I just said it casually". She said "I know that you

fucked me many times and now you dont have intrest in me and you want a new girl now". I said "Mind your language ritika, im not saying

anything it doesnt mean that you can say anything". She said "Go to hell" and left the cafetaria. I thought Fuck man and then went back to

rakhi. I said "Im sorry rakhi about what happened". She said "Its ok john, i can understand".

In the evening i was about to leave and i called ritika and she dint pick up the phone. I

went to her floor and asked for her. One of her teammate told me that she left half an hour before. I said "Ok". I went to the parking and

sit in the car and droved off from the office. I called her again but she dint pick up. I reached the flat and ring the doorbell. After

few times ringing the bell she opened the door and went to the room. I asked "Why dint you tell me that you are going home". She said

"does it matter?". I said "yea, you are my gf". Then she said "ohh cool now you are saying here that im ur gf but what happened to you in

front of that girl". I said "Im sorry ritika i dont meant to hurt you, i accept my mistake". And i said "And please ritika dont be

possessive, im all yours". She turned back and looked at me and smiled. She ran towards me and jumped on me and started kissing me. I lift

her up by pullinf her up from her ass and kissed her back. I pushed her against the wall while lifting her and was kissing her lips. While

kissing her the last night incident came into my mind which happened with preeti and me. It turned me on and i banged ritika a bit harder

in the wall and started kissing her neck. She moaned ahhhhhhh........ fuckkkkkkk yesssssssssss................. i was biting her neck.
Then i threw her on the bed and gave her a nice hard fuck. After our fucking session she said "I love you". I said "I love you too". She

said "dont be so friendly with that girl ok". I said "ok".

On the saturday night our team threw a party in the disc. And all the members of our team came for the

party. Ritika also knew about the party. And she told me "John babe im a bit possessive but it doesnt mean that i dont trust you, dont

break my trust ever ok". I said "ok". Then i said "why dont you join me at the party?". She said "Well its your team party, what wud i do

there? And i dont know much people in your team". I said "ok". I reached the disc around 10:00 Pm and went inside. Me and my team mates

have a couple of drinks together. After half an hour later i saw rakhi was coming. She was looking damn hot, she was wearing a white

colour one piece which has one strap.

She came to me and we casually hugged each other. I said "wow rakhi looking fabulous". She said "thank you very much". You too looking

great. I said "Thanks". Then we both sat on the couch and had couple of drinks. Then we hit the dance floor. I was holding her from her

waist while dancing. She was very good at dancing. She was grinding her ass on my crotch in between. After that we had one more drink and

came back to the dance floor. We both were bit high at that time. So after dancing for half n hour. We went to the couch and settled down.

we saw our team mates dancing. Then we went to the bar to take some drink. The bar tender told us that we have to wait for a while coz the

drink which we want is coming. So we stood a bit away from the bar and started talking. While talking i put her hair behind her ear which

was coming on her face and she smiled. There was a bit darkness at the place where we were standing. We were having a nice chat, we were

looking in each others eyes while talking. She was laughing at my jokes, while talking i looked at her cleavage which was looking so hot.

Her dress was of one strap and the upper part of her right boob was showing off. She caught me looking at her cleavage. I looked back in

her eyes she said what are you thinking. I said "Rakhi you are really very hot". She said "I know, the way you looking it shows". Then we

both smiled. I looked around in the disc every one was busy in dancing, talking and doing stuffs. All were high. i thought Rakhi and me

are standing at the right place, its a bit difficult for anyone to see us at that place. Then i looked back at rakhi, I grabbed her waist

and pulled her a bit closer. She said "wohhhh what are you doing?". I said "Dont you want it?". She kept quite for a while and said "You

have a gf right". I said "So what?". She said "this must be cheating on her". She was saying more but i stopped her by putting my lips on

hers and pulled her a bit more in me. She parted her lips and kissed me back. I kissed her more n more and she was responding quite well.
I pushed her against a wall and starting kissing a bit more harder. And she moaned while kissing me like ummmmmmmmmmmmmm.................
Then i move down to her neck and starting kissing her neck. She was smelling erotic. I licked her neck and her cleavage. It was going fine

but suddenly i felt someone is standing near us. I stopped and slowly turned my face, i got stunned and got freezed, it was ritika

standing near us. Rakhi adjusted her dress and went away when she saw ritika. Ritika said "John you broke my trust, i thought you love me

but you cheated on me". I said "Ritika im sorry it just happened under the influence of the alcohol". She said "Go to hell i dont wanna

see your face again". And she started walking towards the exit. I thought fuck man shit got real.

I reached my flat after half n hour. I saw ritika was packing her stuff. I said "what the

hell ritika where are you going?" She said "Doesn't matter, i just dont wanna live with you anymore." I said "Im sorry ritika". I tried

every possible way to stop her but she went away with her bags and i left alone in the flat. I tried to call her but she dint pick up my

call. I thought man "ab kya karu". i lay down on the bed and dozed off.

Next day in the lunch time i went to ritika to explain about what happened last night but she was not in a mood to listen

to me. She said "You broke my trust, i loved you alot and you treated me like a slut, Just go away". I came back to my cubical. I also not

talking to rakhi after the incident happened last night we were not feeling comfortable with talking to each other. In the evening i saw

ritika was going with her old room mate. I dint interrupt them i sit down in the car and droved off from the office. I reached the flat

and lay down on the bed and dozed off. Around 10:00 Pm my phone started ringing i thought may be it is ritika's call but it was preeti's

call. While talking on the phone preeti asked me is everything alright you dont seems alright. I said "What happened between me and

ritika, i told her that we broke up". Preeti got tensed and she said "brother im coming". I said "No preeti its fine dont bother". She

said "Bro you seems a bit depressed im coming". I tried but she dint listen to me. After an hour later someone rang the door bell. I

opened the door it was preeti. Everytime i saw her i feel awesome she makes me smile. She came inside and the first thig she did was she

hugged me. It felt so good hugging her. Then she asked "Are you alright brother". I said "Now you are here with me, i will be fine". She

smiled and then asked "Did you have your dinner?". I said "No". She got a bit angry and said "why dint you have your dinner yet?". I said

"Man nhi hai dinner karne ka". She said "Let me make something for you". I said "Preeti please dont bother, just sit with me". She said

"let me make something for you then i will come and sit with you".

She came with a bowl of pasta in the bedroom. She said "Come bro eat fast". I smiled and said "Preeti you

are so caring". She said "You care for me alot then why dont i care for u". I smiled and ate the pasta. Then we sit on the bed and i

explained everything to her that had happened. She said "Brother its ok, dont think much about it". I said "I think you are right". Now

its 12:30 Am in the night. Preeti said "I think i should leave now". I said "preeti you can stay here, i will drop you office tomarrow".

She said "brother i dont have clothes here so have to go". I said "ok, let me drop you". Preeti said "i will manage bro". I said "Are you

mad look at the time". She kept quite. So i dropped her at her PG and came back and slept.

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