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Old 12th October 2016
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shall we meet in the evening ? he came to the point.
i gave a tight hug to my hubby, dear purusa, "i think you need to use ur hands tonight", i said.
he smiled and kissed, i too think so.
where ? i replied to his message.
Suspense, he said.
I looked at my husband and asked with a naughty smile, shall i go.
He kissed my cheek and said, sure di thevidiyaa..
I replied ok.
I will pick you at 5, he said.

Around evening i took bath and get ready with light make up. I weared a sexy green saree with sleeveless blouse, which showed
most of my back and deep neck. I ignored bra. Thought of not wearing panties but woried if i leaked in public, so i weared
a panty.

I make sure my petticoat is well below my navel and it is clearly visible.

My hubby hugged me and said, you look so cute and sluty in this saree, selva is really lucky.
I heared my mobile ringing and it was selva.
I kissed my hubby and said bye, hope will see you tomorow and gave a naughty smile.

I went out and saw his car was already there.
Selva opened the backdoor for me and i get in and shook his hand.
He asked driver to start the car.

I sit close to him with my shoulders touching his.
He turned to me and looked from top to bottom, and said you are so beatiful today.
i blushed and smiled.

He then gave me Jasmine and said i like females with jasmine.
I smiled, turned my back towards him and said, can you keep it in my hair.

He was bit shocked and surprised.

He then came closer to me, with the flower in his hand, he brought it to my hair.
after keeping jasmine in my hair, he smooched my bair back. His hands rolled over my back and shoulders.
He bring his face closer to my ears and said in husky tone, your skin is so smooth revathi.
I blushed with a smile.

then i turned and tried to lean my nack to the seat and his one hand was between my back and seat. He slowly moved that
hand up and placed it in my shoulders.

Then with the other hand, he took a small box and gave to me.
what ? i asked
Small gift for this beauty.
i smiled and opened the box.
It was a jewel box. There was gold chain, pair of ear ring and a pair of bangles.

I was shocked to see such a costly gift. I am turning out to be a costly bitch, i thought and smiled to myself.
I then, went closer to him and gave him a tight hug. Oh selva, it was very nice, i said.
He too, bought both his hands around me and hugged me.His one hand in my bare back below the blouse and his other hand in
my hips.

without releasing my hug, i look closer into his eyes and asked, why such costly gift selva.
He bring his face further closer to mine, there was just a inch gap between his lips and my lips, he gave a squeeze in my hips
and said, anything for this beauty.

Now, i thought to return him some favour, so i further moved closer to him, so that my boobs were pressing agains his chest
and said, thanks a lot selva, you are so sweat.

I suddenly realised that driver would be watching our position through the mirror. That thought gave me shiver in my pussy.
I decided to be in the same poition or more closer to selva till we reach the place.

He then took his hand from my hips and place it in my shoulder near the pallu, and asked, did you like it revathi.
I tighted my hug more, my bosoms crushing in his chest, yes, selva, i like it very much, while saying this my lips were
touching his earlobes.

His one hand crushing my shoulder, near pallu, making the pallu to slid a bit and other hand travelling to my ass, he
brought his lips closer to my ears, then y dont wear those revathi.

I said, you only need to wear that for me, it is your gift selva.
wow, that was nice revathi, if that is the case, i would be bought you a full set costume, said this in my ears.
i gave a shy smile, and gave a bite in his ears and said, you are getting naughty selva.
He replied, this is just a begining reva, and placed his lips in my cheek near the ear lobes. he started the first

With that kiss, i could feel the water starteed oozing from my pussy. I felt a urge of feeling his rod, but since i am
inside the car hugging in sitting position, i couldnot feel. Only our body till head to boobs were touching each other.

He then took his hand from my shoulder to pick the jewel box and while doing, his hands removed my pallu from the shoulder
His eyes were now on my clevage on display due to my low neck blouse.

I was in a dilema whether to cover it or let him watch it.

After few seconds of display , i replaced my saree in my shoulder covering my clevage. He then came to senses and looked
into my eyes, i too gave a look deep into his eyes.

Enough watching, time for action, i said, after a pause for few seconds, i added, help me wear the jewels and gave a
naughty smile.

He too smiled back , took the bangles from the box, and weared it in my hands. Then took my hands to his lips, kissed
my hands.

He then bring his both hands near to my ass, pulled me from the seat and made sit in his lap.
He said, this position will be easy to wear the ear rings.
I smiled and said, i will be in whatever position to make you comfortable.

I then placed my arms around his shoulder, bought my ears closer to him, so that he can wear me the ear rings.

He then placed the ear rings in my ears and weared it there. while doing that, his fingers roamed all over my ears and neck
regions, sending electric shock to the bottom of my belly.

Your ears are so cute in this ring revathi, saying this he kissed my ear lobs. Rolled his toungue over my ears. I was in
heaven left out a soft moan.

Then realised the driver and looked at him, he too looked the scene through the mirror and smiled at me. I too gave a smile
back seeing him in the mirror, thinking, he is going to be a lucky driver.

His one hand in my hips, travelled to my belly and placed it in my navel. he circled his fingers around my navel and
still his tongue is in my ears.

I was closing my eyes and enjoying the feel of his fingers in my navel.

He then took the gold chain and bring it to my neck. I felt as if he is tying a mangalsutra.
He then bring his lips closer to my neck and kissed near the chain. Then slowly brought it down from the neck placing
one by one kisses from my neck through down over the chain.

After few kisses down, saree covering my clevage stopped him from further going down.

He lifted his face and looked into my eyes. He then took his hands from navel and bought it to my shoulder and
placed it on my pallu.

Shall i remove this, revathi ?

Without saying anything, i looked into his eyes and then nodded my head.

he immediatly removed my pallu and stared at my mangoes.
He then brought his lips to my clevage and placed kiss on clevage. He slowly started licking it wiht tongue.

I then turned my position from sideways to facing towards him and pushed his head more on my clevage.

his both hands were on my back massaging from back neck to ass. He tried to insert his hands inside my blouse behind.
But it was tight and he couldnt do that.

There were 3 hooks in the back of my blouse.He started removing one my one, iwas in no mood to stop. he removed all the
hooks and left it free. Now the dirver can see my full back through mirror.

Now since my blouse is free, selva played his tongue from my clevage and slowly bought it down near my nipples.
His hands from back moved to my boobs under the blouse and started massaging it.

Hi lips is just 1 inch above my nipple. I was in the urge of insering my nipple to his mouth.
Blouse strap in my shoulder slowly moved down a bit due to movement of my hands over his head.

His hands slowly pulled my blouse strap from my hands and bought it down still. This is time to remove it full.
i helped him to pull it from my hands and he removed the blouse fully.

Now i am topless infront of selva and inback of driver.

He then placed his mouth in my niple and started sucking it. My pussy lips started crying and i pushed my boobs deep
inside his mouth. He bite my nipple and i felt the pain left out a moan.

Suddenly i felt a jerk in my body and my pussy released the juice, at the same time, driver put a sudden break.

Loosing the balance we both went to the front of the car.i suddenly turned back to see what happend still my pussy leaking
the cum and driver turned back to saw my topless boobs.

All these happened just in matter of few seconds.
I suddenly covered my boobs and put my face down.

Selva, then hugged me from behind, cool revathi, dont cover it let him also enjoy your beauty.
He then pulled my hands from my boobs giving the full view to the dirver.

Then selva asked, what sekar, how is it ?

sekar replied, sema piece sir. (Super item sir)
i slowly bought my heads up and looked into the driver and smiled at me.

I blushed with smile.

Selva, kissed my cheek and said, thats the cute girl and i too smiled back.

i said, sekar enough watching, start the car.
He started the car and i get back to action.he already made me cum and now it is my turn.

So i placed my hands in his pant and removed the jip and took out his tool and looked into his.

He suddenly pulled my face closer and kissed my lips, he insetered his tingue into my mine and rolled over my mouth.
I too pushed my toungue to his toungue and both our toungue is playing.sucked lot of saliva from his mouth to mine.

after few seconds we departed for breath.

I started shaking his tool. He said, reva, use ur mouth na.

i smiled at him and went down. Bring my face closer to his tool. Kissed the tip of his tool and slowly take it
to my mouth.

i started the to and fro motion, i pulled his pant and inners down a bit so that i can lick his balls.

i rolled my tongue all around the pussy and he started giving heavy moans.

those moans gave me shock and induces me fuck more hard. i increased my speed and selva helped by keeping his in
my head and pushing the motion.

Driver, stopped the car down the road side and said, i cant concentrate on dirving, i will start once you finish.

Selva said ok and asked him to come sit near us, so that he can watch clearly.

sekar, came back and sat near selva and placed his hands in my bare back.

I was taken a bit back seeing the coruage of sekar infront of his boss.

He massaged my back and bought his hands to my boobs and pressed it. i removed my lips from his cock and looked at sekar
and gave a smile and started sucking his cock.

Encouraged by this, he cam down from his seat and came close to me.
i was kneeling down the seat anf riding selva cock and sekar kneaded near me, hugged from side position and caught both
my boobs.

he bought my face closer to my cheek and neck and started licking all over.
This was something new to me and my pussy juices started leaking again.

After few mins, selva loaded his cum in my throat. after drinking the full cum, i release his tool, get up and sit in the
seat. I was breathing heavily after a rigrous mouth fuck.

Both sekar and selva looked at my boobs movement due to my heavy breath.

selva from down, suddenly pulled my saree up along with peticoat. I was shocked for a while but realised what he was upto
and came back to senses.

i pushed my ass away from seat allowing him to pull the saree till my waist.

He then removed my panty and throwed it. His put his face straight into pussy and started licking it,
he inserted his toungue and clicked the clit that send shivers in my belly.

Selva, turned towards me and kept his lips over my lips and inserted his toungue into mine.
Both my lips were attacked by toungue at the same time, i was in heaven and came in minutes.

Sekar drink the juices and looked at me and smiled.

he then stood up and i pulled him for a hug, kissed him all over his face and said, that was great lick sekar, i enjoyed a lot.

he smiled back and kissed me.

Selva said, sekar to start the car.

I replied, selva, can we wait for few mins, i will give a blowjob back to sekar before we start.

Cool revathi, we are going to our beach resort now, there you might need to give atleast 10 mouth fucks.
i smiled and said, 10 is not enough for me ok, i will adjust, for which they both laughed out louder.

sekar said to selva, partner you go and drive, i cant wait, then only i realised sekar is not a driver.

selva said ok and moved to diver seat.

I asked you both are business partners ?
Not only business partners, we are also partners while fucking hot girls like you.

hmmm...i replied.

selva started the car, while i placed my hands in sekars jip and took hiis cock out.
He hugged and came on top of me and kissed all over face.

You are nice homely bitch, which we ever fucked.
i smiled and kissed him back.

He then placed his tool near my pussy doors and slowly pushed it in.
wow, i was expecting a mouth fuck but going to get it in pussy, that was great, i said.

he smiled and started thrusting the 6 inch tool inside my pussy.
he started it slowly and then increase the pace.

after couple of minutes, he load everything in my pussy, with a gaint moan.
then he placed his mouth in my lips and sucked my tongue.

after few seconds he release from me and sit near to me.

He said to selva, partner, revathi is realy a cute whore, we never fucked anyone like this, i think this is going to be
our best night.

saying this he pinched my boobs.
ouch, i let out a pain and asked, so how many bitches you have fucked.

selva replied, no, we dont go for prostitutes, we only prefer sweet fammily females like you. i think it would be around 15

i smiled and replied, you are changing family girls like me to whores.

they both laughed and said yes. are you ready to become a prostitue ? sekar asked.

i bend down and kissed his penis and said, you already made me whore da prukki.

Hey reva, what did you told your husband before coming ?
i said i am going with you boss selva for dinner.
so what time you need to return ? sekar asked.
no problem, i can return whenever you guys finish with me.
haha, so what will you say, if your husband asked where are you all the night.
i will say, sekar and selva had lot of juice, it took long time to fill my pussy and gave a naughty smile.

sekar smiled and kissed my cheeks and said, you are dirty bitch.

by the time, we reached their beach resort, i was still topless and bottom less, just saree and petticoat around my waist.
I searched my blouse, sekar, stopped just put your pallu on the shoulder, this is our beach resort.

i smiled and just covered my tops with saree in the shoulder without blouse, dropped my saree down to my legs from waist.

Every one came down, sekar put his arms above my shoulder and we both walked.

Selva followed us and entered the reception. I could see few hungry eyes trying to reach my breast through side view.
i felt sad for them and got a felling of removing the pallu and show them properly.

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Old 13th October 2016
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Selva followed us and entered the reception. I could see few hungry eyes trying to reach my breast through side view.
i felt sad for them and got a felling of removing the pallu and show them properly.

It was very difficult for me to control my exhibitionism, i just made sure they can have good look of my hard erect
nipple, by raisimy my hands trying to adjust my hair.

That gave people around a good view of nipple.One guy walked towards me and stood near my left side and had a good view.
i looked him and he tooked into my eyes.

I raised my eyebrows with a question in my face. He came close to me whisperd in my ears, you have nice mangoes.

i smiled at him, he added, shall i taste them.
I replied with a smile, i already came with couple of my clients and they are already in the urge to suck my mango juices.
he gave a sigh breath, pinched my boobs and left.

after getting the room key, they both came to me and take me to the room. It was a nice view resort.
from the balcony, we can have a good sea view.

while i was enjoying the view, selva came to me, pulled my saree and throw it down. There i was standing topless in
the balcony, with just a petticoat.

There are few couples and male gangs roaming in the beach and i could see few eyes caught me.
It was almost dark and it si hard that they can see me fully. I think, i should get some fuck in this balcony, during day time.

i said to selva, go and undress and lye in bed, i will come in couple of minutes.
He then went to the room, i removed my petticoat in the balcony and searched for the switch to on the balcony lights.

I couldnot find, i think it should be inside the room.
Cursing my badluck, i stand there nakes, expecting some one to watch. But nothing intresting happen, so i came to the
bed room.

both selva and sekar were naked, selva lying in the bed, sekar watching TV.

so who going to take me first, i asked with a smile.
selva signled to come to bed, i went and lye on top of him. we both started kissing each other. Sekar called room service
and ordered for coffee.

Then sekar also came to bed and he started licking my boobs. both the men were in action and kissing and licking all over my
body and pussy juices started flowing.

There was knock in the door, followed by a male voice, saying sir, room sevice.

i suddenly looked at both of them and tried to pull the bedsheet to cover my body. They stopped me saying, let him come
and watch this beauty, they are our boys only, dont worry.

This is what i want, i smiled to myself.

Sekar said come in and selva was licking my navel.

Room sevice boy entered and shocked to see us in the position. I signeled him to come closer to give the coffee.
sekar still licking my nipple, selva my navel.

i just raised my head and placed in the slanting 60 degree positon in the cot so that i can have coffee without
disturbing their work.

room boy starring at me and i smiled at him and collected the coffee and started to drink.
i asked both men to first drink coffee and after that you can eat me.

They both collected their coffee and started drinking. Room boy was about to leave, i stopped him saying, wait you
can collect the empty cups and leave.

he never expected this, also both my clients.
they now understand, that i like to show.

selva kept his one hand on my boobs and sekar placed his on my pussy and started massaging while drinking coffee.
i smiled at the room boy and asked his name. He said.

i asked him to come to room once he finished his shift and gave a naughty smile.
he donno what to reply and smiled.

after we finished our drink, we gave him the empty cups and he returned.

once he returned, i said, you made me a real whore, see how i am behaving, i said with a false anger.
they both said, you are the dirtiest bitch di thevidiyaaaa..why did you asked him to come ? selva asked.

i replied, i need to catch clients, how could i manage with only you 2

Hearing this they both got wild..

they both starting fucking me, selvas cock was in pussy and sekars in my mouth.

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Old 13th October 2016
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Super hot updates Post more

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Old 14th October 2016
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awesome ! super kinky ! update plz

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Old 14th October 2016
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Old 15th October 2016
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It was a real hard core, fuck by both mens. Selva hitting my pussy very hard and fast, while sekars cock hitting my throat
at every thrust.
At each thrust, i was getting wild and my pussy juice started flowing lke water from tap.
selva said, this bitch is getting exited after that room boy watched her naked. i think we need to take her to beach and
fuck her there in front of few men.
hearing that, i felt a shiver under my belly. i thought to remove sekar cock from my mouth and shout "yes take this whore
to the beach and fuck me ther "

but something stopped me and continued getting the mouth fuck. After couple of minutes shekar filled my mouth with lods of
cum. He about to pull it out from my mouth and cum in my face but i stopped him and get everything inside my mouht.

After he finished, he took his tool from my mouth. i opened my mouth and showed him fully filled mouth with his sperm.
he smiled at me and said, thvidiyaaaaa..

i too smiled and swalloed his cum. Then i pulled his pussy, used my tongue to clean it all over.
i licked his cock, balls and moved my tongue between his thigs and balls. Sekar got more exited by my tongue and saw it in
his face.

In the meantime, i could feel a sudden jerk in my pussy, and selva filled it with his shot. he came inside me and fillled
my womb.

then we three lyed on bed, breathing heavily after a hard work out.

I asked, so selva, how much cost these Jewels.
he said, its around 1.5Lakhs, why ?
Did this bitch worth for 1.5 laksh, i asked with a kinky smile.
you worth more than that di thevidiyaaa...both men said at the same time.

both put their hands over my breast and started giving a gentle massage, i was lying with my back down and both were in either
side of me, lying in position looking me. I kep both my hands above my head. Selva came closer to my armpits and placed
a gentle kiss. seeing this sekar did the same and they both started licking my armpits. My nipples got erect again
by their tongue act. slowly selva cem closer to my face and astarted licking my face and ear lobes. sekar went down and
kissed my nipple.

Your bitch is ready is for the next round, who is going to start first, i said in a sexy tone.
both the men, was bit shock now, they didnt me to ready this much faster.
2 penis is not enough for you di, thevidiyaaa, selva said.
yes, 2 is not enough, do you have any more partners ? i asked.

They both laughed louder.
I dont know How your hubby is satisfying you ? sekar asked.
I have a lovable and understanding hubby, he dont mind me sleeping with other men... i replied with a proud smile.
I could see the shock in their face, also at the same time, i feel their tools also getting larger and smooching my thighs.

I took the clue, hearing my husband knows this is making them hard on. I thought to add fuel to fire. I picked my mobile
and dialled sathya.

Hi sathya, wher are you ?
you dirty bitch, you finished one round with my boss and calling me ? he asked.
I laughed out and said yes darling. that was really great.
So, when will you come ?
now both the men, hitting my boobs harder with their lips and their tool is growing bigger.
I think your boss sekar and selva wont leave me tonight, pls use your hands da chellam. hearing this, both men turned on and

started playing with pussy. My pussy already started wet there and both their lips started licking it in ahurry.

thevidyaa munda ? come tomorow, i will make you 100 men fuck in the street ? my hubby replied with love and lust.
hmmmmm, i moaned and said, sure da...pls...and cut the call.

i am in my 7th heaven as 2 toungue playing with my clit. i started moaning louder..yesssss ahhhhhhhh hmmmm...

one of the tongue slowly moved from my pussy to ass hole. this is the first time, i felt a toungue in asshole.
immediatly juices started flowing from my pussy. tongue in the ass, slowly started moving inside.
oh, i cant control my self, i grapped the head selva and pushed it more inside.
Now both the toungue were all over my pussy and ass hole, giving me the fuck of my life.
along with the toungue they also inserted their fingers in the holes.
Now 2 fingers and one tongue in my pussy and 1 finger and one toungue in my ass hole.
this went on for few minutes before my body jerked and liquid cum from pussy like urine.

Both men fight to drink my liquid, and each shared their part and looked at me and smiled.
i breathed heavily for few minutes and get down to thier cock immediatly to give them back what i get.

i started to take their cocks in their mouth both at the same time. Both their tip went in, i licked it over with my
toungue.i could only get in half of their tools at the same time. so i kept it inside for a while and licked round
both their penis. then i came out licked their balls, one by one. i used hand on one cock and mouth on one cok.

i want to give them a hard and fast mouth job, so fucked at as much speed as i can.

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Old 17th October 2016
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very hot
నేను మనిషీ ని ఎదుటి వాళ్ళ లో ఈశ్వరుడు ను చూస్తాను. నేను దెయ్యం కావచ్చు ఎదుటి వాళ్ళు దేవుళ్లు.

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very very hot story...

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i started to take their cocks in their mouth both at the same time. Both their tip went in, i licked it over with my
toungue.i could only get in half of their tools at the same time. so i kept it inside for a while and licked round
both their penis. then i came out licked their balls, one by one. i used hand on one cock and mouth on one cok.

i want to give them a hard and fast mouth job, so fucked at as much speed as i can.

I increased my speed, and pushed one penis inside my mouth, my speed made the men realy hot and one of the hands pushed
my head to help increasing my speed. at each thrust the cock really hit my throat and saliva poured out of my mouth
and wetting the balls of both the men

i changed one cock to another every 40 seconds and give them the fuck of their life. i played my hands around thier
balls and lowly moved it to their ass holes.i inserted middle finger in both the ass hole and played around there
with my fingers.

after few minutes both the men shoot their load insde my mouth and i swallowed it fully.
i cleaned their penis and balls with my tongue and looked at them

They both had a satisfied smile in their face. they hugged me tightly and kissed me all over my face and neck.

then i lyed down taking heavy breath.

they both gave a light massage over my body and lyed aside me..

This was a great ever mouthfuck i had revathi, sekar said.
Me too added suman.
i Smiled at both of them.

They thanked me and kissed me in my forehead.

They ordered for dinner and i went to wash room, cleaned myself and cameback.

Sekar took my phone and called my hubby and put the phone in speeker.

After formal hello and enquires,
sekar said, sathya, your wife is really a cute bithch..
i sat on his lap and gave a naught bite in his cheek.
yes, sekar, she is a nice thevidiyaa, sathya replied.
poda porukki, i shouted to sathya for which all 3 laughed.

so how many round over di thevidiyaa, sathya asked.
i didnt count da porukki..i think both your boss came twice inside my mouth and once in my pussy.
hmmm that was fast, sathya replied.

Yes, your wife was too hot suman replied, she is getting ready for next round in just 5 to 10 mins gap.
ya, i iknow it is difficult to handle her at her speed, my hubby replied.
i blushed and said, poda porukki and started kissing sekar.

oh god, she is ready for next round, sekar shouted.
Sathya and suman gave a loud laugh.

suman added, sekar y dont join us tonight, it seems 2 penis is not enough for your whore wife.
yes da, pls come, i added.

sathya said ok and get the address and cut the call.

now both the men hugged me one from front and one from back and kissed my shoulders and neck.

by the time we heared knock in the door. dinner has arrived for us.

Suman wrapped towel around his belly and went to open the door.
Sekar pulled me and made me sit in his lap covering his penis.

While both the men covered their naked to allow the room boy to bring the dinner inside, i sat there showing all
my body exposed to the new man coming in with dinner plates.

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give big updates make it kinky dirty cheap....

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