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Old 17th December 2017
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Days and months passed without much happening .. but pandu, vikas and imran have developed different feelings towards sravs.. even sravs noticed lil too much flirting by juniors..some times she enjoyed it but some times she felt angry and some times lil awkward about how she is friends with juniors who are kinda flirting with her whenever they found her alone .. she deliberately reduced her outings and she wouldn't go unless vani also accompanies her .. but it all had to change .. .slowly slowly ...

Deepthi: Hey dude .. long time .. how are you
Sravanthi: Hellooo deeps how r u ..whassup ..
(Deepthi is school senior for sravanthi ..who is studying in different college now)
Deepthi: nothing much .... third is such a pain ...
<and then some more usual talk>
Deepthi: so ..found ur handsome hunk?..
Sravanthi: Haha yes .. .how about you .. you had a bf in 11th itself right ..
Deepthi: Ya ...he is good .
Sravanthi: nice
Deepthi: ok babe ..keep in touch ..
Sravanthi: Yes.. for sure...

sravanthi recollected all the pics of deepthi she saw when she got notifications etc... deepthi's closeness with guys is known to her since long .. she conducts herself well and isn't very conservative .. However, sravs had her doubts after she recently saw deeps in revealing clothes amongst boys ... being a girl she knows that with the kinda clothes deeps wears, she might have shown enough cleavages, and may be even her panties to many guys ... and sravs also heard stories about how deeps is quite famous in her college ..and the way ppl like her insta or fb photos as soon as she uploads them ... never she saw less than 200 likes for any pic deeps has ever uploaded .. some times the count goes to 500 when there a bit of cleavage in the pic ...

All these thoughts some how made sravs a bit relaxed ..she thought she had been quite conservative and she doesn't have to feel guilty about having juniors behind her ... soon she even got a soft corner for these juniors who are always there to help her ..after all what they did .. they never misbehaved with her ..they just praised her beauty every now and then and thats it ...

While sravs was having this mindset, her birthday has arrived ... and she got a gift from her bf .. a very costly top .. it was slightly translucent .. sravs couldn't say no as it was an expensive gift that her bf bought with all his pocket money ... Sravs went out with him on her b'day and later in the night the entire gang waited for her in their regular meet up place ... Sravs didn't have the time to change so she went there in the same outfit ..

as usual Pandu was ready with his dslr to shoot some pics of b'day celebrations .. sravs cut the third cake of her day and they all had a good time... Pandu is a pro in photography and he knows the right angles and lighting level etc.. he took some solo pics of sravanthi ...

The next day at night, sravs msged pandu ..
Sravs: Hey pandu ...where are my pics .. can u send them to me
Pandu: Sure didi ... give me a moment ..
Pandu quickly send the entire folder having prev. days pics .. he forgot the fact that last night he edited srav's pics to make her top even more translucent, showing her bra clearly and her navel was visible very clearly .. .it was almost as if srav's is standing in her bra....
Sravs got shocked seeing the pics ..She didn't think the top would be almost transparent .. but lil later she realized that it was not that transparent in the group pics .. even worse was when she saw her original solo pics in the same folder .. she understood its pandu's work ....she got extremely angry at this pervert act of pandu ... she messaged him right away
Sravs: Hello
Pandu : Hi didi ...
Sravs: Please stop it ...I can't believe u r this big a pervert ..wait until u get punished for this
Pandu: what r u talking didi (he realized already what has gone wrong) ... I didn't do anything
Sravs: don't talk u bastard ...how dare u edit my pics ...don't u have any shame
Pandu: didi .. please ..let me explain .. I saw the edited pics just now ... U know in our hostel we don't lock rooms etc while we go to mess hall or to play ...today in the evening some one did that i guess.. i didn't even know it till u msged.. i just now saw the edited pics ... if u want look at last modified time .. u know that i go to play tennis in the evening.. (luckily pandu made last modification just before going for tennis) ...
Sravs calmed down a bit but was still furious .. she also knows what will happen if she tells jayesh or others in the gang .. if its not pandu , he won't be punished .. and every one will think of her in a different way ..
Sravs: shit ... please lock ur door or don't ever copy pics to ur system .. delete the pics right away ...
Pandu: Sure didi .. I am really sorry for what happened ...I dunno if some one copied these pics to their pen drive etc.. .I am really sorry ...
Sravs: ohh fuck ....please find out who is that bastard .. and make sure the pics are deleted .. please..
Pandu: Didi .. I know you are angry .. but let us be a bit sensible .. who will tell me that he came to my room and saw ur pics .. If i keep asking every one in my hostel, ppl will get doubt and it will be bigger shame for u .. .
Sravs: I know .. but what to do ..
Pandu: Chill didi .. what he will do .. he will keep those pics and masturbate .. (pandu got the right to talk what he wants as he knows sravanthi is now looking for solution and would be listening to him carefully) ..
Sravs: shit .. thats so awkward how these guys are like this ..
Pandu: It happens didi .. its fine .. don't worry .. he made ur top transparent .. and ur bra is visible .. these days its quite common also .. even if more ppl get to see it .. they will compliment ur body .. ur image won't go bad didi .. its fine..
Sravs: but still...
Pandu: didi don't u know that many girls in ur hostel go for swimming .. that too in common time .. many guys saw our batch girls in two piece bikinis ... this pic of urs is not that hot also .. don't feel offended ..but u r not the sexiest girl in the campus .. although ur very nice ... so ppl won't care much ..
that really offended sravs ... few mins back she was so angry on pandu and now she is receiving it form him ... now she is not thinking abt her pic getting morphed or leaked.. rather abt pandu's comment .. "Am i really not hot?" was whats going in her brain now ..

Sravs: achcha ok ok ...I know I am not a model...and I don't want to be one .... just make sure u delete pics next time onwards .. .

Next one month pandu observed a clear change in sravs .. she is getting into perfect shape .. she hit the gym and reduced any bit of belly fat she had....he is waiting if sravs would give me any chance to look at her as he knows that she is doing all this to prove him wrong ... but he played his cards well.. he didn't look much at her when the gang met .. or he purposefully didn't praise her much while most of the gang is talking about her fitness levels off late ..

the day finally came .. when pandu got message from sravs... around 11pm ....
Sravs: Hey whassup re
Pandu: Hellooo didi . ..nothing much ...just was watching game of thrones
Sravs: cool ....
<they chatted for a while..Pandu understood that sravs wants him to take the topic of her beauty..else she wouldn't be asking what else so many times>
Pandu: what else ms. college ..
Sravs: what .. me .. joke ..
Pandu: No no .. these days every one is talking about u only ... every one finds u quite hot
Sravs: (blushing) ... No re.. I know how i look .. I also have mirror in the room
Pandu: come on .. you were always very good looking .. but u became very hot ..after one month of training i guess
Sravs: hmm .. let it be ... (ego satisfied a bit) .. let me go now .. bbye
Pandu: Didi .. can i ask u something ..
Sravs: what ..
Pandu: can u wear that top again ...I wanna see u in that top
Sravs: why ...i wore it only coz my bf presented it to me.. I don't think i would wanna wear it in college ..
Pandu: come on .. whats wrong..ppl casually wear such tops...
Sravs: no re.. i m sorry but I can't ...
Pandu: Ok .. can i atleast see a pic of u wearing it ..
Sravs: hmm.. i m too lazy now to take a pic and send ... some other time ...
Pandu: Please ms. clg ...
Sravs: I am not ms. clg ..
Pandu tried his luck by pleading two more times ....finally luck favored him ..but in a different way ..
Sravs: Fine .. lets do a video call ..(vani went home) ..
Pandu could not believe his luck .. he was expecting a low quality image (from her phone) . .but he gotta see her for a while now ..
Pandu: wow .. sure didi ...
Sravs: but i m so lazy now .. wait let me wear it .. <and finally sravs wore the top and sat before her laptop ..
Pandu called her on skype .. .
Pandu: Wowwwwwwwwwwww.......u look awesomely sexy ...
Sravs: control control .. haha .. .I know i look normal ..
Pandu: please don't say that ... there is a sea change in a month ...ur face looks as cute as ever..but ur body ...wow...so shapely ..
Sravs: ok ok .. now be in ur limits ....
Pandu: sorry didi .. but believe me .. if u wear it again in college.. ppl will go mad ..
Sravs: don't praise so much .. I can see in ur eyes...and say ..I m not looking that great ..
<this was srav's biggest mistake.. some how she opened up ..and pandu got the chance>
Pandu: no didi .. i m not lying .. since i am a designer ...I can visualize how u will look in day light ... coz then this top would show ur skin a bit .. and u would look so awesome ..
Sravs: achcha ..like that ... .
Pandu: this top would have been even more perfect if it was a crop top ..showing ur navel ..
Sravs: haha .. is it .. saying that she adjusted her top ..to reveal navel ....thats when she saw full amazement in pandu's eyes..and she liked it .. although she never had any thought of doing something with pandu .. but pandu hit the right spot of her ego .. and she also got a bit aroused after 45 mins of praise by pandu ..
Pandu: wow...u r so hot and god damn sexy ..why don't u learn swimming .. ppl will die seeing u in that costume ..
Sravs: I don't think so .. I am yet to develop such figure ..
Pandu: No didi ...I am damn sure ... u will rock in swimsuit ... Can i see ur navel closely ..
Sravs some how got a high at the moment and she actually bent the laptop to show him her navel more clearly ..
Pandu: wow wow ... this is amazing .. its so fucking sexyyy ..
Those words are acting like drugs on sarv's brain ... even she is getting crazy now... .
Sravs: How is it mr.
Pandu: Awesome ....unbelievably sexy .... i m unable to control now didi ...aahhhhhhh
Sravs: (with a blush) ..whats that sound ...
Pandu: sorry .. i was so excited ... can i ask u somethng
Sravs: what ..
Pandu: can u keep camera lil up (indirectly asking to focus on her boobs )... and pandu again got a shock when she did ...
Sravs: how are my.....
Pandu: Cant say in words didi ....oh my god .. never thought even on clothes they can give such hard on ...
Sravs did hear the word hard on ..but couldn't say anything coz she is also hot now...
Sravs: ok ..can we end the call now ...
Pandu: didii...please .. can i see them for a lil while more .. please.. m dying ...
Sravs: arre .. control control ... and she blushed and moved the laptop so that her upper half is visible now (in clothes) .. she lowered the top also so that ntg much is visible again ..
Pandu: (with all his courage) .. didi .. can u just take off the top for me ... this is the last thing i would be asking from u today ...
Sravs: .. please...don't make me feel guilty .. i just showed u in ..i dunno .. may be excitement ... (but her heat isn't down yet) ..
Pandu: please please...anyway u will go for swimming soon .. just imagine u r at pool now .. (he is trying his luck)
Sravs is particularly amazed seeing pandu's face.. she knows he is too hot for her now ...
Sravs: no
Pandu: please.... i promise i won't ask anything more .. please....
Sravs finally gave in ... she removed her top and sat there in her bra... which is showing ample cleavage ...pandu could see her breathing has increased and her bra is getting tight ..
Sravs: happy now ..
Pandu: soo soo happy .. u r the sexiest girl i ever saw .... my god .. what boobs ... (he got a lot excited) .. i wanna suck them like crazy ...aahhhhh ..... fuck fuck ...
Sravs quickly ended the call ...
Pandu: didiiiiiiiiii...what happened .. i m so sorry sorry .. please .. Please.. don't go ..
Sravs: pandu ...please...m sorry .. I can't continue this anymore ... bye ..good night
Pandu: please.. i don't want this to end with u getting angry ..please say u r not angry
Sravs: yeah i m not angry ..its fine .. whatever happened has happened .. lets forget it .. please don't bring this again .. bye ...

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Old 18th December 2017
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good one

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Old 18th December 2017
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Old 18th December 2017
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Very hot story...

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Old 19th December 2017
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Old 19th December 2017
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Old 23rd December 2017
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waiting for update???

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Old 26th December 2017
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Going good.Now please update

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Old 27th December 2017
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Waiting eagerly

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Old 28th December 2017
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More days passed without any embarrassment for sravanthi .. thankfully none of the juniors misbehaved with her ... vikas who has seen her in panties, pandu who has recently seen her cleavage or imran who has seen her pantie peek (which she didn't notice) , none of them misbehaved or brought the topics back ... this actually made sravanthi more comfortable with them .. as they never really took advantage of the occasional closeness .. she went on her natural way, teasing people , roaming around etc...

It was the close to the end of 4th semester ... yet again sravanthi is in deep trouble with maths .. the last course of mathematics in her branch .... Jayesh and Vani became so close friends (jayesh trying to flirt with vani) that during all combined studies sravs was given very less attention ... and thats why when they talked about combined studies during sems (semester exams) sravs denied politely saying she wouldn't wanna come to library as its always full ... .so sravs is studying alone and she could hardly complete any portion in math..she did well in all other exams but last exam math has become a nightmare for her ...

Then came the savior .. math genius imran ... But imran had a problem .. his exams would be over and he booked his ticket long back to depart exactly one day before sravs math exam ...sravs has two days .. she requested imran to help her one day atleast to which imran happily accepted ... She asked him if he can come to her room next day mrng at 7am as thats when boys will be allowed inside the hostel ... He said ok ...

That night sravs was very happy as imran's help worked very well last semester ...in that happiness she watched a movie and slept late while vani slept sharp at 10 as she planned to go to library the next day at 6am ..

Imran arrived at sravs hostel and called her up .. she was in deep sleep and lifted his call .. she didn't want him to feel bad so she first came out and took him to his room and then request him to pass some time on her laptop as she would like to sleep for one more hour ... sravs was wearing a short skirt and a top ...she was looking fabulous even with sleepy face ... imran said ok and he sat on the chair near her table ..sravs bed is beside the table and her sleeping position and imran's sitting position were such that imran could see her from face to navel without turning head also ...

Sravs covered herself in blanket and was sleeping as its summer, inadvertently she was kicking the blanket during sleep letting her legs come out ... soon the blanket was covering only her upper half and due to all her kicking, her skirt went up and panties were clearly visible... accidentally imran turned his head and it was a very hot sight for him ...he couldn't believe his luck .. sravs is sleeping close to him and her black pantie and her beautiful thighs are clearly visible to him ... he couldn't stop looking there....he tried his best to look at laptop screen but was slowly turning his head to see her thighs and her panties ...

Sravs woke up but didn't open her eyes ...she was moving lazily on the bed in her sleep .. she saw imran ..and saw that he head is turned to see something ...she immediately realized that her skirt is up as she was feeling the fan's air on her thighs ...her immediate thought was to cover herself with blanket..but that would make imran terrified ..she knows she needs his help badly and she can't fight with him at the moment .. she also doesn't wanna discuss things with him which will make things only worse ... so she remained in the same position ..she was feeling embarrassed and hot at the same time .. some where she was selfishly happy that now imran is craving for her so he would go to any extent to help her ...although sravs is not a cheap person to think like that, she needs imran's help badly and also the incidents with the juniors and her interaction with deeps made her feel its ok to show some skin ...but she isn't ready to really let any one touch/feel her body ... She observed imran for quite a while to see that his eyes are filled with lust as he is watching her pantie and thighs .. after some time she slowly drifted and pulled the blanket on to her ..and finally she woke up and got down from bed .. excused herself for a while and finished brushing and shitting and came back to room ... that was enough time for imran to calm down from his early morning hard on ...

During the entire day...imran helped sravs with a lot of things ...they both had break fast, lunch and snacks together ...studied a lot .. imran sometimes got surprised about how much time sravs is taking to understand things that are so easy for him .. . but he patiently explained her everything .. by dinner time, they could cover half of the portion ...sravs wished so much that imran stays back for one more day .. but both are students .. they can't afford postponing the booked flight .. also, imran has a function to attend and his parents would scold him badly if he changes plans .... finally imran went back to his hostel ...

Imran was feeling very hot for sravanthi when he recalled what happened in the morning .. at 11pm he got whatsapp msg from sravanthi ..
Sravanthi: Hi daa.. .thank a ton ... really if not for u i will fail ....(and she has sent a love symbol)
Imran: its my pleasure didi ....
<they spoke for some time and meanwhile imran was unable to control..finally he tried his luck>
Imran: waise didi .. any one would love to help a hot girl like u ..
Sravs: haha .. come on .. m not so hot ..
Imran: don't deny it ... u are f hot .. .
Sravs understood whats f hot ..and she generally ignores such comments .. but some how ..the way the day went and how helpful imran was, made her get carried away and she replied ..
Sravs: whats f hot
Imran: ha...sry didi .. i meant ..fucking hot .. .
Sravs: lol....too much .. m not that hot dear
Imran: I know u won't agree this .. but i can prove it
Sravs: how
Imran: shall we play truth or dare ..
Sravs yet again got to take a decision .. she knows what guys use truth or dare for .. its a game to take out their perversion ..but some how she couldn't say no to imran today
Sravs: fine ..but i m a bit sleepy .. won't be able to play long
Imran: ok didi .. so first question .. how many proposals u got
Sravs: umm...some 19 i guess ..
Imran: See...so many ppl were behind u and u don't accept...
Sravs: ok ok ..let me ask ..how many proposals u got .. u r a genius
Imran: haha ..only 1 didi ...that too from not a hot girl like u
Sravs: lol.. i won't believe . many girls would have proposed
Imran: no di ...there is too much demand for girls .. why would they propose
Sravs: fine ..ur question then
Imran: ok ...so ..how many guys stare at u every day .. roughly
Sravs: I dunno .. but yes many guys do stare ..(she was blushing)
Imran: wow .. see i m proving it now ...ok ..ur question
Sravs: do u stare at girls .. (she knows he does ..he stared her panties so much today)
Imran: not much ..but i do ..
Sravs: ok ..ur question
Imran: where do boys stare when they stare at u :P
Sravs: haha .. u know it ...front as well as back ...
Imran: Where on front ..
Sravs: shhhhhh...u know it ...don't ask ..
Imran: Please didi .. tell me na ...
Sravs: ok ...boobs ...now lets sleep ..
Imran was imagining sleeping with sravs.. he wanted to ask if he can sleep with her..but he knows its too much and will spoil everything...
Imran: I know didi .. i know ... u have such wonderful pair
Sravs: shut up ...be a good boy :P
Imran: ok ..lets play some dares....
Sravs: haha ..how is it possible ...
Imran: lets give possible dares only then ...
Sravs: fine .. then stay back and teach me tomorrow also :P ..
sravs did not really plan it but some how that was the only dare that came to her mind ... as she knew imran wouldn't dare cancel flight ticket for her ..
Imran: aahhh didi .. its a very tough dare....very difficult to convince ppl
Sravs: haha ..see ..the daring boy is backing away ..(she still didn't really think he would stay .. even she didn't want to force him to stay )
Imran: ok didi ...but u should also take a dare
Sravs: what is it.. tell
Imran: since u have given me a dare so tough .. i shall also give u a dare u can't take ..haha
Sravs: ok ..shoot
Imran: u should stand infront of me in swim suit ..i mean only bra and pantie ..
Sravs: wtf ...how is it a dare ...
Imran got worried .. he thought he got things wrong .he was thinking may be sravanthi will stop talking as anyway this is her last math course and she will through anyway ... .but he tried his luck ..
Imran: See ...now who is backing away ..thats how tough dares are . haha
Sravs: ntg like that .. but its so cheap .. (she was considering it coz at the back of her mind .. she was thinkning "he saw me in pantie anyway") ...
Imran: come on didi ...its not cheap .. i just wanted to prove that u r no less than miss world .. and actually i was afraid to cancel my travel ..coz parents will kill me .... thats why i gave such dare which u will dare not do .. haha
Sravs: what if i accept the dare
Imran: wow .. really?.. then i will stay back ..
sravs thought a lot ... one side she was feeling bad abt standing in two piece bikini infront of her junior ...on the other side .. "he already looked me in panties", i need his help, it would be great if he stays back .. these things are pulling her to go for it .. she thought ..these guys are decent only .. but quite modern ...some how she convinced herself ..
Sravs: ok boy ...then i m ready to take the dare...
Imran: wow ...i can't believe my luck .. haha .. when then ?
Sravs: come in the mrng tomorrow .. we will finish our dares and study ..ok ?
Imran: .. ok hottie .. good night ..i guess i can't sleep tonight
Sravs: don't think so much .. there is nothing in it .. ok ..good night ...

Next day imran was at sravs hostel at sharp 7am .. sravs came out, took him to her room ..but to imran's dismay, vani was there ....
They started studying normally .. imran explained things to sravs ...they both exchanged several smiles as imran was getting restless to see vani go out of the room ...

Finally good time for imran ...vani looked at watch and said "i m going to library... will come for lunch" ..

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