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Old 12th January 2018
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Next few days sravs became a bit close with pandu although she rejected any request from him to show her pussy ... she didn't even show him her boobs again saying she is feeling guilty .. but every night she would say one last dialogue for pandu ...whatever he wants .. like " fuck me dear..fuck ur sravanthi didi harddd...." .."fuck your sravanthi didi's cunt ...ramm it with ur dick" ..

Few days later sravs wanted to do some shopping and mostly window shopping .. she wanted to check whether her figure is now perfect as she actually got very close to 36 24 36 with all the work out in the gym for many months now .. .

Sravs messaged pandu if he can come along with his dslr cam so that they can go for shopping to which he happily agreed ... sravs found pandu easier to manage than vikas .. she felt that vikas would like her to be his bitch, fuck her whenever he wants and not care .. whereas pandu, with lil show, he is happy and he is ready to do whatever she wants ... that way she is now using pandu like her servant .. lil did she realize or know that while vikas thinks of her like any other girl whom he would like to fuck and forget , pandu thinks much more perverted way about her .. he actually thinks she is a slut ... he even thinks of gang banging her .. but he acts very obidient with her ...

Coming to the shopping ... they went around the mall to all the shops .. have tried a lot of new models .. sravs asked and pandu obliged to click her in a lot of modern wear in which a lot of her cleavage is shown .. she didn't buy any of them but went on trying .. one dress had shown so much cleavage of hers that ..if she bends, even her nipple might be visible ... sravs, after giving pose .. came close to pandu and asked him "how was it" ... pandu looked around and asked her back " do u really wanna know ?" .. she said " Yes" with a blush ..

Pandu uploaded the pic to his mobile using blue tooth, went to bathroom and came back ..he was carefully holding his mobile to hide it from people ..sravanthi was waiting where there aren't ne one else....he came and shown his mobile to her ... she immediately realized..he cummed on her pic ..her face and her cleavage ..he wiped some areas to make it like .. her face us filled with his cum and the cum is slowly dripping down into her valley between her boobs ... sravs actually felt horny for what he did ..and without much thinking she placed her hand on the mobile and touched the cum with her index finger and thumb .. she rubbed her fingers as if she is testing the thickness or the texture of the cum ...she then kept her fingers near her nose and smelled it .. she immediately took her nose and fingers apart showing a feeling of disgust ...

Pandu: some day u will love it ..
Sravs: shiii..its such bad smell ...
Pandu: u felt how it feels, how it smells..how abt how it tastes
Sravs: yuck .. no never .....

after the shopping was over, they both went on to watch a movie ... sravs observed every one was looking at her thighs as she wae wearing a very tiny skirt which made half of her thighs visible .
movie started.. they bought pop corn and were eating .. sravs was holding it while both were eating form the same ...some popcorn fell on her thighs and she brushed them off ... pandu whispered in her ears "next time if it falls, don't throw them away .. let me eat" ... sravs felt very kinky about the idea .. sravs never thought she would do what she is doing these days .. a conservative, bubbly middle class girl with lot of family values and doing all this ...sravs was actually feeling guilty and kinky and that made her situation even worse ...

Again pop corn fell ..this time sravs was thinking twice .. whether to wipe off and become the good girl ..or follow her senses ...she followed her senses ...pandu took it as a signal and took the pop corn and ate happily .. he whispered in her ears "they are very tasty" ... since the movie is one week old and not a big hit, there were no one around them ..that gave sravs a bit of courage to allow pandu all these things ...

Again pop corn fell ... sravs was waiting for pandu to pick up and eat .. instead he surprised her ... he bent down and picked up the pop corn with his lips ...gently kissing her thighs .. this sent shockwaves through her body ...she even leaked a bit of her juices through her lower lips (pussy) ...it went on repeatedly till the pop corn was over .. her lower thighs were almost completely kissed by him by now ...

Interval time ..both went to ladies and gents toilet .. while sravs took a bit more time to come out .. finally they went back inside the theater .. few mins later ..a waiter brought the food pandu ordered during interval ... it was coffee and french fries ..there were 4-5 packets of tomato ketchup ...after finishing coffee, sravs opened ketchup and poured it on the tray and started having the fries...
Pandu whispered in her ears: Can i make better use of ketchup to make it tastier ...
Sravs understood what he meant and wanted to refuse .. but her sense won again .. she could manage to say " don't spoil the skirt" ..
it gave even better chance to pandu...he moved skirt a bit up ..she held his hand when he almost touched her pantie ....he stopped and poured the ketchup carefully on her upper thighs ... and started eating fries ..every time touching the sauce on her thigh .. sravs felt very kinky and very horny at all this ... suddenly she couldn't control and held pandu's head and gave him a tight lip kiss ..they smooched for a while and then separated ...

Sravs after some time: its all sticky there . .coz of ur ketchup ..
pandu: my ketchup ?..i m yet to decorate u with my ketchup .. .
Sravs (blushing) : arre tomato ketchup ...
Pandu: what can we do ...
Sravs: can u bring some tissues .. i will wipe it off
Pandu: the movie is almost over and by the time i come back lights will be on..
Sravs: ok ..i will wipe with handkercheif ..and she took it out ..
Pandu: arre...why to spoil such nice handkerchief
Sravs: what do u have in mind .. and she blushed
Pandu bent down and started licking the ketchup from her thighs ... sravs was on high .. she started moaning a bit ...tried to manage some how so that others won't see ... pandu licked it all off but still he didn't get up .. he was licking her thighs further ..his tongue went close to her panties ..and he licked her pussy on the panties ...it tasted salty ... thats coz of her juices .. he went further in and the force of his tongue on her pantie was increasing ... sravs went out of control ..her hand went on to his hairs and she pressed him harder onto herself ... but quickly she released him as the movie came to climax and lights may be on any time ...

He got up taking her signal and they both got out of the theater .. .

Pandu: wow didi .. you tasted so well .. i wished so much that pantie was not there
Sravs: shut up now .. .
Pandu: please.. lets talk about it ..
Sravs: what do u want to talk
Pandu: it was salty .. did u leak ur juices
Sravs: Yes ...
Pandu: it felt so good and hot u know ...
Sravs: hmmm ok .. (extremely shy and embarassed) ..
Pandu: i feel bad that u didn't taste mine ...
Sravs: please no ...
Pandu put a sad face and they both walked towards cab ... they took the cab to hostel ...

On their way back sravs did not talk much .. she was thinking if she has become slutty ...she was feeling guilty but also horny ...she didn't have a full orgasm ...coz it ended abruptly when the movie ended ....

finally when they reached hostel, sravs was feeling like " let me act a bit more and take a gap for quite some time" .. with that in mid .. she asked pandu .. give me ur phone ... he understood and blushed .. but said
Pandu: i wiped it all off during interval ..
Sravs: then how ..now
Pandu: can i come to ur room .. u can taste it directly ..
Sravs: don't go to that extent please...
Pandu: there is a bit of pre cum there ...
Sravs: ok ..(looked around and sensing no one) ..open ur zip ..
Pandu: take it out ..here?... r u serious ..
Sravs: no no .. just open zip and don't take out ..just slide it out of ur boxer
Pandu did as she said .. sravanthi agian looking around slid her hand inside his pants and touched his hard dick which came out of his boxer (still inside pant) ..and with her index finger, she touched the tip of his dick and a bit of pre cum stuck to her finger.. she carefully took it out ..and took her finger into mouth ...she put a very irritated face conveying that its so bad ... but pandu felt the kick of a life time ...

Sravs: Now happy?...
Pandu: so happy didi .. hoping to make u taste it directly soon
Sravs put a bit of compsed and serious face and said: Pandu .. today was a sin ...we did a lot .. please be happy with it ...don't ask for more ...I am not a slut ...i m still virgin i promise ....
Pandu: sorry didi .. i didn't mean it that way..
Sravs: ok u go now ...
Pandu left her hostel ..

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Awesome update... Keep posting...

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awesome awesome....

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Old 12th January 2018
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After that incident ...pandu and sravs became sex chat buddies ...although sravs didn't like it many times, she had no option but to grant pandu what he wants atleast once in a week ...pandu kept on pressurising her for more and more but sravs strictly restricted him to sex chat and occassional show of her boobs over skype ...

It was semesters time in her 5th semester .. .yet again she got in trouble with one extra departmental course she had taken .. there were only 10 people who took the course and sravs performed the worst in all the exams before semesters...her only hope was to do well in the course project which had lot of weightage and some how pass the course. She asked help from almost every one in the gang ...vani isn't taking the course and so was jayesh ...sravs knew few people who had taken the course and every one had different problem statement so it wasn't easy to copy also..there were some problems which involved coding where she was getting stuck ... Again imran flashed in her brain .. she felt quite embarassed coz she didn't talk much to him after the last semester exams when he helped her and she gave him a handjob ... certainly he will think of her as a slut offering herself for the sake of help in academics is what she thought .. so she didn't dare ask him for any help .. .

2 days before the submission of course project, when sravs lost any hope of passing the course, imran messaged her
Imran: Hello didi ... how are you ... its so long since we talked
Sravs: Hi re.. nothing much .. just with busy with --- course project ... its taking very long
Imran: ya last time u were talking to jayesh about it ... could u finish it
Sravs: No re .. m really stuck .. i will fail this course... dunno how i will face it .. lets see
Imran: Why didn't you ask me ..You know i m good at coding too .. I could have tried
Sravs: Ya .. but I thought u will be busy with your exams and all .. didn't want to disturb you
Imran: Oh yeah .. I just thought if it can be finished in no time, i may ...I m not sure though
Sravs: Shall i send the whole thing to u .. can u see and tell me if it can be done fast
Imran: Ok ..

Sravs sent all files and Imran checked them all... to his luck, he knows what went wrong and what can be done .. it might take 2-3 hours for him.. but he will be able to finish it ..however ..he wanted to play with sravs.. he knows very well he has chances till its done and once its done, she won't oblige to whatever he says .. .unlike pandu, imran doesn't think sravs is a slut ..he is a bit mature .. he feels that she is just some one who can't take failing in academics and also lil liberal about doing things with guys ...he made a plan to make her appear in bra and panties like the last time .. and see her boobs fully naked and if possible, make her give hand job again ... thinking about all this, he messaged sravs

Imran: Yes didi it can be done .. but its complex .. u should have told me few days back
Sravs: shit ... m so sorry .. but can we try it now.. its just two days I have ..
Imran: Yeah .. let me try .. I will let you know once i finish it ...
Sravs: thank you so so much imran .. love you ...
Imran: haha its ok didi .. anything for u ...

that whole day imran received messages from sravs if its done .. and he replied saying he was still trying to figure out ... next day mrng sravs was getting a lot more tensed ... she was in two minds .. she couldn't appreciate imran about offering to help her .. as she couldn't solve it for long, she thought imran is trying hard since the day before .. on the other hand she thought may be imran wants a repetition of what happened last semester and therefore he is delaying it ... Sravs finally decided to cheer up Imran a bit so that he can finish her task

Sravs messaged Imran
Sravs: Hey dude ... whassup ..
Imran: Nothing didi .. still trying .. its so hard ..
Sravs: Ok ok dear... calm down, take rest and then think .. ur genius mind will crack it ..
Imran: haha .. I too think so... its been tiring ...
Sravs: Why don't we talk some thing else... how life has been .. its been long since i talked to u at length
Imran: normal didi .. boring .. i am not committed like u na ..
Sravs: haha .. single is much better dear ...
Imran: no didi .. relationship gives some opportunities .. .i m craving for those ...
Sravs understood what he meant ..
Sravs: haha ..
Imran: didi .. how was ur life .. u have been talk of the college off late.. u became so sexy u know
Sravs: lol .. nothing like that re .. i look very normal ..
Imran : don't be so modest .. anyway .. shall we play truth or dare
Sravs: hmmm .. ok fine .. start
Imran: what was ur waist size last sem and this sem
Sravs: 28 ..and its 26 now
Imran: wow .. see.. u have got perfect size
Sravs: haha ok .. my turn ...did u 'try' any girl recently
Imran: 'try' meaning?
Sravs: on bed
Imran: lol no didi .. i don't even have gf u know na ..
Sravs: haha ok ok
Imran: did any one 'try' u
Sravs: nope ..
Imran: sach bolo didi ... i know u r strict .. but i m just wondering if some one got lucky
Sravs was wondering if imran also heard rumours like pandu or if he knows anything about her
Sravs: no re .. really ...
Imran: nice nice .. ur turn
Sravs: how will u rate me from 1 to 10 .. where 1 is slut and 10 is innocent angel
Imran: (felt like giving 3) 6 didi ... actually i wanna give 10 but u won't beleive it so ..
Sravs thought she also would rate herself there and liked Imran's openness
Imran: how do u rate my dick that u held last time from 1 to 10 ...
Sravs: lol .. ok .. i would give it a 8 ..
Imran: wow ..so sweet of u ...

After playing for a while .. Imran got courage to implement his plan ..
Imran: actually didi .. can we discuss the problem .. can u come over to my room
Sravs: hmmm.. i didn't even take bath ...do u mind coming here .. please
Imran: the thing is my desktop is lot faster than ur laptop and we can run the code better here .. also I don't have proper clothes .. have to wash .. please can u come
Sravs: Ok fine .. will be there in an hr ...

Sravs came to Imran's hostel ...she was wearing jeans and a top .. looking fabulous .. we eye brows raised while they were walking to his room .. but largely they didn't have any problem as it was usual in the hostel for girls to come ..and since its end sems time many guys were in library and hostel was more or less empty .. so imran did not face much problem .. .

Finally after entering his room .. they both settled .. his was a single room so no problem of room mates ... Imran had shown her the code for different problems and sravs felt happy about the progress .. she is now confident of passing .. she knows imran is a genius and he will finish it ...

Submission was at 5pm and its already 2pm ...sravs was getting tensed and imran was looking frustrated (acting) as he wasn't getting ideas .. some how she wanted him to think with cool mind .. and with all the recent happenings, she went a step ahead and kissed him on lips ... and said " cool dear" . imran didn't expect it and felt very hot .. he started breathing a bit heavy and he held and kissed her .. now even more passionately ... they hugged tightly and imran stared foreplay ... he was caressing her entire back and he tried to press her boobs ..she held his hand and said "no..how will i go out " .. that actually back fired with imran said "remove it na then" ....she knows they were trading 'help in coding' to 'help with body' .. but she had to act as if she likes him and its just about how to go out .. now she has no other way but to open .. she gave a fake blush and took her top off... the bra is a latest model and it was showing ample cleavage... Imran was on fire and he kissed and licked her neck, and went down to cleavage.. he kissed her there and finally he started pressing her boobs wildly ...

soon his had went to the bra clasp ..she knows what he wants .. she offered lil resistance ..although was saying 'no no' slowly .. he pushed her on to his bed and started eating her boobs like nething .. he took her nipples inside his mouth and almost bit them... he pressed her boobs so hard that they turned red ... in his excitement ..he also started dry humping her ... again sravs slipped her tongue and said " arre no pant is getting spoilt" ...

Imran smiled and said "then remove it na " .. this time sravs offered resistance .. she said "No" firmly .. he continue his assault on her top half ...she wasn in heaven .. this time, instead of dry humping, he started moving his fingers around her pussy area and waist area while the pant is on to tease her ... he succeeded in his plan and it ignited the fire in her ...

Little later his hand went to her pant button .. she held his hand and said " after coding please..we have only 2 hours " ... Imran almost opened up about his plan in his reply .. " Its almost done didi ..i have the code ready in fact" .. immediately he covered up saying .. " I mean I just realized that this problem matches with what i recently have done for another project and I am sure its gonna work " ...

Sravanthi understood everything .. but she can't say or show any anger ... instead she chose to cover up .. "my genius boy" ..and she locked his lips with hers...it gave imran full confidence .. he removed her pant button and pulled the zip down and placed his hand on the pantie .. he was massaging her pussy with his fingers.. sravs was leaking her juices slowly ... sravs understood its inevitable now and slowly said " remove the pant " ....imran followed the order happily ... now sravs is only in her panty in front of him ... wasting no time, he got rid of his all clothes and he got on top of her ... sravs liked his dick infact .. its quite big and looking ultra strong ... she was also on fire and unable to control herself ... he placed his dick on her pantie and was pushing it while kissing and pressing her boobs .. after a lot of play ...finally imran took the final step and held the elastic of her pantie ... sravs again was saying "no" ..but it was only fake resistance ... she raised her butt to help him remove the last piece of clothe on her body

Imran was mesmerised to see sravs fully nude .. finally his efforts paid off ... couldn't control his emotions as he was also a first timer ... Imran immediately placed his dick on her cunt ....shock wave passed through her body .. but sravs is stilll a conservative girl ...
Sravs: Yaar..please ..no ...leave it for my husband ... please imran ..i don't wanna lose virginity ...
Imran also considered her request .. since he also never fucked any girl, he was also feeling guilty .. he said "ok" ...

But he did not leave her .. he went down to look her pussy more clearly ...sravs felt shameful and covered it with her hand .. he slowly removed her hand .. and saw it as if he is researching about it .... he touched her clit when sravs made moaning sound ... he rubbed it thoroughly as he enjoyed her moaning ... she went wild with it ....she tried hard not to say " fuck me imran" ... and she succeeded in it ...imran put his tongue on her pussy ... and started licking it .. since she was on fire, she held his hairs and pulled him more on to her pussy ...he widened her pussy further to lick it deep ... after a while sravs moaned a lot ..she tried her best not to moan loudly as she is in boys hostel .. she finally came very hard ..imran tasted a bit of her juices ..and then wiped her .... sravs face was fully relaxed and happy ...she pulled him up and gave him a very passionate and loving kiss ...

Just when she thought its done for the day , Imran held his dick and asked innocently .."what about me" ... she felt so cute about it ..and said "sure dear" ...shall we finish the code and do it ?...
Imran: do what?..will u allow me in ?
Sravs: abaaa....please da.. not that .. i will do something abt this .. saying that he held his dick
Imran quickly opened his other folders .. copied the code which he wrote early ..and it worked .. they uploaded it as necessary .. .and then he turned to nude sravs ...by this time his dick went limp ... sravs held it...and stroked it slowly ...
Imran: do somethng hot na didi .. i want it to unload fully ...
Sravs pushed him on bed and went on top of him ...she had let her boobs crush on his chest and gave him a lipkiss and said .. "wanna fuck ur sravanthi didi ?" ...immediately his dick sprang and hit her thighs ... she laughed and said .."its so hot for me" ... imran could hardly say nething as he was in heaven with this teasing ... then she sat on his thighs ..and took the dick in her hand ..pulled the skin back and touched it to her pussy ... and said " u want this na " .."u want sravanthi didi's choot (cunt) na" ... imran went wild with this ...then sravs did one more thing to make him happy .. she touched his dick to her cheeks ...and gave a gentle kiss on his shaft although not on the knob ...
Imran: take it in please... please let me fuck u ..
Sravs blushed again and said ..:please ..no baby ..
Imran: Atleast take it in ur mouth ...
Sravs doesn't like giving blow job ..but she can't keep saying no to everything .. instead of giving up .. she thought of an alternative plan ..
Sravs: wait baby .. don't be in a hurry .. saying that she touched the dick to her boobs .. slowly she moved up to touch his dick to her navel, again her choot and her thighs ... sravs some how wanted to escape blow job and fuck .. she decided to make him hot with words ..
Sravs: baby ...u will fuck ur sravanthi didi .. but after my marriage .. i will let u fuck me many times ok ....this will do inside me then .... saying that she was stroking it hardd....
Imran couldn't take it anymore .. he was already in heaven ..
sravs understood from his face that he was about to cum .. she knows at the back of her mind that she wouldn't entertain him again for few months .. unless she gets some other trouble .. she doesn't want him to feel half satisfied .. not but not the least, some where at the back of her mind , she likes ppl to shag thinking about her .. she wants that "so many guys wanna fuck me every day" type of feeling.. so she did very kinky thing at the end ..

While stroking his dick, when he was about to explore .. she went near it and let the cum fall on her face she moved up with perfect timing to make it fall on her boobs as well and also on her navel .. the cum is every where on her upper body ...finally when the dick couldn't shoot any more .. the last bit of cum left on his dick .. sravs let it touch her pussy and moved the dick around her pussy to apply his cum every where around her pussy ...
Sravs: happy my dear?
Imran quickly pulled her and gave a deep passionate kiss to convey how happy he was...
Imran: love u didi ... be my gf na .. we can marry .. i want this every day
Sravs: (smiled) ..lets not think so much ...u r happy na .. lets end it here ... else u wouldn't leave my virginity today ...
Imran also managed to laugh .. in his mind he also thought that he achieved much more than he thought .. so he was fully satisfied ...
Imran: Can i click a photo of this cum coated queen ...
Sravs: No please.... with a firm voice ..
Imran: believe me .. I won't do anything .. just will shag daily thinking of u ...
Sravs: hmm .. ok .. but no face please ...
Imran clicked her pic without face.. sravs checked it .. and said okay ... she wiped the cum with his towel ..then she wore her clothes back and went back to her hostel ...

Sravs thought deeply and realied that she had an exponential growth this sem in sluttiness ... she let vikas, pandu and imran all three to fondle and lick and suck her boobs .. some one has seen her full nude .. some one has kissed her on pantie .. .she was no longer thinking about guilt .. but she was only thinking abt how to protect her virginity .. that way she can atleast feel she is better than vani ...but she has very little confidence about keeping it ....

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dick blowing update..
super hot and fast updates..
Kudos to you...

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Nice update bro... update fast... can't wait

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Super story bro waiting for update
blackmail my junior -http://xossip.com/showthread.php?t=1453196&highlight=

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Please give a long update bro..!! Nd fast..!! Please

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update please
Gaand ki deewana hu my...!!

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