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Old 29th May 2018
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Originally Posted by Just a Salesman View Post
I agree Doctor porn is a grave problem facing humanity but there are a lot of butts and ifss. Topic needs more discussion on this forum.

Today with 1.5 GB or 2 GB per day free internet on smartphone everybody including young kids are watching porn on their phones. Even village bumpkin is watching porn in the fields. Young minds are getting programmed to fuck around or shag away to glory.

From Playboy Penthouse Debonair local desi books to projector blue movies to phoren and mallu VCDs to Internet porn - today even schoolkids are doing it on the sly. Earlier ppl used to hv their first experience only mebbe in college or after they got into a job. In the west schoolgirls are put on oral contraceptives by their parents the moment they reach puberty.

What will happen in the future is anybody's guess.

Needs good discussion with open mind.
I agree alot of IFs and BUTs, some minds won't change, like a one sided love affair.

At my time when guys got the access to internet, porn spread like wildfire! And so did the crimes following because of abusing it. Yes we all have watched porn, I agree I was an addict, which made me a culprit in this system. But I have laid my eyes off it as much as I can, it's such a string addiction that it might make me relapse into watching it again, but I control it by meditation.

Meditation the term is being washed into a category of "Being Spiritual" which is wrong. Defining spiritual is not doing Bhajan Kirtan, whole day long! It's making you regenerate power of your mind.

If you frame this in the following way maybe one can understand ;

"Meditation is nothing but a path to peace when your lost in thoughts".

Lost in thoughts is not Day dreaming, it's called brain fog. Where your mind can't process any info other than what it's depending upon for subjective release of dopamine.
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Old 1st June 2018
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Meditation etc what u are saying has not come out of nothing. There is a whole history behind it, culture, ancient great people, a specific location where it originated the whole works.

People hv become so defensive to talk about all this because they are afraid of being labelled by people who are against all this because it does not suit their narrative or because their stuff is so constipated and communal that it does not allow such inclusion of other thoughts and ideas. U are also so defensive and unnecessary giving justifications and being apologetic.

U can say practice yoga and meditation etc. Nothing wrong in it.

At the same time do not dismiss other stuff just like that. Just bec ppl are doing bhajan kirtan or praying together does not mean they are fools. It is a form of collective devotion or collective meditation of a different kind. There are many ways, dont be under the impression that ur solution or way is the only way or solution. U r just one speck in the 7 billion. Before that trillions have come and gone back into the earth.

On the other hand good going. Hope u are going to be around for advice to ppl who need it. Many ppl get tired and bored after some time and just watch the vids and stills and shag and go to sleep. That is why traffic in forums is also down.
nowadays. Pepul want to talk to each other on forums with some good leg pulling and fun.

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