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Old 21st August 2014
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SEO Black Ops By Derek Pierce Price $397
English + MP4 + PDF + MP3 + 12.3 GB

http://terafile.co/83e4188a203e/SEO_Black_Ops_By_Derek_Pierce_Price_$397.part01.rar http://terafile.co/3271a7cca295/SEO_Black_Ops_By_Derek_Pierce_Price_$397.part02.rar http://terafile.co/636d17333174/SEO_Black_Ops_By_Derek_Pierce_Price_$397.part03.rar http://terafile.co/63de9c252235/SEO_Black_Ops_By_Derek_Pierce_Price_$397.part04.rar http://terafile.co/96b0d05632c3/SEO_Black_Ops_By_Derek_Pierce_Price_$397.part05.rar http://terafile.co/a827971cff62/SEO_Black_Ops_By_Derek_Pierce_Price_$397.part06.rar http://terafile.co/2d86288d0557/SEO_Black_Ops_By_Derek_Pierce_Price_$397.part07.rar http://terafile.co/e237132656c1/SEO_Black_Ops_By_Derek_Pierce_Price_$397.part08.rar http://terafile.co/c7e25353845f/SEO_Black_Ops_By_Derek_Pierce_Price_$397.part09.rar http://terafile.co/19440827f625/SEO_Black_Ops_By_Derek_Pierce_Price_$397.part10.rar http://terafile.co/6da1700c058d/SEO_Black_Ops_By_Derek_Pierce_Price_$397.part11.rar http://terafile.co/70589c624b81/SEO_Black_Ops_By_Derek_Pierce_Price_$397.part12.rar http://terafile.co/413728788786/SEO_Black_Ops_By_Derek_Pierce_Price_$397.part13.rar http://terafile.co/8977527870e7/SEO_Black_Ops_By_Derek_Pierce_Price_$397.part14.rar http://terafile.co/434e377b18fa/SEO_Black_Ops_By_Derek_Pierce_Price_$397.part15.rar http://terafile.co/703013262794/SEO_Black_Ops_By_Derek_Pierce_Price_$397.part16.rar

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Old 21st August 2014
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Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos- Webinar Legend PRO 2.0
English + [3 PDFs + 2 MP3s + 3 MP4s + 1 Doc]) + 447.19 MB

How To Setup & Present Webinars Like A Pro!
Do you... or have you ever wanted to... use webinars in your business? Perhaps you want to demonstrate a new product, service or software to potential customers, clients and vendors.

Or you want to do online-based training - either internally with our own staff and contractors... or externally with vendors and other contacts?

Well you're in the right place!

Each session of Webinar Legend is done intially live via webinar - then recorded and archived in the members area where you can reference and/or download it.

A key focus on our training is to help you craft those perfect presentations to turn prospects into customers, and to service customers better!

You can communicate, network and share ideas with other Webinar Legend members... who knows, you might make some new friends or business contacts!

Support can be reached at support.webinarlegend.com - we have full time support on weekdays and limited support on weekends.

Your success is our goal. Try out Webinar Legend for 30 days. Within that time, if you're unsatisfied in any way, you can get a full refund. No questions asked!

In addition to the presentation training, we also place a key emphasis on the technical aspect of running webinars as well... for all you technophobes out there!

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Old 21st August 2014
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Igor & Anthony J. - Advanced Walkup Hypnosis
English + MP4 + PDF + MP3 + 26.1 GB


Advanced Walkup Street Hypnosis -
featuring Igor Ledochowski, Anthony Jacquin
and the Head Hacking team.

Dear Budding Street Hypnotist,

?I guess the best way to start is to tell you about the day my hypnosis students almost got arrested in Trafalgar Square, London?

Oddly enough, the reason the police nearly arrested those students holds part of the secret behind you becoming a master walk-up street hypnotist?

That makes it possible for you to hypnotize anyone (even complete strangers on the street) in just 39 seconds from meeting them?
That makes it possible for you (and anyone near you) to become "invisible"?
That makes it possible for you to hypnotize people into thinking you are a celebrity so they give you perks and other favorable treatment you'd never get otherwise?
As well as other ultra cool stuff you may have never dreamed possible from other hypnosis before - like being able to hypnotize ANYONE, anywhere at anytime and in any situation?

More about how to do all that (and even more) in just a moment when you'll see some live (and shocking) demonstrations that are going to shatter all your beliefs about what is really possible with hypnosis?

First, I have no idea how long I'm going to keep this rather "out-there" letter online...

So I recommend you read this all the way through now (or at least to point I mention "ORGASM ON COMMAND") before that bit is taken out or the whole letter is removed?

Fair enough?


So anyway, remember how I told you I was going to tell you about the day my hypnosis students almost got arrested in Trafalgar Square, London??

Now I don't think any of those students expected to have to deal with the police that day?

Although now when I look back on it - I've got to admit it wasn't too much of a surprise to me?

Truth is I almost expected it?

And it was just too funny when it happened?.

But first I want to tell you WHY those hypnosis students were "let loose and dangerous" in the streets of Central London?.

It was all because of the unusual seminar I held with a world class street hypnotist named Anthony Jacquin?

Anthony is one of the most intriguing hypnotists I've ever met?

See Anthony is a master at the mysterious (and somewhat underground) art of "cold walk up" hypnosis?

Anthony calls his unique, different and superior form of walk-up street hypnosis "head hacking"?and?

If you've ever seen it in action with your own eyes (like you will in this letter) you'll suddenly see new boundaries and new possibilities open to you as a hypnotist who is always looking to improve your skills?

Anyway, back to the training?

It was probably the most unusual (and in some cases hilarious) training I've ever been a part of?

Perhaps it should have been called the "Freaky Deaky Hypnosis Seminar"? but it wasn't?

It had a more "refined" name?

It was actually called: Advanced Walkup Street Hypnosis(or now the infamous WUSH seminar, for short)?

And want to know something else?

Due to overwhelming demand the WUSH seminar - it was actually held twice, in London (U.K.) and Las Vegas (USA). The London seminar sold out in 48 HOURS flat - so we held another sell out seminar at the prestigious Venetian Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas?

However plenty of aspiring hypnotists didn't get to attend because the seminars sold out real fast?

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Old 21st August 2014
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Richard Rose - Video Talks &amp Lectures
English + [2 avi, 1 pdf, 1 jpg] + 1.54 GB

Richard Rose was a down-to-earth mystic, poet, esoteric philosopher and Zen adept from the hills of West Virginia. He reached thousands of people via his lectures across the U.S. over two decades, and worked directly with a group of about 100 dedicated students. This video was produced late in his teaching career, in 1991, and despite his age, the dynamism of the teacher is striking. The camera follows a group of students as they attend a university lecture by Mr.Rose and then drive to his rustic "ashram" (farm in West Virginia) for a weekend meeting.

Tags: Zen, Zen master, TAT Foundation, direct-mind, transmission, transmission of mind, occult, esoteric, magic, magick, philosophy, self-definition, spiritual search, truth.

See notes below re video quality.

Publisher's description:
Mr. Rose had a unique presentation, unencumbered by pomp, pretense, or
pseudo-logic. He spoke directly to the hearts and minds of his listeners, mixing
penetrating insight with an all-encompassing humor that often stunned his
audience, while simultaneously altering their view of the world. Many people came
away from his talks with the distinct impression that, somehow, he was directly
addressing their personal problems and inner states.

This dynamic glimpse into the teaching style of Richard Rose follows a group of
university students visiting the Rose farm and former TAT retreat center in West
Virginia. The two-DVD set (232 minutes) contains sequences from university
lectures and informal discussions interspersed with impressions of first-time
visitors and reminiscences of long-time students.

Note: The video was originally filmed in 1991, and the DVD has been produced
from edited VHS camcorder tapes. The first of the two original tapes had been
edited using super-VHS equipment, the second on standard VHS equipment, and
the resulting image wasn't as sharp. The second DVD disc carries forth that

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Old 21st August 2014
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Udemy How to Become a Web Developer from Scratch
English + MP4 + PDF + MP3 + 2.21 GB


Become a Web Developer from Scratch! (Complete Course)
Learn all the programming languages needed to become a Web Developer from scratch including the new HTML5 and CS



With "Become A Web Developer From Scratch", you will learn everything about Web Development, even if you've never programmed before!

The full course has more than 220 video lectures, divided into 8 chapters. Each chapter will give you a new level of knowledge in Web Development. We'll start from the basics with XHTML, CSS and Javascript to more advanced and the most popular/requested programming languages nowadays, such as PHP, XML, jSON, AJAX, jQuery the MySQL database and the new HTML5+CSS3!

At the end of each chapter or "level", I will show you how to create a simple application using the languages you've learned so far. The source code of each final project will be available for you to download as well.

"Become a Web Developer from Scratch" will give you a new perspective on how the Internet works and after you completed the course you will be able to create your own websites and apps with the latest technology. Hope you enjoy!

NOTE: In order to keep you up to date in the world of Web Development all the chapters will be updated regularly with new lectures, projects, quizzes and any changes in future versions of all the programming languages covered on the course.

Why Learn Web Development?

The internet is the fastest and largest platform ever created for humans to learn, communicate, share, or create businesses of any kind, and all of this in just 10 years! It is estimated that in the next 3 to 5 years the internet will be the number 1 platform for creating new jobs and for education. Learning Web Development will give you the opportunity to start ahead of other competitors by giving you the knowledge of the most recent web technologies and how to better apply them on your future projects. Knowing Web Development will give you the ability to control and create anything on the web!

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Old 21st August 2014
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Matt Garrett - Photoshop Masterclass (with bonuses)
English + MP4 + PDF + MP3 + 2.02 GB


Just 1 Good Graphic Can Boost Sales By 16.5%
(Data from Kissmetrics.com 2013 - link above)
Learn The Stuff That's Actually Useful
Without The Stuff You'll Never Use…

From: Matt Garrett, SEOUK

Hi Webmasters,

If like me you pay outsourcers for graphics then generally they do a great job, however, sometimes we need graphics fast & what we have in mind is not always what's delivered - that leaves you with a choice of either using a sub standard graphic or waiting for a corrected version to arrive. In doing so we miss opportunities & sabotage our own success.

Most Courses Are Either Too Long,
Too Boring & Just Irrelevant…

If like myself you have already looked at other Photoshop courses then you'll probably realise that most are about covering every Photoshop function created in detail & none focused on key functions from which you can build core knowledge - who has $300 spare & 7 full days spare to listen to some guy with a monotone voice drone on about "adaptive wide angles" …. really? I just wanted to know the day to day stuff that's useful - the rest can be easily built upon.

I Now Make Graphics Faster Than It Takes To Write an Email…

One of the biggest boosts in sales for me personally came after I started managing my own graphics in house. This was only possible with fast class lessons from my graphics expert who taught me the essentials & a few useful tricks. While I still send bulk jobs to outsourcers, nowadays I do many graphics jobs myself as it's quicker for me to make a graphic than to email an outsourcer.

Create/Edit Professional Headers, Ads, Visuals, & Retouch Photos in Minutes

This product is not about frying your brain with yet more useless knowledge. It's about learning the foundation skills required to get the job done fast. By the time you have completed this course you'll have the skills & tools required to make great graphics & the core design knowledge you can easily build upon.

Course 1 - Photoshop Essentials
Video 01 - File Types.mp4
Video 02 - Using Images.mp4
Video 03 - Image Cleaning.mp4
Video 04 - Colour Retouching.mp4
Video 05 - Creating Headers.mp4
Video 06 - Gradients-Layers Intro.mp4
Video 07 - Text & Paragraphs.mp4
Video 08 - Layer Styles.mp4
Video 09 - Shapes.mp4
Video 10 - Preset Styles.mp4
Video 11 - Advanced Gradients.mp4
Video 12 - Patterns.mp4
Video 13 - Brushes.mp4
Video 14 - Actions-Reflections.mp4
Video 15 - Organising Layers.mp4

Course 2 - Photoshop Masterclass
Video 16 - Workflow Actions.mp4
Video 17 - Essential Actions.mp4
Video 18 - Smart Objects.mp4
Video 19 - Clipping Masks.mp4
Video 20 - Resources.mp4
Video 21 - Graphics & HTML.mp4
Video 22 - Saving Presets.mp4

Course 1 - Photoshop Essentials
Video #1 - File Types
Learn about file formats, why these are important & what format to save your file as for each specific purpose.

Video #2 - Using Images
This coves image rights of use & where to get royalty free stock photos

Video #3 - Image Cleaning
This covers the tools you need to do basic image cleaning & background removals

Video #4 - Colour Retouching
Want to change the colour of your image or even brighten it up - this lesson covers the tools you need.

Video #5 - Creating Headers
This lesson goes through measuring graphics, creating files, creating a background layer & setting the colour using colour sampling.

ideo #6 - Gradients/Layers Intro
This lesson is a basic introduction to gradients + moving, rotating resizing & ordering layers - the foundation of graphic design.

Video #7 - Text & Paragraphs
This lesson is about creating text layers & making the text fit nicely in your graphic by using vertical & horizontal character spacing

Video #8 - Layer Styles
One of the most common things you'll do in Photoshop is to use layer styles to create nice effects on objects & text - we go through how this works

Video #9 - Shapes
No one draws stuff freehand nowadays - designers use the custom shape tool to create flawless scalable objects fast. Lesson also covers how to load new shapes into the shapes palette.

Video #10 - Preset Styles
You can do all the hard work making layer styles or you can use some great ready styles by using the styles palette.

Video #11 - Advanced Gradients
This lesson goes through more advanced usage of gradients to give you more control over the way your your graphic looks + how to add more gradients into the palette.

Video #12 - Patterns
Any layer can be overlaid by a preset pattern - this tutorial goes through how this works & how to load new patterns.

Video #13 - Brushes
This is a basic introduction to brushes & the brushes palette which is used to add nice effects to your graphic + how to add new brushes to the palette.

Video #14 - Actions/Reflections
Actions are recordings of user inputs - some effects require many user inputs which can be recorded & played back to replicate the effect - we show you how quickly you can make a reflection using an action.

Video #15 - Organising Layers
Making more complex graphics results in dozens of layers which become hard to locate - this is how to organise your layers better!

Course 2 - Photoshop Masterclass

Video #16 - Workflow Actions
This is an action that makes common tasks faster by either activating keystrokes to do a common task or playing the action.

Video #17 - Essential Actions
We've compiled some of the best essential actions for you that will make your life a whole lot easier when making graphics. (See Bonus Section Below)

Video #18 - Smart Objects
This a neat function of Photoshop which allows linked layers to open in a separate 'flat' layer - allowing you to edit graphics such as 3D mock-ups - changing and saving the smart 'flat' layer will automatically change the 3D mock-up master file (See Bonus Section for Smart Object Templates included)

Video #19 - Clipping Masks
A clipping mask uses the layer below as a mask which hides anything that sticks out over the lower layer - so if you for example have a rectangular photo in a layer above and a circle in a layer below & if you create a clipping mask on the photo layer - you'll get a circular photo.

Video #20 - Resources
There's a whole pile of free resources you should know about when playing with design - this will walk you though some of the best sites.

Video #21 - Graphics & HTML
This is a bonus from an upcoming product which will be launched in November 2013 - this is a file from WPCheat - our most successful prelaunch product - enjoy!

Video #22 - Saving Presets
Over time you'll create various gradients, styles, actions & collect various patterns, shapes & brushes - it's important to save these as a Photoshop crashes can easily wipe your stuff - we'll show you how it's done.

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Old 21st August 2014
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Fb Dark posts Profit 2014
English + MP4 + PDF + MP3 + 1.1 GB


Product Name: Dark Post Profits

Launch Date: May, 5th, 2014

Price: $100

Dark Post Profits Dark Post Profits Review and Bonus
Learn how to sell anything through FB Newsfeed
Easy Of Use
Dark Post are unpublished Facebook ads which aren't visible on your Facebook news feed. Thus meaning you don't need some big name or huge fan page with thousands of likes
Exactly what is Dark Post Profits?

Dark Post Profits Dark Post Profits Review and Bonus

Dark Post Profits- The Hottest Course on Marketing in the Facebook Newsfeed in 2014! Dark Post Profits ends 40 Modules, Case Study and Presentations of strongly Profitable campaigns.

Dark Post Profits: How you can market anything in the FB newsfeed, from T-Shirts, to biz-ops, to real estimate

With all the ebusiness items like Dark Post Profits it can be hard to discover exactly what could be a great fit for you depending upon your present situation.

You may or may not have the resources to invest into a program like Dark Post Profits. If you are that noobi that is looking for a strong beginning factor that has little to no cash to make cash online then listen up.

Dark Post Profits Evaluation- Alternatives far from this product
The marketing device thats helping me is a free system. Free in the feeling that you do not have to bother with repeating costs with holding and the autoresponder. Start up for this system could vary in between complimentary to $5 1 time to obtain a number of compensations for life! THATS IT!

The perfect company in a box for any kind of brand-new comer.

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Old 21st August 2014
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Ryan Lee FB Continuity★★$197★★
English + MP4 + PDF + MP3 + 456 MB

Hi, it's Ryan Lee and you might know me as the "Continuity King". Since creating my first continuity program in 2001 - I've gone on to create hundreds of these programs and generate over 7-figures per month.

Did you want to create continuity income and don't know where to begin?

Confused with all the software. And plugins. And not sure how to get people to stick around?

Well, I have great news for you. After a 12 month journey for the "perfect" continuity program - there is a solution. It's "Facebook Continuity".

Why Facebook?

Using Facebook to deliver your continuity program eliminates vritually ever "barrier". You don't need software. Or plugins. In fact, you don't have to even manage usernames and passwords.

But the biggest benefit, by far, is the retention.

As I've been saying for years...

People BUY for CONTENT - But they STAY for COMMUNITY.

And in my 13+ years of creating hundreds of continuity programs, I've never seen better community bulding than in a FB continuity program. The retention rates have been DOUBLE.

After all, there's no point in creating a continuity program if people don't stick around for more than one month.

Introducing the FIRST (and Only) Program Showing You EXACTLY How to Create Your Own "Continuity Program" Using Facebook

I'm taking a handful of people through a "One Week FB Continuity Kick Start". There will be a few live training sessions that will cover...

How to "seed" your program to DOUBLE retention
How to setup your entire program.. in REAL-TIME
How to convert up to 50% of your subscribers... with no sales letter
Put your program in 85% auto-pilot
How to deliver content within Facebook
And so much more...
This is going to be a $1,500.00 training program. But right now, I'm taking a test-group through the system.

I'm talking STEP-BY-STEP... all delivered LIVE (all trainings are recorded for lifetime access).

You can become a member of this special test-group for just one-payment of $197. There are no upsells, just a clean offer.

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Old 21st August 2014
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Frank Kern & Kevin Nations - One Man Millions
English + [23 - PDF, 20 - MP3, 2 - FLV] + 487 MB


"Rare Webinar Reveals How To Triple Your Prices And Have Your Customers Love You For It."

The strategy session was of course, an upsell for their own Big Ticket Coaching Program, called One Man Millions.

The cost is $12,000 for 8 weeks of small group phone coaching directly with Frank Kern and Kevin Nations!

It sounded like the BEST PROGRAM EVER for creating and selling Big Ticket coaching packages.

Week 1 - Your Million Dollar plan
Week 2 - Magic Powers and Offer Creation
Week 3 - Conversion and the RAPID Selling System
Week 4 - Lead Gen 1
Week 5 - Lead Gen 2
Week 6 - LSD
Week 7 - Leveraging past 100k a month
Week 8 - Upleveling

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Money Manifestation - Lisa Garr Aware Show 2014
English + (10.mp4's, 1.html file set) + 3.03 GB

Money and Manifestation
with Lisa Garr
10 Experts Reveal How to Live in Abundance

Imagine... Abundance Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

Lisa Garr has done it again! Join Lisa in her newest summit series, Money and Manifestation. Lisa interviews ten world-class experts who pull back the curtains on their money manifestation secrets and share their carefully guarded treasures of wisdom with you in this free tele-summit series! Lisa uses her vast experience to bring out the best information and hottest tips from these experts to give you priceless information you can use right away!

Here's What You Will Learn
• How to raise your money vibration
• How manifestation gets blocked
• The key things you must do to trigger manifestation into action
• Practical strategies for marketing yourself online
• How your dreams become reality
• ...and so much more!

Meet Our Special Guest Speakers

Alex Mandossian has generated nearly $400 million in sales and profits for his strategic alliance partners, clients and students on five continents. His expertise is in electronic broadcast media such as teleseminars, webinars, podcasts and most recently, Google hangouts.

Marcia Wieder, the renowned author of 14 books dedicated to achieving your dreams, shares her vast knowledge to help you discover and live your dreams.

Christopher Howard is an internationally acclaimed expert in Neuro Linguistic Programming, joins us to improve our performance and create breakthrough results in all facets of our lives.

Derek Rydall has coached thousands of artists and entertainment professionals on how to create more enlightened entertainment, and has worked with a diverse array of people around the planet, helping them to live a more passionate, purposeful life.

Robert Allen, author of best-selling book "Nothing Down", shares the wisdom of 20 years of cutting edge investment experience with you.

Panache Desai is a contemporary spiritual teacher and inspirational visionary whose gift of vibrational transformation has drawn thousands of people from around the world.

Brent Phillips had a surgery left his arm frozen at the elbow - until he discovered Theta healing and his arm healed in an instant! Learn more about the discoveries that changed Brent's life.

Dr Dain Heer's unique perspectives on personal transformation is unlike anything else in the world. It changed everything and his life began to expand and grow with more ease and speed than even he could have imagined possible.

Jim Britt, recently named as one of the top 20 living success coaches, reveals his leading discoveries that have transformed his life and those whom he coaches.

Mike Koenigs is a five-time #1 Bestselling Author, "2009 Marketer of the Year" winner, serial entrepreneur, filmmaker, speaker and patented inventor. His products and services have simplified and automated marketing for over 30,000 small businesses, authors, experts, speakers, coaches and consultants in more than 60 countries.

About your host Lisa Garr

Lisa Garr is the host of The Aware Show radio program on KPFK-FM in Southern California. Since 1999, Lisa has interviewed over 1,500 best-selling authors and experts in the fields of health, healing, spirituality, and personal growth. She is considered an expert in the field of lifestyle and transformational media programming and is committed to providing messages that inspire positive growth and change. In addition to being a sought-after emcee, Lisa hosts her own TV show and popular online personal-development teleseminar series.

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