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Old 19th November 2014
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I told Suresh what happened that day,how I flirted with Kumar and how he fell for me.Suresh said do you remember
your school days dream, you wanted to become a professional whore.See, look at you now, you have become a corporate
slut.A sexy secretary to an entire office.He fucked me that night in all the possible postions.

Next day I left for office wearing a saree only.Suresh bought me a blouse which had a very thin thread string to
the back which had to be tied to a knot.And another similar thin thread which went behind around my neck and had
to be tied to a knot.My boobs were basically only held by these 2 thing strings.And the front was very deep.Only
the closed part was nipples.The entire circle of my boobs were exposed.It was very risky to wear it as my blouse
would come off even if one thread unties.I also had to walk properly or else my boobs would keep bouncing with
every step as there was no bra underneath.The blouse was black in color and very thin.And there was an equally thin
saree with it.I tied my saree tight around me.I had worn a black thong under my saree.I then wore my kamarband,
my long mangalsutra,black bangles.I wore my long earrings.Wore a choker neck piece.I did my make-up.Red lipstick,
my sindoor,eye brows,eye lashes,kajal and I wore my high heels.I forgot to put a clip on my saree pleats on the
waist below my navel.So I opened my wardrobe took out an ornamental clip and pulled the saree a bit away from my
waist and stuck the clip onto it.So my saree tucked in won't come out easily.I came out and Suresh said,"Chaitrali
meri raand.Tu aaj ekdum chamiya lag rahi hai." He kissed my cheeks and slapped my bums.He didn't kiss my lips
because I had my lipstick on them.Suresh dropped me to office and I went upstairs.

Kumar looked at me and winked.I just smiled and blushed looking at him.Others were also looking at me with all
the thirst in their eyes.I know whenever they see me they strip me in their thoughts.And I also feel that nakedness
when I walk past them.I went to my room and Mr.Sharma called me.I went to his room.He was excited to see me.He said,
"Chaitrali you look very sexy in this saree and your blouse is not visible at all.The straps are so thin."I just
blushed and he came near me and hugged me.I had left my hair open and put them to my front so people can see my
bare naked back.He kissed my cheeks and went behind me and kissed my open back.He licked my back and held me
around my waist.He kissed my neck from behind.Mr.Sharma said that I had to go for a medical today and asked me
to come back after the medical.Medical test is a test for the visa.Just normal basic tests.So he asked me to meet
the HR manager and she will give me the papers needed.He asked me to come back to his room without fail after coming
back.I just blushed and said ok and left.I met the HR manager and she gave me to necessary papers and asked our
company driver to take me to the clinic.

We reached the clinic and driver said he'll wait for me in the parking.I went inside with all the papers.There was
a seperate queue for ladies and there were only 2 ladies waiting.I went took my token and sat down for my turn.One
lady went inside and she came out in 10 minutes and so did the second lady.They called my name and I went inside.
There was a male doctor who was attending the people.I felt strange but equally excited.He asked me to sit and
asked about my details.He was continously staring at my boobs and my curves.He gave me a form to write down my details.
He gave me a pen to fill it.I started filling the form and I bent purposely so that he can have a fair view of my
cleavage line and part of my melons also.In between I used put the pen in my mouth and look at him as if I were
confused with some point and he used to clarify it.He used to stare at my lips when I put the pen in my mouth.He
said now I have to go through some physical tests like xray and some other tests.He asked me to lie on the bed
in his room.I stepped on to the small stool and climbed and lied down on the bed.He looked at me from tip to toe.A
tremor of lust went through my body.He took his stetho and put the ear plugs and kept it on my chest and asked me to
breathe deep.I took a deep breath and my boobs bulged.He saw it and moved little more towards the bed.His thing was
touching my hands.He slowly pushed his thing again against my hands.He kept the stheto on my right boob and pressed.
Then he kept it on the left and pressed again.My skimpy blouse edge was moving a bit towards my aerola.As I had not
worn a bra inside he could see my nipples getting hard.He slowly moved his stetho exactly on my nipples and rubbed
my nipples with the stetho.He then asked me to remove my pallu.I asked him why to remove my pallu.He said he has
to apply some gel on my chest and do some check up.So I just got up and removed my pallu and he could see my skimpy
blouse barely holding my big round boobs.Only the nipple part was properly covered and the rest of my melon was
naked.He stared at them for a moment.And he took a gel and applied it on my chest.His hands started moving over my
cleavage,massaging with the gel.He was pressing my chest and massaging.He said my blouse with become dirty because
of the gel so it would be better if I remove my blouse.I knew all this was never part of the test.But as I was
feeling horny I agreed to it and he helped me open the knot behind and the one around my neck to the back.My blouse
dropped and my big round firm boobs sprung out free.My long mangalsutra was hanging on my big round boobs.He removed
the mangalsutra and moved my long hair to the back and he was staring at my big round melons.He took some gel and
again applied it on my boobs.He started massaging them and slowly held my nipples in between his fingers.He pressed
them with his fingers and I left a moan.Doctor said you have very well maintained your figure.I just blushed on that.
I was just wearing my choker neck piece and he said I look very beautiful and sexy.He said my husband must be lucky
enough to have you as his wife.He was massaging my boobs while saying all this.He asked me if there is any pain while
doing it.I said no.He asked if it is giving any pleasure.I knew he wanted to go further.I thought to act innocent.I
just blushed and covered my face with my hands.He said there is nothing to be shy of.He held my hands and brought them
down.He stared at my face and took his stetho and spat on it.He then kept it on my nipples and started rubbing.I could
feel his saliva on my nipples.I was getting horny.My nipples were growing harder.He then made me get down of the bed and
asked me to remove the saree. I agreed to it as I was very much wanting to have a dick in my mouth and my pussy.He
unwrapped my saree. He saw my thong and got excited.He said you are a very naughty lady.I said your also a very naughty
doctor.I was nude in front a doctor whom I met for the first time.I had become such a dirty slut that any man could easily
convince me to undress and fuck me.I had become a very thirsty slut.My hunger for sex had increased.I was wearing only
the black thong,kamarband on my waist,high heels and my mangalsutra.My round firm boobs were all naked in front of the
doctor.He then turned me around facing the bed.I kept my hands on the bed and bent a little.He was behind and he slowly
started to slide down my thong.My big round heavy bums were naked and now my slutty pussy was also naked.It was clean
shaven.He made me sit on the edge of the bed and stood in between my legs.He took his stetho again spat on it.He then
rubbed the stetho on my pussy lips.It was wet.The doctor looked at me and said your pussy is quite a slut.I said may be
it is waiting for something.He then spat on my pussy and rubbed it with his finger.He slowly slid it inside and touched
my g-spot.He started rubbing there and I was feeling aroused and very horny.He then opened his pants.His dick was also
clean shaven.He got me down the bed and I knelt down.He brought his dick in front of my face and my mouth opened as
usual seeing a dick.I put my wet tongue out and looked at him.He placed his dick on my tongue and opened my mouth
wide and took it inside.I took the entire length inside and moved to and fro.He held my head and started moving in
and out.He started fucking my mouth.He said I have a very soft mouth and a sexy face.He said he loved my long silky
hair.So I brought my long hair to the front to tease him more.He then took out his dick from my mouth.He slapped his
dick on my face and again put it inside my mouth.He then held my mangalsutra and fucked my mouth holding it.He said,"
Chaitrali your such a slut.Your married but still you have so much of sex inside you."He held my mangalsutra and
rolled it around his dick and I licked the head of his dick and sucked it.

He made me sit on the edge again and took my nipples in his mouth.He started sucking them hard.It became very
hard and tight.I was feeling the pain.He made me lie down and slowly directed his dick into my pussy.He said,"Chaitrali
I have never had a sexy patient like you."He put his finger inside my mouth and sucked his finger.He then held
my big round boobs hard and was pushing his thing deep and hard inside my pussy.He then made me get up and got me
down the bed.He took me to his chair and made me stand on it on my knee holding the back rest.He was behind me.He
spat on my pussy and again slid his thing inside from behind.He held my long silky hair in his hands and pushed
deep inside me.He slowly increased the speed and started fucking me hard.He banged me for 5 minutes and was ready to
cum.So he took it out and sprayed it on his stetho.He said he liked women sucking his stetho after he cums on it.So
I took his stetho in my mouth and licked and cleaned his cum on it.He said he can give me free consultation whenever
there is a health issue.I licked his dick clean.He kissed my lips and he got into his pants.I wore my thong,my blouse
and my saree. I got my hair done and left the clinic.I reached office and Mr.Sharma was waiting for me to come back.He
fucked me that day 2 times in his cabin.

I got the medical report the same evening and it went for the visa procedures.

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Old 19th November 2014
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Thank you hunk582 for your comment

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Old 25th November 2014
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Next day at office Mr.Sharma called me to his cabin.I got up and left my room.Kumar was watching me from his seat.He looked
at me and winked.I just smiled and blushed.He sent a flying kiss to which I just blushed.He knocked Mr.Sharma's room and he
asked me to come in.I got inside his room and he hugged me.I had worn a short skirt and a tight top.Skirt was black and well
above my knee.Top was red and it was tight enough that my round melons stood out.Had tied my long hair to a bun on top
of my head.He hugged me and his chest crushed my boobs.I left a moan.He planted his lips on my red lips.My mouth opened
automatically and he pushed his tongue inside and we rolled out tongue.He slowly opened my hair bun and it fell rolling down.
He held my hair and kissed me deep.His one hand was inside my skirt.I had worn nothing inside.I had brought a panty which
was in my bag.I had only worn a push up bra.He was massaging my bums and his other hand was playing with my boobs.

He then left me and said that he had a surprise for me.He kept a box on the floor near the sofa and said the surprise is
inside the box so you have to bend and check it.He sat on the sofa behind me.My bum was facing him.I was wearing high heel
so when I bent down my skirt went up and he could see my ass cheeks and my slutty pussy.He put his face inside and licked
my pussy.I finally managed to pick up the box and he made me sit on his lap.I opened the box and it was a car key.I got up
in excitement and was happy.He got up and I gave him a tight hug.He said if I keep working hard like this I will keep on
succeeding like this in the corporate world.He said he wanted me to meet his client that evening.The 3 men who had come for
the last meeting.They had called Mr.Sharma and asked if they could borrow me for a week in their office.They wanted a
secretary to attend their meetings that week with them.They were ready to pay me good money for that one week also.A
month's salary.I agreed to it.He asked me to wait in the evening.He had some work to finish so had to go out.I took my
car key and left his room.I went to my room.I called Suresh and told him about the new car.He said,"See you have started
climbing the corporate ladder now.Keep working hard.Your boss must be very happy with your performance.All your seducing
performance." I said yes and just blushed.Many men had fucked me but I still feel shy when they watch me nude in front of
them.I like being the innocent desi whore.Suresh said that he'll arrange a driving teacher for me that evening.I told him
I will be late as boss will be coming back by evening and there is a discussion about my one week job at the other office.
I told him I will be getting a month's salary for working at our cleint's office just for a week.Suresh said ok and I
hung up the phone.I wanted to go see my car,but then I got a call from Rakesh Sir.

Rakesh Sir : Hello Chaitrali.
Me : Hello Rakesh Sir.
Rakesh Sir : Chaitrali dont call me Sir, you can call me just Rakesh.I would like if you call me just by my name.
Me : Ok Rakesh.
Rakesh Sir : Chaitrali I had asked Mr.Sharma to send you to my office for a week.Are you ok with it?
Me : Yes Rakesh it's ok with me.When do I start coming?
Rakesh Sir : You can come from tomorrow Chaitrali.Mr.Sharma said you prefer wearing sarees to office.Is it so?
Me : Yes Rakesh.
Rakesh Sir : I want you to wear only sarees during that one week.I would want to see you in a saree.
Me : Ok Rakesh.
Rakesh Sir : Do you know my banana is waiting for you?Would you like to eat my banana Chaitrali?
Me : [I just blushed] Rakesh your naughty.
Rakesh Sir : I want your lips hold my banana and then take my entire banana inside your mouth.Will you taste my
banana Chaitrali?
Me : Yes Rakesh I will take your banana in my mouth and eat it.I will drink your banana juice also.Wait until
Rakesh Sir : Ok Chaitrali see you tomorrow.

He disconnected and I went and saw my car.Suresh called me and said he has got a driver.He is an indian and has
some influence in the traffic authority.So might get a license early.I said ok and kept the phone.I went to Kumar
and teased him for sometime.We had lunch together and also some fun.He fucked me without removing my skirt.In the
evening Mr.Sharma came and when everyone had left he fucked me hard in his cabin.I went home and Suresh had called
the driving teacher.He was an indian and was waiting in the parking lot with Suresh.Suresh said she is my wife and
wants to learn driving.Teacher said that's not a problem and he asked me to get ready in half and hour as he had some
work to finish.He said he will finish and come back to start teaching me.Suresh and me went upstairs and I got fresh.
Suresh said try to get a license as soon as possible.It will help.I said ok and went and had a shower.I came out and
wore a red saree and a sleeveless blouse.The saree was transparent as usual.I left my hair open.I applied my make up
and put my red lipstick and left as he had come downstairs and was waiting for me.I went down and got into his car.I sat
on the side and he drove us to an empty parking lot.It was around 9.00 at night.Only we both were there in the parking
lot.He asked me to come and sit on the driver seat.I sat on the seat and he started teaching me about the gear.He said
the lever in between is the gear.He looked and smiled at me naughtily.He said,"Madam ise gear kehte hai.Ise agar theek
se nahi daala toh gadi ko mazaa nahi ayega."He was staring at my boobs in between.He said,"yaha khoobsurat aurato ko
jaldi license mil jaati hai madam."I said mujhe sirf Chaitrali bulao,Madam nahi.I asked him,"woh kaise jaldi mil jaati
hai?"He looked at me and said,"Yaha ke police waalo ko garam aurate bohot pasand hai,isliye." I blushed and said,"Par
mai garam thodi hu." He said,"Chaitrali aap bohot garam dikhti ho.Aapko pehle hi test mein license mil sakti hai.Bas
aapko police ko khush rakhna hoga."He took his hand and kept it on the gear lever.He showed me the different gears.He
was pressing my hands while explaining.I was feeling horny and I left a slight moan.Unnghhhhh.He looked at me and I bit
my lower lip and gave a naughty stare at him.He held my hands and kept it on his lips and kissed me.I left a moan and said,"
Uiii maa koi dekh lega yaha."He said,"Chaitrali yaha koi nahi aata raat ko.Chalo peeche ke seat par baithate hai."He went to the
back seat and I also got up and went behind.He looked at me and I just blushed."Kitne dino ke baad tere jaisa ek maal mila
hai Chaitrali."He held my face and rubbed my lips with his finger.He rubbed my upper lip and then held my lower lip and
pinched it.He put his finger inside my mouth and started to move it inside out.I held his finger with my lips and sucked them.
He smelled very bad.It made me horny.I opened my mouth wide and he licked my lips and put his tongue inside.His hands
went behind and removed the clip of my blouse and my blouse opened.He dropped my pallu.And my boobs were out as I
had not worn anything inside.He removed my saree and opened my thong.I was completely nude in front of my driving
teacher.I thought in my mind,"Chaitrali kitni chudakkad rundi ban gayi hai tu.Ek driver se chudwa rahi hai."He then got out
of the car and came to my side,opened the door and took me outside.I as standing nude in the parking lot.He dropped his pants.
He made me sit down on my knees and held my hair.He pushed his dick inside my mouth.My mouth was wet and I spat on his
dick.He started moving it inside out hard and deep.He made me stand and lean against the car.He went behind and started licking
my big round heavy bums.He licked my cunt.I was moaning heavily."Chaitrali tere jaisi ek rundi aurat ko nahi dekha aaj tak.Tujhe
chodu mai apne gaadi mein bithakar."He made me lie down on the bonet of his car.Came between my legs.

He stood in between my legs and held my ankles.I was wearing my high heel."Chaitrali tujhe mai daily chodunga.Driving ke
pehle aur driving ke baad."He pushed his dick inside and started moving it inside out.He started fucking me deep.He held my
boobs while fucking me.He pinched my nipples.He was also rubbing my clitoris.He fucked me hard and after sometime he
stopped.He then got me up and opened a door.He asked me to stand on the seat like a door.He stood outside only with the door
open.He could only see my ass and my high heel.He held my bums from behind and pushed his dick again inside my slutty
pussy.He kept pushing and fucking me hard holding my hair in his hands.The car was moving to and fro.He was ready to cum.
I asked him to spray it on the bonnet of his car.I jerked him hard and he came on the bonnet. He held my hair and I licked all his cum
on the bonnet.I took his dick in my mouth and licked it clean.He came a little inside my mouth when I sucked him.He taught me
a bit of driving and we left.I reached home and told Suresh that I might get the license soon enough.Just have to please the cop
a bit. Suresh fucked me that night very hard.

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Old 10th December 2014
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Next day I had to go to Rakesh's office.The job was for week.He had specifically asked me to wear saree to his office.So I
got ready wearing a yellow transparent chiffon saree.A low cut blouse with a deep back.The hooks were to the back of the
blouse.The blouse was very tight as it was pretty old.I asked Suresh to hook the blouse.My three fourth of the boobs were
visible through the blouse.I wore my saree.Clipped the pleats with an ornamental clip.It had a hanging ornament.I had tied
my saree well below the navel.I wore my kamarband.Wrapped the saree tightly around my bums and clipped my pallu
also tightly around my firm boobs.I wore my mangalsutra and a choker pearl neck piece.Put my red lipstick.Did my mascara.
Then my eye brows and little make up.Put red sindoor on my forehead.Wore a long hanging earing.Put my yellow glass bangles.
Put my nose ring which hung over my upper lip.Wore my high heel.I combed my hair and tied it till the end as usual.Clipped
it to the end with a tuft of hair open to the end.Suresh said,"aaj tu us naye office mein mardo ko pagal kar degi Chaitrali."
He dropped me at the new office.It was a small building only 3 floors.I had to go to the 3rd floor.I reached and there were
only men in Rakesh's office.I entered and there was a long passage and men sitting on either sides.The moment I entered
everyone started staring at me.They were all staring at my big round boobs bouncing and my bare back with my big curvy ass
swaying left and right.I had brought my tied hair to the front so that they can get a clear view of my open back.My heavy
boobs were held with just one clip behind.Some of them were staring my face,some my boobs and some my big tight curvy ass.
My long stringed bag was on my shoulder which was also moving with the rhythm of my body.

I went and knocked Rakesh's door.He welcomed me inside.He looked at me from head to toe.He took a round around me,watching
my curves.

Rakesh : Chaitrali you are one desi sex goddess.Tumhari yeh patli kamar.Uspar yeh kamarband.Tumhare yeh lambe ghane baal.
Aur use itni sexy tarha se baandhne ka tareeka.Yeh laal raseele honth.Yeh bade bade mumme aur badi gol tight gaand.Us din
tum jab tight skirt aur shirt pehenkar aayi thi main toh tumhara deewana ho gaya tha.Par jab Mr.Sharma ne kaha ki Chaitrali
ki adaaye saree mein ubharkar aati hai toh maine socha kyu na tumhe saree mein bhi dekh lu.Isliye tumhe saree pehenkar aane
ko kaha maine.Tum badhi chudakkad lag rahi ho is saree mein.

Me : (blushing) Thank you Rakesh.

He kept his hands on my shoulder and hugged me.He went behind me and held me by my waist.He pulled me towards him and held me
tight.His hands were around my waist and he kissed my neck from behind.His dick was semi erect and was hitting my big round
bums.He opened the zip of his pants and took out his semi erect dick.His dick was rubbing my bums and he was pushing it in
between my crack from over the saree itself.His hands were playing with my navel.He said,"Chaitrali I want to see you wearing
just your ornaments.Tumhare nangi badan par yeh kaise lagenge mujhe dekhna hai."I said,"Par Rakesh agar koi aa gaya toh, main
yaha aapke saath nangi khadi.Kya isme risk nahi hai?" He said he will lock the door and ask no one to disturb us.He went and
locked the door.He asked me to go the washroom in his room and change.I went inside the washroom.I looked into the mirror.I
removed the hook behind which was very tight and my big round boobs came out.I dropped my saree and removed my panty.I was
totally nude only wearing my ornaments.I had worn a nose ring,earing, choker pearl neck piece,mangalsutra,kamarband,yellow
glass bangles and my high heel.

I kept a step outside with my hand on my boobs.He came near me and stared at my body.He said,"Chaitrali tum bohot sexy lagti
ho is desi avataar mein.Tumhare bade mumme se haath hatao na Chaitrali jaan."He came near me and removed one hand from my boobs.
My boobs were now naked in front of him.Other hand was on my pussy.He removed that also.He looked into my eyes and I felt
ashamed so I closed my face with my hands.He said,"ufff Chaitrali tumhari yeh adaye mujhe pagal kar deti hai."He removed my
hands from my face and held me tight around my waist.His dick was semi erect already and was hanging out of his pants.When
he hugged me his dick was touching my waist.I was very horny.I thought in my mind.I was being exchanged by bosses for a week
just for fun.I had become a corporate fuck toy.Rakesh said I had a very horny face and a sexy figure.He said he liked my long
black thick hair.He said your hair is so thick that he can't hold it in one hand.He kissed my lips.My heavy lips were so horny
to take something inside and taste something hot.He kissed me deep and was massaging my boobs at the same time.He took a
chocolate and kept it on my lips.It was melting and I licked it with my wet tongue.He was looking at my expressions and jerking
his dick.It had become hard.He made me kneel down and I held his dick in my hand and started stroking it.He was still in his pants.
My mouth opened automatically and put my tongue out.He placed his dick on my tongue and I slowly slid it inside.He started
pushing it inside deeper holding my tied hair in his hands.While I sucked him he slowly opened my tied hair.He removed the clip.
My hair was open now.He said I was looking like a desi slut with my hair open and with all the desi nakhras. But a corporate one.
He kept fucking my mouth.He asked me if I liked gang bangs.I just nodded as his dick was in my mouth.He said,"I will arrange
for a gang bang in which you can also benefit.You can earn some money and make some new contacts."Every time he pushed his dick
inside my mouth my hanging nose ring was hitting his dick.He held my neck and took out his dick.I gave him a horny look while
taking out his dick.He made me sit on the sofa and opened my legs.He sat down and kissed my pussy.He put his tongue out and
licked my clit.He put his finger inside and started fucking me while licking.I was in heaven.I had become such a slut that
even if I walked nude in public I would be happy to get fucked by men around.I remembered of the day in school where Suresh
had asked me not to wear anything inside the uniform.That was the first time I felt horny and wet the entire day.I shall
narrate that day's incident also.Meanwhile Rakesh had made me all wet.He made me stand on the sofa seat with my knee on it.
Kept my hands on the back rest.I had turned around so that he can see my long hair and my big round curvy bums.He spread my
legs a bit and pushed his dick inside from behind.He held my hair tight and started banging me hard.

He started giving me harder and deeper thrusts.Both of his hands were holding my hair.He had a nice view of me from behind.
Long black silky thick hair,my kamarband, my big round heavy bums and high heel sandals.He fucked me hard.I turned around
and gave him a slutty look licking my lips with my tongue and biting them.My nose ring was moving to and fro with every push he
was giving.My long hanging earing was also moving.He fucked me for sometime and turned me around.He stood in front of me.He
said you have to give me a blowjob and I will come inside your mouth.I want to ejaculate looking at your sexy face.I took his
dick in my mouth and started moving front and back.He could see my long mangalsutra hitting my boobs with every move and my
choker pearl neck piece tight around my neck as I gave him the blowjob.He looked at my nose ring hanging just above his dick and
hitting it.My red wet lips were all around his big dick.He rubbed my bindi which I had made with my sindoor itself.I was moaning
with his dick in my mouth.After some seconds he came inside my mouth.It was hot sticky and salty.He sprayed it on my forehead
and said,"Chaitrali aaj se ek week ke liye yahi tera sindoor hoga.My cum.Tu meri rakhayl banegi?" I said,"Ha rakesh main tumhari
corporate rakhayl hu for a week."

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Next I would narrate how I had gone to school without wearing anything inside for the first time...

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Old 11th December 2014
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Hottest story

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Old 12th December 2014
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Thank you @prsdgande782

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Old 12th December 2014
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awesome outstanding memorable writing. please continue wearing sexy blouses and low low saree and keep writing your awesome tale. repped you. do continue please

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Old 13th December 2014
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Sure. Thank you Mehndi1

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Old 13th December 2014
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bahut hi garam kahani hai,kya shandaar randipana dikhaya hai

maza aaa gayaaaaaaaaaaaaa

reps to u

5 star story ko
Read My Thread
maa se mazee (nayi botel purani sharaab)


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