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Old 15th July 2014
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After school I went to college where I was enjoyed by some boys.College started and there was no uniform business there.And I started
enjoying shopping new clothes.My parents were happy as I passed schooling finally.So they gave me money to shop.I started wearing
punjabi suit when the college had just started.Later on when I made friends around I started wearing jeans and tops.I used to buy skin
tight jeans and short tight tops revealing my curvy body.Boys used to stare at me and also the college attendents.I used to take good
care of my long black silky hair.It flowed till my big round bum cheeks.I used to tie it till the end when I used to wear jeans.So
whenever I walked the end of my hair used to hit my round bums.Boys called me with different names.Even the girls in my group used to
call me chamiya sometimes.When I come in jeans they used to say, "Chaitrali teri gaand ne aaj bohot se ladko ko ghayal kiya hai.".And I
used to blush on their remark.In my group the girls used to tease me saying, "dekh aaj woh sir teri gaand ko ghoor rahe the." Suresh
used to pick me up from college daily.And as usual I used to tell him what all happened that day.What all comments I got and so on.He
used to get excited.One day he asked me to buy a tight short skirt and a tight top.We went to buy that and got a sexy short skirt.He
asked me to wear it in college on friendship's day.And I did it.I wore a very sexy panty inside and the top without bra.When I reached
college there were many boys who wanted to be friends with me.I allowed some handsome boys to tie the band on my hand.I enjoyed that day.
One boy proposed me the same day.He said he wanted me.He said he'll take me for shopping.I was little hesitant on it.So I said some other
time we might go for shopping.Next day one peon came to me with a friendship band.I was excited as even a peon was willing to date me.
I allowed him to tie the band.I told Suresh about it.Suresh said keep talking with him.Next day at college he asked me out for a coffee.
I said ok and planned of meeting in the evening.I told Suresh about this.He asked me to carry on.We met in the evening in a cafe.I wore
a tight jeans and a tight top.And tied my long hair as always,applied a red lipstick.As soon as he saw me he complemented me saying
that I looked very beautiful.I blushed on his remark.He ordered coffee which we both had and we left.He told me if I wanted anything
he will help me out.Next day he was waiting for me outside my classroom.He asked me if I can talk to him for sometime.I said ok.And my
friends(girls) gave me a smile and said, "chal kal milenge."We went to an empty classroom.We entered and he locked the door.We sat on
a bench and he asked me about my school life.He asked me if I had any boyfriends.About any problems if I was facing in the college as
I was new to the college.He kept on talking on topics all related to my personal life.Finally he told me that he liked me a lot.And
then he started complementing my body.He said "Chaitrali tumne apni body ko achhi tarah se maintain ki hai.Aur tumhare lambe baal bhi
khoobsurat hai."Then he asked me if I used to go to gym.He kept on talking about my body and was staring at my boobs and lips.He
asked me if he could open my tied hair.I agreed to it.He asked me to stand up.I stood up and he went to my back.He took a round
checking my body parts.He said,"kya is badan ko kisi bhi ladke ne nahi chua hai?".. I said "nahi."He went to my back and opened
my hair band and my long hair rolled down till my big round tight bums.I was wearing a skin tight jeans and a tight shirt.He then
said "wah Chaitrali,kya lambe baal hai tere."He then said "mai toh tumhare baalo ka dewana ho gaya hu.Kya tum aaj shaam ko mere ghar
aaogi chai peene?" I said,"main ghar jakar phone karoongi."Then we left the college and I reached home.As usual Suresh told me to
go to him and have fun.I wore a tight jean and a satin tight top, tied my long hair to a bun.Applied light make up and I reached his
place.He was waiting for me.He opened the door and went inside.He said I live in this small place.I hope you like it.He made me sit.
He said, "Chaitrali tum toh ekdum ban than kar aayi ho!" I blushed, "Mast lag rahi ho."He sat near me and said "Mai ek baar tumhare dost
tumhe item bulate hue suna! Kya woh tumhe item karke bulate hai?"I blushed and said"Ha." He said,"Waise to tum ho hi ek hot item."I
just smiled on the remark.I told him tum bhi bohot hot mard lagte ho.He said call me Anil.Only Anil.I blushed.

Me: Anil tum mujhe jab hot item bulate ho to mujhe achha laga.
Anil: Chaitrali kya mai tumhe kuch aur naam se pukaru?
Anil: Jaise hmmm ghodi ? ya fir maal ?
Me: (blush) mujhe sharam aa rahi hai..
Anil: tumhe pata hai "raand" ka matlab kya hai?
Me: Nahi ... kya hai matlab?
Anil: raand ka matlab hai jo ladki khoobsurat hai aur woh mere jaise mard se apne badan ko masalvana chahati hai.To tum meri raand
Mesharmakar) haa banoongi mai tumahri raand.
Anil: tumhe pata "gaand kya hai aur chut aur lund kya hai?
Me: Nahi kya hai ?
Anil:Gaand matlab tumhara pichwada and chut matlab tumhara hole.Lund matlab (he opened his zip) yeh hai...
Meshocked and horny) par tum isse kya karoge?
Anil: (makes me stand,turns me around and holds my big round tight bum)dekho yeh tumhari gaand hai.Kya size hai...badi tight aur gol hai.
Ise mai chodunga...(turns me around again and his face is in front of my wet pussy)dekho yeh tumhari chut hai.
Me:I close my eyes and I feel his hands roaming around my bums and pussy.He opens my jeans button and drops my jean to the ground.I am
not wearing anything inside.
Anil: oh rundi tune to andar kuch nahi penha hai...Oh meri chudaakkad raaand.Meri rakhel banogi?
Memoan)mmm banoongi ...ragado na meri chut koooo mmmmm
Anilrealised that I was a sexy raand)Meri ghodi raand chal tujhe bedroom le jata hu.(took me to the bedrooom,took off my satin shirt
and made me stand nude in front of him.)Kya tight badan hai tumhara ghodi Chaitrali.Teri is tight badan ko chodne mein bohot maza aayega.
Tujhe aaj chod chodkar rundi bana doonga.(he came near to me and held my shoulder.He kissed my cheeks and with his hand held my big
tight round bums.He was massaging my bums hard.)Chaitrali teri yeh rundi gaaand ko kiss karu mai?
Me: chooso naaa meri gaaand ko..Meri rasili badi tight gaand ko choomo...and chaato...mmmm
Anil:Rundi saali tu meri ghodi ban jaa aaj ke liye.(He took me in his arms and threw me on the bed.)Teri badi gaaand ko chodu meri
chudaakkad chamiya...
Me: mmmmmmmmmm meri gaand maaro naaaa
Anil:chal ghodi ban jaa ..teri gaand ko lick karta hu.(He made me stand like a horse and started licking my bums.)ufff kya tight gaand
hai teri Chaitrali...Ghodi ( slapping my bums with his penis) dekh mera lund khada ho gaya tujhe chodne ke liye...
Me: (moan) mmmm tumhara lund ghusao na meri hole mein....

He then brought his penis towards my face and slapped my cheeks with his penis.And slowly I opened my mouth and he inserted it inside
and I started sucking it."choos rundi ise, tere mu ka pyasa hai yeh." And I kept on licking and sucking it.Once it was hard and he
made me stand like a dog again."kutiya tujhe to chodna hai abhi." And he inserted it inside slowly and started fucking me hard and
harder.He then took it out after sometime and turned me around and again inserted it in my mouth and started fucking my mouth.
He was also playing with my nipples making it hard and erect.Then he placed his lund in between my boobs and fucked them hard.After
some jerks he sprayed all his cum onto my face and my round tight boobs.He laid down beside me and we kissed each other for sometime.

Anil: Chaitrali tere andar ek chuddakkad rundi hai.Meri kutiya chamiya hai tu.Jo tujhse shaadi karega woh lucky hoga.Tujhe chod chodkar
ek raaaand bana dega woh...Ek din mujhe tumhe us classroom mein chodna hai..har ek bench par bithakar chod chodkar rundi banana hai..
I blushed and said "mujhe bhi college mein nangi hokar tumse chudvana hai." Then I left his place and went to meet Suresh to tell about
what happened.

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Old 15th July 2014
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Forgive me for I cannot write very elaborately like the others do in this forum.But I shall keep posting if I get response and comments on what you think of me. Thanks again for the replies and response I got.

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Old 15th July 2014
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Bhadkaooo Story
Thread dedicated to my wife
I'm yet to come across any bigger losers in life than the self-claimed bulls and studs on xossip... who think that by harassing new & innocent couples here with their silly PMs & 'clear ur inbox msgs' they can actually take someone to bed.
If they r that gud... can't they get a girl fr themselves in real lyf?"

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Old 15th July 2014
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Thank you. I would post the next tomorrow.

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It was my second year in college and I had made a lot of friends boys and naughty girls as well.All the girls in my group knew that
I was been fucked by the peon and some other boys regularly.One of my friends [boy] in our group was getting married.He was a gujju
and they get married at an early age.So before marriage he had organised a bachelor's party for his college friends.One day after college
Jignesh came to me and asked if I could attend the bachelor's party.I was confused and asked why me for a bachelor's party.He said he
has invited all the college group friends and some of his personal friends also.And he wanted me to come as the only girl to entertain
dance and make the event lively.I asked him how many of them are invited.He said around 8 boys would be there.He said I asked you
because your the only beautiful and bold girl in our college group.I blused on his remark.He asked me to wear something seductive so
that we all can have some fun.I said I'll think about it and let him know.And we left the college.I went home and called Suresh and
told about it.Suresh said it's going to be a fun party and you will also enjoy them all.Suresh asked me to go ahead and join the party.
I called Jignesh and told him about my confirmation.He was excited.He said the venue is his farm house and that he'll come to pick me up.
I told my parents I'll be going to my friend's place for a night over study because she is all alone and her parents were away.So by
evening at 6.00 I got ready. I was wearing a tight jean and a tight top.Tied my hair as usual as a bun,applied little lipstick and left
with Jignesh.He had already picked 3 of his friends.His friend was driving.2 of them were in the front seat and 2 at the back.I sat on
the back seat in between Jignesh and his friend.Jignesh introduced me to his friends.The other 4 from our college were coming directly
to the farm house.We reached the farm house by 9.00 as it's far away from the city.It was a big farm house,huge lawn a swimming pool and
a cow shed.We went around and had a look at it.Then we entered the house.It was a big hall and Jignesh told me that there is a surprise
for me.He took me to the bedroom.The bedroom was huge and it had a bed which was decorated with flowers as if it were someone's first
night.I asked him why is all this been done?He said ,"Chaitrali I wanted to do a rehearsal of my wedding before it actually happens.
He opened a wardrobe and showed me some duplicate ornaments which he asked me to wear.There was a make up kit also.There were many
ornaments.I asked him but how will look with these ornaments on this jean and top?It would be weird.He smiled and said you have to
wear just the ornaments, that's it.I was shocked and asked "just the ornaments?"He said yes,there are ornaments which will cover your
whole body and you will look absolutely stunning.I blushed on his remark and he said he will also go wear his stuff,He asked me to go
and get ready.By the time they all will have little drink.I locked the door and removed my top and my jeans.I dropped my panty which
was a little wet thinking of myself wearing only the ornaments and going in front of 8 men.Removed my bra and sat in front of the mirror.
I applied little make up on my face,eye shadow,mascara,lip stick which was dark blood red,lip gloss which made my lips juicy and shiny.
I then opened the ornament box and started wearing the ornaments.First was the forehead ornament then a bindi,earing,nose ring and then
there were a whole load of necklaces may be some 8 right from the choker necklace to the long hanging once.They had almost covered my
firm tight round boobs all around.My nipples were behind the necklace feeling the metal directly.Then there was a kamarband which was
hanging around my waist which had a long decorative piece which almost covered my front part.The kamarband also had strand of ornaments
behind which was almost covering my tight firm round bums.I combed my long black silky hair and plaited it and clipped it with an ornamental
clip.It flowed till the bottom of my bum.The clip was exactly hitting my round globes.Jignesh had also kept a red high heel sandal.I wore
that and called Jignesh inside the room.He came inside and was stunned to see me in that outfit.He said you look like a bomb and all
my friends will have a great time.I asked him what are we going to do?He said he has set up and mandap in the hall outside where my
friends will marry me off as they will play the elders in the wedding and then you will take aashirwad from them and we will come here
in the bedroom with them and have fun.I got excited with the plan.I left the bedroom and went to the hall with Jignesh and they were all
standing there without any clothes.All the 7 of them.I was shocked and when I turned to ask Jignesh he was also nude by then.He had a
mangalsutra in his hands and asked me to enter the mandap.I went and sat on my seat.I was excited thinking that I am sitting nude in
between 8 nude men in the mandap all alone in the farm house.They played the wedding music and Jignesh put a mala around me and I did
the same for him.We then got up took feras around the fire and went to the elderly playing friends.They were all standing around us.
Jignesh asked me to take ashirwad. I went and I touched everyone's feet and I could see all their dicks hard and erect watching me.
One of Jignesh's friends said,"Jignesh mujhe kitni sundar aur kadak bahu mili hai.Main apne bahu ko kuch dena chahta hu,par pehle
tumhara pati tumhe dega.Uske baad hi hum sab tumhe kuch denge."I blushed on his remark as I knew what they meant.I was wet down.
Jignesh then lead me to the bedroom with the rest of them.They locked the door and sat on the chairs kept all around the bed.Jignesh
made me stand in between all of them and slowly started removing my ornaments.He said."Chaitrali aaj main tumhare saath suhag raat
manaunga."I blused and he kept removing my ornaments one by one untill I was only in my kamarband,nose ring,earing and high heel.
My firm tight boobs were exposed and nipples were getting hard.Everyone started praising my body and jerking their dicks.They all
were saying,"Jignesh kya chudakkad maal se shaadi hua hai tera.Ise tu chod jee bhar ke,uske baad hum ise le jayenge aur apni rakhel
bana denge.Manzoor hai na bahu tumhe?"I blushed and said,"Ha manzoor hai mujhe." Jignesh went behind me and held me by my waist and
kissed my neck,his hands moved to my fleshy firm boobs.He said,"Kya ball hai Chaitrali teri.Mast bade tight and kadak."I started
moaning,"unnghhhh ise dabao naaaa Jignesh...unnnghhhh" He kept on fondling my boobs and pinching my nipples.He removed my kamarband
and my big round ass was exposed and my pussy also.His dick was in between my bum and was pushing from behind.Then he made me walk
around everyone holding my long tied hair in his hands.There was a treadmill in the room, he took me to the treadmill and made me
walk on that.I was nude only in my high heels.And when I walked my hair clip was hitting my bum.Jignesh got excited looking at my
hair hitting my bum.He took me to the bed and made me lie down.He came over me and started licking my lips and kissing my cheeks.
He then took my nipples in his mouth and started sucking and kissing them.I was moaning and everyone were jerking heavily.He took
dick and inserted it in my pussy and started fucking me hard and deep."Chaitrali unnggg meri raand hai tu.Chudakkad chaitrali.ufff"
He fucked me for a while and sprayed all the cum on my belly.Everyone got up from their chairs and said,"Ab Jignesh yeh hamari hai.
Hum ise tabele mein le jaa rahe hai.Ise udhar rakhkar chodenge."Then they all took me in their arms to the cow shed.There were
some cows in the shed and they made me stand like a dog in between them.They tied a rope on my waist to a pole in the shed.Jignesh
brought a chair and sat in the shed looking at the scene with his dick in his hand jerking off.His friends decided to take turns of
2 at a time.I had warned Jignesh to be soft with me or else he will never ever get a piece of me after this.So they were careful with
me.2 of his friends came,one held my long silky hair in his hands and inserted his dick from behind and started a dog shot.Other one
inserted his dick inside my mouth and started fucking me.He was telling the other fellow."Chaitrali ko aaj jamkar chodenge.Is rundi
ko aaj chod chodkar garam kar denge.Kya item hai saali yeh kutiya." These words made me more horny.The other guy had held my hair
tightly and was fucking me hard.He said,"Kya gaand hai saali raand ka,iske baalon ko pakadkar chodne mein bohot maza aa raha hai."
Jignesh and others were yelling watching the three of us."Thok saali raand ko.Hamare group ki chudakkad item hai.Thuki hui
maal hai saali."One of them came and started sucking my nipples.I was getting horny and wet.Only girl in the group of 8 guys,
nangi, akeli chud rahi hai sabhi mardo se, ek tabele ke andar.Uffff I was very horny and was moaning loudly."Chodo mujhe aaj poori
raat bhar.Jamkar chod daalo mujhe.Mujhe apni rakhel banakar rakho is tabele mein aur daily aakar mujhe chodo apni rundi banakar.
Mai gandi,badi gaandwali thuki hui raand hu.Mujhe gang rape karo naaaaa...unggggghhhh.Mere lambe baalon ko pakadkar ghodi bana do
naaaaa uffffff." They all fucked me that day in turns of 2s and 3s.Sucked my nipples licked and fucked my pussy.Everyone were exhausted
and my body had started aching badly.We all slept for sometime and in the morning I gave all of them a blowjob and they all came on
my face.I took a shower with all of them.They all fondled my body and I enjoyed the shower.After the shower we had breakfast and we
left.One of his friends called me for another bachelor's party of his brother.I disagreed to it.Jignesh dropped me home and I went to
meet Suresh in the evening to elaborate what happened at the party.

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Old 23rd July 2014
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I was talking to my girlfriends,naughty girlfriends about a college trip during the upcoming holidays we were going to have.They all
were excited by the idea and we thought of going to a water park.They said they had never been to a water park before so we all
should try that once.We also had the boy group with us.I remembered our school trip which was also a water park.As they were school
going days I was very excited about the trip and the boys in my class were excited as well.We were to be accompanied by 2 sirs and
1 madame. I went to Suresh and asked for the permission, only to know that he was also coming for the trip.I was super excited,so
was Suresh.Suresh told me to flirt around with the boys.I knew he wanted to enjoy me after the trip thinking of all the sluttiness
I would do during the trip.The 2 Sirs who were to come with us were young and had always an eye on me.During one of their lectures
I was asked to bring the new bundle of chalk from the store.I went for the chalks and came back running,gave the chalks and back to
my seat.My benchmate told me that the sir was watching me standing outside the class when I left.He was watching my swinging butt
which was continuosly hit by my long hair when I walked.And when I was coming back running, I had noticed him at the door of the
classroom.He was actually staring at my bouncing boobs through my tight white uniform.I used to tie my waist belt tight which made
my huge round ripe boobs stand out of my uniform.They were always noticed by many boys in my school.My friend told me,"Chaitrali,Sir
teri bade ball ko jhoolte hue dekh rahe the.Aur tu jaate waqt teri gaand ko bhi ghoor rahe the."Her words were making me horny.Whenever
I felt horny I used to keep my triangular scale on the bench and sit on it, exactly, that it goes inside my bum.Or I used to go to the
washroom and remove my panty and spend that day without my panty.Suresh had already started buying me thong by then.My bums used to sway
side ways and because of the thong, the uniform used to enter in between my bums.My bench was the last one in the girl's row.After me,
started the boy's row behind.So when I used to keep the ruler under my bums and sit, the boy behind me used to move it to and fro.I flirt
with him a lot.I talk all dirty stuffs with him.But I had never allowed him to even kiss me.During the break if I go and sit among
the boys he always used to hit my bums without anyone knowing about it.And I used to just smile and pat him on his head.Now coming to
picnic. It was decided to go on a weekday.As it would be crowded during the weekend.We had hired 2 buses.And we were asked to gather
on the ground in the morning by 8.00. I got up in the morning,took a shower and wore my short skirt without a panty inside.The skirt
was very short,quite above my knee.My thighs were all exposed.And a tight T-shirt.I tied my hair to a bun above my head.Little make-up
and red lip stick.When I reached the school the ground was empty as I had reached late.One bus had already left and the other was waiting
for me.The bus that left was of the girls.Now I had to travel in the boy's bus.I entered inside and I saw all the boys staring at me.
The 2 Sirs were also in the same bus.I didn't see Suresh in it.Later I knew he was coming with a different gang.I went behind and there
was not seat at all.Somehow 2 boys gave a little space in between them on the last row.We started from the school.I was getting horny
by the idea of me,just one girl, in between all the men around in the bus.I was feeling alone but the slut inside me was waking up.
Every pothole the bus bounced and so did my 2 big melons.The boys started playing antakshari and asked me to come and sit in the front.
When I went, there was no place to sit.One of the sirs asked me to sit on his lap till the game is over.All of a sudden he held my hand
and made me sit on his lap.Boys had already started the game and they didn't notice what happened in fraction of seconds.I felt a little
weird but then I knew I had to flirt.Sir held his hands around my waist and he also started singing.The road wasn't very good,there
were many potholes.My bun had started to become little lose.And finally passing one pothole my hair opened and fell cascading on sir's
face.He held my hair in his hands and said he will hold them,don't worry.I had started feeling his hardness under my bums.Every jump
the bus takes he pushed his hard thing against my bums,holding my hair tight in his hands.He was like riding me.My round plump ripe huge
bums were bouncing on his hardness.After sometime the boys stood up and started to dance on the song played by the driver.They all got
busy with it.I got up from sir's lap and sat beside him on the window seat.The boys asked us to move to the back seat so they can
occupy the front of the bus.We both got up and went and sat on the last seat which was empty.I sat on the window seat and sir next to
me.I held my hair and was about to tie it,when sir asked me to keep it open.He said,"Chaitrali tum khule baalo mein sundar lagti ho."
I just blushed on his remark and left my hair open.He asked me if I could spend sometime with him in the water park to which I agreed.
We reached the water park.We all had to change to their provided clothes.Boys wore a pant and t-shirt.We girls were to wear a short skirt
and a tshirt or pant and tshirt.I opted for the short tight skirt and tshirt.I came out from the changing room and I saw Suresh at a distance.
I then went to my friends.They started making fun of me saying,"Kishore(our classmate who never used to waste a chance to touch me) keh
raha tha tu sir ke god mein baithkar maze le rahi thi."I just blushed on their remarks.They said,"Tu yeh dress mein ekdum item lag rahi
hai.Tujhe toh aaj bohot sare ladke haath marenge.Sir bhi tujhpar chance marega."I blushed again.Then we went to the wave pool.We all
were there.Boys the girls and the sirs also.We all decided to play a ball game.Girls vs boys.Who leaves the ball the most will have to
leave the game.All of them were from the sports wing and I was the only one left behind.So every time the ball used to come to me it
used to hit my boobs or I missed it.So as usual I was out of the game.Sir said that the other sir will handle the game because he
was bored and wanted to go to some other place in the park.So he asked me if I was ready to accomopany him.I said ok and we both left
the pool.We walked a bit and saw a jacuzzi and went and sat inside it.
Sir : Chaitrali I always wanted to spend some time with you.You are the most beautiful and sexy girl in my class.All those curves and
your long silky hair, I am just mad for them.
Me: Thank you sir.
Sir : You also have a very sexy and beautiful face to compliment your body structure.
He praised a lot about my body and my face.
Sir : Chaitrali do you have any boyfriend.
Me : No.
He came near me and said,"Tumhe actually ek boyfriend chahiye.Is badan ko shape mein rakhne ke liye."I just blushed.Now he was sitting
very near to me and touching my thighs.He said whenever I used to run and come to the class he used to get mad watching my bouncing
ripe round boobs.And he said he also liked my big round firm ass and my long silky hair which flowed till a little under my big ass.
He asked me if he can touch my boobs sitting there.It was an open area but I was thrilled to get touched by a man in the open.I said
it's ok.He asked me to sit on his lap in between his legs.I sat in between his legs in the water itself.He slowly moved his hands to
my front and kept it on my boobs.My dress was all wet.The moment he touched my boobs my nipples started getting hard.He started moving
his fingers around my nipples and it was getting harder.He helf me tight and started massaging my boobs hard.I left a moan.He kept
massaging me all around my boobs.He asked me to hump on his hard thing.I started moving my bums up and down and grinding his thing.It
was getting harder and harder.I had almost made his thing rock hard, that some of my friends were walking towards us from a distance.
We suddenly stopped and I sat to the opposite side facing him.He said later in the evening while going back home they can have some
fun sitting on the last seat.My girlfriends came to me and said most of the boys are leaving now as they had some other plans after
this trip.So it will be just 2 3 boys back with us.Sir looked at me and winked.I blushed as I knew what was running through his mind.
When my girlfriends left he secretly told me to be late when the girls assemble so that she can travel back in the boys bus.I gave a
naughty smile biting my lower lips.He knew I also wanted him.
It was evening and everyone were tired playing in the water.I was just sitting with Suresh and he was making me horny by discussing
about how to use the opportunity to fuck with my Sir.It was evening and I purposely didn't reach at the assembly point on time.And
because of that the girl's bus left with our 2 madames and 1 sir.There were only 2 boys and our 2nd sir waiting in the boy's bus.
When I came Sir was delighted to see me.I could see the lust in his eyes.I was wearing my short skirt and top.This time I wasn't
wearing my bra also.I had not worn my panty that day.I smiled and entered the bus.When I entered the bus the other 2 boys were in
deep sleep and the driver got ready as soon as Sir also entered the bus.The bus started and we sat on the last row.He made me sit
on the window seat.It had become dark outside and so it was inside.He said,"Chaitrali sab so gaye hai.Tum is dress mein bohot hot
lag rahi ho."And he placed his hands on my boobs.He came to know that I wasn't wearing a bra inside.He kiss my cheeks and I let
a slight moan out.He kissed my neck. mmmmmunnggghhhh I moaned.He started slowly massaging my boobs and pinching my nipples.My
breath was getting slower because of his touch.He was publicly having me.I was all aroused and was horny by the idea.He made me
touch his thing which had become semi-hard.He dropped his pants and I was holding his thing and stroking it.It started becoming hard
with every stroke.Then he made me sit in between his legs on the floor and I could see his big hard thing right in front of my face.
I always loved giving handjobs and blowjobs the most.Automatically my big wet mouth opened and he placed his thing inside my mouth
going through my red lips and then to my wet tongue.He kept moving it inside out for a while.I made his dick very wet.He then asked
me to sit on his dick facing my back to him.I sat slowly and placed it slowly and he entered his wet dick inside my wet hole.
I started moving up and down.Slowly I started moving faster and faster.My hair band got lose and it opened my hair.My long hair
was then held tightly by him and he was also thrusting me from the bottom.I was breathing and moaning heavily.When the pot holes
came it went inside harder and faster.He asked me to get up and stand on the seat.He made me stand like a dog on the seat.He held
my long silky hair again and inserted his dick from behind and started fucking me harder.Every push would make my big round plump
ass swing and he would slap them hard.Sir was saying,"You are my whore Chaitrali.Meri rakhel student banegi tu?Main tujhe sex sikhaunga.
You become my personal slut.I will fuck you in the school in my office also."He was making me mad with his dirty words.I also said,"
ha sir yeh Chaitrali aapki rundi hai aaj se.Chodo jitna chodna hai.Jee bhar ke chodo.Tumhari rakhel banungi mai.Mujhe daily chudna
hai aapse."My words made him horny and he was ready to shoot his cum.So he removed it out and sprayed on my face.Some dropped on the
seat as well.I cleaned my face with a towel that he gave me.And then I sat down and cleaned his dick clean.I sat down and licked
all the cum that had fallen on the seat.I licked it clean with my wet tongue.It was a little salty in taste.Sir again made me sit on
his lap and he was enjoying the humpy road and my big plump ass was hitting his thing again and again.Next day I told Suresh what
all had happened and he fucked me harder and deeper that day in the empty classroom of our school after school hours.

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Great work...
Please write more of it...

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Great work...
Please write more of it...

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sexy, thank you for regular updates, she should have more elder rough low class persons for sex.

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After my college I got married.Me and my husband enjoyed each other a lot.Our sex life was going very good.He used to get excited if any
stranger man flirted with me.At functions he never minds me dancing with other men around.I also liked men staring at my curvy structure
and complimenting me.I also liked them asking me out for a day.I get excited with that.I wear sarees and deep cut blouses and leave my long
hair tied down clipped to the end.When I walk the clip hits my bums which is a good feeling and makes me excited.Sometimes when we go to the
market we walk seperately to see if any man comes to me and flirts with me.And he watches on.Sometimes some men brush their hands on my body
which excites my husband.Finally one day he asked if I am ready to have sex with a stranger while he watched over.And we had to pick a man
suitable for this and who can keep this as a secret.I was very much excited thinking of it.Having sex with another man while my husband looks on.
And finally we got a man working at a market for this.He always stared at my body whenever I went to his shop.He had even once complimented
me.He had also said that I look very sexy and seductive.I knew he wanted me very badly.So we decided to pick him.Now whenever I went to the
shop I started flirting with him,complimenting him.I started wearing backless blouses when I go to his shop.I used to pin my long hair down
till my bums and clip to its end as usual.We started talking on personal matters.He used to call me Chaitraliji,but then I told him to call me
just Chaitu.One day he asked me out.But I told him to come to my place as my husband wont be there for a while.And by evening he came.I was
waiting for him wearing just a white towel.My long hair tied down and clipped end.I also wore my bangles,my mangalsutra,and sindoor.Also had my
red lipstick on.My husband was watching from inside room slowly.He entered and said I looked like a sex bomb in the towel.I told him that
I was geting ready for a bath.He asked if we can have it together.I smiled and looked down.He knew that I also wanted that.He took me in his
arms and we went to the bathroom.He locked the door.Came near me and held me around my hips.He started pressing my bums.I closed my eyes.He
kissed my lips and inserted his tongue inside my mouth.We both kissed passionately for a long time rolling our tongue.He opened my tied hair
and took off my clip.He looked at my whole body and said,"you look very sexy Chaitrali".I smiled at his remark.He then again held my round
tight bottom and started pressing them hard.I was moaning with pleasure.Slowly he took off my towel and I was standing nude in front of him.
My eyes were closed and was moaning in pleasure.He took off his pants and went to my back and started rubbing his hard dick against my
round tight bums.Kissing my neck he licked all over my back and also my round gand.He licked my hard nipples and sucked them.
He then made me stand like a dog and held my hair in his hand.He brought his big dick towards my mouth and asked me to take it in my mouth.
I had always loved sucking dicks.I took it in my mouth and started licking and sucking it hard.I licked it with my wet tongue for long time.
When he was ready to cum he took his dick out of my mouth and turned me around and inserted into my bumhole.Then he fucked my gaand for some
time and then loaded his cum inside my round tight gaand.He said Chaitrali teri gaand bohot mast hai.He then took me to the bedroom and threw
me on the bed.He came near me and said I will call you rundi from now onwards.I just smiled as I liked someone calling me a rundi.I told him
that I am your personal rundi.He then tied my long silky hair to the bed and fucked my mouth for a while.I took all his cum in my mouth and
licked him clean.He then untied my hair and asked me to walk like a dog.I was walking on four legs like a bitch and he was holding my long
hair.He took me to the bathroom and fucked my gaand holding my long hair.He loaded his cum in my mouth.Then he got dressed and asked me to
come to the shop the next day in the noon as he will be alone in the noon.He said he wanted to fuck me in the shop.

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