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Old 23rd October 2014
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Chaitrali bhabi u r sooo fucking awesme...!!!! Waitg eagerly fr ur corporate fucking adventures...!!!!

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Old 24th October 2014
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nice story... please continue ji

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Old 27th October 2014
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I got ready took the files and left for Mr.Sharma's room.When I was walking I could feel my big round
tight ass swinging in motion, up and down.I knocked Mr.Sharma's door and stepped in.I saw there were
3 middle aged men sitting and talking to Mr.Sharma.I thought in my mind,"Chaitrali aaj tujhe yeh teeno
mard milkar chodenge." I was once fucked by the shopkeeper and his laborers in his godown which had
made me so hot and horny.But now these were all corporate men and I knew they were going to make me
a corporate whore.I walked in and Mr.Sharma introduced me as his personal secretary.He asked me to sit. Mr.Sharma
was sitting on the opposite side of the table and the other 3 on the my side.I was sitting on a chair
which was in between the 3 of them.I sat on my chair.They 3 were continuously staring at me.I felt shy
and sat down.They said,"Mr.Sharma you have a very beautiful and sexy secretary."Mr.Sharma just laughed
at their gesture.One of them kept his hands behind my back and patted me saying,"You are really very
beautiful Ms.Chaitrali."Mr.Sharma said not Ms. she is Mrs. They said women become more beautiful after
marriage only.They develop meat at the right places,saying that he winked looking at me.I just
blushed and said thank you.Mr.Sharma discussed his business with them and I noted down the minutes.After
half an hour they said Mr.Sharma now why don't we get in to the final stage of our agreement.Mr.Sharma
looked at me and winked.I got up and went to the washroom.Mr.Sharma told them that she will need some
time so let her go to the washroom and get ready.She will really excite you guys.I walked in and did
little touch up on my face, and check if my bun was loose enough.I came out and they were siting on the
sofa.There was a 4 seater sofa and 2 single seater .I went in between them and Mr.Sharma stood up and
went behind me.His thing was hitting my bums.He kept his hands on my boobs from under my armpit and
said,"How much did you guys like these globes of my sexy secretary?"One guy got up and came near me and
unbuttoned my shirt and he saw my front open bra.He saw my naked nipples and kept his fingers on them.He
said ,"Your secretary is quite naughty enough Mr.Sharma."He pinched my nipples and I left a moan.He
turned me around and knelt down.I was facing boss now.Mr.Sharma touched my nipples and started
caressing them.The man unzipped my mini skirt from behind and he dropped it on the floor.He was excited
to see my back open panty in the shape of a heart.He took out his tongue and put it in between my ass
cheek through the opening.Mr.Sharma opened my shirt fully and dropped that also on the floor.The other
2 men were now unzipping their pants.Mr.Sharma started licking my nipples.I was wearing my bra, panty ,
stockings and the garter belt only.The man was licking my ass cheeks and I had closed my eyes and
moaning lightly.In my mind I was thinking that a married lady like me being nude in front of her boss
and company clients."Chaitrali you have kept your first step in becoming a professional corporate
whore."I said to myself.The other 2 men were sitting on the sofa nude and stroking their dicks.Boss
said,"I will sit here and watch you guys enjoying her." and went and sat on a chair.

I was standing only wearing my stockings,garter belt, bra and panty. All the holes were open
because of the design of my lingerie.The men who were on the sofa were Amit Sir and Mahesh Sir.The
one was licking my bums was Rakesh Sir.Rakesh had made my bums wet with his saliva.My ass was covered
by the saliva of a person whom am meeting for the first time.This was happening for the first time
in my life that an unknown person is going to taste me.And that too 3 at a time. Rakesh took me to
Mahesh and Amit.They were sitting next to each other on the sofa.Rakesh bent me and I held Amit and
Mahesh's cocks in my hand and started stroking it,while Rakesh started licking my cunt from behind.I
was standing like a dog on my knees.Mr.Sharma said,"Chaitrali ko nangi karneki zaroorat nahi hogi.
Uske sabhi holes khule hi hai and waise bhi Chaitrali isi costume mein ekdum corporate raand lag
rahi hai."All the other 3 laughed on this and said,"Chaitrali sach mein bohot khoobsurat hai.Apni
bhi secretary aisi rundi ho toh maza aa jaye."I just blushed on their remark.And Amit asked me to
take his dick in my mouth.I took the foreskin behind and licked the tip which had a little pre cum.
I put my wet tongue out and slid his dick inside my mouth and started moving to and fro.I was also
stroking Mahesh's cock and my cunt was get wet and licked by Rakesh.Amit held my head and started
stroking my mouth vigorously and as my head moved to and fro my loose bun open and my hair stick
fell down on the floor.My hair fell open on my face and on Amit's cock.He removed the hair from
my face and from his cock.He held it on top of my head and started fucking my mouth hard.Rakesh
Amit was hard and wet so he got up and went behind me.Rakesh got up and sat on the sofa.Amit
pushed his wet dick into my cunt and started moving inside out.Rakesh's dick was in my hand.
He said,"Chaitrali tumhare yeh laal nail polish ekdum kisi rundi jaise hi hai.Aur hila
mere lund ko."I just blushed and Mahesh's brought his dick in front of my face and my mouth
opened automatically.He placed it on my red wet lips and slid it inside.He started fucking me
hard in my mouth.Mahesh got up and went and slept underneath me.His face was right in front
on my mangoes and Amit was still fucking me from behind. Rakesh asked me to give him a blowjob.
He was sitting on the sofa. Mahesh was sucking my nipples and Amit fucking me from behind like
a dog.Rakesh started fucking my mouth.They all got up and made me stand on the sofa on my knees.
Like a dog.They said they will fuck me in turns first my mouth and then my cunt.So Amit was standing
first and he came and put his dick inside my mouth.I spit saliva on it and started sucking
it.He was wet and he went behind.He slid his dick inside and started fucking me holding my hair.
Mahesh came next to fuck my mouth.Rakesh was kneading my nipples and pressing my boobs.I had
Mahesh's dick in my mouth and I was moaning.Amit stopped fucking me and Mahesh went behind
and inserted his cock and pushed it hard inside.I left a moan and Rakesh came next to fuck my
mouth.Half of my hair was held for fucking my cunt and other half for fucking my mouth.They
had tight grip on my hair.Rakesh said,"Chaitrali ufff kya choosti hai tu lund ko.Ekdum rundi
ki tarha."Then Rakesh went behind and starting pushing his cock inside my wet hole.He fucked me
hard and Mahesh and Amit were in front of my face and I held one cock in my hand and gave blowjob
to Amit.Amit after sometime said he is ready to cum.Mahesh and Rakesh also got ready.Boss was
sitting and stroking on a chair.He also came to me.They made me sit on the floor and they all
stood all around me.I was on my knees.I was sucking Amit's cock and giving hand job to Mahesh
and Rakesh and my Boss was stroking his dick with my hair in his hands.They all got ready to
cum and all of them came on my face.There was so much of cum.It all sprayed on my face my mouth
and my hair.I licked all their cocks clean.

They said,"Mr.Sharma you have such a sexy and slutty secretary.We would love to
borrow her during our business tours.We love married sluts."Then he said to me,"Chaitrali you
will be our part-time secretary and our corporate whore from today onwards.Is that ok with you?"
I just blushed and said it's fine.They said they will pay me good for the tours.They got dressed
up and I also was going to wear my skirt and shirt but Mr.Sharma asked me to stay in his room for
the day without any clothes.He wanted to fuck me.The 3 men left and I had become a complete
corporate slut.I thought in my mind,"Chaitrali tu school mein rickshaw wallon ki rundi thi,college
mein peon aur clerks ki rundi thi, shadi ke baad society,police aur dukaan walo ki rundi thi, ab tu
company ki rundi ho gayi hai."That day Mr.Sharma fucked me in many ways and I was smelling of cum
that day.So before leaving office I took a shower in Mr.Sharma's bathroom with him.

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Old 5th November 2014
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I went home and told Suresh how I had a threesome at the meeting and he got excited and fucked me
hard that day.I was fucked so many times in a day I wondered.He took me to Akash and we all had a
fuck again at his place.Next day morning I got ready wore my saree and blouse and got back to my
desi attire.

Wore a transparent yellow saree which Suresh bought me and a new designer blouse which was
deep cut.The back was like a bra strip and my back was all open.It was sleeveless and the front
was also very deep.So deep that it started just above my nipples.If it even slips a bit my nipples
would be visible.I did little make-up,red lip stick,a yellow bindi and put sindoor.Applied kajal
did my eye brow and maskara.Brushed my long silky hair and plaited it till the end and clipped it.
I stuck one rose to the clip.I had curled the end of my hair.So it looked a little inviting whenever
it hit my round bums.And I had put one rose also to tease the men.I had wore my saree tight so that
it wrapped properly all around my curves.I took my bag and Suresh got ready to drop me to office.He
said today you look like a desi sexy secretary.I just blushed.He dropped me at office.

I took the lift and reached my floor.All the men were staring at me from tip to toe.Specially
Kumar, whom I had got ready to tease. Kumar looked at me and smiled.I smiled back and went to my room.
I called Mr.Sharma to ask if I can come to his cabin.But he had not come to the office.He was on
leave for the day.I called Kumar's line and asked him if he was very busy.He said he had little work.
I said ok and hung the phone and went to the pantry.2 men were standing in the pantry and talking
about me.When I entered they wished me morning and I wished them back.They said I looked beautiful in
a saree than in a skirt and top.I just blushed on their remark.After making my coffee I left the pantry
and went to Kumar's desk.He was delighted to see me going to him.I went and sat on his desk.He saw
my round bums sitting on the desk.He said I wish you would sit on my palm.I just patted him and said,
"Naughty you are,Kumar."He said,"Your also very naughty Chaitrali."He said I looked beautiful in the
yellow saree and he also complimented about my rose.He said the rose is at the right place having fun
whenever you walk.I wish it was something else.I asked him what is the "something".He said he can't
show the something here in the cubicle.He asked me out for lunch.Normally for lunch all the men on our
floor go out.I said I have brought lunch with me so, why don't we have it in my room.He agreed to it
happily.I was wearing high heels which were new.So I bent down to show Kumar my high heel.When I bent
my pallu fell down and Kumar was gazing at my globes.My sleeveless strap blouse could hardly hold my
big round boobs.My nipples were visible through my almost transparent yellow blouse.He saw them and
said,"Chaitrali you have maintained yourself very well."I blushed on that and kept my pallu back.I lost
my balance and kept my hand on Kumar's thigh.I said sorry,he held my hand and said it's ok. He asked me
how long have I been married.I said it's been 2 years.He said,"Chaitrali I prefer calling you bhabhi then.
Is that ok with you?I'll call you Chaitrali bhabhi."I said it's ok and just blushed.His hands were still
holding mine.He looked at my hands.He said,"Bhabhi your hands are so sexy,long nails with red nail polish.
Feel like giving something in these hands."I asked him what is the something?"I knew what he meant, but I
thought of acting innocent.He said he will give it during the lunch break in my room.He asked me what had
I bought for lunch,I said I had sandwiches.I asked about him.He said he had brought a sausage.I asked just
one sausage?He said yes and that sausage is big and that I would like it.I knew what he meant and I just
blushed.He was massaging my hands and looking right into my eyes.I also was staring at his eyes.He pressed
my hands a bit tightly and I left a small moan, ufffff and bit my lips and gave a shy smile looking at him.
I loosened my hands and got up and turned around to leave.He caught my hands again and I looked back at him.
He gave me a flying kiss and I just gave a shy expression,turned around and ran away to my room.While opening
the door I looked back and he was staring at my open back and tight round ass which was wrapped tight with my
saree.I knew he was watching my big round ass bounce, when I turned around and ran to my room.He again gave
me a flying kiss and I went inside my room.

It was lunch time and Kumar called me if I was ready for lunch.He said the others had already left.
I asked him to come to my room.He kept the phone and he knocked the door and came in.He came in and said he
had bought something for me.He asked me to stand up.I got up and he went behind me.He made me stand in front
of the mirror I have in my room.He was standing behind me.He was staring at my naked back and my long hair.He
said,"Bhabhi you have a very good back and is in the right shape."I just blushed and said thank you.I just
kept a step back and my big protruding bums hit this thing."ouchh sorry Kumar"He gave me a naughty smile and
said it's ok.He asked me to close my eyes.And he said I have a gift for you.So I closed my eyes thinking what
would be his next move.I felt his hands moving in between my arms and waist and reaching for my navel.I could
feel some metal and he asked me open my eyes.He had bought me a silver kamarband(it's an ornament worn by
Indian ladies around their waist just below the navel.) and it was ornamental.It had a small hanging ornament
to the front just below my navel.He took my saree little away from the waist and the centre piece touched
my navel and I felt a rush inside my pussy.His hands were around my waist.I gave a little push with my
round bums to his thing.He noticed it and pushed me back.He said,"Bhabhi yeh aap par bohot achha lag raha hai."
I blushed on his remark.He asked me if I could remove my saree and show him how I look wearing only the
kamarband and the underskirt of my saree.I said,"I am feeling shy.And what if someone comes?" He said he will
wait after office hours and since boss is not in the office today we can be in the office after work.I agreed
to it and we had lunch together.I was having rice and curry.Every time I had a spoon I licked the spoon clean
with my tongue.And he used to stare at me.I knew he was getting tight and hard inside his pants.I licked the
front and back of the spoon.I had brought cucumber also.I took the cucumber in my mouth and slowly started
moving it inside and out of my mouth as if I was giving it a blowjob.Kumar was looking at me with lust in his
eyes.I knew I was teasing him badly.I licked the cucumber with my tongue and he said,"Chaitrali bhabhi aap ke
andar bohot khaane ki bhook hai."I said,"Ha mujhme pyaas bhi bohot hai aur bhook bhi."I asked him for some
water as the bottle was with him.He got up and brought the bottle to me.I asked him if he could give me some
water.So I opened my mouth.He was standing in front of me with the water bottle.When I opened my mouth he said,
"Chairali bhabhi aapke hothon par ek chawal ka dana hai."So I put my tongue out and licked the grain of rice
into my mouth and again opened my mouth.I licked my lower lip with my tongue.He was watching me continuously
with lust.He then took the bottle and kept it on my lower lip and pour some water inside my mouth.I drank it
and asked for more.He then again kept it on my lip and I opened my mouth.This time little spill over my saree
and my blouse.He could clearly see my deep cleavage and half of my globes.It was all wet.He said,"Sorry bhabhi
galti se gir gaya."I said it's ok. He then took his kerchief and wiped my chest.When he was rubbing my chest with
the kerchief my big melons were moving to and fro.He was watching them and moving faster.I just left a moan and
told that I'll do it myself.I took it and started wiping my wet blouse and my wet chest.He was staring at me.
I started rubbing my boobs in an erotic way sideways.I looked at him and said,"Kumar tumne mujhe geela kar diya.
You made me all wet.You made my blouse also wet."He said he can dry my blouse if I remove it and give it to him.
I asked how will you do that?He said he has a blower which he had got as a lucky draw from the company.So I
agreed to it and he went and brought his blower.It was a hair dryer actually.He came in and asked me to remove
my blouse.I was going towards the washroom when he stopped me and said,"Bhabhi aap apna blouse idhar hi utar do
na."I just blushed and agreed.I asked him to remove my strap from behind.He went behind and unclasped my blouse
and I dropped it down.I held my boobs with my hands and covered it from him.I had put my pallu over my chest
and my hands on my boobs.He took the blouse and kept it on the table and started blow drying it.It was dry after
a while and he gave me the blouse to wear.I turned around showing my back to him.My back was totally naked and
he could see my whole back and little of my boobs from the side.He held my hair in his hand when I wore my blouse
and he clipped it from behind.He then left and said he will return when everyone leaves in the evening and come
to my room.

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please continue your wonderful narration. awesome writing. wear more slutty blouses and lowest possible saree with loads of ornaments and toe rings and high heels. be the best slut in the world. please continue writing

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repp you +18 points

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Thank you for the reps and comments. I will share about my medical test and driving lessons experience later. Keep reading and commenting. It will encourage me to share more of my experiences.

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Kumar came to my room by 7.00 in the evening and everyone had already left the office.Our office timings are till
6.30pm.Even our office boy had left.He came and sat on the chair in front of me and said that everyone had left and
he would like to give something in my hand or rather keep my hand on something he wants to show me.I was thinking in
my mind,"Chaitrali iska bhi lund tere liye fudak raha hai."But I innocently asked what is the something he was
talking about.He got up and came and stood near me.I was sitting on my chair and he was in front of me standing.He
took my hand in his hands and looked at it.He said,"Chaitrali bhabhi aapke lambe red nails bohot sexy hai.Aap par
yeh yellow transparent saree aur sleeveless blouse bhi sexy lag rahi hai.Kya main aapka haath ek cheez par rakhkar
ragad sakta hu?"I said,"Tum kaha ragadna chahte ho Kumar.Ragad lo par mere nazuk haathon ko sambhalkar ragado."He
was taking my hand towards his pant zip and I was getting horny, when my phone rang.I looked at the phone and it
was Suresh calling.He asked about Suresh,I said he is my husband.I picked up the call,Suresh asked when am I coming
back home.I looked at Kumar and said,"Suresh I have a meeting to attend so I will be little late and bit my lip
looking at Kumar."Kumar moved my hand to his zipper and kept my hands on his thing.He was rubbing my hand slowly on
his thing.Suresh asked,"Chaitrali is it some kind of a sexy meeting?" I blushed and said yes.He asked,"Chaitrali
are you already in the meeting and has it started."I blushed again and said yes.Suresh said,"Ok darling enjoy
yourself." and he hung the phone.Kumar said,"Bhabhi aap apne husband se baat karte waqt mere something ko ragad
rahi thi.Aapko kaisa laga?" I just blushed and said,"Acha laga Kumar.Tum bohot naughty ho.Main jab ragad rahi thi
tumhara something bada ho raha tha.Kya tumhe maza aaya yeh karte waqt, specially jab main apne pati se baat kar
rahi thi?" Kumar said,"ha bohot maza aaya bhabhi.Main kuch aur bhi karna chahta hu and woh karte waqt bhi aap
apne pati se baat karo toh bohot maza aayega."

Me: kya karna chahte ho tum Kumar?

Kumar: main aapke haathon mein kuch dena chahta hu.Kya aap logi meri bhabhi?

Me: haa loongi na Kumar.Main tumhari bhabhi hu na.Tum mujhse jo bhi karwana chahte ho mai karungi.

Kumar: Aap kitni achi aur khoobsurat ho bhabhi.Main aapke lambe baalon aur aapke curves ka deewana ho gaya hu.
Can I see you wearing only that kamarband?

Me: Only the kamarband? and not anything else?

Kumar: Ha bhabhi.I want to see all your curves.

I blushed and said I am feeling shy to do that.I can remove my blouse and only wear the saree.He agreed to it
and I went to the washroom.I unhooked my blouse from behind and removed it.I just put the pallu on my shoulder
and wrapped it from behind and brought to my front so that I can hold it in my hand and it won't fall off
exposing my naked boobs.Also I removed my underskirt and panty.I wrapped my saree tight so that all my curves
will be properly visible.I looked at the mirror and I looked like an item ready to be tasted.I opened my
plaited hair and tied it to a bun on top of my head.I thought in my mind,"Chaitrali you look like a gift wrapped
item."I came out and Kumar started staring at me without a word.He came near me and said,"Bhabhi aap ekdum
maal lag rahi ho.Kya main aapko maal bula sakta hu bhabhi?" I said,"Kyu nahi mai tumhari bhabhi maal hi toh hu."
He came near me and he could see the kamarband through my transparent saree.He went behind me and said,"Bhabhi
aap meri maal banogi?" I said,"Ha Kumar Main tumhari maal banungi." He kept his hands on my waist from behind
and moved them slowly to my front.I could feel his hands coming to the front over my navel area and he said,"
Bhabhi aapne saree ke andar kuch nahi pehna hai?" I said,"Nahi Kumar." He slowly pushed his dick against my
big round bums and he gave a kiss on my neck from behind.I left a moan and he held me tight around my waist.
"Bhabhi aapka badan ekdum tight aur curvy hai."He held my hands and my hands were loose and the end of my
pallu went off my hands.The pallu slid down my shoulders and hung over my firm round boobs.He slowly pulled it
and it fell down passing over my almost tight nipples,the curve of my melons and over my navel.I was standing
with saree only from my waist down.My top was totally naked and I was just wearing the kamarband and my mangalsutra.
My mangalsutra was long and it went till my navel from between my boobs.He said,"Bhabhi tum bohot sexy lag rahi ho.
Tum nangi hi achhi lagti ho Chaitrali bhabhi.Uffff bhabhi aapke yeh do bade bade aamo (mangoes) ko choosna chahta
hu."He moved his hands from my waist to my boobs and slowly pressed them.I left a slight moan unnnggghhh.He knew
I also wanted him to do all that to me."Bhabhi mai yeh saree utar du?"He said that and untied it from my waist and
my saree fell down.I was totally naked in front of Kumar.Only things on my body was the kamarband, mangalsutra,
bangles and my high heel sandal.I said," Kumar tumne aakhir apni bhabhi ko nangi kar hi diya.Apni bhabhi ki pyaas
bhi bujha do naa Kumar.unngghhhh" He turned me around and kissed my lips.He smooched me deep in my mouth rolling
his tongue.He removed his shirt and pant.He got naked and his thing was semi erect.He licked and kissed my
big round boobs and my hands were stroking his dick.He made me lie down on my table and came to the side where
my face was.He took his dick and I opened my mouth.He slid it inside.He started fucking my mouth and he opened my
hair stick and my long silky hair fell hanging on the table edge.He fucked my mouth hard and deep.Then when he
was hard and wet he went and stood in between my legs and spread them wide open." bhabhi mai tumhe ek rundi ki
tarha chodna chahta hu.Meri rundi bhabhi banogi?" I said,"Chodo mujhe Kumar.Main tumhari bhabhi raand hu."He pushed
his dick inside and started fucking me deep.He held my big round boobs and pushed his thing hard inside me.I started
moaning heavily with pleasure.He fucked me for 10 minutes and he wanted to fuck me on his desk.So he took me to his
desk and made me lean against his table showing my big round bums to him.He slowly inserted his dick from behind
holding my hair tight in his hands.He fucked me for sometime and then made me sit on his chair spreading my legs
on top of the arm rest of the chair.He came and spit on my pussy."Bhabhi tumhari is rundi chut ko main jamkar
chodunga."He pushed his dick again in that position and he fucked me for another 10 minutes.He then took me to
each and everyone's desk and fucked me hard.Then he took my to my cabin and made me stand like a dog on the floor.
He then fuck me like a dog and when he got ready to cum he took his dick out and made me open my mouth.I was eager
to taste his cum."Bhabhi mai aapka mu bhar dena chahta hu apne cum se.I will fill your mouth with my cum bhabhi."
I jerked him hard and I put his dick inside my mouth.I could feel his cum running into my mouth.I took all his juice
and licked it clean.

I had not thought to fuck him today but I fell for it.I had become my boss' whore.Now I was going to become each and
everyone's slut in the office.

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superb update..
Kbi humse b chudwa do chaitrali raand ko...
Uski chut ka bhosda BNA dunga...

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