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Old 3rd January 2015
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I'm here starting a brand new thread of a brand new Fantasy Story of our beautiful vivacious Actress of the film world.

The Story is a PIRATE FANTASY and the adventures surrounding it. It will have all your desired beauties in various scenarios spread across the storyline providing you with the best erotica to offer. It will have all kinds of story styles including-
first person(you playing the character in action)
second person(a narrative that will be pin pointing you as the character in action)
third person(characters in action and your third party point of view)

There are some disclaimers to the story-

-IT WILL BE A WEEKLY EPISODIC STORY i.e. Story will be in episode form just like any another story with updates to it.

-EPISODES WITH BE ADDED ON WEEKLY BASIS i.e. The next episode of the storyline will be added in the next week after the previous episode.

-A SINGLE EPISODE WILL BE LONG ENOUGH FOR SATISFACTION i.e. A single episode will have an enough storyline to link between the previous and the next parts and also provide satisfaction on a weekly basis.

-STORY MAY OR MAY NOT BE COMPLETE ORIGINAL i.e. Don't expect each and every episode will be an original one but yes it will be unique i assure that.

-COMPLAINTS ARE WELCOME i.e. If you readers seem to not like the episode that is provided in the current week as in it is not enough to your satisafaction then you have the right to voice your concern.

-COMMENT OR PM ME AS YOU PLEASE i.e. Whatever you wish to voice about regarding the content in the thread then you are welcome to comment or even personal message me and inform me your thoughts.

A thread is as big and popular as the readers it gets, So my humble request would be to bring more readers to the thread if you like it and spread the news to all the Fantasy and Story readers and writers about the thread.

It would be my great Thank to all who support the thread.

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Old 3rd January 2015
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Old 3rd January 2015
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Episode - 1

Dr. Renee Young, friend of recently transferred Dr. Sunny had an assignment that she was working on. She was a good friend of Sunny and she wrote to him as in when she could possibly could telling about her research work and it's status.

She was a biologist in The University of Science and Technology America and her work on the exotic animals of the lesser known islands of the Caribbean had brought her to this wild place.

Dr. Sunny was her colleague at the University but now had moved to India which originally was his home country. He had moved to the capital working on the University as the new Principal there. He kept writing back to his friend about the interest that Dr. Renee had got him into about the islands.

Dr. Renee got steadily used to the tropical heat of the Caribbean in the time she spent here. She lay in her bed in her favourite purple dress as tonight she had visited the local festival party held in the capital of the exotic country.

She was looking forward to returning to the cool civilized rooms of her New York home. She was strong, handling the rough conditions of the islands where she was living for more than 3 months now.

However strong she was, the nights were long, lonely and unbearably hot. Her loneliness was because of the lack of sex she got in these lands, sure she could have enjoyed some exotic meat but she decided not to stoop down to that level as she was on a business holiday and she didn't want to risk any bad reputation to the people catering her and therefore to her superiors.

It was night and the weather was rainy and noisy, she couldn't hear anything apart from the rushing waters from heavens with the occasional thunder bang on the earth. She was trying to sleep on her bed, she wore her purple dress to her bed as she was too tired to even change into her night gown.

A loud cry of women, children weeping and men falling was the scene outside, away from the untouched house of Dr. Renee.

She didn't even know what was happening outside of her comfy bedroom, let alone her house. The whole village was being raided by Pirates and it was under the order of the infamous Pirate leader Captain Hook.

Soon Hook's eyes saw the house away from the main part of the city that had no lights on but a single candle was burning in a window. Hook saw it and looked back at the current chaos created by his group of bandits and looters raiding the poor citizens of the town. He saw fit to go up the house on his own.

After he reached the house, he searched the rooms and the kitchen for a drink of alcohol to cool his throat down from the roughness of all the screaming he had just done to his crew. He then saw another room that was located upstairs of the house, he decided to look into it.

He went upstairs slowly, not knowing what he would find on the other side of the half open door to the room. He steadily drew his sword and opened the door very slowly and peeped inside. He got excited as soon he laid eyes on the beautiful blonde lying in the equally beautiful purple dress that finished right beneath her ass and showed plenty of her white meaty legs. Renee was sleeping, merely, but still couldn't hear any movement that Hook made because of the rainy weather.

Hook crept closer and closer to her with the utmost steadiness in his steps, although he had no worry of waking her and her then screaming or shouting as no one could help her now. But somehow he enjoyed the visual of her body sleeping he didn't want to ruin it anyhow.

But the constant thunder in the sky and the rain worse, Renee's disturbance had taken her sleep over now and she opened her eyes.

As she opened her eyes she saw the dark figure standing right across her bed, she screamed at it. She was shocked to see the unknown human figure in the room with her. She could only see a shadow of the figure.

From the shadows came a voice, a deep male voice, causing goosebumps to rise on her skin.

"Don't move," Hook said. It was an uncivilized voice, low and rasping and commanding.

"If you do as I say, you will come to no harm." He had an unmistakably refined English accent. A very small comfort. She sat
upright, defying his command not to move.

"Who are you? Show yourself," she said, sounding more assertive than she felt. "What are you doing in my room?"

She peered into the darkness and saw him moving towards the bed. He was tall and broad and she shivered, wrapping her arms tightly around her legs. She saw what was a glint of steel on his waist, his weapons from which he had killed countless.

Renee froze with fear and gazed up at her potential assailant. She had never seen him before but she knew who he was. She could see the
infamous tattoo on the left side of his bare neck.
"HOOK!," she said staring at him with wide eyes.

"Ah, That would be Captain Hook, at your service ma'am," he said smoothly, even bowing slightly.

She had heard so much about him even before she had come to Barbados, and to find him standing at the end of her bed in the dead of night was a surprising turn of events to say the least. She could see his wide shoulders straining the white linen of his shirt and from the way he was standing, hands resting high on the posts of her bed as he looked down on her, she could see his arms were muscular. But it was his face she found herself staring at. His head was shaven which accentuated his fine cheekbones and even in the flickering candlelight she could see his eyes were bright blue; unusual in a man so dark.

She was sitting in nothing but a purple soft party dress, alone, completely defenseless, with a strange man looming over her, gazing at her with a worrying glint in his eyes. And to her horror, she felt a fluttering of excitement.

He continued to gaze down at her, a slight smile on his lips. In all her imaginings she had never pictured a smiling pirate. She had pictured pirates with long flowing hair, gripping cutlasses in their teeth, growling grim obscenities, but had never imagined them to be flesh and blood men, with well bred English accents. Capt. Hook sounded like he was from the Home Counties, but he most definitely did not look like he was, despite the grin

"What are you doing in my room?" she eventually asked in a quavering
voice. His silent unabashed regard of her was making her nervous.

"Your towns fortunes are now mine and the ladies too," he said.

"Oh please! I'm just a traveller here on business, this was my very last night here and i was to go back to my land, to my home, please oh please let me go, i'm not a part of the town."

"I know missy, you don't look like one of those dirty fucked whores of the city we just shipped on, you are something else all." His eyes were undressing her with his manly lust.

Renee had a creeping feeling about the factual events in her face that will happen in the next few minutes. "I have some money, cash and gold too" she said. "I am with just enough to return to America."

"That's a shame, we'll loot twice than that tonight " he said softly, smiling again. He had the smile of a wolf, slow and filled with self-assurance. His gaze kept traveling all over her body. She felt like helpless prey and she shivered again, but not just from fear. He reached down and touched her bare foot to which she jumped.

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Old 3rd January 2015
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Episode - 2

His blue eyes darkened as they ran across her body again and the room suddenly closed in on them as the candlelight flickered. It was just her and him and the bed and her breath caught in her throat. No one would ever know, she found herself thinking. He unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off. His skin was dark from the sun and his chest was strong and defined. A slight covering of dark hair spread across his flat nipples and narrowed into a line down his belly disappearing into his low-slung britches.

"I'm thinking, what if i had my treat here only and not let my men have you." he said in his rich cultivated voice. The contrast between what Renee heard and what she saw.

She was too scared now as she knew he was dangerous and according to legend, very violent.

His rough fingers grasped the hem of her purple dress and he gently thrust the sharp blade into the fine cloth. She fell backwards and with a horrified gasp watched the material rip the entire way up her body slowly exposing the creamy curves underneath. His dark eyes feasted on her flesh as it was revealed to him and he yanked away the remaining shreds of her dress.

The beautiful doctor lay on the bed completely naked, frozen with fear. As he stared at her she could feel the stirring in her loins coil tighter. Her body betrayed her as her pussy was dripping wet by excitement from the actions of Hook.

Right from the moment she had heard his rough voice come from the shadows, her loins had been hot and burning, and now she was squirming against the damp sheets, unable to control these novel sensations. In her mind though she was terrified by the thought of the vile Pirate on her violating her privates.

She looked down and saw that her nipples stood out impossibly erect despite the heat of the thick air, and when he noticed them too he licked his lips, the gleam of a predatory animal in his eyes.

"Please," she whimpered, "What will you do to me?"

"Your body tempts me and i'm a man of no boundations" he growled, "You must know the answer yourself" and his hand stroked over his huge bulge as he continued to stare at her

As she pondered and moved upwards away from Hook, her legs relaxed slightly opened enough to give the man looming over her a glimpse of pale curls and glistening pink lips. When he saw that she was wet, he groaned and pulled his britches down in one swift maneuver. She remained pressed against the cool wood of the headboard as he mounted the bed and crawled towards her, dark eyes fixed on the prey between her legs. Her knees involuntarily clamped protectively together and his hand shot out and settled between them. The heat coming from him was overpowering and it took just the slightest pressure for her to open her legs again and she sighed as his hands ran along the silky soft skin of her inner thighs.

She jumped at his touch but he mounted her and held her down. "That's it," he murmured, surprisingly gently, "open up for me," and his lips crossed hers, crushing her soft and juicy red womanly lips.

She gasped as a finger slowly slid between her folds. She had expected something rough and brutal and that's what she got. Her hands gripped the bedhead and her hips thrust towards him as his head dipped and his tongue lashed her. He was making deep, eager little moans as he licked and sucked, and his strong hands found her firm round bottom and gripped her, thumbs adding to the torturous massage between her legs. Her head was swimming; she was seeing stars. She had never known she could feel like this. She was in a position of complete lack of control, spread out like a wanton whore, totally naked to the world, held firmly by the rough hands of an uncivilized, untamed man.

She tried to get some control of her self but she couldn't get out of Hook's manly strong grip. He grabbed hold of her hips and roughly pulled up her legs onto his waist. He held his cock in his hand and smoothly positioned it right at her vagina. Then with all his strength he pushed inside her roughly went in so deep and hard, her eyes rolled back in her head.

As he thrust into her, an explosive ecstasy came upon her, causing her to cry out swears and convulse around him as he continued to pound into her.

"That's it," Thomas rasped, drinking in the long golden hair spread over the pillows, and the elegant curve of her milky white neck as her head was thrown back in a convulsive ecstasy, to which Hook complied with biting and kissing all over her erotic neck.

"Let go. Come for me." She came so hard and for so long, that her muscles completely gave up her body.

He fucked her right there on her very own bed, the bed where she spent her nights for the last 3 months, every one of them and now she was underneath an infamous pirate who was raping her with his rough and hard cock all inside her soft mature oragasmed pussy.

After a non-stop fucking session, Hook felt his cock harden to its limit as his balls now gathered up all the cum it had. With a few more thrusts, he came all inside her, his spunk shot out of his balls as if fired from a cannon, as he grabbed her soft arse and pulled her more firmly onto him so he could pump inside her, releasing every last bit of seed from his straining cock.

Her nubile body was still twitching and convulsing in his hands as he started breathing again, and he had a sudden and violent desire to rip the discarded dress into shreds, which was kept tore just beside her head, and use it to tether her to the posts of the bed, so he could repeat what they had just done over and over again.

He did repeat the act of rape on her sexy white body, fucking her again and again in different positions as he enjoyed the time he had when his company was busy raiding the town and then stacking up the goods and the women it looted.

This was a place of Pirates and with pirates come treasures.

Sunny knew all about the islands now from Dr. Renee and had already planned a team to go for research of his own. He got his team ready and his travel plans were also set. He would soon be part of an adventure he never knew could be possible.


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Old 3rd January 2015
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I posted two episodes in a single go so as to get a head start to the story and the thread too...

In future, i won't violate the disclaimer i set in the very opening post as to keep on schedule with the thread.

Next episode will be posted in the next week. Keep tuned in.

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Old 5th January 2015
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Episode - 3

Few months after Dr. Sunny moved to India from the University in America, he quickly settled in his home country in the capital.

It took 4 years for him to come back to his country. Sunny had a house in New Delhi that he rented the time he was in America and now as he was

back he decided to move the residents out to get back to his own self in his home.

He rented the house to a couple when he moved to America, a newly married one then. Now after 4 years he thought he'll go back and settle back in


When he came back, Sunny got all his suitcases from the Airport, took a taxi and traveled straight to his house in Maharani Bagh. He reached at about

2.30 in the afternoon at the time of a beautiful sunny weather with the silence of siesta of the people at this time.

India was a warm exotic place compared to the cool America that only had a few offering when it came to warm cities. New Delhi wasn't really

grouped into one, it had seen its hottest days in summers and also its coolest in winters. It was a place of emotions and that played into evry aspect

of the livelihood of the residents and dwellers of the capital.

Sunny opened the locked doors of his house and stepped inside the dusty house. His house was unused by the couple, they lived upstairs while the

ground floor was unoccupied and locked. It's where Sunny lived previously and as he didn't want his privacy to be intruded he kept the doors to his floor closed.

As he entered he heard a woman's call from the stairs that leading up to the first floor, 'It must be the wife' Sunny thought.

"Hey, don't go in there.." the woman spoke, "Oh hey!" she immediately recognized Sunny as he turned to face her.

"Hi" Sunny spoke back.
"I didn't know you were coming back" the girl spoke as Sunny was also surprised to see her now become a much more matured and sexy woman from the day she came into the house 4 years earlier. He kept on trying to remember her name as he had forgotten , also because he never knew she could be this beautiful now.

"Well yeah i found out in the flight that my mail didn't get to you, by the way i forgot your name so apologies for that" Sunny spoke as he undressed his coat and removed the sheets of the sofa's.

"Here let me help you, here. I'm Genelia" she helped him with the sheets and sat on the sofa with him.

"I'm Sunny, Dr. if you remember" Sunny spoke.

"Yeah i do, i remember you completely doctor" she winked at him, almost as if Sunny was seeing the hornyness of Indian women, especially married one's.

"Thank you for remembering, I guess i left my house in good hands" Sunny flirted back to her, she didn't mind that.

"I am really good sir, I'm really good with my hands especially." Genelia winked back at him.

Sunny and Genelia continued their conversation for half hour when Sunny felt too tired. They were constantly flirting with each other. Genelia as the housewife was the woman in that stage who always needed sex. Her escapades where also notorious in wife's tales across the block as she had sex with many of the other males like husbands and the young kids too as she took tuition classes of all the blocks kids. Once she was even gang banged from the whole group of teenage guys, sons of different houses at the block. She was the colony slut - the famous rumor that was true. Her own defense for doing this was that she wasn't the only one doing it so why be so shy about it (of course she was the one doing it in the most numbers).

Sunny flirted with the slut and lost all his tiredness in that time. He was now eager to do many a stuff to her tasty Indian pussy.

"Hehehehe.. You are so adorable." Genelia spoke

"Well i wish you must be killing yourself for being married right now" winked Sunny.

"Who says that is a problem?...." Genelia got up and leaned towards Sunny, "It isn't" and looked straight into his eyes. "Easy, you may get into trouble here" Genelia teased her.

"I am trouble honey" Sunny held her from back of her head and kissed her lips as hard as he could.

Sunny was kissing, licking and chewing Genelia's face, and to her credit, she kissed, licked and chewed him back. Genelia's hands were touching Sunny's chest hair from his two unbuttoned shirt while Sunny now held Genelia's right breast from his left and kept the hold on Gene's head from his right.

The 4 year old bride was in the hands of her landlord Dr., who was kissing up all her face her lips now and she was enjoying every bit of it.


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Old 12th January 2015
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Episode - 4

They both got up from the couch as Sunny took Genelia in his arms and to the bedroom. As he reached the bedroom he found the door locked, he made Gene stand back to her feet and went back to his suitcase to find the keys to the bedroom. He came back with the keys and opened the door.

As he opened the door, he pinned Genelia to the adjacenet wall (her back to his face). He moved her hair to her left shoulder, opened his mouth and got a mouthful of Genelia's tasty, just half hour ago bathed backside. Sunny loved the taste of the skin on the back of a beautiful godely made angel of a woman and he bit every time he tasted one.

"Ah!" Gene moaned as Sunny bit her on her back.

Slowly Genelia's clothes were being taken off, every fabric on her body was being shedded as Genelia was starting to be naked in front of her landlord. "Oh mister! so roughly good you are" Gene moaned again.

As her blouse was untied, Sunny with a firm grip on her hips, carried her over to the bed and threw her onto te bed, almost toying and playing with her like a doll.

He unzipped his fly as friskly he could as Genelia held her blouse on her chest quite erotically and teased Sunny with her sensous eyes and hot smile just waiting to be taken.

Gene's head was held firmly by Sunny's left hand now and he opened his underwear to reveal the monster to her. "OH MY FU..." Gene had a mouthful before she could finish the shock she had seeing Sunny's dick. It was hard and it was huge, 'more than 6 inches, nearly 7' Gene imagined, 'i think', and it was now inside of her mouth.

The scene was incredible, Genelia d'Souza the slut of the colony was now bending on her knees on the matress of the bed of her landlord who had just come back after 4 years and had his hard, nearly 7 inch dick shoved right inside her hot bridal mouth, giving him a blowjob.

"Mmm..mmm..mmm...mmm" Genelia's mouth moaned

"Yeah..yeah..yeah..Fuck yeah!" Sunny enjoyed.

Soon his cock couldn't take anymore of Gene's amazing blowjob skills and was ready to shoot his load.

"Suxk it bitch!... Suck it bitch!" Sunny screamed loud.

His balls rolled up the sperm tank and Sunny shot all his cum inside Genelia's mouth. She was breathless and apalled at the dick she had been mouthfucked by, it was by far the biggest she had in her life.

"Ahh......Ahh.." Gene panted for breath from the white cum that was dripping from her lips. "Oh you fuck!... Oh you fuck!" she kept panting as her expression showed her face as if she was just brutally raped but her insides were coiled up now from the hunger of a cock in her pussy.

He undressed himself and Genelia on the bed. He was to know that he'll fuck this bride bitch in ways only he knew and she too find out.

Sunny had an amzing fucking session with her. The bride was fucked in her vagina,her asshole and back in her mouth by her landlord while her husband was away in his office, she was brutally taken.

Soon it ended with both not having a single muscle in their body not tired and when it was ending, Sunny shot his last of the 5 loads he had shot inside and all over Genelia to finish of his welcome that he got from the woman 4 year old India bride.

Sunny was tired after the ordeal, he was finished up in his strenght and just wanted to sleep. It was around 6.30 now as Genelia got dressing herself up to make her look presentable to her husband who would come home an hour or so from now. She went back to her home upstairs and left Sunny tired on his bed. Sunny slept after the erotic sex session he had. He woke up at around 10 in the night and saw a bowl of fresh apples and some cake kept, 'Must be Genelia' he thought and it was.

Then he ordered some dinner from a restaurant nearby and ate some food.

He decided to join the University as the Professor a day after tommorow as he'll be busy in the unpacking of the stuff he had.

He got a mail from his friend in the Bahamas, Dr. Renee Young stating about a treasure she had just heared about from the villagers and that the local pirates, especially the infamous pirate Hook was after it.

She stated she'll find out about the location of the treasure with her team and also said that the treasure was apparently famous for beind- All That You Could By the World For.

This was certainly a different thing from his day to day works and his needs but it got his interest.

The mail was dated a few days before Dr. Renee was raped by Capt. Hook, but Dr. Sunny had no idea about it.

After the two days of unpacking, meeting up with Genelia's husband, having some more fun time with his bride and getting back to work at the University, Sunny was interested in the Treasure more and more now.

He never would see it coming as his leisure would take over his lust for treasure and the adventures it holds beneath.

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Great going bro

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Originally Posted by tamannakosamnenu View Post
Great going bro


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Episode - 5

"AH! AH! AH! AH! AH!.." Sonam screamed her lungs out. Her body trembled with the constant movement on the table she was on where she was

getting fucked by a big black cock. Her body was naked with only her socks on her pretty little feet while her hair was untied and the cool of the table

kept her skin cold in the heat that her pussy was producing.

"I'M GONNA CUM! I'M GONNA CUM!" Sonam cried.

"YEA BITCH!" the black guy spoke, "CUM ON MY DICK INSIDE YOUR PUSSY."

"AAHHHHHHH! FFUUCK!" Sonam came in her pussy.

It was like every other Friday on the job, Sonam was a teacher and not a very experienced one. This was how she kept her job in the college that she

worked in. She was always very beautiful and always got what she wanted, her looks and her cuteness were her main reasons.

What she was doing was having sex in the vice principal's room with the vice principal himself as she does every Friday. It was the time of lunch when

they did the act. They had been caught once or twice by some other teacher or a student or even a peon who was delivering what was given to him to

the vice principle.

They got up and dressed themselves up as the lunch hour was coming to an end.

"See you in the meeting" The VP said.

As the lunch hour ended, an announcement was made to the whole college that everyone should assemble in the assembly hall. It was the unveiling

of the new principle of the college.

Sunny had woken up around 10:00 am, got ready by 11:30 and reached the college by 12.30. He had to wait an hour and a half in the newly inproved,

and now his, principle's room before the unveiling ceremony.

At around 2:10, Sunny was being introduced by the VP to the college as the new head of the department and got some flowers given to him by the

teacher, Sonam Kapoor with a smile and a, 'Pleasure to have you aboard', silently whispered on stage.

Soon Sunny took his charge and he set up his first meet in the teacher's lounge in the evening at the time of leave to tell them of their slightly new

schedule and timings.

He read out a list of the teachers that were in the college department, at first the males and the second females as -

1. Ms. Deeksha -

2. Ms. Sonam -

3. Mrs. Ileana d'Cruz -

4. Mrs. Chitrangda -

"Ah! it's Ms. now" she interrupted Sunny with a very subtle smile on her face, "I'm divorced."

"Ok, so moving on."

5. Ms. Deepika -

Seeing what a beauty Deepika was, Sunny was completely mesmerised and was speechless for a moment. In that moment he imagined Deepika in

doggystyle position moaning and swearing as her ass would be getting fucked hard by his dirty hard cock.

Regaining his composure, he continued.

6. Mrs. Chopra -

"You can call me Priyanka..." the dusky slut spoke, "sir" smirked at him.

7. Ms. Regina -

"Ms. here too sir, i am too single now" the sexy beauty spoke.

"And last would be" Sunny continued,

8. Mrs. Divya Khosla -

9. Ms. Diksha -

The youngest of the lot, Sunny was determined to have her there and then in the teacher's room.

"So thank you for the meet and the latest attendance schedule check, I'll be glad to work with you all and i hope you'll share the same passion as me."

Sunny spoke as he ended the meet.

"Um, Ms. Diksha.." Sunny stopped her before leaving.

"Yes sir" she asked dumbfounded.

Sunny waited for all to exit the room and then spoke, "I have some things to ask you before you take leave."

Diksha sat on the chair behind her.

"I want to ask you about the rumours that are floating in the air across the campus." Sunny spoke. He referred to the file that his assistant had given

him about the teacher's of the institute and their affairs that are rumoured around.

"Oh! what ? i.. i don't understand sir" Diksha panicked.

"Ssshhh... Don't panic i'll see to it that everything comes into place" smiled Sunny.

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