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Old 1st August 2015
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Xclusive Queen contest 2015 - "Festival of Seduction": Round Four "Free Style"

Ooooo La La you name it and our Xclusive Darlings break the thermometer too! such is their unique Seduction
even the screen of PC's/ Mobiles start burning with the seductive heat they transfuse.

Right from Bridal Beauty to Wet n Wild/Lingerie/Bikini to Kamasutra/Dancing Poses/ Kitchen Masti !!!!! name it and they start mocking at you
by raising the bar of Seduction in each n every round .
Evidently much beyond the expectations of Fans and Organisers who are left with scratching their heads
not able to compare at all, such is the unique charismatic persona of each Xclusive Sweet Heart.

Rightly said Seduction has no horizons, no limits, it has to be let loose
with imaginations, feelings, erotic provocations that only a woman can think of.

Festival of Seduction infront of our Xclusive Darlings and offers what they are looking at .
Yes you are right the finale i.e the 4rth Round of Xossip Xclusive Queen Contest 2015, which is

no limitation do what you want to do and emblaze Xossip

"Free Style" Entry Thread

Opening : 1st August 2015 09:00 AM
Closing : 4th August 2015 11:59 PM.

Participants are requested to follow all rules mentioned here. For any query either send PM to organisers or post here

Posting video entries in Masaladesi (MD) as well will definitely attract attention from a lot more people. You might not wanna miss this great advantage of getting more votes. Here is the Tutorial for posting videos at MD. Select the Xclusive prefix while posting your videos.

This thread is only for the participants to post their pics. For Chitchat and reviews, please go to Chit Chat Thread. Warning : Offenders/Spammers would face strict action including ban.


बड़ी गुस्ताख है तेरी यादें, इन्हें तमीज सिखा दो..
दस्तक भी नहीं देती, और दिल में उतर आती हैं…

My story-:-
Illusion......Ek Bhram???

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Old 1st August 2015
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Pati Patni aur wo
This is not a story. Its our real-life experience.

We are happily married for last 8 years. Sex was fantastic in beginning. But after couple of years sex was bit boring for us. To spice up our sex life we started to experiment new things.

First time i clicked her nude pics and asked her permission to post them online. Initially she refused and said that it's bad. She said "Kaise pati ho tum? Apni patni ki nangi photo sabko dikhaoge. Chhi. Kuch to sharam karo."etc.
But i posted the pics and tell her the comments on them. Initially she was angry but started to enjoy it slowly. Thats how we started.

We started to being open with each other like she said "Wo dekho Bahut sundar ladki ja rahi hai. Mast figure hai uska" etc. I tease her like "Dekho wo ladke tumko dekh rahe hain. Line mar rahe hain" etc..

Slowly we started to fantasize someone else while having sex. Initially she doesn't liked all this because she is a conservative housewife. I still remembered that when I first time tried to explain my interest in swing lifestyle where we can swap wives then we had a big fight. Slowly slowly she was opening up. All these were fantasies only. With no intention to do that for real.

After some time i requested her to explore our fantasies for real. After very long discussion we both agreed to try it for once. Firstly she agreed to chat online with strangers. She enjoyed it. We decided to experience same room same partner. If we feel good after doing that then we will move further.
Contacted many couples online but we were unable to found out our ideal couple. While doing all these i had sex with a girl with Jasmine's permission. But later she regretted. Once she was agreed to have threesome. Contacted a guy but he failed to come.
She sometimes agrees and sometimes refuses. While having sex she agrees to fulfill our fantasies. After that she refuses. We wasted 5 years in this dilemma. On off on off.

I was a silent reader of xossip for years. I Started posting her pics. We got overwhelming response. She started to enjoy the attention. The feeling that someone is masturbating while looking at her is equally arousing for both of us.

Slowly she started to enjoy her erotic photoshoot. She started to expose. She started to enjoy outdoor Adventures. Slowly she was stepping out from her comfort zone.

This time she agreed for a swap or threesome. I contacted many couples but no luck. I decided to arrange a Threesome as soon as possible before changing her mood. Invited many males. But no luck too.

Finally one of her xossip fan contacted on PM. He was only 21 years old. Very good looking. Still virgin. Jashmin also liked her. Let's call him Deepak. We invited him for threesome. He was a big fan. He said "Bhabhi ke liye to mai Pakistan bhi aa sakta hoon" I liked him too.

He came to our nearby town. We mate at Railway station first. He is a nice guy. He travelled 24 hrs to meet us.

We booked two rooms at a nice hotel. He was very decent, friendly and gentleman. We felt very comfortable with each other.

After some chitchat he said "lets play a game To light the atmosphere. Name of the game is "Pati, patni aur wo." We will write in 3 paper. Pati, patni, wo. Then fold. We will have to pick up a paper. 'wo' will announce that he is 'wo'. Wo will guess that who is 'patni'. If he guess it right then 'patni' will have to remove one piece of clothe. If all the clothes removed then each time winner can order the looser to do anything for one minute. "

We started to play the game. Deepak was wearing jeans and t shirt. I was wearing half pant and t-shirt. And Jashmin was wearing saree.

Firstly Deepak loost and removed his t shirt.

Then Jashmin lost and shyly removed her Panty and handed it to Deepak. He Sniffed the panty and asked "Bhabhi Panty me yahan gila gila kyun hai?" She turned Red hearing.

First time in life someone other than me was being intimate with her. Deepak lost most of the time. He was nude first. He was well endowed.His Cock was bigger and fatter then me. I was excited and shivering by the thought of that cock will enter in my wife's pussy.

This time Jashmin lost and removed her blouse.

She started to smiling, laughing and enjoying the game. Then i won and ordered Deepak to remove Jashmin's bra with his teeths. Wooha! What a site. He took his sweet time removing her bra. Jashmin was also shivering with pleasure.

I lost and removed my clothes on by one.
Once i won and ordered Deepak to mastrubate at looking at her. I will never forget the view. He masturbating standing at bed. Looking at her.

Wow! I said you can touch her boobs too. He played with her boobs while masturbating. Bad luck timer said times over.

Jashmin lost and removed her petticoat and saree too one by one. We all three were naked playing 'pati, patni aur wo'.

Deepak won and took his revenge and ordered me to mastrubate. I shyly mastrbated my tiny cock.
This time i won and ordered Deepak to lick her pussy for minimum 5 minutes. He happily liked, sucked for about 10 minutes. Jashmin's facial expressions were very erotic. While he was licking he was playing with her boobs too.
Jashmin was very turned on now. I was not fucked her for one week. I intentionally made her sex deprived to make her horny and have sex with Deepak freely .
She won and ordered us to suck her boobs. Deepak squeezed and sucked her right boob while I played with left boob. We all are very turned on. Atmosphere was very hot in that Deluxe AC room.

Deepak won and what he ordered was a big fantasy for me. He ordered Jashmin to give both of us a blowjob for full 10 minutes. We both standing at bed and Jashmin in her knees infront of us. Looking at our eyes.

Giving me a blowjob and giving him handjob. She was feeling a strangers cock first time in her hand. Deepak said "bhabhi ab meri baari" she gave him a blowjob while giving me a nice HANDJOB. Waaooo! What a sight . We always watched this on porn movies. I always used to tease Jashmin that "one day I will arrenge a cock for you and you can enjoy two cocks at one time." we are living that fantasy for real. We were touching her body while she was busy playing with our cocks. It lasted for a Good 15 minutes.

Jashmin won... She was very turned on and said to Deepak "Please fuck me Hard doggy style for 15 minutes"

I said to use condom. Deepak said he never used a condom and don't know how to wear. I said to Jashmin "Give him a handjob and teach him to wear condom"

After helping him she said "Please ab chodo mujhe" she was in all fours. Shaking her ass and begging him to fuck with his big fat cock. The sight was absolute delight for a cuckold like me.

Deepak positioned himself and tried to insert his cock. Poor virgin boy. He was unable to find the love hole. Jashmin guided him to enter. Finally the moment when he inserted his big cock to my wife's pussy. Dream come true for me. He was giving her deep thrusts. He was playing with her boobs and whole body.

Becouse he was First time fucking. Lack of experience he was unbalanced. I said to do it in missionary position first. Then they fucked in missionary style. I was sitting in sofa. Playing with my cock while watching live amateur porn movie. Starring my wife. I don't know how to describe the feelings. I was enjoying.

I was about to cum but I thought if I will cum then I will lost interest. So i stopped masturbating. When i stopped masturbating then I cool down and started to think in other perspective. I thought "What am I doing? Are we doing right? Am i making my innocent wife a cock hungry slut? Now will she ever able to enjoy my smaller cock?" i was feeling uncomfortable and a bit jealousy. I wanted to stop them. But Jasmin and Deepak was enjoying. I thought 'Now why stop them? This is what I WANTED. Jashmin always refuses. Now she is convinced and enjoying the sex then why i was feeling like that. "
While all these thoughts on my mind. Deepak took a Cadbury silk chocolate. He put Chocolate in her body, nipples, armpits, and stuffed in pussy. Jashmin said please don't stuff in pussy. Its paining. I was slowly getting angry on Deepak. But he stopped stuffing more and started to lick and suck the chocolate from her body. Jashmin closed her eyes and started moaning. They were enjoying and I was feeling jealous.

I forgot to mention that Deepak was feeling uncomfortable to click photos. He requests me earlier that don't click the pics. He brought a mask with him and requested that he wants to wear it while I took pics. Becouse my first priority is to fuck Jashmin from a stranger to make her more bolder and enjoy sex life. That's why I agreed that we will click pictures afterwards.

When he finished licking his chocolate he asked me if I wanted to click picture? At that time I was little upset and thought "lets close the thread, forget the pics and finish all this and leave for home and Live normal lifestyle." then I thought. "jo hona tha ho gaya, agar photo nahi lunga to shayad pachhtawa hoga. Isliye photo le lets hoon. Post karna nahi karna. Thread close karna nahi karna baad ki baat hai."

I said to them "Ok lets click the pics for our fans. You both wear your clothes and start again. Deepak you can wear your mask"

Jashmin weared her saree again and posed like waiting. Deepak came. They both undressed each other while I was clicking. Then they repeated everything with mask. Blowjob, handjob, sex, missionary,doggy style. While they were fucking doggy style i said them " its 04:00am lets finish and have some rest, remove the condom and cum at her ass while I click pics" finally he shot his cum at her ass and back. Happily he weared his clothes, wished us good night and left for his room.

After he left i asked Jashmin "How are you feeling? Are you feeling any guilty? Have you enjoyed? Is he better than me? Do you enjoy me as before now on? I was feeling a bit jealous too. Maybe because I was watching only that's why I am feeling like that. I will have to participate too. Etc"
She said "Don't worry darling ��. I love you. Yes I enjoyed. He is nice guy. But you are best husband. You are letting me enjoy. You are always better because you know me how to please. In 8 years you learned a lot. I don't have to ask you anything because you better know what am I thinking and what I need. I love you and the pleasure you give me is no one can manage to give because you have experience of 8 years. I love you very much darling �� nobody on earth can replace you " i felt good after hearing this.

She took my cock in her magical hand and started to give me pleasure. Gave me a blowjob. We started to talk about her experience.

The negative feelings i told you lasted no more than 1 hour. It was temporory feeling. When i am narrating the experience I am feeling how stupid I was to feel like that. No guilty feeling now. No regret.

We fucked very heard while talking dirty about our threesome experience. We felt our love as husband wife is much deeper and stronger now. Everyone has some insecurity deep within the heart for our partners that they can cheat. But after this threesome experience we understand that sex and love is different things. No insecurities in our hearts now. Glad we done it.

In morning i was feeling very happy. No jealousy on my heart. No guilty. Instead I was feeling very greatful that we found this lifestyle. We were living our lives to fullest. I was feeling greatful that we found Deepak for our first threesome experience. I said to Jashmin "Go and wake him up, give him a good morning blowjob. Go and enjoy yourselves. Maybe you both were hesitating yesterday in front of me. Go and enjoy in Complete privacy." she hugged me and went to Deepak's room.

Deepak bhai!
We will maintain a longtime relationship with you brother. I hope you can understand my above negative feelings of a jealous husband. It was our first time. I wanted to narrate my genuine and all the feelings and experience. Please don't mind.

Jashmin was not returning after 2 hour. I was worried for her and called on phone . I said "sab theek hai na?"
She said "haan sab theek hai." i heard erotic sound of him fucking her and i asked "kya kar rahe ho?" she replied with sexy voice "Deepak mere ko mast chod raha hai Darling ❤" i said "maza aa raha hai na. Tum condom bhi le jana bhool gayi. Mai la dunga soch raha tha lekin disturb nahi karunga soch k nahi aaya. Koi baat nahi " she said "Haan yaar bahut maza aa raha hai. Thank you tumhari wajah se itna maza le pa rahi hoon. Mai lucky hoon ki tum mere pati ho. I love you jaanu" i said "mast maze karo daring, aane ke baad mere ko bhi chod dena. Tumhari aawaaz sun ke meta bhi lund khada ho gaya. Pussy ko bina dhoye aana. Deepak aur tumhare love Juice se bhari hui pusdy ko chodunga " she said "Ok darling aati hoon."
Jashmin returned after 3 - 4 hour. very fresh and glowing from Deepak's room. I said "Darling ❤ it's my turn now." she hugged me and we had steamy sex while she told me all the erotic things they done in room. I remembered some of her lines "Mast choda darling. Mere ko apne muh me thookne bola. Mai thook di to poora pi gaya. Nai jaan raha tha to mai upar aake chodi usko" etc. I cummed very fast hearing all this erotic talk.

It was 12:30 at noon. Our return train was at 02:30. I asked Jashmin "Do you want something else too" she said "yes Deepak se Massage karwana tha" i said "ok main train ki ticket le ke check out ki taiyari karta hoon tab tak jao tum maza lo."

They enjoyed again. Deepak removed her Panty and Weared. He took her Panty as a gift. He said "I will wear it till i reach home and i will look and sniff it whenever I miss you bhabhi"

We will meet again with Deepak soon. Planning for Goa tour.

Thanks for reading.

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Immortal Love: Chapter 4, the dark side in us-Psychoknight in free style

Previously on ‘Immortal Love’

Psycho and Ria decided to spend their 15th anniversary in a village resort. Ria surprised Psycho by presenting herself in bridal dress just as 15 years back. It was a walk through memory lane for Psycho. They enjoyed a lot. Ria became wild at the touch of the first rain. She behaved like a child and ran away from hotel room to enjoy the rain naked in the open. Psycho tried to stop her and followed her as fast as he could.

Ria started to enjoy rain after long time is wild mood. Every drops of shower in her naked body. Psycho managed to put a white bedsheet to cover her modesty, but the effort proved to be futile. Ria started dancing naked in open. Psycho requested to Ria to continue her dance in somewhat not so open place. Ria moved away from the open and to begin the dance of the lust along with Psycho.

But the things went differently once Ria began her dance of seduction, She became so immerged in her art, that she completely forget that they are supposed to enjoy the day together. Psycho could not tolerate this ignorance anymore and requested Ria to move inside. Ria ignored his words and keep on entertaining herself. This behavior crossed limit of Psycho and he decided to punish Ria

Immortal Love

“ Words from Psychoknight:
Well, I started the theme “dark side” then realized that I am not able to frame my words properly to describe the true darkest desire of human mind and playing around the words and hiding behind the narrative English vocabulary is not doing justice to my “ The Dark side in Us’.

In Xossip, whenever you are in need, you will find that the helping hand is not far away from you. And if the helping hand is from the Mistress of Dark Desire herself, then you can settle for nothing less than the best.
Yes friends, I am talking about legendary Indian Princess. My good friend IP agreed to write the presentation of my 4th round entry in her own words, that too on the view point of Ria.

I am going to punish Ria, not you. So without any further delay, allow me to present the season finale of Immortal Love, ‘The Dark Side in Us’.

Chapter 4: The Dark side in us, Psycho in Free Style

I knew he was angry, it was showing in his eyes. He stood there all calm and composed but his furious gaze snapped me back to my senses, his stare was so intimidating, it made me shiver.

"I am sorry" I said with my eyes downcast. I didn't have the courage to even look at him.

He didn't say anything, that was even scarier. I was not sure what he was up to.

He took me to a place, somewhere dark. There was something about the room, I don't know, but the eerie feeling I got about the darkness around us, was stirring my deepest emotions.

"Kneel down" he ordered in a stern voice.

I slowly went down on my knees not knowing that was going to happen next. I felt him touch the back of my neck, and stroked it for a while before he put a collar on. I kept kneeling with my head bowed.

"That's like a good bitch, now be very still" he spoke in a husky voice, and I obeyed. I felt a cold metal chain go around my wrists, making me completely helpless before him. He was now free to exploit my helplessness, my nakedness. The anticipation of being used and abused by my master was making my shudder, but I tried to be still.

He grabbed my hair and pushed my face to the floor, exposing my vulnerable ass to him.

"Do you know what this is for?" he asked. "Beg for your punishment" he ordered.

He smirked and brought his hand down hard against my ass cheek. The impact made me moan,

I was in a cheeky mood. I wanted to playfully rebel, fueling his lust and desire for me. "NO" I said defiantly, "I am no going to beg for what I don't want"

"So," he said, "The little slut wants it to get real messy, eh?"

I knew he always meant what he said, and I was in for some trouble.

He roughly stripped me before put a rope tightly against my cunt. The rope immediately soaked love juice that was flowing from my wet vagina.

He began to stroke my wet slit with his fingers driving me mad with pleasure, and suddenly withdrew and sharply spanked me sending a wave of sharp pain across my body..even before I could recover, he started rubbing my clit again and I could barely control that moan that escaped my lips..my breathing was so heavy, and just as I felt like I am about to orgasm, he withdrew his fingers and spanked me again. I groaned in frustration..I wanted to rub myself to orgasm, I needed it so badly, my hands were tied and I was helpless.

He knew exactly what he was doing..it sent a clear message that he was the one in control, he can make me feel pleasure or pain, make my body react as per his wish, and I am completely helpless..

I had to open my mouth and speak now..I had to tell him how badly I needed to be fucked..I looked at him, begging him with my eyes..

"Please I need to be fucked.." I said.

"Not until you have learnt your place" he said and continued teasing my desperate pussy..

"I am sorry Master" I begged, "Please punish me, please use and abuse me as you please"

He smirked. He grabbed my hair and pressed back of my head against his crotch and put his meat inside my mouth. I choked, but he continued using my mouth for as long as he wanted. I obediently sucked and worshiped his cock. After he had used my mouth for long enough, he then pushed me against ground.

I lay there with hair disheveled and my legs open, sweating panting like a wanton slut who so badly needed to be fucked.

"Not until you beg for your punishment slut" he growled.

I never felt so humiliated before, but I struggled back onto my knees and held my ass up for punishment. "Please punish me Master" I begged.

He stroked my ass and spanked me repeatedly. ‘Yes Master, spank me more, spank me harder Master. I have been a very naughty girl, and I deserve every bit of it. Thank you for punishing me.” I said feeling utterly humiliated.

It felt like an eternity. My pussy was aching for a fuck now and I had tears of desperation rolling down my eyes. He smiled at my condition. We both knew that I had learnt a lesson. He put me in a very uncomfortable position and pressed his dick inside me, all of it, in a single thrust. I moaned in carnal pleasure, and he fuck me hard and furiously.

I never felt so much joy in humiliation ever in her entire life. When he left me, I lied down in the same position for half an hour. All my strength left her body and she was still thinking about the punishment I received a while ago. I managed to gather slight strength to collect a piece of cloth to cover my modesty.

It was more humiliating to think that the pictures of my punishment are going to be shared on Xossip..so many men are going to watch and enjoy my humiliation, so many men would see me begging to be fucked like a slut..they would have such dirty thoughts about me and the desire to use me..the mere thought of this was bringing a dark thrill to my heart, I was melting..

After a while, psycho walked up to me, lifted me in his arms and carried me to the bed. He held me in his arms and began to kiss and cuddle me.

Both Psycho and Ria laughed together. They looked fabulous and made for each other as the setting sun colored them in gold, the true color of their immortal love for each other.

..........The end of the story, but Immortal Love to be continued..........


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about sofia:

in free style i want let other know
" who sofia and love gate is",
what kind of women and men we are ,
as a couple who we are...
why we are in xossip......

hope this would be the first time you all come to know the inner feeling of a couple...

A good wife is one who serves her husband in the morning like a mother does, loves him in the day like a sister does and pleases him like a prostitute in the night.
sofia is a perfect example...

every one have a dream to have a better wife or the best,but many land in ...
but for me it was more than i thought....
sofia love me care me always be with me,which make me to do the same to her....

she is obedient family member,cope up with all...
in her office she is a respectful women, many gets suggestions from her,

in our apartment she is a well wisher to many,she guides many..
but...her body makes many eyes to wander around,
manytimes mens stare at her, because she is just so damn beautiful (sexy).

many wait to get a glimpse of sofia ass when she start every morning.to make their happy and Amazing.

sofia used to complain about the office mate,every one seeing her ass, boobs and her navel...i used to get angry a while ,then i realized mens get attrated to beauty,whats wrong in it..

A great figure or physique is nice, but her self-confidence that makes her really sexy.
No matter sofia looks like,in home or in market or in office ,she's confident, she's sexy.

i advised her don't shy away, be confident and fire then if you feel they are crossing their limit,she couple times roasted the balls of guys who misbehaved with her...

things changed when i came to know that ,the members in my appartment nig named sofia as " fanta bottle" or " hot pot " or "gand ka rani".that was a turn on to .i love others admiring my wife.praising her beauty.it was encouraging us more in our sexual life, her teams used to compare her with some actress....this make her hot in and around....

fucking her became hot when we dicussed this issue,she was hot when i told these things ,when ever she hot, my dick becomes red hot, we have a nice time..lovely

then convinced to post her nude pics....after a year she accepted for me..ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh it was fun every night is a heaven for us ,lovely days....So she thoroughly taught him that one cannot take pleasure without giving pleasure,
and that every gesture, every caress, every touch, every glance,
every last bit of the body has its secret, which brings happiness
to the person who knows how to wake it.
She taught him that after
a celebration of love the lovers should not part without admiring each other,
without being conquered or having conquered, so that neither is bleak or
glutted or has the bad feeling of being used or misused.

when we discuss her love gate opens for a flood, she becomes hot,
moans are like music,her movement will be like a dance...its sex the pure form of love ..






boys comment nasty and hot about her ass cant be prevented its the male effect...

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My sexy hairy wife getting horny and posing with her boy friend.

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Dixa....in free style........
Starting wid cuckolding me piks....when her lvr take piks of all asset of her....me masterbatng n kukoldng.......by seeing her respose....
Posing wet hair...

capturing her all assets......




finally pussy crack

She teasing him wid saree revealing..........

he gets fire in him d*k n treated her all assets such as hair,lips,p*ssy,b*bbs wid him errected d*k....

her misc free style teasing piks.....

n last bt not least she always on xossip wid her bald p*ssy...............plssssss vote me n make her courage with wining with always on xossip

-ur loving Dixa bhabhi........
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funfantasy has celebrities hunting for his/her autographfunfantasy has celebrities hunting for his/her autographfunfantasy has celebrities hunting for his/her autograph
Being very naught at kitchen last week …Now Babali having some adventure at outdoor…While driving in a cloudy weather … she asks me to stop at village bus stop n ask me to click some of her pics for our adventure tour posting at xossip. She take out her Top n sat on the desk at bus stop in bra & leggings
I started to take pics…. But unfortunately heavy rain starts suddenly, I quickly moved in the car while Babali was still at the bus stop. I somehow manage to click some pics of her from the car itself.

After 3rd (kitchen) round… we got lot of Mails & PMs … We both were very much excited to know the comments of Babali’s fans and wanted to do something extraordinary/non-common things for our fans..
After lot of discussion n being horny all day she finally selected her favorite theme to play …

But start will be slow as usual….

Babali is in very naughty mood now… red “Naughty Panty” with white transparent…. Isn’t it erotic combination?

Hmm….. so sluty … yet sooo shy aa…

Now sultyness will take over the shyness …

She want some 1 to use her body for their pleasure…

She want some1 to dominate her …

Here she goes …the ultimate submissive wife …. Waiting to be get fuck roughly …. Who gonna fuck her???

Have you seen the announcement yet?

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