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Old 6th May 2016
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LOVE, LUST AND ............

Hi i am Ankita, today i am going to narrate a story of a guy whom i met online. He shared his story with me.


Hi everybody my name is john. I would like to share one of my experience with you guys. In this world every person has some fantasies, i

am also one of them, but mine was a 'TABOO'.

This story is about my "First Forbidden Fantasy". This is the story about me and my younger sister. I am 26

She is 24 her name is Preeti. Now i will tell u something about myself, right now i am doing job in mumbai in IT firm and earning
a good amount of money. I live in Bandra which is quite a happening place in mumbai and costly too, the rent of a house in bandra is quite

expensive, so i have shared a 2BHK flat with my colleagues. We are living 3 guys including me. Coming to my looks, i am 6 feet in height

with fair complexion with a good jaw line and lean body with 6 pack abs. I am passionate about fitness, so i spend hours in the gym to

stay fit. I follow strict diet to stay in shape, actually its my lifestyle.

Now coming to my sister's looks, well she is a dream. She is hard to describe. Even better; you wouldn't
even dream of something so perfect. Those limpid, constantly wet black eyes scream to be loved. She has eyes of a month
old child - big and screaming for attention. A perfectly drafted nose, flawless bright pink lips, and a milky white
complexion. She has a great figure like perfect flesh at perfect place, i got to know about her figure later, her figure
is like perfect 34C-26-36. She has perfect C-Cup boobs which are firm and very good in shape, She has a flat stomach with
a perfect belly button. She spend a lot of time working hard in the gym, that's why she has an amazing body that every guy
dreamed off.
Here is a pic of my sister.....

She has completed her MBA and got place in Mumbai too.


It was another hectic day for me got too much work (I thought in my mind while proceeding towards the office elevator). I went inside the

elevator and pressed the button of upper basement. After few seconds i reached the basement where my car was parked. It was 11.30 in the

night so there were no people in the parking except me. I went towards my car and opened it and threw my bag inside then went inside the

car and started the engine. I put on some music in my car to relax a bit, and droved off outside the office building. As it was quite late

in the night so the traffic was low and i reached my flat in 15-20 minutes.

I parked the car in my parking and took the bag and proceeded towards the elevator. My flat is

on 10th floor so it took nearly 30-40 seconds to reach on the 10th floor. I came out from the elevator and proceeded towards my flat. Then

i rang the bell but no one came to open the door i thought my frnds got slept or may be busy in watching movies. Then i again rang the

bell and no one came to open the door, i was feeling exhausted coz i was really tired at that time. Then i banged the door after ringing

the bell one more time, after 1-2 minutes the door got opened and i went inside the lights were off and there was a darkness inside the

flat. I looked around to see who opened the door, and in the same time someone blindfolded me. I said whose that, then someone hushed in

mye ears Shhhhhhh......!! I got a strong smell of a lady perfume, it was of a "COCO CHANEL" perfume, i knew this smell coz my Ex

girlfriend used it often. I asked whose this, but no one answer my question after that someone hushed in my ear in a very seductive voice

come with me, It was a girls voice, i thought she is my Ex GF but then i thought why would she come here we had a breakup 6 months ago.

Then she held my hand and taking me along with her, her hands were soft. Then she took me to the bedroom and pushed me on the bed slowly,

i went down on the bed and then i said who are you? What do you want?. Then she sat on my lap with each legs on either side and place a

finger on my lips, and hushed in my ear Shhhhhh....!!

When she hushed in my ear i got a aroma of her body it was kinda erotic, but at the same time i was confused who is

she. Then she pushed me on the bed with her both hands, and gave a peck of kiss on my lips, and went down slowly towards my neck and

kissed on the both sides of my neck, my breath got lil bit heavier. While kissing my neck she opened the first 3 buttons of my shirt and

went down to kiss my chest, i was so confused at tht time, i was enjoying it but i dont know who is she so it was like confusing situation

for me. After kissing my chest she went down slowly and slowly, and opened my belt and took it out and threw it away, i heard the noise of

the belt when she threw it away. Then i was about to open my blindfold but she held my hands and not allowed me to open the blindfold.

Then she unbuttoned my trouser and pulled it down, then i said what u want, then again she said Shhhhhhh.......!!

She pulled my toruser down and i lifted my butt up so that she can pulled it down

easily. Then i felt her hands, she was rubbing my dick over my underwear and in no time she took it out and started moving it up and down

with her hands. My breath got very heavy at that time, then she kissed the tip of my dick and i moaned ahhhh..... ummmm..... Then she

licked the side of my dick with her tongue, and then slowly took it in her mouth. When my dick entered her mouth it was like the best

feeling ever, it felt like so warm inside her mouth, when she took it in her mouth i moaned ohhhh shiiitttt..... ahhhhh...... Then she

started moving her head up and down on my dick. She started sucking it slowly, and i was like in heaven. After 1-2 minutes she increased

her speed a bit and i was moaning ahhhh ummmm yesssss..... Then i thought of removing my blindfold as she is busy in sucking my dick. Then

i removed opened my blindfold and removed it. The room was lil bit dark and the aromatic candles were lighten up on the side of the table

and coz of this there was some light in the room but not that much, then i looked down to know who is she, when i looked down i saw her

sucking my dick but was unable to recognise her face. Her face was covered with her hair as she got long hair. when i tried to hold her

hair she pushed me down on the bed with her one hand and i laid down on the bed and started enjoying it. But i was curious to know that

who is she, so after 1-2 minutes i held her hair with my one hand and rolled it around my hand. But was unable to see her face clearly as

she was busy in sucking my dick so cant see her face completely. Then she took my dick deep inside her mouth almost deepthroat and then i

moaned gosh you suck really well, so after that with my one hand from which i was holding her hair i started pushing her down towards my

dick forcing her to take it deep inside her mouth, when i did that she choked a bit and then started sucking it. When she took my dick

deep inside and choked i moaned ohhhhh godddd..... you are so good at it, when i said that she rolled her eyes upwards and our eyes met. I

looked deep in her eyes and she too looked deep in my eyes while sucking. I thought that i saw these eyes before. Her eyes were big, and

in some light of aromatic candles i saw she has done a smoky eye make up which is making her eyes really sexy. And now she was sucking me

while looking in my eyes. And me also looking in her eyes and pushing her towards my dick, in between i was moaning ahhhh... goddddd... u

suck really well.

After few minutes i was about to cum, and i said im about to cum so she increased her speed and while sucking with her one

hand she was making circular motion on my dick, i thought she will not allow me to cum inside her mouth, but i was surprised when i said i

am cuming then she took her hand away and started sucking my dick deeper, harder and faster, after few seconds i cumed in her mouth when i

cumed i held her hair with my both hands and pushed my dick deep in her mouth, she was choking at that time but i dint care i held my dick

deep in her mouth, i shoot out a huge load in her mouth shot after shot. When i finished i lyed on the bed breathing heavy, after few

seconds when i came back to my senses i lift my face up and saw her eyes, after that she lift her face up but it was not clear, then i got

up and came lil bit close and stopped, then from one of the candle light i saw her face and my heart skipped a beat, she was PREETI i

looked at her the cum was dripping out from the corner of her mouth.......!!!!

Then i heard the alarm in my phone and got up my heart was beating very fast, i was sweating, i

looked at the phone it was 5:00 in the morning and looked here and there, there is no one else apart me. It was a dream, a bad dream i


I will continue this story in the next part, and plz guys do tell me hwz the story?

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Old 6th May 2016
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Good start

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Old 6th May 2016
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Guys plz do tell me hwz the story, i will post the next part asap

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Old 7th May 2016
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Go ahead.

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Old 7th May 2016
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You may continue, but please do not forget to supply good quality digestive tablets to readers.

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Old 7th May 2016
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superbbbbbbbbbbbb D

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Old 8th May 2016
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Thx guys for all ur support, i will post the next part of the story asap

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Old 12th May 2016
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nice start keep writing

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Old 13th May 2016
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Toinght im going to update the chapter 1 of the story. So guys be ready.....

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Old 13th May 2016
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It was a last semester of my Engineering, Placements were going on. And i got placed at one of the reputed company in Mumbai. Well i

was happy that i got the placement in a good company, I worked hard for it. Well since the childhood i was good in studies. I am from a

middle class family and i dont have a rich dad so i am not from those kind off guys who spent their dad's money on random things. I had to

think a lot while spending money. My dad is a govt servant he took a loan for my studies and i knew it that one day i have to repay all

the loans he took for my studies. So its a kind off pressure on me. And from the starting when i entered this college my focus was on

studies and to get placed in a good company. And now i am happy that i got a good package in this company.
It was a last day of our college, everyone in the college taking pictures, selfies etc etc...
And everyone was saying that keep in touch. I have very few friends in college as i am kind off studious type. Some of my friends was

taking pictures with girls, well i Dont had much interaction with girls of our class; So, i prefer to stay back but my friends called me

for a group pic tht's why i joined them. After that i said good bye to my frnds coz i was getting late for my train. So i picked up my

bags and started proceeding towards the main gate of our college. Then i took an auto from the outside of the college to the bus stand.

After few minutes when i reached the bus stand i booked a ticket from chandigarh to delhi. My family lives in delhi and i was studying in

chandigarh. So it was a 5-6 hours long journey. And in the whole journey i was sleeping coz i was tired. I reached delhi 7 PM in the


when i reached delhi i took a metro and get down to the nearest station where i live. It was a 5 minutes of walking distance from the

station to my house. When i reached home mom opened the door and got happy to see me. I touched my moms feet and went inside. My dad was

watching a TV at that time. I touched my dad's feet also and he blessed me. Then he asked me about my last day of the college, i told

everything but i dint tell him that i got the placement. Then i said that i am tired and wanna take some rest so i excused my self and

went inside my room and put my bags on the bed and lyed on the bed and dozed off.

After an hour i woke up and heard some loud voices downstairs, i knew that it is preeti talking to my dad.
Then she came to my room and said "aur hero agya" (she used to say me hero casually, as most of the sisters call their brothers). I turned

around and said "nhi abhi raste me hu". She said very funny, i opened my eyes and she was standing beside my bed, she was wearing a blue

jeans and a white-black stripe top. The jeans was till her ankles, she was wearing kinda skin tight jeans. And the top was looking very

good at her, it looks like a slim fit branded t op hugging her upper body pretty well.(I thought in my mind that my sisters dressing sense

become pretty well form the past years). She then pushed me and said "uth ja kitna soega". Then i said "let me sleep i am tired". (The

main reason i am not getting up was a hard on, boys can understand this problem, its normal when u wake up). So i closed my eyes and

pretending that i am sleeping. Then my sister lyed beside me on the bed and i got a strong aroma of her body. Then she started moving her

hand in my hair and said brother "i really missed you a lot i am happy that you are finally here". I turned my face towards her, she was

lying sideways on the bed resting her head on her hand. When i turned my face towards her, her cleavage was lil bit visible

so my eyes went on her cleavage for a second (In that second i managed to see that her both breast were touching each other and was Lil bit lifted

upwards, there was no gap in between her both breast, From that i got a hint that she is wearing a push up bra). After that i looked away,

but coz of aroma coming from her body and the view of her cleavage for a second i started getting hard more. But suddenly i felt guilty

that how can i think about my sis like that. We were talking about the time we used to spend with each other, And the time when we used to

hide the mistakes of each other from parents. We are very close since childhood, Then i looked in her eyes her eyes were moistened coz she

loves me a lot and missed me a lot. I also love her a lot and missed her a lot. So she gave me a hug, But the way she hugged me i dnt know

what should i say, it was the first time a girl hugged me like that, i felt her soft breast on my chest for the first time, with her one

hand she was holding my neck and her one hand was on my back. The way she hugged me i got to know that she missed me a lot, i also hugged

her back and my one hand was on her lower back and one hand was on her hair, and i was resting my head on her right shoulder. At the time

of hugging i felt that she got pretty changed, she is kinda grown up women now, I felt that she got perfect boobs, My hand which was on

her lower back i felt the curve of her waist that was quite nice, i felt the line on her lower back which is separating her back over her

top, and i am getting a very huge aroma of her hair and body. Than i got conscious i say to myself what am i doing she is my sister. So i

broke the hug and kissed her on her forehead and got up from the bed........!!

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