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Old 10th September 2016
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Originally Posted by sexyshree49 View Post
my god earth quake outside and inside simultaneously.
you stopped at interesting point, now let us see how this earth quake will help you both.

lovely .. will update

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Old 11th September 2016
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Earth quake???? Wow an amazing twist
My Thread :


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Old 11th September 2016
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thx ... for the comments

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Old 11th September 2016
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We got out the compromising position. Anni, adjusted her sari. i pulled the shawl out and wrapped it over my anni and told to move outside as fast as she can. she asked to follow and i duly obliged. though it was mild, the fact that i was an earth quake made everyone frightened.

We assembled in the open space and waited for couple of hours before returning back. Was thinking when, everything was set right and with anni also agreeing too the shit earth quake came and spoiled the complete party.

It was already 3:30 in the morning and we both were feeling sleepy. After entering the flat, she asked to sleep in the hall and lock the door properly and moved to her bedroom without waiting for my response and closed the door.

Was left stranded in the hall. Was completely mad as to what will anni do the next morning. Will she agree or play the obedient-wife ? If she back tracks what to do ? how will i again convince her, now that she clearly knows my intention. There were lot of things going through me and i dont remember when i slept.

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Old 11th September 2016
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Day -1

I had a nice sleep and woke up by 9 PM when my sexy kitten had jolted my out of my sleep. I was aroused and there a nice tent erected down below and she did not miss to notice that and smiled mischievously.

She asked to take bath. I had a bath and brushed well. was getting myself prepared for lot of french kisses. She asked me sit down and asked to watch TV as it would take another 10 minutes for to finish cooking and went to the kitchen. She Came in after 15-20 minutes and asked me if I was hungry. I said no so she said we would have some chat till you feel hungry.

She came and sat down on a chair and started changing the TV channels to see if there is any good program going on. In the mean time she also started talking to me. She said she never expected that we would get so close this fast. we where talking and laughing.

Anni: what is that you want.
Me: what is that you can give me.
Anni: You should be telling me what you like and I will try our level best to give you that.
Me: Shall I tell you what I like and want?
Anni: sure tell it.
Me:I like you and I want you at any cost.

Anni, did not reply.

Me: why are you not replying ?

She without uttering any word, left to kitchen. I was also feeling very bad. After some time she said come lets have dinner.

We moved to the dining table and she served me dinner. she was not having any smile on her face. Though looked as if she was a little angry. she was looking very sexy. She wore a blue color sari and blue blouse. Each time she went to kitchen to pick up something her ass was swinging which just great to watch.

She also started having dinner and we started speaking again. She never picked the topic of my liking towards her. When we were about to finish the dinner .I asked her once again, that she did not reply to what I asked.

First she said I think it's never possible and she also said I could not imagine to cheat my husband. I have never even thought of any relationship with someone other than my husband.

I said, but you promised to give me whatever yesterday. She kept quiet and started clearing the dining table and taking things to the kitchen. Though she was a little upset about the whole thing she asked me to sit down as she will clean the utensils and come.

She moved to the kitchen and i moved to the hall and started watching the TV. I thought if I had to get her, it's today or never. I got up & increased the TV volume slightly, bolted the front door and slowly & silently moved to the kitchen.

she was washing the utensils, without giving much time I held her tightly from behind and the plate she had in her hand fell down and broke. I held her with one hand on her belly and the other around her neck and started kissing her on the neck. She tried to kick me with her leg, but I held her tightly. I just somehow managed to push her entire body towards the slab and managed to get her hands washed and closed the tap.

She asked me what is this, this not fair on your part to do this to me.

I kept quiet and turned her towards me and put both my hands below her arms and hugged her very tightly that there was hardly any gap for even air to pass. This was the first time her entire boobs were pressed against my chest. She was trying her level best to push me aside, but I was too strong for her .As I am taller than her, I lifted her in the same position and came out of the kitchen to hall.

I held in the same position and made her to sit on the sofa and started kissing on her lips, she turned her head back and tried to move back.

rather tamely, She started telling please leave me.

Me: please anni, please don't try to push me. If you come my way it's going to be enjoyment for both of us. I love you anni.

That did not stop her resistance.

I lifted her and rested her neck on my right hand and her knees on my left hand and sat on the Sofa. she was laying like a baby in my hands. I held her head strong in my hands started kissing her on her lips and with great struggle I inserted my tongue inside her mouth and started playing. She was just lying idle and allowing me to explore her body, but there is no fun if the female doesn't respond. So I also stopped kissing her and she was just lying like a baby in my hands. I asked her if she was angry with me.

She said "yes".

I said, "I love you very much".

she turned her face not looking in to my eyes.

I again hugged her slowly against my chest and started teasing her ear lobes with my tongue. I also inserted my tongue all into her ears and she started laughing as she started feeling a tickling sensation.

Suddenly she asked, "if someone comes to know about this what would happen".

I told her why should some come to know about this and how would anyone suspect something like this is happening unless we do something that comes to haunt us. I was at last relived that her problem is only if someone comes to know about this.

Now I got all my courage and started the fore play once again. I started kissing her from the forehead, eyes cheeks and neck and slowly moved down to boobs. They were really too big for her blouse to hold. I then made her lie on the sofa and kissed from forehead to her toe, she had her legs rested on the arms of the sofa.

I just stepped back to admire the beauty kitten. She was simply stunning.

I again moved close to her and moved her sari from the belly portion to have full view of the belly, she was looking great exposing her belly I kissed on her belly for a long time holding her folds in the side of her stomach. Again I got up kissed on her lips and came to the belly portion and inserted my index finger in her naval, played with it exploring the circumference of it and then started kissing her naval madly. inserted my tongue in her naval and tickled the inner flesh for a very long time.

she was gasping for breadth and started to moan unable to hide the excitement. By this she had given up and she started responding back. she circled her hands around my head and started to kneed my hair. she was trying to push me closer to her, so that it wud be difficult for me to do what i was doing i.e licking her navel hole. I was sure she was already wet inside by then. But then I did not want to undress her so fast. I started looking into her eyes and asked,

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Old 11th September 2016
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Me: now do I have the permission to explore you ?
Anni: yes, but only for once and we will not repeat this again.

I agreed. It was almost 11 AM by then.

Now I was sure we going to have a steamy session of fun and excitement. She slowly got up and sat on the sofa and I dug my face to her belly and she caught hold of my head very tightly. I again started kissing her belly portion madly.

then asked her to stand. I went behind her and started exploring all the exposed part of her flesh between her blouse and the sari and neck above and below the blouse. She has started enjoying all the moments by now. I then inserted one of my hand into her bra and caught hold of her boobs and with the other hand I kept feeling her belly and extra curves around her belly. I did this for sometime. she was totally hot inside, damn horny and she for the first time turned and hugged me tightly and started kissing me madly on my forehead, cheeks, lips, neck and then on to my chest. she was uncontrollable.

She then removed my tshirt and started kissing all over my chest and then lied down on my chest hugging me. I again made her lie on the sofa and started kissing her on her legs raising her sari a bit.

I started kissing all over and started licking all across her feet, her feet almost pink in color and very soft. I then rolled her sari and underskirt up to her knees and started licking up to her knees. She was enjoying all the action. Slowly raised her sari along with her underskirt a little more that her panties were seen. I could see that pantie was wet to a large extent by then I kissed on her thighs and slowly dug my face to her wet panties, she caught hold of my head tightly with her hands and started moaning.

I then rolled the sari and underskirt back in position and made her stand, She stood up hugging me and this time I was sure it was with all love and affection.

Me: do you like me now.
Anni: yes.
Me: do you love me.
Anni: yes.
Me: I want to see you naked and enjoy every damn inch of you.

she did not reply but, just hugged me tightly. Hugging her I said I want to see you completely naked for which she just lifted her head looked into my eyes and kissed me on the face once again. I was for sure that she was totally in my control now. She then pointed towards the bedroom.

I lifted her in my arms and took her to the bedroom. it was well done bedroom with a large king size bed. I slowly put her on the bed. I sat next to her and wanted to enjoy her for a long time. I pulled her and made her lie on my chest and rested myself on two pillows.

I told her if I was her husband she could have had sex three or four times a day, for which she smiled and kissed me. I then told her that, I would ensure that you enjoy sex to fullest and if I was allowed to have sex with her for next few days. For which she said no this should be the first and last. I told her only till her husband returns lets have all the fun, she just kept quiet for that and kissed me. I was sure that next 10-15 days is going to be real fun for me. I was just unable to imagine a matured lady like my sexy kitten is lying in my arms.

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Old 11th September 2016
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without wasting any time i started kissing her on her lips, and then inserted my tongue inside her mouth started playing with her tongue. She smelled very good. We did this for a long time. she broke the passionate kiss. stood out from the bed and said needs to drink water.

after she came back from the kitchen after drinking water, I then slowly removed her sari from her shoulders and undid the tucked portion from the petticoat. And then removed her sari completely. She was looking stunning in the petticoat and then slowly removed the hooks of her blouse and started kissing her boobs and the cleavage. dug my face on hers boobs and started biting her nipples over her bra. She was wearing that black satin lacy bra which i had selected for her. She teased me by laughing mischievously.

I then went down to the knot of her underskirt and removed the knot with my teeth, but did not allow the underskirt to fall on the floor all of sudden. Underneath she was wearing that bikini cut black satin pantie. I was overwhelmed with joy. I held that petticoat and slowly removed the underskirt down kissing her on the panties, sides on the panties and turned her around and started kissing her on her ass cheeks. I started kissing on her thighs.

If I had describe her from bottom to top .well polished nails, two golden rings on the middle fingers of her legs, Golden anklets on both the legs, black satin bikini cut pantie, two golden bangles each on both hands, a ring in the middle finger of her left hand and well polished and long nails in the left hand, a chain hanging slightly below her black lacy bra, and a mangal sutra, ear rings, brown color round bindi and a little sindoor on her forehead.

Really stunning. I just felt like eating her raw. She was looking great. I just moved a few steps back to see and enjoy her beauty; She put both her hands on her face and was not able to look in to my eyes. she was feeling shy. I asked her to remove her hands and look at me. she said she is feeling shy. I told her anni you look beautiful like this and let me see you completely please remove your hands. You will look good only once your face in uncovered. She again repeated that she is feeling shy.

I told her that you at least have two pieces of clothes on your body now. After sometime you will not even have that and then what will you do?

I slowly removed her hands from her face and gave soft kiss on her forehead on the sindoor and hugged her tightly, for which she responded very well. She was totally hot by now. I slowly again kissed her on her back and tried remove her bra hooks with my mouth. I managed to do that and started kissing her all over her back and in the mean time removed one string of the bra from the right hand, but she did not allow the bra to fall down, she kept both her hands on the cups of the bra held that close to her boobs. Then I came to her front and asked her to put her hands down and she said no. I then slowly caught the center of the bra and pulled it to free both her boobs together. She had two large globes beneath the bra. I told her that I couldn't imagine that this 34 size bra held these two huge pair of globes. She hugged me tightly and said in my ears that she generally wears one size lesser bra so that the size of the globes are not exposed to people.

I then sat on the bed and made her stand in front of me and started playing with her boobs. I took the tits to my mouth and bit them slowly and she enjoyed every moment. I made her to sit on my lap so that her boobs were close to my face and started kissing and taking the portion of her boobs inside my mouth. In the mean time I placed my left hand on her panties and started playing with her pubic area. inserted into it and she had shaven it.

She was aroused. she was close to orgasm by now. And I slowly inserted my index finger into her hole and slowly started rotating it so that she enjoys it. After some time I made her stand and encircled her so that my hands started exploring her ass and my face rolling over her belly and boobs. I slowly held her ass cheeks inserting my hands inside her panty and removed her panties up to her thighs and started kissing her upper thighs and her lower tummy.

Then I slowly took the panties to the ankle and she caught hold my shoulder to lift her right leg and I removed it from the leg and then the same repeated with her left leg also.

Now my sexy kitten was in front of me totally naked. she then removed my pants and my underwear. I then put her left leg on the cot and the right leg on the floor and went below her and faced her pussy. and started licking slowly giving her maximum enjoyment. I then started inserting my tongue deep into her hole and she started morning a bit louder. She said she cannot wait any more and asked me to take her fully now. It was close to 4 hrs without the actual session just by teasing each other's body.

I continued in this position for some more time and then I made her lie on the bed on her back and put her legs on the floor and I sat on the floor and put both her legs on my shoulders and positioned my face to her pussy lips once again and drilled my tongue as deep as I could into her hole. She started mourning very loudly. I then removed my tongue and started licking all around her pussy hole and slowly rose to her belly portion and to the naval hole now and all this action was running both of us crazy. I then went up to her boobs and I took both the boobs into my mouth as much as possible and then finally reached her mouth and inserted my tongue into her mouth and played with her tongue for a long time and now she was totally restless and asked me to perform the actual action.

I then went down and placed my dick in front of her pussy hole and wide spread her legs with my hand. I had some difficulty in inserting my dick into her hole. She then held my dick with her fingers and placed it in the right place and I slowly started pushing it into her hole and she started mourning again. I then slowly increased the speed of stroking my dick in her hole and she was just enjoying it. I was now about to cum in her hole, I somehow controlled myself and reduced the speed so that I don't cum this fast and once again slowly started moving my dick front and back and did the same thing for almost 15-20 minutes so that we have max pleasure and could not control after that and released all my cum into her giving me and her a lot of relief.

We slept in the same position for some time after the game. I was lying on her body after the session teasing her with my tong and my fingers. She at last started talking, she said that this is the longest session she had in her lifetime and she sounded thankful for the wonderful time that I had given her.

She came sat beside me and held my dick with her fingers and started massaging my dick. She once in a while pinched my soft skin with her nails. She also held my balls and started playing with it.

She said in a low voice that she has to take bath and get to her household work. I told fine lets bath together.She was just looking into my eyes when I told that, I then kissed her once again on her fore head and her eyes. Then removed the bedspread from her body and was admiring her beautiful body once again.

Kissed her on her boobs and neck. I then got of the bed and lifted her in my arms and started walking towards the bathroom. On the way I was just looking deeply into her eyes. she was blushing in my arms.

She asked me, do you love me so much.
I said yes.

She asked me, what is so special about her.

I placed her on the slab in the wash room and made her face the mirror and put my hands on her boobs and told, tell me anni who would not like to have you as his own.

She took a towel and tied it across her chest and tied her hair as a bun and I caught hold of her by her neck once again and put my tong deep into her mouth once again started playing with her tong and had her tong in my mouth also. We had a deep kiss making our tongue dance in each other's mouth.

After some time I made her sit on the slab and lifted her towel so that I could see her pussy hole clearly and started kissing her around her hole and then slowly once again inserted my tong into her pussy hole and started rotating my tongue inside her hole and she started moaning with a bigger sound, she held my head tightly against her pussy and I did that for at least 5 minutes and made her cum again. I then lifted her in my arms and made her stand. she was just in the towel.

I took her to the shower and put on the shower and as the water dripped from the shower I again started kissing her with more vigor and took my tongue inside her mouth and now it was a mix of our saliva and water. Now as the towel was totally wet I removed her towel and made her stand naked. I went down on my knees and lifted her one leg and started kissing her from the toe slowly moved to the upper portion to her knee, upper thighs and ultimately to her hole once again and made her moan to the core. I then made her lie on the floor and went above her and inserted my penis in to her hole, and started fucking her once again. She was just lying on the floor totally naked and I was on her pushing my penis into her hole with great vigor. she was reaching the climax and so was i. the moaning started getting loud. i could not control and started to cum for the second time inside her.

after laying in the same position for sometime. the got up and started to take bath. I took the towel and started to dry my sexy kitten. She then told me to go the drawing hall, as she wants to get dressed. I kissed her and hugged her and told her that I want to see her getting dressed. I then moved back and wore my pant and shirt and sat on the cot.

She went to wardrobe & took out black color pantie and a similar color bra. As she was wearing the bra, I went behind her and helped her wearing the hook and adjusted her straps with my hands inside her bra and then inserted my hands in to the cups and pressed then once again.

As she wore the pantie fully, I went and put my face on her pantie and kissed on the hole onsite the pantie, she was smelling great there and then she wore her underskirt and her blouse which was same in color and she then she wore her sari I asked her to were it way below her naval and she readily obliged.

we were hungry after that steamy session and i told to my sexy kitten that i would be bringing a parcel for her also for lunch.

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Old 11th September 2016
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wow great story plz update soon eagerly waiting
lover of desi girls

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Old 11th September 2016
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wow wow wow wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

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Old 11th September 2016
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