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Old 12th September 2016
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It contains everything

My name is Aditya and this is my story. A detailed evolution of me and friends sex life.
I was in 2nd standard when my dad Ramesh got promotion and he decided it was time for him to buy his own home. My parents were fed up of all the shifting they had to do every year and rented house never felt your own place. He was ambitious and wanted his own house. He got a home loan and bought a small Bungalow in a newly constructed colony. I hated the moving as I happy with my own place. I basically didn’t like to leave my friends.
Anyways I was not my choice and we shifted.
The new place was good and bigger than last place. It was a colony of row houses. I was not happy except that I had my elder sister Arpita who with me. She was only 15 months older than me. That means I was conceived exactly 6 months after my sis was born. Now I know couples can’t have sex for 6 months after giving birth to a child. I guess my dad hit a six on the opening ball and I was born. How horny was he?
Both my parents were working. The new house only added pressure to earn more money to repay loan. My mom Lata was working in some accounts department in some company. My dad was some an engineer.
The other houses in the colony were still empty as it was a newly built colony.
The neighbor
Soon after few days we also had our neighbor. The family was also same as ours. My Suresh was a business man. His wife Anita was working with her husband. They had two kids. A girl named Nitu who was of my age group as we were in same standard in diff school. Her elder brother Rahul who was just like my sister, just 1 year elder to me. They both were in same standard. May be his dad also hit a six.
As we didn’t have much people around we kids grew together. Me and Rahul became best friends. We were happy to be around each other and played together. I was happy to find a friend in the new place.
Soon our families grew closer and shifted us kids to a better school together. I still don’t understand why they sifted us. I hated the shifting. They said as the new school was better for our future. I and Nitu became classmates and so did Arpita and Rahul. The parents found this very helpful. Both our parents came home in the evening after work. We kids were early and could give company to each other. There was a bai who was hired to look after us four till our parents arrived. First we all four used to play together, but later the gals were happier inside.
Me and Rahul used to play cricket. It was only two of us.
One day a boy named Sunil who lived near our colony came to us as he also wanted to play with us. He was very much elder to us. May be 5 to 6 years. We were just small boys in size compered to him. He could beat us up alone if he wanted. Anyways we were happy to have one more player as it was difficult to field for the ball with 2 guys. With two players even the batsman is a fielder.
We were happy to have sunil with us as he was much elder to us and as you all know having a senior makes you protected. Soon we turned his subordinates. We respected him and obeyed him. He gave the same respect to us also. He taught us many things while playing. We were learning and he was the teacher. He obviously was in his teens. Gradually many boys joined us while playing but only we three were close to each other. Nobody messed with us as Sunil was on our side. Me and Rahul were a happy with this.
Sunil was way ahead of us in everything. As he was in his teens, he was already into sex stuff. Basically he was from a poor family so he was a government school property. It means his way of looking into sex is more strong than us English medium boys. Even before we were into teens sunil used to discuss with us all about sex and gals. At first we were not that into it but surely we were happy to hear about it. We didn’t know why we liked his sexual talk. As we matured into our teens things changed. We started to crave for the sexual talks.
Sunil saw our interest and started being more open. Before that due to our age or risk, he was little reluctant to give us detailed talk.
The awakening
At first sunil used to share sex jokes with us. At that point and age even the jokes used to bring butterflies in stomach. Obviously we didn’t know about the process. The jokes soon turned to looking at actresses. We discussed about our favorite actresses we saw in TV and discussed if we got a kiss. Seriously a kiss from our favorite actress was our fantasy.
Then one day sunil came to us and asked us to an isolated place. We went to my house as Arpita and nitu were studying in rahul’s House. He had something under his shirt. Me and Rahul were very curious about it. Sunil asked to me close the door and we entered the house. Sunil then looked at us in excitement. We were also excited but didn’t know what was the surprise. Sunil Slowly took a book tucked under his shirt. Our eyes were wide open seeing a porn magazine. My heart was beating like a marathon. We saw nude ladies. That day we were in seventh heaven. I thought my life has seen everything. The boobs, ass, thighs. Every part of women’s body was mesmerizing. The hangover lasted for many days.
We were more curious and wanted to see more. Sunil used to bring more books and it we had lot of fun seeing it.
As our parents were never home in day time we were quite free to do anything. Our sisters were never invited and neither did they were interested in being with us or sunil. Our sisters used to stay away from sunil as he was outsider and looked little rough or poor. I don’t know. Anyways as time passed the books were obviously not of much interest.
One day I noticed a hair growing around my cock. I was a bit surprised and tensed. I did have a discussion about hair around women’s pussy and sunil had said that even men have it. I didn’t like the idea of men having pubic hair. I didn’t discuss much and avoided the talk. But now I had hair around my cock. I was very sad.
I didn’t want hair there. It didn’t look good. I liked the clean thing.
During our usual meeting on one of the days. We were discussing about gals when I told sunil that i didn’t like hair on my cock. He laughed at me and said that it is sign of being a man. I was little surprised but relieved to hear that I was a man now. Still my face was little dull sue to the new adjustment for being a man. Sunil said even he had hair around his cock and it has grown a forest around there. In my mind I was curious to see the forest. Rahul said even he has hairs but not a forest. We all laughed. Suddenly Sunil said I am gonna show you kids some man thing. Sunil stood up and pulled down his trouser with his underwear. Rahul and me were shocked to see an erect cock and that too huge. Our’s were not that huge. Sunil was showing us the forest also. We didn’t know what to say. I and Rahul looked at each other in shock. Sunil came close to us and started showing us his pubic hair. His cock was dangling around our face. We were avoiding his cock from our face by pushing him and moving our face here and there. Sunil being strong and older than us was able to push his cock onto us. He was having fun. I didn’t know if he was playing with us or not, but his cock was erect like a pole. He later put his snake inside and we started to talk about other stuff. But the big cock did bring a dent in our head. Later after sunil left us me and Rahul laughed at that thing a lot. We both were sitting together in class. The next day in class we were only one topic to talk. The huge cock. We were very getting very curious about sex. We were comparing our cocks with sunils etc.
As days passed sunil became more open showing his cock to us.
The first movie
One day Sunil said he has a friend who has porn movie. If me and Rahul wanted then we can see it. Hearing that a bell rand in our stomach. Obviously we wanted to see that. The next day sunil bought the cd and we very excitedly started to watch the movie. First it was good but as the movie progressed, it sucked. For us the blowjob was good to discuss. But when we saw it for the first time, me and Rahul almost had a sensation of vomiting. We couldn’t see the movie. For few days sex was out of our system. It sucked.
But our hormones kicked again. Sunil again bought the cd and this time we saw the whole movie. It was an OK experience with lot of questions. And mainly whats the white stuff coming out of the cock.
Sunil looked at us in pity and said that’s the nectar of love. We obviously didn’t understand. He looked at us and asked if we ever shagged. We were little confused. He was surprised and in disbelief. He said it’s the most heavenly thing a man can experience. We had no clue.
The first Shag
We were eager to learn and wanted to experience it. Sunil assured his full assistance. He asked us to follow his lead. We obeyed. He pulled out his erect cock and asked us to do so. We reluctantly pulled our pants down and pulled our cock out. At first me and Rahul were shy and covered our cocks. Sunil laughed and pulled our hands away. He held our cocks and pulled us. That was our first experience. We obviously were not gay. But that was for the first time some other skin was on our throbbing cocks. It was heavenly which we couldn’t describe. Our body went feeble and had no strength. He took his hand and started to shag his cock. He told us to shake our cocks the way his is doing. We did as he told. He showed us the scene in the movie where the gal gives blowjob and shakes the guys cock. He told see the gal and shake the cock exactly like she was doing. We shagged our cocks seeing her. The porn, the excitement of learning something new and everything was heavenly. I wanted to pee and said I am about to pee. Sunil said its not pee but the nectar is coming out. I wanted to go to toilet but he insisted on staying and blocked my way out. Rahul too felt it but had faith in Sunil. Rahul said I am about to pee. Sunil looked at him and told him to do soo. I was in disbelief, if he pees in my room then who is going to clean it. I was about to object when Rahul ejaculated. White liquid sprayed out of his cock with full force. He was in total surprise but his body was shivering is excitement. He had no control over his body. He fell on bed behind him. Sunil was screaming in excitement and congratulated Rahul. I didn’t want to left behind. Seeing Rahul’s cum I too ejaculated. Now it was my turn to get the applause from Sunil. Rahul with his feeble body lay on the floor and looked at me. He too was applauding me with his smile. I cummed like hell. That was my first cum. My body got stiff and electric shocks were passing with a violent speed whole over my body. I had never experienced such a pleasure in my life. My eyes closed and I had no control on my body. It was heaven. Sunil cummed immediately after that. He was a pro his reactions were not that intense as ours. He was enjoying his ejaculation.
The Guilt
The next moment was full of guilt. I was feeling very guilty about what all happened. Even Rahul was feeling sad and guilty. We cleaned the room and they went to our houses. Sunil had no change but me and Rahul were little disturbed and felt sad. We felt guilt about watching porn and had no interest in gals. I just slept away till evening when my parents came home.
New beginning
When I woke up things were different. I was again horny and my cock was throbbing. Again I was feeling horny and excited. I locked my door and shagged again. It was awesome. Again the guilt came. I promised not to repeat it and went for dinner.
After dinner I shagged again. Again guilt came. I again promised. I shagged before sleeping. I was shagging like a piston in a car. The guilt part was having lesser effect each time I shagged.
I and Rahul met had discussion and he had the same story as mine. He too was shagging like a running piston. We both shagged in school. It was as if my life had seen everything. I thought it was the happiest thing happened to me. Rahul and me were in the same page. We were shagging on actresses. Soon things changed and we were shagging on our classmates. Sunil too joined us sometimes. As sunil’s timings were different and he had help his dad with his work. He could only visit us when he gets time.
Everything is good until you overdo it. We were shagging 3 to 4 times everyday and on every classmates. Soon things got boring. We were craving for more and didn’t have a clue what to do. When hormones kicked we shagged but the experience was not that electrifying as it used to be. We wanted to experience more.
Time gradually passed and sunil was in college. We were still struggling in school. He was matured into a huge guy. His visit to us slowly decreased. Me and Rahul used to be very eager to meet him as he was the one who was bringing the new stuff. We were still stuck on porn while sunil had girlfriend and had sex. Sunil had given us all details and we shagged a lot hearing it. But we also were craving more and wanted fuck.
Mature stuff
One day we all 3 were sitting under and tree and were having a quiet time. We were just sitting there seeing the sky and nature. We could see people passing from the road. At that time a mature lady in her early 30’s was passing by. Sunil saw her and his eyes was stuck on her. He was looking her walk the whole way. I saw this and poke at him.
Me: She is a matured woman.
Sunil: So what?
Me: I mean she is way more older than us and is bad.
Sunil: (Laughing) Bad? Dude, mature are the most sexiest thing in the world.
I was surprised to hear that. But if sunil said it than that must be true.
Sunil: Dude. See her. She was juicy and fully ripe. Her boobs and ass are the best.
He was right. Me and Rahul could only agree with him.
Sunil: These aunties are more experienced and better on bed.
We both were spell bound and heard him quietly. He was right. The matured women were more enticing. They had huge ripe boobs and asses. That day I learnt something new.
I and Rahul were in drunken state. It was obvious that the mature was more good stuff. They were like the wine. Which gets better with age. The most important part. It was a taboo. The taboo stuff just made electricity pass in our bodies. We knew that matured women were our new best thing.
Our eyes were now searching for all matured women. Who can that be. Actresses are obviously matured. Random women in city were great. But we need more. Our interest went from actresses to random women to all matures aunties we came across.
More close meant more taboo
We were happy with all the beauties in the city. Now our interest was not into playing sports or watching porn. Watching porn is epic but still we liked roaming around looking at the beauties of the world. We fantasized them while shagging. Each day we would bring new lady in our shagging. Small things used to excite us. The boobs, ass, the bra peeking from the blouse. The bra line under the blouse. The fluffy stomach between the sarees. The tight jeans of the gals. Little peak of the cleavages. Everything excited us.
One day as usual in class I were day dreaming. Ravi my classmate a horny guy poked me and asked me to see something in front. I saw our English teacher writing something on the board. I had no clue what he was saying. He had a cunning smile and asked me to see again. I didn’t see anything and asked him to say it. He came close to me and said bra. I looked immediately and saw the teacher’s bra peeking outside her blouse. Suddenly my body got stiff. It was Shushila teacher’s bra. Woooooooooooow! It was not the bra which excited us. It was that it was our own English teacher. She was not somebody from outside. She was close to us and I never saw her that way. What we were doing was wrong and taboo. Blood rushed to my cock and it stood in attention. The bra was not relevant any more. Her ass, boobs, curves, thighs, stomach and everything was running in my head. I told Rahul about this and that day miss shushila was double penetrated by both of us in our fantasy. She screamed our names and we screamed teacher shushila with our ejaculation. That day we had our new best thing.

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good naration. continue

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Originally Posted by lavmodda View Post
good naration. continue
Thanks man. The story wont get into sex like other stories.Hope people like such stories.

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Great sexy start.. Plz continue

Reps added...+25

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Constant Change
Me and Rahul were in need of constant change. We shagged on all our teachers, principal, neighbor aunties & gals, friends mom & sisters, and everybody. We both were having a blast finding people around us. Fantasizing about the known is a different experience. You respect them never think anything bad about them. Your idea of them is a serious person without sex. Yes as I I said is right. We never think about our respected women having sex. In our imagination the women’s face expression is always about compassion, kind, serious and all good things.
But the day you imagine a face having sex, it wooow. It changes everything. Seeing the respected one having painful pleasure of anal fucking, eating cum etc gives an electrifying experience.
Me and my friend now didn’t roam around in the city for new faces. We were now changing the faces of all teachers, neighbor, and friends mom and sisters. It was fun. It was taboo but a great fun.
Dead End
Every fantasy has a dead end. Soon all ths things were getting boring and we wanted more. We used to share our experience with Sunil and he was happy to hear about our stories. But being a senior guy he had already done all those stuff before us. It was only we who were learning from him.
I and Rahul had fantasized about all women we knew and fucked them thousand times. Even made them lesbians and strapon fucked each other. Every combination and every woman were used. Now we had enough and craving for more. We didn’t know what to do and who to do.
As usual I was trying to shag before sleep in my bed. I was trying to find a woman who was very interesting. I couldn’t find anyone and was feeling frustrated about it. I was pumping my cock but every woman were I saw picturized in my mind were not giving me the shock. I was frustrated. My thought just drifted from sex to what I was going to do next day in school. I was thinking about the sports class and about cricket etc etc. Still my hands were playing the limp cock. My mind was wandering like rocket. I myself didn’t know what was I thinking. But surely not sex.
Suddenly I saw Nitu. Rahul’s sister. My heart skipped a beat. I was not thinking anything bad about her, but my cock suddenly got erected. I was confused. She was Rahuls’s sister and he is my best friend. There was no chance of me thinking about her in any bad way. I couldn’t betray my friend. But my cock was hard and throbbing. I had this sensation after a long time. Suddenly nitu’s face wanted my cock. I was confused and in excitement. I had no choice. I shagged like a monkey. I slept in guilt promising not to betray my friend again.
In the morning everything changed. Nitu surely was looking sexy. She was good. My never ever I thought sexy. I didn’t know what to do. I was cursing myself and visualizing her in a bad way. My mind was running both ways. It was killing me. I couldn’t accept the fact that I wanted her. I didn’t know how to face Rahul. I avoided her a lot. Now I could only see her ass and boobs and people she did have a great asset. She was around me all the time but never ever noticed that she had an ass and boobs. It was surprising. As I said earlier, your mind ignores sex, boobs and ass and all sexy stuff of the woman you respect. When you ignore your mind, suddenly all of it grows up. I didn’t want Nitu and ignored her thoughts.
As you see our life changes with age. Earlier everything it was we. Even the story started with our experience. But now its me and my experience. Childhood is far better as good heart prevails. Adulthood is all about our singular needs.
I not feeling well and was even avoiding Rahul sometimes, but made sure he didn’t notice it. I was feeling frustrated and wanted to speak out. One day Rahul was not present and I and Sunil were as usual were sitting under the tree. Sunil noticed my tensed face and asked me the reason. I was very reluctant to tell him as I was afraid to say that I am a friend betrayer. I didn’t know how Sunil would take it. On his persisting asking I caved. He promised me that the problem will be between him and me and the secret will die with him. After many assurance from him I told him that I once accidently thought about Nitu once while shagging. My eyes went down. I didn’t know what to say in my defence. I looked up for Sunil’s reaction. I thought he would be concerned and mad. But he was smiling. What he said shocked me like hell.
Sunil: Damn she has an awesome boobs and ass. I had fucked her 100 times in my fantasies.
I didn’t know what to react to it. I was shocked as hell. I should have been angry on Sunil for seeing our best friends sister in a fuck way, instead I was relieved and was happy. I was reluctant to accept it but relieved. Sunil said whats the problem. She is hot and sexy. Ignoring her is wrong. His reasons were foolish and unacceptable but I was happy to hear them.
That I day things changed for me. I shagged on Nitu many times. I had accepted the fact that I wanted to fuck her if I get chance. Accepting this was not easy. This resulted a different feeling for Rahul. I now didn’t want to get close to him. I still had a guilt feeling facing him. I used to avoid him if possible. My eyes were all on Nitu but it was not easy as her brother my best friend was always present with us. It was difficult. I was in dilemma. I told my problem to Sunil and he said he had a solution.
The Solution
Sunil one day called both me and Rahul. He sat in front of us and looked at us. I was nervous if Sunil told Rahul anything. Rahul didn’t know what was happening. He had a question mark on his face. I showed and angry face to Sunil signaling not to say anything stupid. Sunil smiled and said why are you afraid. Rahul is your best friend and he will understand you. I was tensed and afraid. Rahul was didn’t know what was happening and wanted to know what was the problem. Sunil kept one hand on my shoulder and the other on rahul’s shoulder. He looked at us and said
Sunil: You both are best friends and are alike. You both need to understand each other. This will shock you but listen and try to understand each other. I don’t want any fights but only love which brought you both together all this year.
My body was dead. I couldn’t feel anything. I didn’t know what to do and running away was not a solution.
Then Sunil said something. “You both secretly love each other’s sisters”

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Old 13th September 2016
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Confused Love
Now I didn’t know what to say to that. I was looking at Rahul and he was looking at me. We both had betrayed each other. Frankly speaking I was relieved. It didn’t occur to me that he wanted my sister but only that I am saved. He too was confused and bit relieved. For some time we were just stuck and looking at each other. Actually I didn’t know what to say or do. If I show interest than it means that I am have betrayed my sister. Eventually a smile broke in Rahul’s face. I too smiled and we were laughing and hugging for some time. Sunil was excited that all went well between us. Now it was obvious that we couldn’t exchange our sisters for sex. It was too cheap. Frankly we only wanted to fuck but we couldn’t accept on face. I was too late. He asked me why I liked his sister. I didn’t know what to say. I told him I loved her and she was my love of my heart. I said it to be decent, I cant use my friends sis for sex. I asked him the same question and he said that he too was in love with arpita and cant live without her. We both knew that we were horny virgins and wanted to fuck some bitch. But as things were about our sisters we wanted some decency into it. It’s a very complicated situation. I hope you people also must have faced such situations. For example you know that you were born due to sex between your parents, but you never picturize that way. Its difficult to see your parents fuck each other out. Its weird and gross.
Now we were locked and were in love. At that young age plus when you are virgin depraved of gals, the easiest gal is your love. You don’t know why you love her but she would be your life and death. But my friend its just sex and not love. That why the failure of love marriages are high. So at the end we both were planning to be in laws to each other.
The Proposal Plan
Days passed and we accepted the fact that I loved Nitu and Rahul loved Arpita. Eventually we accepted that we wanted to fuck them too. It was an obvious thing and we both knew each other. But the only question was how. We had no clue about it. The only we had was that we had an inside man here. I was the inside man for Rahul and he was for me. First we started by helping the gals, then saying how good each other’s good things to our sisters. Like I used to say good things about Rahul to arpita and Rahul did the same at his house. Things were not moving as both our sisters were conservative and studious. They both were more interested in books than us. My sister Arpita was still good at heart but NItu was a bitch. She was a high headed bitch. She was good in studies but was a bitch. I didn’t know why I loved her. But she was a bitch. A bitch a bitch and bitch. Speaking to her was like speaking to some beauty queen. I hated when I interacted with her. Sometimes I only wanted to rape her. I was stuck. I didn’t know then. All three me, Rahul and Sunil got together and daily planned our strategy. We planned and planned and reached nowhere. The gals were hard to crack.
Eventually things turned to frustration. Our loved vanished to we were some kind of frustrated horny guys. Eventually Sunil too was saying sexy stuff about our sisters and we were a game. We used to shag on them and called them names like bitches, randi etc etc. We tried to peek on them while baths but nothing could we see. In stories its easy for people as accidently there would be a hole in door for peep show. But in reality friends that not possible. Gals are not idiots. The maximum we could do was shag outside the bathroom when they took shower. Its also an exciting experience. The noise of water falling on floor used to entice us to next level.
We never knew when and how I started shagging outside my sisters door and Rahul on his sister door. This time we were turning incest without our knowledge. All the other times we knew when we had to make the choice of going further. But this time we don’t remember when we were started shagging on our own sisters. Not even that, we were cuckold too. My used to enjoy Sunil and Rahul shagging on my sis and Rahul enjoyed to seeing us behind his sisters door. We were offering our sisters and our love of our life to friends.
First Luck
Rahul and arpita were getting along well. I was frustrated that my bitch was just using me for her work and nothing more than that. Both Rahul and arpita were in 12th and he proposed her on Navratri. I shocked hearing that she accepted his proposal. I sad because I was still high and dry and Rahul was going to fuck my sister first. I knew that it was just acceptance but sex was out of the question, but in my head I was feeling as looser who gave his sister for fuck to his friend. I couldn’t show my disappointment and played happy for them. The affair was a secret between them. Arpita didn’t want anybody to know about it. But I and Sunil knew it. We partied with the booze Sunil bought.
The First Fuck
Rahul now wanted to fuck arpita but things were not happening. She was not willing and we were not having place. Nitu was always present after school and it was odd that after soo many years Rahul and Arpita handout together alone. It was an impossible task. Time went by and their relationship was having kisses and lots of kisses. It was fun listening to Rahul escapades about pressing her boobs and ass. How he enjoyed her body etc etc. Between all this fun I hated the fact that I was still high and dry. I could sense that Rahul was not much concerned about me getting Nitu and was more interested in kissing and feeling my sisters body. Its obvious, now he didn’t had to fantasize. He could have her except the sex part. But everything ended with this.
One day Rahuls parents and sister left him alone and went to some relatives place. He excused himself saying not feeling good but I knew what that was. He was seeing a chance to be with my sister. My sister taking advantage of this went to his house for studies. I too went with her but she was not happy about it. They both hated me at that point. Arpita didn’t know that I knew about her and Rahul. Rahul signaled me to leave with his eyes. I was reluctant but left them. I went to our usual spot under the big tree. I was sad and frustrated. I stayed for a very long time and slept. When I woke up it was night and I went home. When I reached home arpita was already home and in her room studying. Rahul’s parents were still not home. I went to his home as I was curious.
I saw the broadest smile in his face. I hated the view of his teeth coming out in his smile. I knew the worst had happened. His words echoed in my ears. Brother I am not a virgin anymore. I am a man now and I experienced the best thing created by life. I was happy but I too wanted to fuck. But I ignored all this as I wanted the details.
After I left them they both to rahul’s Room for studying. They both lay on the bed and started to read their books. Arpita lay on her stomach and was reading the book placed in the bed in front of her. Rahul was on the chair and was not able to concentrate. He was looking as her. She was facing him, he could see the tiny cleavage poking out of her tshirt. She had a medium built body so her ass was round and rubbery. She was holding a pen in her hand, in between she used to bite the end with her mouth. Her teeth was white and felt sparkling. Rahul could imagine his cock between those teeth. As she played with the pen he imagined his cock. She would bite it, roll from one end of her mouth to other. Keep it on her lips. He could see her saliva being rubber on the pen. His cock was throbbing and oozing liquid. Sometimes her tough would touch slightly. He could sense her breath on his cock. She saw him drooling and asked what was he thinking. He was shy to speak out. He went near her and lay beside her on his stomach. He too placed his book besides her book. She knew this was not going to end well. She laughed and pushed him. He would in return push his head into her cheeks. Slowly his head would tilt with each pushing and his lips touched her cheeks. Just a speck. The pushing decreased and the lips were touching the cheeks more. The pushing stopped and his lips were stuck on her lips. She too was now horny. He placed his one hand on her head and pushed his lips deep into her cheeks. She pushed him and said it not right. He again pushed himself on her and this time his lips were more close to her lips. His heart was pumping fast. He knew the lips are near. He again pushed further and his reached her lips end. She again pushed him. The pushing made her tilt and she fell side ways. Rahul rolled himself on her. He was on her and kissed her. This time he was not willing to get pushed away. She resisted a bit. She pushed his face away. Rahul didn’t know what to do. He didn’t push back his face again. He could see her and see too was looking at him. Both were horny as hell. He was not completely on her, so his erected cock didn’t touch her. For a sec they saw each other then arpita to his surprise held his hair and pulled his lips towards her. She sucked his lips and sucked his tongue into her mouth. Rahul had no control this time. Arpita was incharge and kissing him. Rahul was surprised and in shock. He couldn’t do much. Arpita was sucking every inch on his lips into her mouth. His saliva sucked into hers. This time Rahul was only following her lead. His body was in shock and paralyzed. Electric shock was running in his body. She kissed his chin, jaws, eyes and every part of the face. She was licking and sucking them. The hand of hers which held his hair was still there and clutching the hair more tightly. She pulled him on her and he was on top of her. Her other hand creeped into his shirt and clenched his back. He felt the pain due to her nails but that was not much of an importance. In between her kissing Rahul was trying to feel her boobs and ass. But she was all over him. She pushed him making him sit on her. Pulled his shirt out. Before Rahul could pull her Tshirt, She was already on his nipples biting and sucking. He was in pain but he was more concentrated on getting her tshirt out. He pulled her tshirt. She again went bank to biting and sucking his chest and face. He was trying to unhook her bra, which is always a difficult task for the first timers. He tried and tried and tried and it wont unhook. Frustrated he took both his hands and tried again. Still it wont open. Seeing his difficulty arpita stopped for a micro second and opened the bra. She didn’t want him to loose his concentration. The bra opened as an opening of a compressed spring. Her boobs sprang out of it. Arpita as usual wanted suck his nipples but as her boobs sprang out, Rahul wanted to taste them. He pushed her on bed and fell on her boobs. His lips directly landed on her nipples. He sucked them hungrily. He pushed her hands above her head. He held her hands with his hands and sucked her boobs. Arpita was getting crazy with all the sucking. He then pressed her boobs and sucked them. Her nipples were tight and hard. The rough texture of nipple was amazing. He rubbed his tongue again and again to feel the rough surface. He licked her chest and armpit. It was salty and had musk smell but it was the best smell he could experience then. Both licked each other like a thirsty dog licking water. The biting sucking was leaving marks on the skin. This time arpita pushed him on the bed and sat on him. She unhooked his trouser and pulled down. There was not time for suspense so the underwear was also pulled with it. His cock sprang out from it. As she pulled his pant, she had to move out of the bed to pull it completely away. Rahul was fully nude now. His was standing like a concrete pole and throbbing. It was oozing precum. Before he could do anything, Arpita jumed on him. She directly held his cock tightly. He could feel her tight grip on his cock. Before he could react, his cock had disappeared into her hungry mouth. She was sucking like a pro. She sucked his presume into her mouth and swallowed. Nothing dripped from his cock. Everything she sucked in. She was so rough that Rahul felt his cock ripping from his root. She pushed his cock completely into her mouth. He could feel her throat end on his tip. It was a killing experience. She played with his balls and sucked them too. His whole cock area was sucked and licked. Rahul had no choice and he couldn’t do anything. His body was in total shock due to all sensation getting worked up at once. Her tongue licked his cock, balls and venture down below balls too. Rahul had never imagined this kind of licking. He was loving it. He didn’t want to stop her. When she had enough she stood up and pulled her skirt down. Her eyes were drooling in lust. She hoped the bed and sat on his waist. She adjusted her pussy right on top of his cock. Rahul knew what was about to happen. She held his cock with one hand and with other opened her pussy for him. She guided the cock into her pussy. Rahul could see that his cock slowly vanished. He could feel her flesh on his cock. The heat was amazing. Her pussy was fully lubricated. Once the cock was completely in, Arpita fell on him. She hugged him and rolled on the bed. She pulled him on her. All the hard work is a man’s job. She held his ass and pushed it in. Rahul knew what to do. He started to screw her. Arpita lifted her leg and locked him inside her legs. Rahul had no clue what to do. He was just pumping her with full force. Arpita scratched his back and ass. He was in pain but his pleasure was way more enjoyable. If he slowed then she would hold his ass with both her hands and make them move faster. Once he was on right speed, she would pull his hair and kiss him. Basically it was difficult for him to do all those stuff together. It’s a hard job. He was bitten, scratched by nails, kissed, sucked and had to be fast and furious in screwing her. But he enjoyed it completely. If you do anything with passion then the hard task are easily ignored.
Suddenly his body was getting stiff. He knew he was about to cum. She understood it and pushed him away. He had no choice and fell on the bed. She held his cock and shagged. His cum sprayed almost touching the ceiling of the room. It was the best thing he had experienced. Arpita squeezed every drop of cum from his cock. Rahul lay there without much strength. He just wanted sleep, but with one problem. Arpita was still not finished. She was rubbing her pussy. She held his hand and placed on her pussy. Rahul understood this and pushed her on the bed. He went down smiled at her. She knew what he was going to do. She pulled his hair and pushed his face on her pussy. It was his first time. It was a salty experience but a good one. It was his first time. He had all the experience from all those porn he saw. He started licking her. He kissed her thighs pussy. Sucked and licked them good. Arpita pushed his face further into her pussy. She was holding his head with her hands Rahul had no way to escape the licking. Her hold was quite strong. He licked as she wanted and as her hands directed with all pushing and pulling. His face was like her personal vibrator. Soon her body also got stiff. It was now her turn to cum. As she was cumming she pushed his head deep into her pussy. His nose and tongue were firmly held on her clitoris. He couldn’t breathe and couldn’t escape her grip. She cummed with many shocks of electricity running though her body. Her body was stone stiff till every electrifying pleasure lasted. As it got over she opened her grip from his hair. He rolled over and inhaled lots of air.
He told every detail to me. It was an awesome experience. But we both had only one doubt. How did she know about all this? It was a great experience but this question bugged us both somewhere in our mind.

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My Frustration
Arpita and Rahul were completely in love and sex. This only made me more frustrated. I was still no where and had no luck with my love. Nitu was bitch and was taking my friendship in making me her slave. She obviously was a good student and wanted to be a doctor. The main problem was she knew that she was beautiful. When gal know that she is beautiful, then she is a bitch. She try to rule all situations with high headedness. I hated her. I wanted to have some other gal but I was stuck her. It hurt my ego that Rahul was fucking my sister with my knowledge. I was feeling as if Rahul was laughing on me. I felt as a pimp of my own sister. It killed me inside. This made me stuck to Nitu as I wanted to fuck her at any cost. Fucking some other gal would never solve the problem I was facing. My problem was inside my head and fucking Rahul’s sister was the only solution I had. I was always good to Nitu. Helped her with her work stuff, talk politely and all sissy stuff one could think about. She in return would never appreciate my help and would return with a sarcastic remark on me when against my polite talk. She was obviously a bitch.
All these things just made my life more miserable there was a barrier building between me and Rahul. I never said about this to him or Sunil as I knew this would just make me in bad light. I kept quiet with my frustration. Once the gal is fucked, then she opens up more easily. Rahul now was not interested in being with me or Sunil. He had a girlfriend and he could fuck. He had already fucked her 3 times and I was still a virgin. I was soo angry at him that I wanted to rape Nitu, which was never going to happen. Things boiled so much that my anger turned me fantasizing Rahul Mom Anita. I shagged on his mom a lot and that was the only way I could take revenge. I raped her, fucked Anita in the ass. My fantasies were now totally focused on Anita.
At last
At last the bitch Nitu fell ill. She had chicken pox. I enjoyed seeing her in pain. She deserved it, but later I too felt sorry for her. I was not that hard a guy. Anyways I saw this as an opportunity and helped her in her studies. She couldn’t attend classes for a month and I was the only ray of hope for her. Being a studious creature she needed me. I was not good in studies but still I was the only guy available near her. I helped her with her notes, gave all details of lectures we had in our class. What the teacher said or wanted us to think etc etc. My whole life I never paid attention for myself in class and here I was doing it for her. For this one month I was not looking on the ass of my teacher. I was Nitu’s slave. She ordered and I obeyed. I didn’t know what other to do. After she was well and started school. She again turned to her bitch self. She didn’t even thank me for what I did and said I good in studies due to her company.
Atlast I had enough and decided I am a looser. I accepted the fact that my friend will fuck my sister and I will only fantasies and shag. I had decided to lose my respect for myself. I couldn’t take the bitch any more. I avoided her totally. I didn’t want to impress or fuck her any more. I kept my distance from her and Rahul. He didn’t bother me much as he was busy with my damn horny sister. I couldn’t complain or react. I just avoided everyone. Nitu tried talking to me and I just avoided her without even what she was saying. I was alone in my life then.
Many days passed like this. One day I was alone in class as everyone had gone outside to play. I didn’t feel to play anymore. I was alone and tried to take a nap. After few moments I sensed somebody coming near me. I looked up and it was Nitu. I just ignored her and went for my nap. She came near me and called me. I didn’t respond. She sat beside me and pushed me to get up. I angrily got my head up and asked her what she wanted.
Nitu: Why are you acting so weird?
Me: Nothing.Just leave me alone. What your problem
Nitu: Yes! you are. You have been avoiding me for a long time.
Me: No I am not. And who are you to ask me my problem.
Nitu: I am your friend idiot.
Me: No. you are not. Just leave me alone.
I just laid my head o down on the bench and closed my eyes. I thought she would leave but she didn’t.
Nitu: I am sorry if I had hurt you. I just wanted to be with my good friend.
I was thinking, when was I a good friend to her. I was a slave. May be her definition for friend is a slave. Its true all bitches are surrounded my slaves and not friend.
Nitu: I missed you a lot these days and I realized one thing that you were by great support.
I hated her. But what I was hearing was obviously giving me little joy in my heart. Still I lay there without much reaction. But next thing socked me.
Nitu: I realized one thing. ( A long gap) I love you and I need you my whole life.
And she left in a hurry with crocodile tears.
I was stuck. When I stood up, she was gone. My heart dropped to my stomach. I couldn’t believe what I heard. The mitch said I love you. Wahoooooooooooooooooooooo. I wanted to scream but I controlled my emotions. I didn’t propose her. She proposed me. I was the dude here. I jumped again and again. Punched in air with excitement. I was not a looser. I am going to be a new fucker baby. I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to scream, cry, kiss everyone. I didn’t know what was it. The joy of getting your first love as they the sweetest of all. A gal proposing me as friends a gal never proposes a guy and when that happens you feel like a hero in the movie. Normal guys don’t get proposed. Or was my happiness about being equal with my friend. I was not a pimp of my sister any more. The joy was enormous.
That day I learned one thing. A gal will never appreciate what she has. I was a slave to her. She never appreciated me at that point. When I avoided her she surely needed me. Gals don’t have the habit of doing things themselves. She need people around them to do it for themselves. She needed me. She needed her slave. But surely at that moment I was not bothered about being a slave. Frankly the housewives can leave their husband but not their servant. I was back on the game.

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I hope the story is good. Its little different in style. Do give your feed back friends

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