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Old 22nd September 2016
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Common vermicel bhai update de do yaar... I know it's hard to update regularly on working days... But my heart and d*ck are not ready to understand.

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Old 22nd September 2016
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Leave some space between paras.

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Old 22nd September 2016
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I tried sleeping but I couldn’t. The scene of sunil fucking my mom was revolving in my head. Anita was not relevant anymore. I could only see Sunil’s cock ramming mom’s pussy. It was hell inside me. I wanted to cry and scream but I stayed quiet. It was volcano of emotions inside me. The scene was killing me. I was a total looser now.

My girlfriend left me without even fucking me. One of my best friend is fucking my sister and other is fucking my mom. Just one single moment had changed all my relationships. I hated everyone and was all alone. I couldn’t tell anyone what I saw. Telling dad was not an option. I didn’t know how he would react, I loved him a lot and I didn’t want to hurt him. Arpita was already mad at me and I was afraid to tell her. Sunil was my friend and I didn’t know how Arpita was going to react to it. She would blame me for being his friend and all fault will land on me. She would obviously get madder at me. Nitu too was angry and I did find her deduction of things similer to Arpita. Confronting mom was not an option. I was devastated and hated her the most. I had respect for her till now and suddenly I couldn’t see her like a slut. I couldn’t handle her reaction. Now even blackmailing or confronting Anita was also not an option. It was like indirectly confronting mom. I wanted to share my pain to someone, but who was the question. I couldn’t say it and I couldn’t keep it. The only option was Rahul but I was scared to tell him too. How was I going to explain him me sneaking into his house on the first place. I wanted relieve my suffering to someone and I didn’t know how. I wanted to kill sunil. I wanted to hit him and kill him making him suffer a lot. I knew that I obviously was not going to kill but even having a fight was not an option. He fucked my mom, for him even getting his bones broken won’t matter. Even after that I would still be the loser. He perfectly back stabbed me and Rahul.

When I ran towards home I made sure that no one suspected anything. I exited from the backboor of the house so that they would feel that they forgot to lock it. Front door can’t be mistaken as I am sure Anita would have made sure that it was locked. I was even nervous of that too, if they suspected intrusion.
As I waited at home, after an hour mom came home. She was happy and smiling. She saw me and got little alert. Normally she was supposed to scold me for hanging out for such a long time, instead she was smiling at me. She was very loving towards me. She called me Beta ( loving way to call a son in india). She said “Beta why are you sitting here. I am sorry that you had to wait.Come inside, I had made your favorite food today with gajjar ka halva”.

Her body language was totally happy. She was free like a bird. Very few times I see her so free, otherwise she has a very stiff body language. Her love did melt me a little. My anger did subside a little for a while. Then I had few questions in my mind. When did she call me beta previously? When did she make my favorite food without me asking her? when did she make me gajjar ka halva? And basically when she was soo free and happy. Sex did relieve her very much. Now my head was thinking all history about her. As i had not noticed all this thing earlier, I remembered very few. I was relating all this with she having sex. Sex releases people’s tension. Now I knew one think, if I am called Beta, given good food, or sweet then that means she had sex. May be just one of my idiotic deduction.
Now what?
Now what was the problem. I didn’t know what to do. I alone and stuck. I couldn’t study and my mind was running only one scene. Sunil’s cock going in and out of my mom’s pussy. I was completely lost. I was a virgin whose mom and sister is being fucked by his best friends. At some point I did have the feeling of being dead. I was depressed and alone.

Last option
Rahul was my only option left. I had to be brave and tell him everything. I prepared again and again about how to tell me everything. Few days passed in this manner. I was silent and sad. My parents noticed this and did inquire about my sadness. I just avoided them and told them that it was my study pressure. They assured me hope and didn’t bother me much. I was not at all happy to see mom or talk to her. Things have changed for me and I couldn’t see her the way I did earlier. I made my mind about telling Rahul, how mad can he be when his own mom was getting fucked. I would say I sneaked because I wanted to be sure about it before than telling Rahul everything, not for fucking his mom. As days passed I my courage increased to tell everything to Rahul. One day after school I waited for him to return from collage. I went home and acted studying. Time was not passing. Each second passed like and hour. I waited and waited. I even cursed him a lot for being late, actually he was not. I was just getting nervous and impatient.

At last
I laid on my bed and tried to sleep. Sleep was not happening. I was looking at the ceiling and rehearsing the dialogues in my mind. Suddenly Arpita comes to my room. I don’t her as with my open eyes I was rehearsing my dialogues and seeing Rahul’s ractions. I noticed her when she came near my bed near my legs. She looked at me and didn’t say anything. I just got up and sat cross legged without saying anything. We didn’t speak much as it had been a long time that we spoke to each other. I looked down as I couldn’t see her eyes.

Arpita: So how are your studies?
ME: Good. Going on well.
Arpita: ok.
Long pause.
Arpita: I am sorry for being mad at you.
I was shocked but my heart just took little sign of relief.
Me: No, I am sorry. It just happened. I tried to stop you but I think should have stopped you in a better way. I am sorry.
Arpita came to me and sat on the bed and hugged me. She started to cry, seeing her my eyes also started flooding.
Arpita: What happened to you? Why are you sad?
Me: Just study pressure?
Arpita: Don’t give me that crap. I know how studious you are. Tell me what happened?
I knew that telling about mom was not an option. I told her about Nitu instead.
Arpita: She and her brother both are dogs. I will talk to her and make things right for you.
I was grateful about m sis for making things right for me, but why was Rahul a dog.
I inquired about it. Arpita told that he was avoiding her for the past few days and she doubted that he was having an affair.
My fist just clenched tight. A sudden anger swirled into my body. I just stood up in anger. Arpita consoled me and said not to do anything stupid. How can he so this to my sister. We were friends and he promised me that he loved her. My whole world was coming apart. I couldn’t stand that anymore. I tried to dash outside to find Rahul and hit him hard to death. Arpita held my hands and pulled me. She hugged me again and pleaded not to do anything stupid. She loved him and me a lot and she couldn’t see us fight. I wanted the peaceful path and just forget everything. She hugged me tight and very tight. Maybe she was holding me tight so that I don’t go away for fighting. I was getting angry, but one thing bothered me the most. Arpita did have big boobs. They were soft, plump and crushing my chest. Fool focus I would scolded myself. I wanted to kill Rahul and all of the people screwing my family. It was since long that I was holding a soft body in my arms. Focus you fool. She is your sister. I scolded myself hard. Me and my dick both were getting confused. What was happening. I was not sure about it. I scolded and focused on taking revenge. Still my mind wandered. It’s like I did taste blood and I had a long gap. So my mind was getting confused. It just got excited with the touch. I released myself from her hug. I assured her that everything will be fine. I won’t fight but instead talk to Rahul what happened. I assured her that everything will be peacefully done. We both apologized to each other about our behavior towards each other. As she left the room my bastard eyes checked her ass size. I cursed them and scolded them for doing that. Rough days without sex can make your mind go berserk. I knew she was sister and didn’t have any sexual feelings for her. But my body parts were not in sync with my thoughts and feeliings. It had its own mind and wanted to enjoy the flesh it had. As I scolded them I gradually started to plan about Rahul. Now what? Now everything had changed and I wanted Rahul to reconcile with Arpita and have sex. Seriously, I should be happy that they are not together. Atleast one of my friend is not fucking my family member, but here I am trying to make things work out for them. I seriously don’t know how life works?

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Old 22nd September 2016
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Good update I like ur story next give big update

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Old 22nd September 2016
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Old 22nd September 2016
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gud update

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Old 22nd September 2016
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Post more long update s please
In Hospital...!! (Running)
EROTIC LOVE SAGA...Haripriya..(running)

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Old 22nd September 2016
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Old 22nd September 2016
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The surprise
Finally, I met Rahul in the evening. I was angry but didn’t burst out onto him. I asked him why he avoided Arpita. Why he did that to her and all sort of other questions. Rahul didn’t say a word and just kept smiling. At last when I was done.
Rahul: Are you done now?
Me: Yes
Rahul: I love your sister more than anything in the world. There is no point of me leaving her. I am just planning a surprise.
Me: Surprise? What surprise?
I was still skeptical.
Rahul: In a few days its her birthday. I have planned a surprise party for her. She is my only and only partner in my life. My best friend. I am gonna marry her only.
Me: Am I not your best friend?
I just joked.
Rahul: You are, but now it’s her first and then you.

I was happy to hear about it. There was nothing to worry. Arpita was going to be very happy. Everything was fine then. Now even he fucking her was not a problem. But only one thing bothered a little. I was his second best. A pussy can make anything and anyone second in a race. I did soo much for him and I was second. But at last my relation with my sister was good and Rahul’s surprise birthday party would just make things awesome. I forgot everything about my mom.

Surprise party
I didn’t say anything to arpita. I wanted the surprise to happen. I wanted to stop her sadness but I didn’t tell her anything. Rahul had arranged the party in an expensive hotel. He had asked me to bring Arpita without making her suspicious. I told her that it was my friends party and she had to come as it was her birthday too. She reluctantly joined me. I made her to convince mom and dad for letting us go to the party. I didn’t want to have any long conversation with mom.

When we reached the venue Arpita was surprised and cried in happiness. She hit Rahul hard for making her suffer for soo long, but her happiness soothed all her sufferings. It was an awesome sight when they hugged and cared for each other. I was happy to see what was happening and forgot all my pains. Everything was fine until I saw Nitu. She was standing at one side of the party. I think she was not happy with all of this for Arpita. I didn’t want to look at her and looked the other way. The other way much worse. That bastard Sunil was standing there laughing and clapping. Again I was in my own world of suffering. Now I wanted to run away from all this and go home. I excused myself and told my sister that I wanted to study. She looked at me in surprise and told me not to give her study crap. She knew how studious boy I was. It was her happiest day and she wanted me to be around her. I couldn’t debate on that and stayed, our strained relationship just got mended out. Its very difficult to be around people you hate. Sunil came to me and laughed and chatted. I had to act as if nothing happened. I wanted to punch his face and break his teeth, instead I was breaking the chicken legs.

At the end of the party the love birds wanted to be with each other. The hotel was big and had a huge garden. People enjoyed it a lot. Slowly everyone left. It was only me, Rahul, Arpita and Nitu. Rahul and Arpita wanted to go together without any third element between them. Nitu was not happy about it. Rahul and arpita pleaded to Nitu a lot. The bitch was not budging, was I a rapist?. Rahul didn’t understand what was the problem. Actually he didn’t know about our breakup. Rahul tried to question about it, Nitu didn’t want to go into that direction so agreed to go with me.
As we left Rahul came to me and said to take a long drive as they too were going for it. He didn’t want us to reach home earlier and make our parents suspicious about them. I reluctantly agreed but told him that I will be waiting outside our society so that the gals can switch our cars. He agreed and promised me not to be late. I slowly drove home.

Me and Nitu were not even looking at each other. I didn’t want to talk to her. She was a real bitch. I just wanted the night to get over as soon as possible. I hated being around the bossy, selfish, arrogant bitch. She must have fucked Anand by now. I had soo many problems by now that I was not in a mood of love. My body too was not responding to her presence. Normally my dick would react but not today.
We reached home and I waited outside our society. We had a secluded part outside our society. It was night and didn’t want to get attention. I was waiting for Rahul to return. As it was late and night time, nobody was around. I could even hear our breathing in the silence. Nitu was not comfortable, she was shifting her posture again and again. I didn’t mind her and looked outside the window. At last Nitu lost her patience and said she wanted to go home. Her tone of saying was not good. I hated it. Who the hell she thinks she is. Even I gave an angry reply. I told her that we are not going until Rahul and Arpita comes. She got angry said that she doesn’t care about them and wanted to just go home.

Me: Ya sure. You obviously don’t care. Sorry for expecting care from you.
Nitu: Who are you to judge me. Fuck off. I am going home walking.
She tried to open the door, I immediately threw my hands and took hold of the door and closed it. She got angrier. She pushed my hands from the door and tried to open it. I held her arm and pulled her inside. She was pushed onto me due to my force. My one hand was holding her arm and other holding the door. She threatened me that she will scream. I was not frightened this time. Life gradually makes you hard and gives your great strength. My anger only got worse and I warned her saying that I would break her teeth with my punch if she uttered a single word. She was frightened. Wow, I could see fear in her eyes. She was almost on tears. It was full moon night and the sky was shining bright. I could see her face clearly. Her body loosened and she stopped her struggle. Seeing her obey made me a man that day. I was happy and laughing for me in my head. Wow, at last the bitch is fearing and obeying me. I locked the door properly released her from my grip. I told her that I was not interested in hurting her, I only wanted Rahul and arpita to come. Then she was free to go anywhere she wanted. Even to her lover Anand. She didn’t say anything. She was just silent and motionless. I sat properly on my driving seat and looked at darkness. I made sure that Nitu didn’t run away, I did have an eye on her. She didn’t do anything. She just sat there and waited.
After long silence, she uttered her first words. Anand is not my boyfriend. I didn’t say anything. I didn’t believe the bitch and I couldn’t forget how she ignored me. I didn’t react or move. After a long pause she said she was sorry for being bad to me. She was sorry and I was the only boyfriend she had or will have. Normally I should be happy about all this. It was soothing for my ears. But you learn gradually in life about the tricks and rules in having a relationship. Her sorry made me think of the time she proposed me in class and how later her sorry was changed into my begging. I was fed-up of all these things. I had bigger problems now. I didn’t say anything, but surely I was happy.

Arpita told me all that happened between you and her. Now my body couldn’t resist this. My face turned in lighting speed and looked at her. How can Arpita do this to me. How can she say all about me cumming onto her to my girlfriend? Man I was embarrassed like hell. I didn’t know how Nitu would be feeling inside. Nitu continued her saga with shameful eyes, I am sorry for not understanding you. I just felt humiliated when you said no to me that night. I am really sorry. I didn’t know the reason behind it.
I just couldn’t get this. So with her speech it only meant that she understands me perfectly well. I was happy and glee. Wow, I just made fuss of nothing. I shoud have confessed to Nitu in the first place. I just cursed myself again. I smiled and told her not to worry. Forget it and said the past is past. She looked at me with teary eyes. I made her smile and hugged her. She was speaking non-stop about her stupidity and saying sorry. I said to stop it but she was not listening. I had no choice, I kissed her good to make her stop.

Our lips hit like the plane hitting the ground while landing. Our lips hit and didn’t part away. We immediately wrapped ourselves with our arms and pulled each other inside. Our arms were tightly wrapped and making our bodies crush on each other. Nitu asked me to adjust the seat. I pushed my seat back to the maximum. Our car being a SUV had enough space. She immediately jumped on me. Our relationship had gone to next level. There was no begging or asking by me to her. She was equally involved in the love making. She made herself comfortable on my lap and pounded on my lips. I prayed to god that Rahul gets late. I didn’t want any interference this time. I was horny as hell and I was getting meat after a long time. Man my mind, heart and body parts were totally in sync and wanted a good fuck. Nitu was wild and crazy, maybe even she was thirty. I laughed at Anand calling him a loser in my mind. We were biting and kissing each other violently. I didn’t say anything but she opened her top and bra and threw them on the next seat. It was risky, even I got scared seeing this. What if someone comes. I tried to tell her but she shut my mouth with her mouth. Before I could say anything her tongue had locked my tongue.

She pulled open my shirt and we both were naked on top. I didn’t know what we were doing. Our kisses were so hungrier and were like eating each other. Our mouth was kissing, sucking and biting each other’s faces and shoulders. Going down was impossible as there was no space. I crushed her soft boobs. I hadn’t felt it for a long time. My hands were happy to have them. I first played with them and then crushed them. She would moan with pain but that noise made me hornier. As she was on top of me, her position of boobs was almost on my face. I sucked them like a baby. Sucking a boob is the best thing in a man’s world. Its an awesome experience. And how r boobs made? The material used in boobs are different. The feel you get from pressing boobs are different. It has a cushion surface and it’s the best cushion surface. God surely made boobs from a different and special material. My sucking was dripping saliva on my stomach and hers. When you have a long gap you normally don’t have the patience for foreplay. Its same for everybody and for Nitu as well. There was no blow job or eating pussy. She opened my jeans buckle and zipper. I helped her and pushed my pants to my ankle. She pulled her panties out without removing her skirt and again sat on my lap. This time she made sure that her pussy landed on my dick. I couldn’t see anything so Nitu held my cock and positioned it on her pussy. My cock was throbbing hard and I could feel the wet soft pussy of hers on my tip. Man I was going crazy. My eyes were drowsy and my body was weak. She sat on my lap very slowly. I could feel the dick going inside the walls of her pussy. It was very hard. It was not an easy job. She couldn’t push it inside. She was feeling lot of pain and I was also was not very comfortable. For a second i doubted if sex was really that good for people. We were very uncomfortable. Her pussy was wet and my cock was oozing cum.

She wanted more but how, its soo hard to penetrate. She looked at me for some help. I mean how was I supposed to help her, it was my first time too. I did what my instinct said and from my knowledge of watching porn. I spit on my hand and made my dick wet. I rubbed the spit and oozing cum all over my dick and making it fully lubricated. Nitu tried again. This time it was bit easy but surely painful for her. Her hands clenched my hair and shoulders. She was obviously in pain but didn’t want to leave it too. Slowly with lot of hard work my dick was completely inside her. She fell on my shoulders and didn’t move. I tried to adjust but she resisted me saying to keep still. I could feel by dick inside her pussy walls. It was warm and wet. It was better than her mouth. I could feel my dick throbbing inside her pussy. She was in pain and I couldn’t do much. I stayed motionless as per her instruction. Slowly after sometime she got up and tried to pull the dick out. The rubbing of her pussy walls on my dick was awesome. I was feeling all this for the first time. It was a fantastic experience. Once the dick was pulled partially out, she pushed it back in. She was slow but doing it. Her face was in pain but slowly I could see that she was enjoying it. The more the pain turned to enjoyment, the more the speed increased. Her pussy was wet and flooding. The whole crotch part was wet and dripping. Her speed was increasing and becoming faster and faster. I was going crazy. Fucking obviously was fun and apologized for doubting it. She was now in full force and jumping on me like a monkey. I saw the lustiest face of her in the dark. I had never seen her so drowsy and lusty in my whole life. Real lust can beat porn stars too. Now her face was more enticing then her boobs and ass. Most interestingly my dick was the reason for it. It just made me feel more good and horny. I held her ass with both my hands and pushed and pulled her on me. The ass is the second best thing of a gal. Its soft and round. The skin quality is the best there. The butt crack is always interesting to explore. She said she was going to cum. I too was on my way. Hearing her made got me cum faster. As she cummed, I too cummed with her. She held my hair and neck while cumming. Her nails pierced into my skin. It was painful but I was totally engrossed into cumming myself. Her head pushed back towards the steering wheel. Her body got stiff and hard. I too was stuck with the stiffness. I cummed every last drop into her pussy. We were feeling shock waves passing in our bodies. Slowly the stiffness subsided and Nitu fell on me. We stayed in that position for some time. The moon was shining and I could see sweat shining on her back. The moonlight made the sweat drops shine like pearl. We were breathing hard and were tired. We wanted to sleep and relax. Nitu was motionless and was trying to sleep on me.
As my mind started again after all this pleasure, I asked her something out of curiosity.

Me: So you didn’t find it odd when Arpita told you that I cummed on her.
I don’t know what had happened, Nitu jumped up with full alertness.
Nitu: What? You cummed on Arpita.
Oops. I knew I made a big mistake. Arpita didn’t tell her that. I was in deep fear now. Arpita obviously would never tell her that. How foolish of me to think that she would. I just cursed myself and didn’t know what to say. Nitu was surprised and her eyes were bulging out of her face. It was not blinking. I needed to think fast.
Nitu: So you cummed on your own sister. She didn’t say that. She said you had some fight and you were depressed and couldn’t concentrate on me. I didn’t know that you cummed on her.

I was blank and didn’t know what to think.
Me: See I can explain but you need to listen to me first and understand what happened.
She got herself up and went to her seat. She asked me to explain it to her. Her face was now tensed and little skeptical. She got herself dressed. I didn’t know what to say. I was blank and tensed. She was looking at me and waiting for my explanation. I prayed to god for a way out. I was about to start saying stupid stuff to her when we saw light of a car coming from back. I immediately wore my pant and shirt. I prayed it to be Rahul. The car slowly came near us and stopped. I was relieved recognizing rahul’s car. We couldn’t speak much then as both the gals switched cars immediately. It was a crazy night and I was happy. But now I had one single night to find a good reason to explain my point to Nitu. Arpita asked me if everything went fine between me and Nitu. I told her that everything went fine. I didn’t say about my foolishness fearing her reaction. Arpita got happy and kissed me on my cheeks. She said at last everything is good and perfect. I smiled at her saying yes it was. But my mind was revolving with my stupidity.

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Finally our hero did it... Reminded me of my first time with my gf

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