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Old 20th December 2016
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Update waiting

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Old 20th December 2016
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Hi...all...now on vacation ...will be updating in few days..

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Old 26th December 2016
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Give update bro

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Old 2nd January 2017
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After getting dropped by Venki at School, she hastily walked to the school office room before getting late. On arriving at the office room, she took out the appointment letter from her bag, and checked the room. She found a couple of staffs inside the cabin getting ready to begin the day and a student paying his fees. Devika without any delay walked towards one of the clerk sitting behind the desk and said " Excuse me Sir, I'm Devika" with her sweet little voice

The clerk who was writing something, raised his head and looked at the orgin of the cute voice and asked politely " Yes madam, what can I do for you"
Devika- Yeah, I came to join, today is my joining date. Here is my appointment letter.
With that Devika found , everyone in that room, who were occupied with their work, stopped it and looking at her. She gave a charming smile to everyone.
Clerk- oh OK..Welcome to elite public school..which subject are you teaching madam?
Devika- Not subject, I would be the student counsellor here.

Clerk- OK.yeah yeah.. Principal sir was telling, there would be a new appointment for this post and smiled at her and proceeded to check the appointment letter.
Devika waited there to get done with the formalities. From the corner of her eyes she noted that the student who is there to pay the fees, severely checking her out. She is not new to these kind of staring, wherever she goes, there would be lot of guys staring at her appreciating her beauty. Even though, it is really annoying, she knew she can't make them stop doing it and started avoiding them by not looking at their direction.
But she thought , she never expected this from a 16 or 17 year old kid. He is a little kid, how can he stare at a lady like this. This guy was looking at her as if no one is there at this room.

Devika could here the office staff who is sitting in front of the student calling his name couple of times
Staff- Hey here is your receipt.
Staff- hello..kid..Anand ..Anand....
He threw a pen at the boy and called his name once again." Hey kid ..here.."
Anand got back to reality, gave a forced smile and said " I'm sorry, I was in some thoughts"
Staff- uhm..I know what you are thinking and I also know what you are being called lovingly by your friends...you guys are not here for studying..why are you coming to school if you don't wish to be here. Your father has made enough wealth, there is no need of education for you. You can just go on spoiling it.
He threw the receipt at him and asked him to leave the place not disturbing them.
Anand sweared him under his breath and proceeded to leave the place, checking her out for one final time, wondering who might be this beautiful lady. He didn't here her, that she is the new faculty in the school.


After checking her appointment letter and other documents, he informed her that she can sit here for sometime and meet the principal after the morning prayer ceremony is done. Devika waited there in the office room nervously. For the next 5 minutes, all the people who came inside checked her out in the pretext of doing their job. They all were happy to get such a beautiful colleague for them. There were only few lady staffs there, but they were all not good looking. They were really impressed with her beauty. Devika jolted a little, when the first bell rang, followed by a small prayer and pledge. She again had to wait 10 more minutes , before finally she was informed that principal is there in his office waiting for her by the office clerk.

Before entering the principal's room, she made sure that her saree is looking proper and knocked on his door.

Dr.Francis Abraham is principal of that school for the past 5 years, he is a middle aged man in his 50s and a well respected person in the institution. He works for a mission to bring back the school to its past glory. As for starting measure only he has appointed a new student counsellor that is Devika.

He asked to come inside, on hearing the knock on his door. Devika entered the fully air conditioned room, and greeted him. Dr. Francis raised his head to find Devika and immediately recognised the innocent cute face who he had interviewed sometime back. He raised from his cushioned chair extending his hand to welcome Devika to his office. After shaking hand, he asked her to sit to make herself comfortable and initiated conversation.

Dr. Francis- Hello, welcome Devika to our prestigious institution, we are extremely glad to have you work here.
Devika- its my pleasure to work you here Sir, And I don't think there are any better places to start with.

Francis then went on describing about the school , about her roles and responsibilities, and what they are expecting of her.
Dr.Francis- Alright, Devika..you would be on probation for 6 months and will be working for 4 hours daily till 1:30 pm for this 6 months. Afterwards we will check your progress and decide about your future.
Devika: OK
Dr.Francis- You know, your job will be a tough one I guess. In this school 85 % are boys, and also we have a very small group of lady staffs. For some years now, we have a weakened reputation and poor results. So we are in a mission to bring back everything we have lost. We want to make sure that each student passing out from here, has gained something , we want them to develop in all areas. Whether it be academically, culturally, physically and mentally.

So your role is to make sure and guide them in correct direction, sort out their problems, give them advice so they become good individual.
Devika- sure sir
Dr.Francis- You are aware, how chaotic is teenage minds, they are confused, complicated and they are in the phase of finding their own proper individuality. You have to deal with them , which is very difficult. They are physically getting mature as well as psychologically. It is the time they can get misguided and goes out of focus. Sex would be new term for them and these young minds will definitely go behind to know more about sex and loose focus on important things for what they are here for.
So we decided we needed a well trained counsellor to bring back them to good behavior.... So Devika that's why you are here.

Devika- Sure, I'm well aware of a teenage mind and I hope I can do very well and bring them back on track with kindness and love. I strongly believe that any notorius person can be changed. Can be changed with love and kindness. I will be treating them not as mere students, but they all will be like my own children and with love and patience anything can be changed.

Francis was really impressed with her personality which matches her beauty and he continued with his briefing
Dr.Francis- So our primary concern is about 3 students, who is going to write board exam this year, we are somewhat sure that these kids will fail the final exam and if it happens, it will be a real shame for our institution. We haven't had a failure for the board exam in the history of this school.And we don't want that to happen. We all are trying really hard to bring back them on track..but its not happening. But I think you might be able to help us.

Devika- who are they sir? Showing real concern
Dr. Francis- They are Rahim, Vishnu and Anand

Devika immediately recollected the name Anand from what she heard in the office. She thought, one of them is the student who was paying the fees in the office. He was staring at her as if he hasn't seen any women for a long time.
She now understood, its going to be really difficult dealing with such pervert kids and she might be having hard time to make them from bad to good. But she was still confident of changing them with love.

Dr. Francis- These 3 kids are from very rich and influential backgrounds and gives us headache all time. They don't study, they fight , bring porn CDs to class and distributes and list goes like that... So we can arrange a special session weekly for each of these 3 with you., so you would able to know them and work to improve them
Devika- yeah , that will do.
Dr.Francis- Apart from that you will be allotted 3 hours daily for taking classes at different grades from 8 to 12 grades , and any student can consult you in the last 1 hour, if they need to discuss any problem with you.
Devika- OK sir, That's fine.

Dr.Francis- Thank you Devika for joining and you have great time here and bring success to us, and if there is any need you can walk into this cabin.

Now I will call the peon to take you to the staff room and introduce you to other staffs. And you will have a counselling room, you will be sitting there..Alright.
Devika- Thank you sir for giving me an opportunity

With that Francis took the phone and asked the peon to come to his cabin.

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Old 2nd January 2017
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We want more and much more quickly!

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Old 3rd January 2017
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After very long time.......very short update...

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Old 3rd January 2017
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Nice build up buddy... cant wait for the update...

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Old 5th January 2017
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Ganapati is a middle aged man in his 40's, who is very friendly with students and teachers. He is dark, short, handicapped and slightly limps while walking. Ganapati was not much educated and everyone think he is little crazy, because he talks very loudly and does not know what is right and wrong while speaking with others.

Whatever comes to his mind , he talks without thinking whether it is an appropriate situation. He was very innocent and everyone knows his limitations, so no one take it seriously, whatever he speaks. Students buy cigarettes to him, talks all nonsense, make fun of him, shows porn clips to him , they consider him as a dumb illiterate guy.
Today morning, as usual after ringing the morning bell he was relaxing in his chair and as there was nothing to do he thought of going for a smoke outside. But before he could step outside the room, he was informed by the clerk that he is been called by the principal at his room.

Ganapati muttered in audible voice " Aree.. Now what he wants in this morning itself.."and kept cigratte back in his pocket itself to meet Francis.
Devika heard the door opening swiftly with a squeaky voice to find a short grinning man limping inside. Dr.Francis irked with his entry without knocking and asked him " hey..how many times i should tell you to knock before entering.. How many times i should teach you manners Mr.ganapati.

Ganapati in his trademark loud voice " Sirji you only asked me to meet you, so I thought I don't have to knock"
Dr.Francis- Still you have to knock each and every time you enter this room and why do you have to shout while talking , we are not deaf people sitting here
Ganapati kept quiet, still giving a wide smile at principal.
Dr.Francis- Alright Devika, meet Mr.Ganapati our peon and all rounder, whatever you require ganapati could help you.

Devika turned to ganapati and gave a namaste with a sweet smile.
Dr.Francis continued " but the only problem with him is, he shouts in your ear and talks nonstop boring things, which is unbearable. Apart from that he is good, honest and approachable.

Ganapati's eyes widened seeing Devika, and greeted Devika back with a glee.
Dr.Francis- And ganapati, this is Devika new faculty joining today, now you should take her and introduce her to other staffs and show her around..alright.

Ganapati- Sure sir, is she a faculty...i first thought she is a new student joining..hahaa
Saying that he laughed out loud and Devika gave an elegant smile and looked back at principal in surprise
Dr.Francis- Devika..that's what I told..his mouth has no licence..he talks all nonsense.. You must have understood by now..and you will get used to his unbearable talks...
Dr.Francis- now stop talking rubbish and do as I said...alright Devika ...best wishes once again....

Devika got up from her chair, shaked his hand and turned back to ganapati.
Ganapati- come on madam, I will introduce you to others..this way please..
Both of them got out of the room and started walking towards the staff room. And ganapati started his nonsense conversation the moment they stepped outside the room.

Ganapati- From where are you coming?
Devika- From nearby place itself
Ganapati- I have been working here from the beginning of this school and I know everyone here very well, both teachers and students.
Devika- hmm
Ganapati- all are like my friends... So from today onwards we also would be friends madam..OK?
Devika was very much surprised with ganapati, and she thought in her mind " I think everyone is true..it seems this guy is unbearable and little crazy also"
Ganapati- Are we not friends madam?

Devika was also little sympathetic towards him, as he was a handicapped person and also she thought he speaks straight from his heart

Devika- yes sure ganapati, we would be friends
Ganapati- how old are you madam?
Devika- why? What happened?
Ganapati- you look really young..tell me na how old are you?
Devika- I'm 25
Ganapati- oh 25..but you look way young than that age.. Do you know what madam..just take it as a compliment from this poor guy....you would be the most beautiful lady in this school.. Haha

He laughed saying that and looked at Devika, who was naturally blushed little and looked down smiling a bit. She scratched her head, thinking how long she has to bear this person.

Ganapati- I'm very much sure all students will be waiting to see you and will be very impressed to get a beautiful teacher like you..haha
Devika- stop your nonsense ganapati
Ganapati- its not nonsense.. I'm telling the truth..otherwise you watch and see..btw which subject are you teaching madam
Devika- I'm not taking any subject.. I will be the student counsellor
Ganapati- What is a counsellor
Devika- its the person who takes care of student, if they have any problems or need any advice and keep them motivated
Ganapati- are you a psychiatrist
Devika laughing " not really but yeah a sort of haha" she was sure, how much ever she try to explain he won't understand
Ganapati- if you are a psychiatrist, can you check me also, everyone says I'm little mad/
Devika laughing at him said " no one could really treat you..you won't improve..haha
Ganapati getting little serious said " why everyone saying I'm mad..I'm just trying to be friendly"
Devika got little worried " hey..who told you are mad..you are just being friendly and innocent..and everyone is just kidding because all like you very much"
He started smiling again and started his childish questions.

Ganapati- are you married madam?
Devika - Yes, he is working in a bank
Ganapati- he must be really lucky to have a beautiful wife like you
Devika- hey you started again
Ganapati- do you have any kids
Devika - I have a son
Ganapati - how old is he?
Devika - he is 2 months
Ganapati- 2 months...then y did you join here./you should have staid back taking care of your child
Devika- yeah..but I thought I could manage and i really like this job..and what if I don't get a chance later..so I grabbed it and thought I could manage
Ganapati- how can you manage..how are you going to breastfeed him

Devika frowned a little hearing breastfeeding. She thought " how can a man , who she barely knows and was introduced just few minutes ago could speak about her breastfeeding schedule" she was really embarrassed to give a reply, so kept quiet and continued walking looking down.

But ganapati continued his topic on breastfeeding and said " I have heard this is the time a child requires mothers milk and frequently needs to be breastfed"
Ganapati- he can't have bottle milk or any other alternatives..he has to have milk from mother's breast itself
Devika was speechless and do not know, what to tell him..he was so shameless she thought

Ganapati- So if you are working here how are you going to feed him? How will your son have milk from your breast madam?
Saying this ganapati directly dropped his gaze to devika's lovely pointing lactating breasts covered in her beautiful blouse and saree.

That's it, Devika felt really embarrassed and thought he is crossing the limits, whether it is because he is crazy or innocent, it is clearly indecent to speak to a lady like that. Devika intervened to stop his non stop non sense and she does not want him to talk more about this.

Devika- See Mr.ganapati..you are crossing the line here and you are not supposed to talk to a lady like this ever and i want to confirm you that I'm feeling really uncomfortable talking to you.
Ganapati- oh I'm sorry madam, I didn't mean anything else , I was just being concerned about my kid..and..
Devika intervened - you might be..but its not the way to show concern and I do not want to talk about it...please tell some thing else.
Ganapati- Anyways I'm sorry, if i said something improper.. You know I'm little crazy.. Do not know what to speak and where to speak. BTW you are wearing a nice saree, it look beautiful on you ..I like the color yellow..it suits you well.and its also a perfect match blouse..
Devika- "oh god..its true you are really unbearable ganapati..whatever you talk its absolute non sense" and gave smile at him
Ganapati - I'm sorry madam..I'm like that ..I can't help it..and laughed back at her.
Devika's ordeal got over at last, when they reached the staff room to meet her new colleagues.

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