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Sucked In To Incest

Before I start this story let me tell you that I am not the original writer of this story, a friend of mine shared this story with me. I don't know who wrote it but if anyone has an objection on it, then please let me know.

In my child phase, our family consisted of my dad, mom , me & my younger sister.
We stayed in a rented single room accommodation & our sleeping arrangement was that my dad used to sleep on a single cot in the room & me on the bedded floor just adjacent to the door, giving way to the main hall, where my mom & sister is to retire at night on the bed, spread on the floor. My parents were very quarrelsome during day time for which i have suffered a lot during my growth phase.

At the onset of this story, I was about ** yrs old & my sister about ** yrs.
We used to go to sleep around 10 pm .I used to dread my dad & a little bit of sound , i used to wake up during night. One day I could sense that my dad hopped out of his cot & headed to the hall. I was curious & was looking at him with my night vision somewhat favored by the part rays of street light passing through the room window.

Also, the position my bed was spread made it easy for me to view the whole hall. My dad went to mom who was sleeping almost about six ft.away from me across the door , with my sister on the other wall side. Both were sleeping inside the mosquito net. My dad switched on the fan & his dhoti was pulled up & tucked to his waist . I could see some rod like organ (Later i came to know it has a raised cock) dangling & trying to peep out of the dhoti.

He bent down putting his right hand inside the mosquito net waking up my mom & she was refusing to come out. Later, I could see him clutching his hand inside into the tucked saree at the waist & pulling my mom out. She grumbled when she was pulled out. I could hear a feeble voice of her protesting when he asked to remove something , which i could not properly hear.

Later, he pulled her saree up along with her petticoat above to the waist & sat on her. I shuddered that he is going to hit my mother in a new style since i had not seen the same during their fight during day time. He threw her legs apart inserting his organ,& i didnít know where he was inserting. He was making continuous movement on her & could see my momís whole body moving in rhythm to his actions. I was surprised that my mom was not shouting back & lay under him without any protests. This continued for about 20 min. & my dad got up,

Now, his organ was seen very small compared to my sight earlier, & walked backed into our room. I saw my mother wiping something where my dad had inserted , (swear didnít know where he had inserted) from the edge of her saree & she wriggled inside into the mosquito net. I started cursing my dad , pitying my mom , how she could bear his weight who was very well built, broad chest, with good height and aged about 33 yrs & my mom being about 5 yrs junior to him.

The same action was continuing about twice a week for several months & i was surprised that my mom never used to scold him during the daytime , whenever he had hit her during previous nights. After, several months , my parents had a bitter fight during one evening & my mother was weeping.

I consoled her when she was alone & also sympathized her for having got hit by my dad during night time telling that i had seen it happen several times during night. She was shocked to hear this from me & there was no response from her for my extension of sympathies to her. And after this incident & one week, i saw my dad waking my mom & almost dragging her to the kitchen , not coming out for about half an hour or so. This continued thereafter.

My curiosity:
No. 1, what was my dad doing to my mom during night for which she never protested?
No. 2, Why he used to lift her saree to her waist?
No. 3, What was she wiping briefly , since if its urine, it needs a bigger
cloth to clean as i had seen my mom wiping whenever neighborís baby used to pee in our house, & my dad canít urinate being such a big grown up man.

It was one Saturday & i had returned home since it was half a day. My mom had five very close friends whom she used to meet at my school or at each other houses. They were all at home that day & my mom was getting ready to take her bath . They were all near the entrance of the bath room & my mom inside.

The bathroom is right across my room about 5 ft. away & i was in my (everybodyís room, since it is a small rented house) room. They were all joking & teasing my mom in kannada language , which i could clearly hear , for which they had ignored considering me as a small boy. Incidentally , they used to address my dad as Bhava (Brother-in-law) They were demanding her to remove clothes & could sense some of them pulling out my momís clothes. Following is theirs conversation, in kannada, translated into English, for global readers ease.

Friend Jaya, yeh Padma( momís name), remove your clothes , we know you are very smart looking , very fair & a right match to our BHAVA by personality. Need to see your TULLU (I didnít know what it is & later came to know that as pussy or Cunt ),to check how it is being maintained by our BHAVA , since we guess he has got a big THUNNE (later understood it as Cock) by looking at his personality.

My mom was refusing shyly & could sense that they had pulled out my momís dress. I just peeped across briefly the door & could see about three friends at the door , with Jaya & other friend Lakshmi inside. Three were squatting on their heels at the door , with their hands kept on their respective cheeks, looking inside the bathroom , very excitedly. I sensed that they were all looking at my nude mom.

Again, i could hear jaya speaking to my mom loudly, yeh, tell how many times in a week bhava neenna dengthane (fucks you ). After, much cajoling, mom replied about thrice a week .Then, Laksmi, other friend asked, for how long , for which my mom told for about half to 3/4 th of an hour.

Then, the third friend Indra (Keep remembering her name),yeh ,BHAVA ond TUNNE yeshtu udda ide ( how long is his cock).After much laughing among themselves, i could hear my mom replying Mysore udda badnekayastu (as long as Mysore lenghty brinjal size).

Another friend, Rukmini, sighed ah , yenge thadkotheya ( Ah, how will you bear it). My mom replied that initially after marriage , her SIL had adviced her to apply castor oil & sleep. Now, i am used to it & not using oil any more. She asked my mom whether she enjoys the session. My mom replied yes, even though i act as though am refusing it, since i think this is one way of controlling him & make him dance to my tunes, for which he has not budged so far.

His fucking makes me to wet too much and enjoy secretly , even though i show disinterest in front of him . For this he becomes angry and strokes much strongly until my tullu is tired of it. I was totally shocked hearing my mom. I thought i was sympathizing my mom foolishly for being hit during night times. Now, my curiosity no. 4., Where will my mom apply castor oil? what is meant by getting wet? What is meant by fucking?

Later, Jaya told my mom to cut her hairs, since it will trouble her BHAVA ,troubling him during night? .I could hear her asking for my dadís Scissors & my mother refusing to cut the hairs. I was wondering how my momís hair on the head is disturbing , when he sits on my mother at night. Later, Jaya , admonished remaining friend Saroja for not participating in action. She asked to pin my mom down to the floor , so that she could trim my momís hairs.

They went in , heard my mom jocularly shouting .I saw Rukmini taking a piece of old news paper to the bath room from the hall. They were inside for about half an hour. Later, they came out , my mom prepared coffee for them , & later they left. Later, in the evening when i went to wash my face , i saw a crumpled newspaper in the corner. I opened it & saw small length hairs in it. I was confused to see its length being so short compared to my momís hair on the head. After a few weeks , my maternal mama (Momís elder brother) & his wife (my maternal aunt) came to our house for a night to be continuedÖÖplease bear this story, as it is a preface to real incest story.....

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Remember, i had wrote that my maternal uncle (my momís elder brother, later came to know that he was not own but a brother since he was adopted by my grandparents, he being the son of my maternal grand momís cousin brother),along with his wife (My momís SIL , who had advised my mom to apply castor oil, during initial phase of my momís marriage, which i have told in the earlier story. My dad was on tour, who was away for about a week ,as usual in every month.

That night , my mom gave her& my sister bed to them in the hall. She came to the cot along with my sister, to the room where i used to sleep. After about half an hour we all retired to sleep. I got awakened by some giggling sound emanating from the bed where my uncle & his wife were sleeping. Now, when i turned towards them , I could partially see my uncle & his wife , talking in hush tones & laughing among themselves.

I saw my uncle , as usual facilitated by the street light rays in the hall, lying on his wife & wandering his face all over his wifeís face. Later, came to know it was smooching. Now, i became more alert & started watching them. My uncle was lying on his wife, head to toe. Later, he started biting her ears, ran his tongue over the edge of her ears ,later kissed her forehead, licked her eyes ,edge of her nose & was on lips thereafter.

I was used to affectionate kiss on my cheeks by my mom & other close relatives, but none on my lips. So, this was a strange sighting for me along with other of my uncle activities on his wifeís face. This type of kissing went on for about 10 min. also he was trying to push something from his mouth into her mouth, later he caught hold of her face , and forced his tongue into her mouth. .Later, i saw him pulling out her pallu, she co-operated by lifting her body up. Then, he started unhooking her blouse , after this he put both his hands around her chest & may be un-hooked her bra behind.

Later, there was some murmur realized that his wife was feebly resisting to remove her blouse & bra completely, but my unrelenting uncle lifted her up till her waist, removed her blouse & bra in one stroke. I saw him pressing each side of her protruded chest (Later, came to know as boobs) by his right hand , taking turns, this went on about few minutes. Later, he was murmuring something, for which his wife lifted her left side to his mouth. Suddenly, he put his mouth into left side of her chest & started chewing it forcefully. His wife sighed aaahh, mettaga mettag, noestha undhe in my mother tongue telugu ( aaahh, slowly,slowly , it is paining ), but he seems to be less bothered & continued non chalantly.

When he continued chewing , his right hand went up to other side of chest & was holding @ the tip twirling it. This continued for few minutes. Later, sitting by her left side & i was sleeping across the door as said in part one of the story , to her right side , about 5 ft. away. He put his hands to the knot of her saree, at that moment, she told not to remove , since we were sleeping very close, across the hall & my mom may know it.

He didnít heed & pulled out her saree. I thought my dad was good to my mom for only he lifted her saree when he wanted to sit on her, but my uncle was removing his wifeís saree itself. When his wife referred my mom , i looked towards the cot , but my mom was in deep sleep.

May be he disrobed her completely . Later, he sat on her by removing his lungi & he also being bare. I was wondering why my dad & uncle were sitting in the similar posture on their respective wives. I was pretty sure they were naked but could not see them clearly due to diffused street light spread across the hall. Later, he also started making too & fro movement on her as my dad was doing on my mom .He was making light sounds(moan) aaaa,theesko (take it), yem Pooke needhi (wow , what a pussy of yours) , yentha dengthenu kottaga undhi ( it feels new irrespective of many fuck sessions ).

His wife replied , yeh gamne undandi, pakkala innochoe ,vare yaoulla inteki vachindaamu , yem onkontaaru .Maa intlo chesedhi saldenhe idaa kavallana ,(please be quite, people across room may hear, we have come to otherís house, what will they think if they know , as if it is not enough in our house, you want to do here also.) My uncle replied , yaadaithe emie , Madda lesnabdu , ah roomlo undedhi chinna bidlu , naa chellalke idhemi kottadhu kaadhu .(so what if its anywhere else apart from your house , when the cock has raised , also the children across are small in age & for my sister this is not anything new).

You may be wondering how i could clearly hear all these hush conversations. The fact is , once i saw my uncle removing his wifeís upper garments, i had crawled to the edge of the door out of sheer curiosity , for a clear view. So, he sat on her for about 20 min. & i could notice him jerking on her furiously towards the end & his wife at the end lifting her bums , when he told her yette yette inkemi vacche ( lift ,lift , it is coming ).Later, i saw him jerking on her with pauses in between , and his wife matching his jerks my lifting her bums.

Later, i sensed him smiling and his right index finger were caressing her lips.
After a while, he slid to her left side & laid down. I saw his wife taking his lungi & wiping in between her thighs , as my mom did , when my dad had finished sitting on her. My curiosities, why did my uncle remove his wife clothes during night , what was he doing with his mouth, hand on her & what does this women swipe after their husbands sit on them. So lot of things were going on in my head and my age was just ** yrs..

Incidentally, my uncle was staying in our own city with his family about 60 kms. away , in a village in the joint family with my maternal grand mom. And my maternal grand pa working in Hassan. My uncle used to go his family by weekends. He had rented a room in the city, about 8 kms. from my house. He used to frequent our house about twice a week. The next day , they left for the bus station to drop his wife for her travel to the village & him to his office.

He came to our house again that night. My mom was in deep conversation with him at hall during dinner time while i was doing my home work in my room. I could partly hear about my mom complaining about her quarrels with my dad. She was saying that my dad used to quarrel seeking her answers for my uncleís frequent to our house, that too during his tours.

My uncle was talking something to her which i could not hear properly , since he was a soft spoken man. He was a bit less in physical personality compared to my father with semi dark complexion unlike my very fair dad. During that night the sleeping arrangement was changed with my mom & uncle sleeping in the hall & my sister was made to sleep on the cot , in my room.

Now, it had become more or less a habit for me to be curious during night times , for i had seen lot many night happenings of my parents & uncle with his wife. This habit took its toll as i used to feel sleepy at school, the next day after my elderís sessions the previous night. During this night , I was ready as a spectator for any of the actions , if it is going to happen yes it happened . to be continued.

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You may remember that my maternal uncle (Mama) came back that night after dropping his wife at bus stand & attending his office. I told earlier that my mom & he were in a conversation , while I was doing my homework but my ears were alert to their conversion across the room. I could hear my mom saying that why he came again this night, since if my dad comes to know about it , he will start quarreling again after his return from the tour.

My mama said that he could not resist without coming to our house when my dad is not there. And could not wait till the weekends to meet his wife at the village .My mom was protesting that she is married now with two children and he cannot do the same thing to continue. I got curious closed my book & started concentrating to hear their conversation. My mama mumbled something which I could not hear properly.

After dinner, we slept with my mama sleeping next to my mom, with my sister being shifted to my dadís cot. This time mosquito net was not tied since it had been put for washing. By now I was used to be awake during night, by sheer curiosity expecting for some activities in the hall to happen when my elders slept there. After about half an hour, i heard my mom murmuring please, please donít ,my son may come to know and told him about me blurting out that I had seen my dad being sitting on her , when i had tried to console her earlier, when she was weeping after a quarrel with dad, as i had said in my first part of this real story.

But my mama didnít care for my momís pleading and put his left hand to the knot of the saree at her navel. My mom brought her hand and caught hold of his hand not allowing him to remove the knot. Meanwhile she said strongly that she will not allow removing the saree. My mama took out his hand and starting pulling up my momís saree as my dad used to do. Later, I saw him putting his hand into my momís mouth .He took out his hand from her mouth and started smearing his organ .I could see his dangling organ which was as huge as my dadís , since he was naked.

After pulling my momís saree up , he sat on her and started to & fro movements on her .Again, this was the same action as that of my dad which i had seen earlier. I could sense that my mom was repeatedly turning to my direction, but i was careful enough to feign sleeping. My mama kept on jerking my mom ,gently in the beginning and later furiously. I heard my mom admonishing him , why he still wants to come to her when he had a wife .

She also snide him that wasnít it enough with his wife the previous night. Again this was a surprise for me since I had seen her in deep sleep. So, I realized now that she too was feigning sleep the previous night or anticipated the hall activity. My mama replied in telugu , daanni dengethenu neenni dengeyantha maja vachcheledu , yala ante nenu first dengendhe nee pookni ( even when fucking her i donít get that thrill what i get by fucking you, since yours was the first cunt I fucked).

My mom was telling him that she was young when it happened with him and didnít know what to do when he came to her at nights and forced her. Now he should stop this since his sister was married with two children and my dad doubts about them & quarrels about it all the time. Now, I realized the reasons for my parents frequent quarrel.

During the jerks my mama was giving to my mom, he was smiling and asked her to remember their any of the lively session earlier in the village. When my mom was still silent ,he started kneading her cheeks with his right hand and pinching her lips. My mom later gave a small smile and after much coaxing , allowed him to unhook her blouse and the bra. Later , he ran his hands on her chest for a while ,she jerked her bums up repeatedly.

My mama was pleading in telugu , not to do since he will come out sooner which he was unwilling desiring to fuck her for some more time. My mom never heeded and after her jerking for about eight to nine times, he said aah , padma , naa lanja , karthindhi, theesko , nee pook lopla ( aah ,padma , my prostitute , it will leak , take it, inside your cunt ). He gave furious jerks on her while my mom was responding in rhythm back to him .Later, he stopped and went aside of her. This time my mom took his lungi and wiped in between her legs.

Riding my mom by dad & mama went on for several years until I reached the age of about ** yrs. This had become a routine affair for me to watch by sheer curiosity and nothing else. At that age , I didnít know what was exactly happening and didnít find fault with my mom or my mama or my dad actions. What I learnt was men sit on women, sometimes remove their upper garments, lift saree up, give jerks, later women would wipe something in between their thighs, after the actions at night.

Later, one weekend, when my dad was on tour, my mom planned to go to a kannada movie ďShubha MangalaĒ with our neighbors for a matinee show at the Shanthi theatre, since my dad never took or allowed her to go out of our house. For this, my mom one day was questioning my dad during breakfast time ,which i could hear from my room , he giving reply to her that he didnít tolerate other men looking at my beautiful mom.

My mom asked me to go to our opposite house to see whether the aunty was ready (incidentally she became the aunt of a famous cricketer ) to go to the movie and to call her out. The gate to their house was open with the main door half open. I pushed through the door and went inside the hall and turned towards the room .I stood their dumb gaping at aunty as she too was shocked to see me in the room unexpectedly. The reason. Her pallu was hanging down , her saree up to her waist and adjusting her saree folds at the waist was her hands , put through inside her petticoat to its rim.

She was wearing only a small white string like blouse (later came to know it as bra ), with its front hooks opened I gaped at her chest which was swollen like small water melons with brownish pointed tips and a small circular brown patch around it ( later came to know as tits and areola ) . And when I ran my eyes down to see particularly what was in between the thighs where my mom used to wipe, I saw a triangular brownish black patch with small hairs.

Then it immediately flashed to me that my dad and mama used to keep their organ (cock) over it on my momís patch which i presumed that my mom will also have the similar thing. And recalled that my mom friends had cut those hairs of my momís triangular patch. We might have stood gaping at each other for a few minutes. Later, aunty asked me to go out and said she will be ready in a few minutes.

Now, I came to know that women will have a triangular patch in between their thighs with small hairs on it and swollen chest where men keep their organ and handle them, respectively. So, this triangular patch was called Thullu in kannada & pooku in telugu. Next puzzle to me , what will organ or tunne do on the triangular patch of women , what is it that women wipe from that patch & why men handle their swollen chest.

So, at the age of young years. I came to know that women have tullu or pooku , which will be triangular in shape with small hairs and men have tunne or organ, the latter as I knew during my young age , since I had not heard the English word cock. After, we came back from the movie , aunty advised me to always knock at the doors before entering anywhere , the advise I strictly follow to this day. May be after a year , Indra ,one of my momís closest five friends whom I have named earlier , came weeping to my house during one second Saturday afternoon to be continuedÖ.

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Dear fellow readers, please recall that I had ended part 3 of the story, stating that my momís friend Indra came weeping on a second Saturday , a govt. holiday, by afternoon. On the said day my dad was out of station & I was just lying on his cot , being tired after physical education class in the morning, at school. She came near our room door along with my mom, carrying a plastic cover. My mom was disturbed seeing her friend crying & told her to get into the room, as my mom was following her.

Indra said , looking towards me , no not to the room , as your son in sleeping on the cot. Immediately, I pretended as if in deep sleep by seeing them through the corner of my eyes. My mom looked at me and pacified her, telling that I was tired and was sleeping for about an hour or so. They both came in , my mom pulled out two godrej folded chairs & both sat on them , just a few feet away from me , since our room was measuring hardly 10′ x 10′.

Now, Indra started sobbing, with my mom becoming too concerned looking at her,
seeking reason , at the same time questioning why she was carrying wet clothes looking at the opened cover .My mom also questioned why she had drenched the Mysore silk saree and also sought the reason , for wearing her other friend Jaya Ďs silk saree. Indra came near me probably to check whether I was awake , but by this time i had mastered the art of feigning sleep , what with so many curious activities and conversations going on in our house.

She went back to the chair and by this time my mom had put the wet clothes for drying and was back in the room with her friend. Then when mom asked her what happened , their conversation went as follows , in kannada .Their exact conversation is stated as follows, both kannada & in English for our dear fellow comrades.

Indra ; yeh Padma , maath kode ,ninna magana aanegu , ee guttu ninnathrane irrutte antha.Yakendre idhu nanna maanadha prashne.

(Yeh Padma please swear by your son that this secret will remain with you only, since this is the question of my chastity)

Mom: Yene , naa ninna close friendu , inghe keltheya.Adhen healle samadhana maadko.
(yeh, why are you asking like this, i am your close friend.Tell me what it is and calm yourself)

Indra ; Jaya nenne helidlu ivattu shravana shanivara , city market devestanakke hogona , beligge 10 gantege namma mane hatra bhand bidu antha.

(Jaya told me yesterday , that today being holy Saturday , will go to city market temple, so to be at her house by 10 am)

Mom: houdhu nanagu helidhlu , aadhre naan Muttu baralla antha helldhe.

( Yah, she had told me also but said could not accompany since i was in periods)

Indra; 10 gantege avalla mane hathra hodhe , avalla ganda bagillu thegedhu, olage idhale hogi hantha hellidru. Naanu adige mane hathra hogi nodedhe , avalu allirlilla , sarri roomalli idhalenu antha hogalu thirigdhe , astralli avalla ganda bandhu nanna hinde ninthidru.Naan noadhe thirig dhaaga , avara yedhe melae nanna mukha appalisthu.Naan dhangagi hodhe.Astralli avaru nanna kai hidkondru.

Naanu prajnege bandhu kai bidis kollalu kosaradidhe.Avaru nanna bidadhe yedhurgade neermanege yella kondu hodru .Avara mookadmelae shave maadkoeke soap hachchkond edru.Nanna neer manage thall daagha rabasakke hogi,boiler pakka katte mele kooth konde.Naanu bedaa bedaa antha alltha idreu hathra bandhu nanna thuti mele muttu kotru.Avara soapella nanna mookadha mele mukha ittu thikkidru.Naanu yeddu horege baroeke try maad dhe.

Aaga avaru neenu neeli silk seere ootkondu thale tumbha mallige hoova mudkhondu obbane gandsu iroe manaege bandre ,Tunne neenu hell dhange khell thadha.Naanu innu kosaraad dhaga, avaru , ninna mookkakke bhallkondiro arishina kku naan mettidha bili soap gu, ninna muka nanna tunnena innu hanagis tha idhe.Hange noadtha iroena andhre thappis kolthiya.Hangantha helluttha , neer thangondu nanna mele suridh bitru.Nanna full hoddhe maadi , iegha yehg hoagthiya hoagu andhru.Aadre nanna mukhadha mele neeru hakalilla.

(I went to her house by 10 am, her husband opened the door and asked me to go inside since she was there. I went to her kitchen , she was not there & turned back to go to her bedroom looking for her , but her husband was standing behind me & when i turned back i crashed my face on his chest. I stood numb. He held my hand . In moments I came back to my senses and started struggling to free his hold on my hand.

But he held my hand tight , dragged me to the bath room opposite the kitchen. His face was covered with soap lather for shaving. He pushed me into the bathroom and in that force ,went in back direction , rested my back on the wall, sitting on the pedestal, next to where boiler was kept.
Even though i was crying telling no no, he came to me and kissed on my lips. Then he smooched my face applying the shaving lather on his face to my face.

I tried to come out, at that moment he told me ,if you come to a lone man in the house wearing a blue silk saree with jasmine flowers tucked on the head , do you think the cock will heed your words. When i still struggled to come out, he continued that the turmeric on my face with his white lather soap was tingling his cock even more. I desired to continue seeing your sexy made up face and you are resisting ,with that he poured water making my clothes wet and challenged me as to how i would go outside .But he was careful not to splash water on my face)

Ninna, gandsru yen maadthare.Thunne thegdhu ninna Tullolage ittu dengthare , antha hell kondu bedroom ge yelladhu kondu hodru.Nanna mancha mele thallake hodhaga tumba kosarad dhe.Aaga neenu inge maad tha idre ninna battenalla hardhaak bidthine,aamele nenagene hogoke kash ta .Sumnre iru , thunne baath kondu idhe adhu neevarid mele hogu vanthe.

(What will men do to you. They will take out their cock ,thrust it into your cunt and will fuck. Telling like this, he dragged me into the bed room. When he tried to push me on the cot, i resisted more .For that he warned that if i continue to resist , he will tear my clothing and it will be difficult for me to go. Told me to keep quiet since his cock was itching with its arousal state , once it gets contented , will let me go.)

Nanna joraagi thall dhaaga manchadhe mele aangthvagi bidde.Aaga avaru lungi kittaki , baneenu thegedhu , nanna mele, moalae kelege kuthkondu, avara Tunnena nanna blouse bra olage kelagindha turukdru.Amelae joraagi ujjoke shuru maadidru. Maadtha maadtha avaru , ninna ganda eethara ruchi yella kodthana .Adhekke helliddu sumne irru antha.Noadu bear beare thara ruchi thoristhini.Innu yenaenoe maathadha ujjatha idru.Swalpa hottige naanu nillisi noawtha idhe andhidhakke , sarri iru antha nanna blouse kittah kidru.Hooks yella kitt hoithu Padma.Aamele hindakke kai haaki bra thegadru kane.Sadhya,bra kittaklilla .

(When he pushed me forcefully to the cot, i fell on it with my body facing the ceiling. Then he ripped open his lungi & removed his banian. Then he came over me, positioned himself beneath my boobs thrusting his cock between my boobs through my clasped blouse and bra from below. Later, he started rubbing my cleavage by stroking his cock furiously. While in action, he teased me whether my husband will give this type of taste and all.

That is why i advised you to keep quiet. Keep watching, i will give newer various type of tastes. He kept on talking and continued to stroke within my blouse. After sometime, i told him to stop stating that i was getting pain. He agreed and ripped off my blouse. All Hooks came out Padma. Later he put his hands behind and unclasped the bra. Abba, he didnít tear my bra.)

Aamelae, Tunnena nanna bayolage balavantha vagi thurikkidru.Nanage heng hengo aagthittu .Gantlovargu thagile naanu maathado ku aagdhe naanu saaku saaku antha kannalli sanne maadtha, kai haadistha thors sidre, hengidhe maja antha Tunnena aache tegedru.
Nanage husiru katt dange aagoithu kane.

(Later, he forcefully thrust his cock into my mouth. I was experiencing unexplainable feelings. His cock was reaching to my throat, i was unable to speak and sighed him through my eyes and waving my hands. Teasing how is the pleasure , he removed his cock out.
I struggled to breathe dear.)

Avaru yene ninna ganda ivella maadthana antha kellidru. Naanu sumne idde.Adhakke helliddhu hosa maja kodthini thagoe, naanu nanna tunne urina theers ko thi ni antha helltha , vaddhe blouse bra full thegedhu ,nanna nenedha seeraena gantathra kai haaki yelladu bitru.Amaele, langa laadi gantu hinde kattidde , adhan huduki , nanna thab kondu , hindhe bicchi , kelege yelldhu ,
nanna full bettele maadi, nanna Tull nodtha world map bombat haagidhe andhru.

( He asked me whether my husband do all this things to me. I was keeping quiet.
That is i advised you to take me and enjoy the new pleasures, and i will calm down my cockís itching , he said , while continuing talking he removed my ripped opened wet blouse, bra and removed my saree by pulling at the knot in a flash .I had tied my petticoat string at the back, he searched for it by hugging me ,pulled it down making me nude.Later,looking at my cunt ,he complimented it by comparing it to world map.)

Paapi nan maga ,nanna moele gallna hiskadi bittu ,manas bandhangella kacchaki bitne.Adhu saal dhu antha cheepe cheepe sustmaad bitre. (Sinny son, he pressed my boobs and bit them as he wished.Not satisfied with that ,he tired me out by sucking it ,to his content.)

Amaelae , jollu suritha nanna hoklu , sonta ,adharpakka , naayenthe nekkadru kane.(Later, salivating he started lickihg my navel hole,abdomonel region and my side tyres, like a dog).

Naanu yenu maadak aag dhe godae, ceiling kade kanna haistha idde.Sontadha pakka yeddu nann olla thode hathra hogodonna oare gannalli nodi, beda alle kach beadi andhe ,adakke yake ninna ganda noadthana , a soda glass gelli kaanathtte kattlalli. Yennadru morning show kaaryakrama idhiya , adhelli nin manelle , nimma oororaeyella tumkondu irrthare antha regis dru.

( Being helpless i was just glancing @ walls and ceiling.He got from my abdomen region which i saw through the corner of my eyes,& bent his head towards my inner thighs , i told him not to bite there , for that he teased me asking whether my husband will see , later he snided my husband for his eye lens,telling what can he see during darkness.Then teased me again whether we have day time fuck sessions , continuing that too is not possible in my house since my house will be full of relatives)

Nanna thode sandhi yalla nekkadi , tulloelage naalige haaki nekkadi ,feel maade tulloelage yeradu beralalli first kaithini, naanu beda novutte andre yake ninna ganda experience thorsiddana , yenu agolla neenu thuppa release maadidre, nanu release madisthini bidu ,aa art nanage gottide, chennagi beraladisi,amaele kaiyalli tullna ahdumi ahdumi , hippekaayi maadi bitre.

(He licked my inner thighs ,pushed his tongue into my cunt licking it furiously.
He told me to feel his two fingers in my cunt calling finger fucking ,new item for me as it was my first experience.I told not to do since it pains for that he questioned whether my husband had shown the experience.Continued telling nothing will happen if i release my ghee, if not he proclaimed he is capable of making it secrete since he had mastered the art .He fingered me to his content and later pressing all over my cunt by his palm , crumpling it as i felt so.)

Aamele,nanna melae bandhru.Nanna yeda kaina kelege yelladh kondu avara Tunne itti,kaina tullathra thalli ,thull mele ujju andru.Nanu sumne iddre,sontadha pakka thakshana gillidru.Nanage shock hodange aagi , Tunnena tull melae ujjdhe.Ujjuthid dhange Tunnena olage thooris bitru.

(Later, he came over me. He pulled my left palm down and thrusting his cock into it , brought my loaded palm over the cunt and commanded me to rub on the cunt.
When i was dithering ,suddenly he pinched my tyre at the side. Feeling shocked , started rubbing it on my cunt. When i was doing it, he thrust his cock inside my cunt.)

Joraagi badidhaak bitre.Maadtha maadtha nanna kanne nodtha idru,naanu kann thappisdre galla idakondu nanna nodu nodu antha joragi kaitha idru.Noad dhaga yene ninna ganda inge maadthana antha regisdru kane.

(He banged me furiously.While he was banging , was looking at my eyes, when i tried avoiding , he held my cheek asking me to look at his eyes and continued banging at furious pace.When i looked at his eyes , he teased me again asking whether my husband can perform like him.)

Joraagi kaitha kaitha mulageke shuru maadi dru.Nanelli olagene out maad bidtharoe antha , saaku thegiri thegiri please thegiri antha heloeke hodre nanna voice barlilla,ashtu joragi maadtha idru . Hengo try maadi mulugtha mulugtha hellidre , yake basiri aagthina antha bayana . Aadre aagli bidae, yengu nenage gandmakklu illvalla , maga hutt thane bidu.Nenage gottu ninna gandana manelli yalla bari henn makkle huttirodoe antha.

While fucking furiously , he started moaning.I became apprehensive thinking that he will burst out within me , hence tried requesting him repeatedly to draw his cock out, for which my voice failed to come out , since he was banging at such a furious pace.With difficulty when i murmered the same when also moaning , he teased whether i was afraid of becoming pregnant.Continued blurting that if it happens let it happen since you have no male issues and a boy will be born.You very well know that in your husband household , there are only female issues.)

Joragi olle dhana bada dhange bad dhu bad dhu olagene out maad bitru kane.

(fucking like a bull repeatedly ,he leaked out inside me ,dear)

Sari inneno bidtharalla ankondre,Tunnena olagaenae rubbi rubbi , nidhanavagi thegedru kane.

(Then i was relieved expecting that he will now remove his cock out, but he kept on twirling it inside and after sometime, he leisurely took it out,dear) Bevethoedhe kane.
(i profusely sweated dear)

Amaelae, neer manege thalla kondu hogi thab kondu mukha yella nekki nekki vaddhe maadi, matte soap noare baro hange maadidru, amaele bayalliddha soap yella ugidhu, nanna thuti kachchi avar naalge nanna baige thoorsi nanna enggellnella heere kudidhu bitru kane,amaele nanna thuti bitta, neer uyitha , idhu rathimanmatha snana kane antha regise,hengitte nanna aata andhru.Naanu duroguttkondu nodidre, yeh ninna kannu iginnu chennagi kaantha idheye,TUNNE adhara mele savara beku ansatthe annoda.Innelli thirga idkakoltharoe antha
ooh andhe.Kushiyaagodru.

(Later, he pushed me into the bath room, licked my face making the dried soap on my face to foam again, later he spit out the soap in his mouth ,came near me , bit my lips, forced his tongue in , and rolling his tongue inside , sucked all my saliva into his mouth , later he release my lips ,poured water over us by hugging me, later teasingly said that the bath was Rathi Manmatha bathing and asked how i felt about his performance. When i gave a stare to him, he said that my eyes are now even more beautiful & he is feeling like smooching them by his cock. Thinking that he may again hold me back , i just sighed oooh. He was elated)

Amaelae, room kar kondhogi Jaya ndhu e seere avala blouse kotru.Langa hudukdru avrige sigallilla.

(Later, he took to room and gave this saree and blouse.He couldnít find petticoat.)

Seedha nimmanege bandhe.
(Then i came straight to your house)

Mom: Sarri eega Jaya barthale, avala seere bicchi , nanna seere ootkou.

(ok Jaya is coming here, remove her saree and wear one of mine)

Indra; yene ingagoithu.Avaru nanna yejamanru yella ondhe kade kelasa maadodhu, ondhe kade ooroeru , hing madbitru.

(dear why it happened like this. My husband and him are working at the same office ,moreover we come from the same region , but he did this to me.)

Yaar gaadhu got aadhre nan gathi yene.

(If somebody knows it , what about my fate dear)

Mom: Yaari gottaghutte bide.Neenen maadokekagotte avaru idakondre. (who will come to know , leave it dear.What can you do if he seized you)

Indra; Yella ee Jaya indha. Nanna baa anth heahli hottoeg gidhale noedu.

(All this is because of Jaya. She told me to come and have left before)

Mom:nodamma nan magana anaeglu idhu nanage maatra gottirutte.Neenu Jaya manage inmaele oble hoag beda.(see dear, i vouch on my son that this incident remains within me. In future, donít go to Jayaís house alone)

Indra; illamma, inn maele husharag irthini.Marth hoythu noadu, avaru helludru, yenu ninna Tullu ge nan Tunne nuggidh aaithu, next neenna friend padma tullna try maadbeku.Yaen beauty yaen coularae aouvlu.(no dear, i will be careful in future.See i forgot to tell you , him telling that , woh my cock succeeded in entering your cunt , next want to try your friend Padmaís cunt.Yeh what a beauty she is , what a colout she is)

When i heard this and observed my mom, i saw a brief smile passing on her face but Indra didnít observe.

Mom: Indra hatra hoagi thale savartha , houdhu, naan khelthini , nija hheal thiya.

(Mom got up from the chair & went near Indra , caressing her head , mom told ok i will ask you , will you tell me the truth.)

Indra: idhene ing keltheya , ninna hathra naanenana muchchittiddina.Nan ganda madoedhunu ninage hellidhini,neenu Bhava madoedhu hellidhiya.rukmini,saroja,lakshmi avargu namma gandandhira chellata gottu , avara gandandhira kaathaegalu namag gottu.

(why dear you are asking me like this,what secret i have kept it away from you.What my husband does i have told you and you have also told what BIL does on you.rukmini,saroja,lakshmi also know our husbands pleasure activities on us,we also know their husbands one.)

Aadre, idhu maatra nammibrallae irali please.Amaele Jaya ge gottaadre nanmaele thap thill kondu friendship hallagutte. (But, please let this secret be with us only .Later, if Jaya comes to know , she will mistake me and it will spoil our friend ship)

Mom: Helladnalla, nanna magana aanaegu yarigu hellolla antha.
(I told you know that on my sons promise , will not reveal to anyone.)
Indra; aadhenoe kelthini andhyalla , yean haellu.(yeh , what is that you want to ask me , tell me what it is?)

Mom: Neen nanna close friendu, heegaithalla annoedhu marthbhidu.Aadre avaru maadthigga neenge yaenu annis lil va.

(you are my close friend,try to forget what happened. But when he was doing on you , didnít you feel anything?) Thap thillkoll baeda,olle kathe hellangae haeldhe.Nanage khealtha khealtha nijavaaglu ninge ingaithalla annoedhu marthi,neev maadthig kade gamana hottoithu kane.

(Donít mistake me, you narrated like a story,When i kept listening , momentarily i forgot what unexpected thing happened to you ,frankly my thoughts went over to your actions, dear.)

Indra;houdhamma ikkiskondaulu naanu , nenage Aavanu madhidhaga nanagainaathu anth baeku.

(yes ma, i got my cunt pumped , but you want to hear what i felt when he did it)

Mom: yaene, ishtottu , avaru hanthi ddhavlu eega avanu anthiya.

( what ma, uptil now you were addressing him plurally,now you are using singular phrase)

Indra; innaene , nanna Tullna kaddhu kaidbhitta.
( then what dear, he stole my cunt and fucked me)

Mom:aaithu pl haele ninge hengannasthu avru maad dhaaga.

( well it is over, please tell how you felt when he did it you)

Indra; yaakae, nin thullu kathe kaelli , avna helladhange thuppa bidtha , yelli thorsu , hangantha healltha nammana seere melithdru.

(why ma, did your cunt started , as he told, releasing ghee, come on let me see, telling like that , she lifted my maamís saree up)

Naanu oare kannalli noad dhaaga, nammana TULLU darshana vaaithu.

when i saw through the corner of my eyes , i got my momís cunt darshan for the first time.

MOM:oone,tullu oaddhe aaithu.sarri haelu.

( yah dear, my cunt got wet.Ok tell).

INDRA; Ninna hathra healldhe yenu, kaellu.

( why will i not tell to you , will tell you , ask me)

Firstu swalpa hottu gabari aaithu, amaele avnu thutige muttu koettu , naanu kosradthidru , avna muttige , shaving soap scent vasane ge , avna bigi hidithakke , onthara jhum annisthu.Onthara hosadagittu.

(Initially i was little frightened , later when he planted kiss on my lips, eventhough i was writhelling , for his kiss, shaving soap scent smell, his tight grip, made some spark running through my body.It was something a new feel.)

Nann ganda yelli, sugar patientu,yavaaglo barthane , idd thaane, ondhai 5 nimisshakke alladsi,kaarsi, yeddbid thaane.

(what is my husband, is a sugar patient, comes once in a blue moon, will put it, will shake that in me for about 5 min., leaks out and stands up.)

Nanna blouse oallage Tunne thoorsiddhu onthara jall anisthu.Yesht dodda Tunnene avndhu.ujjdhaga moelaegalu massage ge para para antha ubbkonthu , thottgallu
nimirri ninthvu, sadhya avaaga avnu nodlilla , illdedre innu chennag kachchi mark jasthi maad bidtthidda.Maadidru yaenu, nanna ganda noadthana.Namm amma thamma antha nanna sodhar maavnige kotbhitru.Neemge munche hellidhnall, nann theete avrige full theersake agalla antha.

(When he pierced his cock within my hooked blouse from below,i felt something like jall,soothening effect.What a big cock he has.When he rubbed inside my blouse on my valley , my boobs bloated with its massage, tits stood straight ,luckily he did not observe my tits, since it was covered, otherwise he would have bit me more and made more marks on me.

But what even he had made it, would my husband would have seen it. My mom gave me to him since he was his brother and my maternal uncle.I had told you people kno, that he canít fulfill my itch in the body fully during sex.) Nanna blouse hook samaetha kitt open maad dhaaga,avnu hero annisthu, Tulloelage karoeke shuru aaithu.

(When he ripped my blouse open along with clips , i felt he was a hero,cunt started wetting.) Avnu nekktha iddre,onthara kachaguli, hitha annisthu. ( When he licked , i felt titilatting and soothing.) Tulloelage avnu nalage ittu nekkdhaaga jaasthi jhum jhum annoekae shuru aaithu,
naanu raani avnu nanna gulaama antha olla ollge kushi aaithu.

(When he put his tongue inside cunt and starting licking ,i felt more & more jhum jhum current passing, i was feeling ecstatic painting myself as a queen and he as my servant.) Avnu Tulloelage berall gallna bittaganthu , tumbha dodda current pass haago hangaithu.through me) Nanigdhella hosa anubhava kane.Kai yoedhu andhre bari tunne tulloelage ittu jad dhu kaar sodhu andhkondidde.

(All this was new experience for me.What i had known about fucking earlier means , keeping cock inside the cunt, to stroke and later leak.) Avna tunne nan kaige ittaga , appa yesht doddadu , nan tullu hardokkutthenou antha baya aadhru,onthara jham annisthe.Aaga ninna neneskonde,Padma ne Bhavund tunne nibhaisthalalla , nanagena guttou anubaisona antha.

(When he kept his cock in my hand, i felt oh very big,feared my cunt may tear, but still felt some thrill about it. I thought of you thinking that padma manages BILís cock, so let me also see what will happen to me and let me experience it.) Avna tunne holage hodha ganthu, kanne mael thaeloithe.Avnu baristhidre , thuppa pala pala hantha moor nalak sala hardhu avna thunnena innu olagae thooroeke anukula maad kodthe.Nanna tullu tunnaena chennagi adhamtha itte.

( When his cock went inside, my eyeballs involuntarily threw back & starting floating without my control on it. When he was banging , my ghee started gushing about three four times , easing his huge cock to mock me inside. My cunt was contracting its muscles and pressing his cock all round ,dear.) Avnu baarastha iddre,e soole maga hantha gand prani nanage sigbaardhitta antha bejarai thu kane.

(When he was banging,felt that shouldnít i have had such a son of a bitch
male animal for me as an husband & felt sorry for not having one like that,dear.) yaene litre litre veerya Tulloelage tumbitnalle. (what dear, he poured his semen like in litres and filled my cunt ) Yaeno avnmaele koapa bandru olla ollage ishtu thamp kottnalla antha kushi aaithu. (ok, even if i got angry with him , i was feeling happy inside that he gave me this much pleasantness)

Amaele , yella mugudh maele, bhaya haaghake shuru aaithu.Adhakke illge bandhe. (Later, after everything was over, fear started and that is why i came here.)

Mom: Aaithu bidae,enjoy maadidyalla.Hangadre idhu rapella , hitha vaadha rape,
konege hennu maja thakondlu.Yakke hedhar kothiya ,olle kanasu antha iddu bidu,antha nakkedru.

(ok leave it, you enjoyed know.So this is not rape but a pleasant rape,lastly woman took pleasure from it.Why are you feeling afraid, feel it as a good dream and live with it, smilingly my mom said.)

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Namma ammana mukadhalli kennegalu kempagagi onthara holapu hommuttittu.

( I noticed my momís cheeks being red and gleaming)

Indra; yaena aagli, neenu Jaya lucky bidamma , olle doad dupp Tunne iroe gande sikkidhare.

(whatever else, you & Jaya are lucky ,dear, you have husbands with long thick cocks)

Mom:Hemmeindha nagutta ,hogli baamma , inn maelae naanu Jaya nam gandandheerna ninage hanchkontheevi.

(Proudly laughing , ok come dear,from now onwards , Jaya & me will share our husbands with you.)

Indra; thu , hoage tamashi ge healdhe.Aathara Tunne galna nanna tullu, ninthara vaarakke 3-4 sala ikkiskoloe hange , thadko bekalla.Neenu Jaya adharalli championgalu.(yeh go dear , i just told for fun. I donít think my cunt will bear those big cocks like your cunt , which takes it in 3-4 times in a week.You & Jaya are champions in it.)

Mom : Neenu ittis koloeke shuru maadu, 2 tunnenu abhyasa aadre,neen super champion aagthiya. (You also start taking them in , if practised by both cocks, you will become super champion) Hagantha healltha ,ibbru nakkoltha idru.
(They were talking on those lines both laughing among themselves.)

Indra haagu namma ammana baere friends gottittoe illvoe, nanage iga gottaghittu nammamma aagale super champion antha. (I didnít know whether Indra or my momís other friends knew it, but now i knew that my mom was already a super champion servicing my dad and Mamaís cocks.)

Mom: Sarri, Jaya prasadha thangondu baroe time aaithu, baere nanna seere
kodthini , ootkho. (ok.It is time for Jaya to come with prasadam, come i will give my saree , wear it.)

Indra: hoo, avlla ganda Tullge theertha uiidha, avlu eega bandhu avla ganda Tunne thoorsidha bhaige prasada kodthalle.

( yah, her husband poured theertha into my cunt, she will come and give prasadam to his cock gobbled mouth) Later my mom gave her saree, went to kitchen to arrange for food, before going she tried to wake me up , but i pretended deep sleep, for which Indra said to mom , that i sleep a lot.

Indra started disrobing and this was my maiden visual of woman undressing & dressing , with a chance to see the women body , for which i had become more curious , after my dad & Mama Ďs dalliance with my mom and latter also with his wife. Moreover, i had got a earlier chance to see the cunt & boobs of my opposite house aunty, but with rest of the body covered by her cloth when i went to her house , to call her for a movie, as said in my previous story.

Indra pulled out the tuck near her navel region & the saree fell onto the floor.
Fortunately for me, she had turned towards me while undressing , now i could see her only in bra and the petticoat. Next, she unhooked her blouse in the front , was adjusting her bra but did not remove the bra. She put her right hand on her molaes (Boobs), started to caress them inside her clasped bra. Meanwhile, she stopped for a while looking at boobs, there were some red patches here & there as if pinched or bitten, at the exposed regions of her boobs from the bra. She felt them with a small smile on her face.

After adjusting her boobs , she clasped her blouse , with little bit of struggle , may be because of smaller size, it being that of Jayaís.When she clasped the fifth hook at the bottom , i realized that uncle had thrust his cock (Organ) from that end inside Indraís blouse into her cleave.

Then she called my mom telling that she will pick up a petticoat from the almirah, took out a light blue one. Now, i was waiting with bated breath for her next move since she had disappointed me by not removing her bra completely , for i had only seen the bulge around the bra but not fully as i had briefly seen that of opposite house auntyís. She untied the laadi (Tied string) ,dropped down the petticoat.

Loh, I saw her cunt , the hairs their was much lesser than that of oppo. house auntyís but more or less of my mom,s hair length, which i had seen a short while ago. She than brought her hand to her cunt & started feeling it. She started massaging it, now i had become extra alert and felt that my heart was beating faster. She ran her fingers around and slowly spread it in the middle looking at it. In the middle of the trimmed bushy area , i saw a pink slit opening , she just caressed it and i saw her face gleaming. This cunt Ďs petticoat to her waist and tied the knot. She wore the saree, went to the mirror, felt her lips looking at the mirror. She took a comb and started combing her hair and i saw few jasmine crumpled petals falling onto the ground. She collected it and threw outside the window.

Later, she went out to our kitchen. Now, i came to know that men put their organs (Cock) , in the slit that Indra showed me in advertantly. Men leak something into it , which i realized that my mom & aunt were wiping after their husbandsís act. Came to know men also thrust their cocks through the blouse & also into womenís mouth. Men suck and chew the bulge chests of women (Boobs).Lick their cunt. After, man sits on woman ,male child will be born. But, i didnít know what Muttu is , for which my mom had not gone to the temple with Jaya.

Later, Indra said she will go home since she was tired and not also felt to avoid Jaya that day. In spite of my momís perusal, she left without food. I had within three weeks , seen three cunts including my momís , oneís bare boobs, other partly exposed boobs with red patches , clasped by bra hooks and heard a full story of man sitting on woman, which i came to know as fucking session & fore play , after i grew up. I was lucky that elders around me were my sex teachers during my growth period, with theory & practical classes thrown in. All the conversation above is absolutely real, for my memory is very sharp & so have successfully written here.

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great narration dude.....keep posting of this is not the end of story

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It's not even started bro.

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Dear readers , you may recall that Indra left my house without lunch , telling my mom she was tired & didnít feel like meeting Jaya , that day. Later, Jaya arrived about half an hour later. My mom was having lunch at the hall ,after she tried to wake me up for the same, which I refused feigning tiredness, but actually didnít feel like having lunch, what with so many thoughts floating across my mind , after hearing the conversations & having darshan of my mom & Indraís cunt.

So, within about 3 weeks , I had sighting of three separate cunts including my momís, one fully exposed bloated chest (Boobs) , partially exposed boobs with remaining covered by bra that of Indraís , and a conversation involving Indra & my mom, about formers fuck with Jayaís husband. My mom invited Jaya for lunch , when she joined by mom , mom asked her why she was looking pale .She replied nothing else but got tired due to hot sun outside. Later, Jaya enquired whether Indra had come & was she angry.

Mom said she had come & asked Jaya why she didnít take Indra to the temple after inviting her. Jaya replied , yes i called her but due to circumstances , I had to leave her and go alone. After sometime Jaya took leave and went home. May be during the third Saturday after Indra left my house after narrating her pleasant rape story as joked by my mom , Jaya came home. Later, other three friends joined my mom & her at my house.

Incidentally, I would like to state that i never went during Saturday afternoons or whenever my mom and her friends planned to meet at our house. And my house was a adda to my momís friends since ours was the only nuclei family with theirs being joint families, except Jayaís. Also, I had programmed myself to be sleeping whenever they met and they were also at ease, about me on the bed, whenever they met.

Jaya looked pale and when remaining friends arrived, Indra came to our room, after washing her face to look at the mirror and i noticed her looking tense. This was their first joint meeting after Indraía tryst with Jayaís husband, since they had not met together for earlier two Saturdays for their own reasons. After, about half an hour I heard Jaya sobbing loudly .Later, I heard Indra admonishing her why she had fell at her feet.

Now as usual my ears became ultra sensitive and zeroed on their conversation. Jaya started blurting out , seeking Indraís pardon ,for the formerís husband forcing sex on Indra. Indra had not expected in her wilder dreams that Jaya will speak out about her pleasant rape in front of other friends present. Jaya , continued; You all know that I come from a family with my widowed mother being helpless and my brothers indifference to me, after my fatherís death.

Also, about my husband who is very rude and always exploiting my predicament of no maternal family support to me of late , he has started threatening me that he will abandon me and keeps dominating me on all issues and this has increased after my dadís death about a year ago. He keeps on scolding me for small matters .Now adays, he has started threatening me more & more, treating me his door mat.

He says if i donít obey his commands , he will leave me and my children (a son and daughter) to fend about on our own. Last week Rohini (her only younger un-married sister)came to stay for a few days as you all know. I took his permission for her to stay in my house for 10 days, to attend a nurse training program at Victoria Hospital , for which he consented , even though he had objected for my brother to stay with us to attend the school, earlier.

Also, Jaya said that her mother, Rohini & younger brother were separated from other two brothers about a fortnight ago and staying separately in the village, with Rohini, landing a fresh nurse job appointment by the state govt. I had arranged Rohiniís needs like studying for her training & sleeping at the hall shifting my children into our room, since she was studying late into the night.

Even though, as usual he fucks me almost daily , he didnít come near me for two days, for which I thought may be due to my sisterís presence , he had given me a well deserved holiday. His sessions as I had told you all before, had become monotonous, not sparing me even during my periods. Last Monday night when he came home, could smell he had taken beer. And at night , he came to me as my mattress was spread on the floor , with him & children retired on cot.

He pushed his hand on to my cunt inside the saree , without forcing me to remove it and I thought he might have been wary , since Rohini was across the room. He caressed my cunt for some time and told me to pick up nirodh packet. Thinking that he will finish the fuck fast, picked it from the shelf and went to him trying to open it. He ordered not to open and I tried to become mentally prepared for a long fuck , that i thought was ahead.

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